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Stormy Nights

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Story Title: Stormy Nights

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Aden & Belle, Roman, Nicole and a few others might appear later on.

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: Drama, Angst

Does story include spoilers: No.

Any warnings: Slight SC , Violence , Mentions of Abuse. Will post any warnings before chapter.

Summary: Aden and Belle have been together for a couple of months now and Belle wants to take things futher. All this drags up memories from the past Aden would rather forget. Will he open up to Belle? If he does will she help him? And what other problems get it the way?

If you're expecting fluff then im sorry there wont be much :( this will be more of a dark, angsty fic.

I apologise if Belle seems a bit out of character in this chapter

Warnings: SC & mentions of abuse

Chapter 1

‘Hello, gorgeous’ Aden smiled cheekily as he rushed into the kitchen with the dirty dishes he had just collected. Belle smiled back before following him to start her shift.

“So I was thinking…” Belle began as Aden turned round to face her, “You know, tonight…”

“Tonight what?” Aden asked confused, they hadn’t got anything planned as far as he knew.

“I thought we could…you know…” Belle stopped, her cheeks burning red at what she was implying.

Aden caught the gist of it, and inside he recoiled in horror, “Ermm…” he seemed lost for words, “Belle, I thought we were taking it slow…” he trailed off knowing that it had been a couple of months since they first got together.

“We are.” She assured him smiling, “It’s just… well you don’t seem to want to… its’ like you’re not into me or something…” she looked away ashamed, afraid to see his reaction.

Aden stood there watching her stumble over her words until she got it all out, “ No, I am into you Belle, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” He smiled at her, “I just didn’t want to rush you, but if you’re sure… then I suppose tonight is good.” Aden gulped at what he had just said especially when Belle lifted her head to grin at him,

“Great, you’ll come round later then.”

“Yeah sure…” Aden replied before heading off to get orders. He inwardly groaned, he’d been dreading this day for weeks but he knew it was gonna come sooner or later, maybe, he thought, maybe with Belle it’ll be different. He smiled at that and focused on enjoying tonight and not letting the past drag him down.

He arrived at her house at 8pm, Belle eagerly dragged him into her bedroom; no one else was in so there was no one to disturb them.

“So…” Aden attempted to start the conversation as he looked around her room, admiring the photos of her stuck to the wall.

“Let’s just get on with it” Belle suggested pushing him down onto the bed, she leapt onto the bed and began passionately kissing him while fumbling for the buttons on his shirt.

An uncomfortable feeling was beginning to rise in Aden; he could feel himself starting to sweat as the fear built up. There’s nothing to be scared of Aden told himself, its Belle, its Belle… He focused on that but it couldn’t stop the memories from re-emerging.

“Belle… No…” Aden pleaded as she slowly began to undo his shirt. He forced himself to enjoy it, he told himself that this was a good thing but he was surrounded by the haunting memories from past…


The door creaked open and a shadow cast itself on the bedroom wall. Aden watched as an 8 year old version of himself cowered under the blankets; fear burning bright in his eyes… The shadow became real as it stepped through the doorway and slowly advanced towards him…


“No… Belle, Stop… Belle… S…Stop…” Aden gasped. Belle took no notice of him as she turned his head towards her so she could kiss him again. Aden returned it not wanting to hurt her feelings, but inside he felt physically sick. It was like he was reliving those dark days of his childhood again, the fear began to take hold of him…

Belle started to move her hands lower until they finally rested on his belt where she fiddled about with the buckle. Aden’s breaths were coming in ragged gasps now but Belle appeared oblivious to it. Aden meanwhile seemed to be trapped in the past as he was forced to relive his darkest secrets…


He pulled the covers up closer to him, a single tear falling down his cheek as his grandfather came to sit on the bed beside him.

“Aden…” He taunted; his voice striking fear into the heart of the young boy.

“You’re useless, you know that?” his grandfather sneered. “You’re weak and pathetic; no wonder your mother killed herself, just look at you!!”

Aden whimpered pitifully, tears streaking down his face,

“It… It’s… not my… f… fault…” He stammered; the pain his mother’s death had caused him evident in his eyes.

His grandfather laughed, a hard cruel laugh,

“No, Aden. It’s ALL your fault! And now you’re going to be punished…”

Aden tried to resist but to no avail; his grandfather held him down as his hand snaked down the innocent child’s body.


He was pulled out of the flashback as Belle removed his belt. The feeling of the scared little boy stayed with him though and as Belle went to unzip his trousers; Aden couldn’t remove the image of his grandfather from his mind. He was there taunting him, telling him that he was worthless, useless, that everything was his fault. And in that moment all the anger, all the shame, all the fear that had been building up inside him, exploded.

