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We Belong Together

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Story Title: We Belong Together

Type of story: Long fic

Main Characters: Ric & Mattie

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Mostly Romance

Does story include spoilers: Yes (Between chapters 42-47)

Any warnings: Could contain sexual content and violence

Summary: Beginning from where the 2007 season left off, it centres around Ric and Mattie and their break up and the twists and turbulations over how they get back together and beyond.

Chapter 1

The year in Summer Bay had got off to a mixed start for many. Sally was left puzzled over seeing the word MILCO written in the sand. Martha was struggling to come to terms that she couldn't stop Jack from marrying Sam in time and everyone was left shock over the revelation that beloved priest Reverend Hall was behind the staff attacks at the hospital.

But someone who was really in low spirits now no matter what was Ric. He lost his true love Mattie after being accused of having an affair with Viv. More painful was seeing his ex was now dating Simon, Aden's cousin. More painful still was he was used by Viv to ensure she got pregnant and she and husband Noel could bring up a baby. At least, no one else apart from best friend Lucas and of course Mattie knew about it but he knew that would now be a matter of time before the secret was exposed.

Today was his birthday and Sally and Cassie were pestering to have a party.

"Aw, come on Ric", said Cassie. "It's your 20th. We got to have at least some sort of celebration."

But Ric didn't feel like it. "Sorry but after what's happened recently, I'm just not in the mood."

Eventually though he gave in.

Meanwhile, over at the Hunter household

"At least come over and wish him a happy birthday.", Lucas told Mattie.

She firmly replied "No!" and added "After what he did, I don't want to see, speak or have any contact with him."

"Well I think it would be nice if you did turn up. He is trying to make sure you at least can still be mates.", said Tony.

"You guys can convince as much as you want. But the answer is still no!", was her reply.

But she did turn up. However it was clear she had a motive. To destroy Ric's popularity even further.

"Well at least you turned up.", said Ric.

Mattie just stood at the doorway and said "Why are you all celebrating for a liar and cheat."

"Mattie, what are you talking about?", replied Cassie, concerned.

As her eyes began to fill with tears, Mattie's response was "He dosen't deserve to have a party. He is the father of Viv Anderson's baby.", before fleeing.

Cassie turned to Ric and said "Is that true?"

The secret exposed, he had to come clean and just nodded his head. This was indeed another crushing blow.

Please comment!

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Chapter 2

"How can you be so stupid!", said Cassie. It was clear that she was angry with Ric.

"Look I know you're mad and you have every right to be.", replied Ric "But..."

But before he could explain the truth...

Cassie gave him a right old slap across the face. "YOU SLAPPER!!", she yelled. The she ran off upstairs.

Next morning, Ric was now even more depressed. The falling out from the revelation had resulted in him seeking shelter in a caravan for the night and he was now adamant that the whole town would soon know and he would face massive ostracism from everyone he knew.

Later that day at the Surf Club,

"You're not mad at me for what I did Grandad?", he said to Alf

"Of course not", he said. "I'm just dissappointed with what's happened. But what's done is done and everyone will forgive you sooner or later. It will just take some time to do so." he added.

Then as Ric left, Mattie and Simon entered.

"Hope your happy", he remarked "Cass now hates me and I'll soon probably lose the trust of everybody I knew. And it's all your fault!

"No, it's yours.", she replied. "And besides, Si will care for me more and he's not gonna jump into bed with another girl."

"Look, what you don't know...", he started but again couldn't chance to finish.

"I don't care for you silly explainations.", Mattie said and then added "All that I can say for now to you is GO TO HELL!"

So with Mattie now in the arms of Simon and Ric simply on a downer, he just had to hope now things didn't take a turn for the worse? Would it?

Coming Up in Chapter 3

How is Ric going to react when he learns that Mattie has gotten rid of one of his priceful items?

Comments, please!

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Chapter 3

Simon and Mattie's relationship was going from strength to strength and of course Ric didn't like it one bit.

It had now been weeks since Viv's pregnancy revelation and that was now in past and forgotton (well, nearly). Now Ric was trying to get Mattie to realise Simon was bad.

"Why are you still spending your time with that loser.", he told Mattie.

"He's not a loser.", she responded "OK. I admit he does have a dark past but he's promised that he's a changed man now."

"Yeah, that's just supersition talking.", Ric replied.

