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Oh My Golly! (by Jay Preston) - comments


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I love your fic very very much. Please don't leave a poor, penniless, failing student in suspense, don't I have enough trauma in my life as it is? I mean, it's 5:30am and I've been up all night doing a French essay -i t would be too too cruel to end your amazing story here. It might just be the only thing keeping me going at the moment.

Good enough? Or more flattery? Perhaps something about your hair? Or, "you should be a scriptwriter?" Because you should, you know.

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I am particularly enjoying that you haven't gone too over the top with this. The storyline could almost have been far-fetched and difficult to believe, but you skillfully avoided that pitfall. Very like the actual show, in fact - your fic is totally grounded in reality.

I think maybe you should send this to DB and offer your services to the team.

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You're both wrong. The dangerous stranger is infact in the middle of the political spectrum. A fence sitter. A diplomat. Pure evil, but less boring than your average moderate thinker.

Who said all mass murderers need to be extremists? I'm all about pushing the boundaries and breaking stereotypes.

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