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Will you miss Martha ?  

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I will most definitely miss her terribly and think her leaving will be a great loss to the show (for me anyway)

I think of it as its the last of my favourite characters to go, maybe then it will be time to move on from the show in general because I can't see a single character thats there at the moment that can catch my interest and has any proper redeeming qualities for me. I think shes been quite central to the show for the last 5 years and will definitely leave a hole, Summer Bay or indeed H&A wont ever be the same without her. Shes also the last of Alf's younger generation of family to move on from the bay ultimately leaving Colleen as his only blood relation on the show and shes only a half sister.

Jack & Martha, both as a couple and as single characters have developed quite a large fanbase ever since they arrived in 2005/2006 and I feel like as soon as Jack died it changed the dynamics of the people in the bay a lot and maybe Marthas departure will leave the same effect who knows, we will just have to wait and see.

I hope she either gets a happy ending on her own or dies and is reunited with Jack in a supernatural death sequence. It would be nice yeah but I think there gona have her leave with Hugo after a couple of months in witness protection. That is sort of a happy ending I guess but not the kinda happy she deserves, a people smuggling murderer isn't really that much happy anyway is it...

Farewell Martha/Jodi , you wil be sorely missed (by me anyway) :P

I wish Jodi the best of luck in whatever she does in the future, she has been a pleasure to watch and has developed from an actress I wouldn't even rate to a fantastic actress and one of the best in the show at the moment.They don't know a good thing when they see one at Channel 7 obviously...

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No prizes for guessing which one I picked.

I've never been so pleased about the departure of any character as I am about Martha's departure. She cannot leave soon enough if you ask me.

GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No way!! Really ? Thought you loved Martha....:P

Just a question or 2, or 3 :P ...When did you start to hate her ? Was it a hate at first sight kinda thing ? What exactly do you hate about her ?

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I'm kinda mixed on her departure.... cos a lot of characters since have been even more odious, imo... like; Harpy Charlie, Rubbish Ruby, Bland Angelo, Xanadu Xavier, Gino Ginelli Gina, etc...

and that means more screen time for these cretins.

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