“GET OFF!!” Aden screamed, frantically trying to push Belle away. For the first time she seemed to hear what he was saying and looked up confused. Aden quickly scrambled off the bed, grabbing his belt and shirt, replacing them on him. His breathing was rough and irregular, the fear still prominent in his eyes.

“What is it Aden?” Belle asked, she knew something was very wrong, he’d never reacted this bad to anything before.

“I…I… Can’t do… do this…” Aden replied, his voice wavering as he tried to steady his breathing.

“Aden, look at me” Belle said forcefully as he maintained his gaze at the floor, he looked ashamed. Why? Belle wondered. Aden didn’t move as he heard what Belle said, avoiding her eyes completely.

“Aden, what’s wrong?” She asked again, concerned. He looked distressed almost, he was pale and shaking, the ragged gasps of his breathing filled the room.

“Nothing’s wrong Belle!!” Aden shouted at her. His defences were up; he wasn’t going to let himself be so exposed as he was before.

“Aden, obviously something is…” She looked at him sympathetically; he caught her expression and his blood boiled, he didn’t want her pity, it made him feel weak.

Belle could see Aden begin to tense up so she decided to tread carefully…

“Aden…” She began softly but he cut her off.

“I… can’t… s…sorry… Belle… I… c… cant…” He stumbled; his eyes held a look of unbearable pain and tears trickled down his cheek. She reached out for him but he turned and ran, leaving Belle alone and confused…

Aden kept running until he reached the beach where he stopped to regain his breath. He stood there for a moment until all the fear and emotion of the last few hours came flooding back. He’d never felt so sick in his life… well not since…

He felt the bile rising in his throat and he couldn’t hold it back. He violently threw up then stumbled several yards further down the beach before collapsing in an exhausted heap. He broke down then, sobs shaking through his body, tears endlessly dripping down his face.

It was a while until Aden finally regained his composure and headed back for the town; he was going back to Belle’s, he couldn’t leave her just like that with no explanation, she was probably blaming herself, he had to go and explain it to her, ALL of it. He gulped, the fear once again rising in him, he’d never opened up to anyone in the ten years since it began and he wasn’t sure he could start now…

He never noticed the dark storm clouds fast approaching Summer Bay…

Next chapter -

What happens when the storm hits town?

Comments would be appreciated :)

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Thank you :)

Chapter 2

“Dad? Why isn’t Aden back yet?” Nicole asked, “He said he’d be back by ten.” The clock showed it was nearing quarter past eleven.

“He’s probably spent the night at Belle’s” Roman replied.

“But he would have called; he wouldn’t leave us worrying Dad.” She urged.

“Why should we be worrying? He’s probably just forgotten to call.” As Roman said it there was just a tiny nagging feeling in the back of his mind, what if he’s not at belle’s?

Nicole confirmed that feeling,

“But what if he’s not at Belle’s? Dad, the storms getting worse, what if he’s caught out in that?” She questioned, looking out the window at the rain drenching the roads, the flashes of lightning streaking down from the sky, the sound of thunder booming over the bay, and in the distance the crashing of the waves onto the beach as the sea turned deadly.

Nicole didn’t know what it was, she just had this feeling, something wasn’t right…

“Can’t we at least call Belle? Please” She begged.

Roman had never seen his daughter like this, never seen her care so much for someone before so he went to ring Belle, if only to put the doubt in his mind at rest too.

Belle answered on the second ring, she sounded like she’d being crying

“Belle, is Aden still at yours?” He asked, dreading the answer as that sinking feeling pushed itself to the forefront of his mind.

Nicole was watching her Dad while she was on the phone and when she saw his face drop after Belle replied, she knew…

“He’s not??” Roman questioned incredulously, “Oh god…” he whispered though both Belle and Nicole heard him, “It’s just… he’s not here either…” There was a stunned silence on the other end of the phone. “Do you know when he left?” Roman nodded in reply, a worried look crossing his face, “No, don’t worry, we’ll find him.” He put the phone down before turning to face Nicole.

“He left hers at 8.30, something upset him and he ran off.”

Slowly realisation dawned on the pair,

“You mean… he’s been out there for nearly three hours, and he’s upset!!” Nicole exclaimed. “He could be anywhere! He could of done anything!”

