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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day! :D

  2. This is amazing! I can't believe i haven't seen this before! Love how Charlie and Angelo are gradually realising their feelings for one another, the 4 of them make such a cute family Its great that Ruby totally accepted Angelo as her Dad (i get the feeling she really won't have to do much pushing to get her parents together). Also it was very realistic how a couple of chapters back you had her tell Charlie she'd always dreamed of finding her dad and them being a family. Update soon x
  3. Loving this so far, great to find a fic where Charlie doesn't instantly leave Angelo the second Joey shows up again Keep up the good work - Changelo Forever!
  4. I'm completly loving this! You've all captured the Victorian style perfectly, can't wait for another update, hope Rosetta finds out about Watson Buckton soon, i imagine his responce will be amusing
  5. Ohh excellent!!!! Can't wait to read more, im curious as to who is behind her (fingers crossed for Angelo lol)
  6. Hey, sorry i promised a monster review and then got completly snowed under with work... Just read the last three chapters and as usual loved them, you really do write their characters so well! It's so sad that Charlie lost the baby and is shutting Angelo out but i can totally see her doing that in the show, she cuts him out and is then too stubborn to apologise. The idea to swop Angelo for Ava is class, hopefully Charlie will see just how much Angelo loves his daughter when he's prepared to give himself up for her and then she'll be able to forgive him / let him back in... Its nice to see that Morag appars to have changed her opinion of Angelo, at least she recognises how much he adores his wife and in trying to remind Charlie. Can't wait to read more! x
  7. Killing me with the cliffhanger! lol Really hope its Angelo *fingers crossed*
  8. Phew, can breathe a sigh of relief Angelo's ok I was hoping for a hospital bed reunion but ohh well. Don't think Charlie would ever cheat, although it was a nice touch that you made it so she couldn't remember.. Keep the updates rolling! x
  9. Okay, first off - i love this fic, it literally keeps me gripped! I never used to bother coming to the fanfic section but now i do Angelo!!!! Nooo, please don't kill him off, it was lovely to see this from his pov, tragic that he doesn't know about Ava yet and its obviously he's missing Charlie as much as she's missing him... I'm really really really hoping Charlie didn't sleep with Bill, though it was good to see she didn't want to shake his hand. Awesome cliffhanger to end it on! Can't wait for the next update, keep up the good work! x
  10. I'm loving this!! First time i've actually taken the time to read a fanfic. You portray the relationship between Charlie and Ruby really well, i hope we get to see Angelos reactin to the pregnancy (i'm a rather large Changelo fan )
  11. Was watching some of the old episodes there and was just wondering does anyone know what happened to Detective Clare Brody? Last i heard she was engaged to Peter and they were leaving the bay together. I thought they were a great couple with amazing chemistry, was so pleased when they finally got together. Then everything went pear-shaped in the form of his return (alone!) and marriage to Amanda.
  12. With the last couple of episodes it looks like Chaneglo may well reunight! Have to say i love this couple and the dynamics they bring to the show, even as friends they have an underlying spark (or at least i think they do). Really hoping Charlies new romance is with Angelo, think i'll cry if it turns out to be with someone else....
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