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Axle Whitehead's scalding accident

Guest Jamey-Maria

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Axle Whitehead's scalding accident


HOME and Away pin-up Axle Whitehead was rushed to hospital after suffering serious burns while mucking around with his beloved Corvette motor car.

Whitehead, who also hosts World's Strictest Parents for Channel 7, was injured on Friday after his 1977 Corvette Stingray overheated while he was working on it in Melbourne.

According to sources, Whitehead opened the engine's radiator cap and was caught in a spray of scalding water.

He is understood to have suffered scalds to his right hand, arm, shoulder and part of his chest.

The reigning Cleo Bachelor of the Year was taken by a mate to the Epworth Hospital in Richmond for treatment.

While he was not admitted, the musician and actor has been attending the hospital daily to have his scalds dressed.

A Seven spokeswoman confirmed the soap star had burnt his hand while working on his car.

"He and a mate were tinkering with his car on Friday and he has burnt his right hand," she said. "He has been having it treated at the Epworth Hospital." Whitehead drove his treasured Corvette from Sydney to Melbourne where he had spent the Christmas and New Year period catching up with his brothers and parents.

Whitehead gushed last year of his love of his car.

"I was looking at a Mustang probably about two or three years ago," he said.

"But I thought if I'm going to get a muscle car I should do it properly and get the king of muscle cars. They are, in my mind, one of the sexiest looking cars.

"I've fallen in love with Stingrays, and any of those models from '70 to '77 have got me hook, line and sinker."



Ouch! :(

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