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Perth Telethon 2009

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quick question, is there any website, that you can upload, heaps of pictures onto so that you dont have to keep using photobucket or something? or do i need to do them one by one? its just i have a fair few pictures and what not, unless i can email them to someone? who has an account somewhere, which they can upload them from? any help would be great

If you are uploading photos, you can do them all at one go on photobucket. You just have to use the CTRL button, so that you can select more than one image at a time.

And Dorey, with the leaving your seat thing (for Telethon next year) did you have to get someone to watch your seat so that it didn't get filled up, and how did you get back in without re-paying ?

well just take your ticket in an out, and then they'll be fine with you not paying, and just place your bags or something on your chairs, i started talking to the girls next to me, so they just watched my chair for me, but thankyou, ill upload some pictures now :)

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Found these videos on youtube with the Home and Away people:

Intro song and dance-

Bec, Axle and David- 3 million dollar dance-

Bec, Luke, Jon- 4 million dollar dance-

David- 5 million dollar dance-

Variety of cast including David with top off- 3mins onwards-


Luke Jaobz takes top off-


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