“Hey, hey shhhh…” Roman murmured pulling his daughter into his embrace as she broke down with worry over Aden. “We’ll find him don’t worry…”


It was nearing midnight when Roman finally had everyone assembled in the Surf Club. He’d left Nicole at home; he didn’t want to have to worry about her as well. He’d organised a search party but because of the storm not many people could help and the police were out of contact. The storm had affected the phone lines it seemed. Roman had seven people lined up including himself to help search for Aden, he was desperate he didn’t know what he’d if they didn’t find him or if they did and he… he w-was…

Roman, Alf, Tony, Hugo, Miles, Geoff and Romeo all set off from the surf club in different directions so they could cover as much ground as possible before the storm got any worse. The rain was stinging their skin as it violently lashed into them, the sound of thunder mercilessly booming all around them, streaks of lightning shot down frequently blinding them, if the storm got any worse than this, then never mind Aden they’d all be goners…

Alf and Tony set off towards the forest; Hugo, Geoff and Romeo to the outskirts of the town and finally Roman and Miles went to scour the beach. They left Irene and Belle and the surf club so they could get in touch with them via radio if any happened – provided the connection held out. Belle couldn’t stay stuck at home doing nothing and Irene wouldn’t let her go by herself so had reluctantly come along with her though to her relief they were made to stay and keep in contact with everyone.


Alf and Tony had been wondering around for several hours now, they had nearly covered the entire of the forest are and still no sign of Aden.

“We should head back now Alf” Tony reasoned, shouting. “We’ve looked near enough everywhere and still not found him; the storms getting worse and we don’t want to get caught out in it if it does, we don’t want to create more problems by us needing to be rescued as well.”

Alf nodded in agreement not bothering to shout back after he had strained to hear Tony over the noise of the storm. They turned around and headed back in the direction of the surf club.


Hugo, Geoff and Romeo dragged themselves through the door of the surf club and collapsed on the nearest seat, the storm had taken it out of them and they all looked exhausted, muddy and worried. It was clear from their expressions that they hadn’t found Aden.

Tony and Alf returned just a few minutes later and when Belle looked up expectantly they just shook their heads whilst Tony murmured,


Belle felt her heart sink, she was beginning to lose hope, what if Roman and Miles didn’t find him? Then what? He could be lying dead in a ditch for all she knew. She felt tears welling at her eyes and before she could stop them the slid silently down her face, the others looked on sympathetically, they knew how hard it must be for her and each and every one of them held the same fear and worry inside their hearts.


Roman and Miles had nearly covered the entire length of the beach but still no sign of Aden, the wind bit harshly into them turning the rain into tiny swords that cut through their skins, the sea crashed beside them luring them into its deep murky depths but still they carried on.

“Mate,” Miles called to Roman who was several yards ahead of him, he stopped and turned towards him waiting for him to continue. “Don’t you think we should head back now?” Miles asked almost doubtfully, “We’re soaked and exhausted, if we haven’t found him by now then…”

Roman cut Miles off with an angry expression on his face, “NO! He’s not… he’s not…” He trailed off tears trickling down his cheeks; he couldn’t bear the thought…

“We’ll find him Miles, we have to… I can’t bear the thought of losing him, after everything that’s happened, he’s… he’s like a son to me…” He pulled himself together, he’d be no use to Aden in this state, he looked over and saw Miles understand where he was coming from and reluctantly stepped forward as if to carry on. He smiled briefly at him before he returned to searching the beach.

It wasn’t much longer until Roman saw something, a dark shadow of something hidden just behind a set of rocks. With his heart beating profoundly he scrambled over the driftwood and rocks until he finally reached the shadow. Miles saw him run and hurried to follow only stopping when he saw the same thing as Roman…

A lifeless figure lying face down on the ground; soaked to skin and tinged a deathly pale, blood seeped out from their head and many other wounds. There was no steady rise and fall of their chest, no signs of life in their face, no response made to anything that was happening… There was no way they could be anything other than dead…

Roman fell to his knees as he let the sobs send shockwaves through his body, his eyes never left the motionless figure on the floor and he choked out one final word before falling into Miles’s arms.


Next chapter

Is he dead or alive?

Comments are appreciated :) and please dont kill me :unsure:

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Sorry guys but i dont think i can update tonight, i've only got half a page of the next chapter so far

Then its christmas tomorrow and boxing day so i'd say the earliest you'll get the next chapter is Sunday :) sorry x

And apart from amz89 and carina.vanessa.adellefan is anyone else reading this because I dont seem to be getting many comments :(

Thank you to you two who have commented :) and you can beg but it might not work :P:wink:


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Sorry guys but i dont think i can update tonight, i've only got half a page of the next chapter so far

Then its christmas tomorrow and boxing day so i'd say the earliest you'll get the next chapter is Sunday :) sorry x

And apart from amz89 and carina.vanessa.adellefan is anyone else reading this because I dont seem to be getting many comments :(

Thank you to you two who have commented :) and you can beg but it might not work :P:wink:



I'm sure people are reading just not commenting. I sometimes read other and forget.

Hope you had a good chrissie.

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