"Can you just let it go. Si is now who I want to be with.", said Mattie "I never want to be with you again. Not now, not ever. Want my advice? Go find some other women to spend the rest of your days with."

It wasn't just Ric who had issues against Simon. Tony was also strongly against the relationship.

"I've tried everything to get Mattie to listen that he's bad news.", Tony told Ric at the gym "But I guess it just keeps pushing her further into his arms."

"So I think we may have to wait until Mattie finds out his bad ways now.", Ric said.

It was clear Ric wasn't determined to give up.

Two days later, Ric noticed an advertisement on the diner notice board. It said:-






He immediantely ran over to the Hunter household and knocked on the door. As luck would have it, Mattie answered it.

"What do you want now?", she said

"How could you do this", said Ric

"What are you talking about?", Mattie responded

"About the scooter. You knew if you wanted to sell it that you spoke to me first.", he said

"You're too late. I just sold it.", she replied "For $300. And you're not getting one cent of it"

"YOU WHAT!", he shouted "How could you. I paid nearly five times that amount for you."

"It's not like I was...", Mattie began to say but then Ric interrupted "No, I know why this is happening. You want to completly erase me from your life. You obviously thought that bike was too much bad memories of me.", and then he ran off.

"Ric, it's not like that.", Mattie yelled.

But it was too late. Ric had gone.

Coming Up in Chapter 4

Will Ric's temper get the better of him when comes face to face with Simon?


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Chapter 4

If Ric didn't have enough tough news to digest with Mattie, he also had to cope with the news that Cassie was pregnant and HIV positive and that Johnny Cooper had broken out of jail and was seemingly heading back to bay. Bravely, he decided to ignore Sally's advice to flee until the police caught Johnny.

Of course he was only doing that to continue his fight to at least get into Mattie's good books again.

So when he bumped into Simon outside the surf club, it was clear trouble would brew between the pair.

"You told Mattie yet?", he asked him

"About what?", was Simon's response

"That you're still a bad boy and always will be.", Ric mentioned

"Yeah right, as if going to do something bad.", Simon said "Sure yes, I have been naughty but that's history. Dating your ex says to myself that I'm turning over a new leaf."

Just then Mattie turned up

"You have no right to interfere with my boyfriend", she said.

"Look Mattie, I confess Si does have the charm and looks.", replied Ric "But face facts, he is not very nice."

"He's trying to turn nice.", Mattie said.

"No he isn't. This is a total waste of time.", commented Ric "I treated you like a princess. Simon is going to treat you like dirt."

"That's not true.", Simon replied

"Oh, that's it.", Ric said back.


Simon fell to the floor. "I hope you learn you're lesson now", Ric said to Mattie before leaving.

Ric's punch had given Simon a bloody nose. As far as he was concerned, it was the last straw.

At Summer Bay House,

"You decked him!", Cassie said after Ric told everything

"Cass, he was getting on my nerves. I had no choice.", was Ric's reply

"But it was effectively on public property.", she said back "You could get in trouble now."

And then there was a knock on the door. Ric opened it and it was Jack.

"What seems to be the problem?", Ric asked

"Simon Jeffries has just been down to the station.", said Jack "He lodged a formal complaint that you punched him near public property."

"So what happens now?", replied Ric and Jack handed him a piece of paper.

"Eric Dalby, this is a restraining order. From now on you must stay at least 100 feet away from either Simon Jeffries or Matilda Hunter.", Jack said.

"I can't believe this.", Ric said to himself.

Not only couldn't he wind up Simon, he now couldn't speak to Mattie anymore.

"We're safe now. He won't come between us again.", Simon said to Mattie.

"Yeah but did you need put my name on the order.", she replied.

"Well I want us to be a perfect couple. It's the right thing.", he said back

They then embraced but it was clear the looks on Mattie's face said it all. She at least wanted to still communicate with Ric.

Coming Up in Chapter 5

Ric makes a shocking decision.

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Chapter 5

It had been about two weeks since Simon imposed the restraining order and things still kept getting tougher for Ric. Johnny had made his first revenge move and left Sally hospitalised, worst of all he was still at large.

Despite knowing Mattie would learn from her mistake of moving on so quickly, he realised she would always trust Simon and especially that he kept seeing them holding hands when at the memorial service for when Dan had died. (Of course he had to still keep his distance from pair)

That night after the service at Summer Bay House

"You've got to keep your spirits up, Ric", Cassie told him "She will find out eventually.". Cassie was also slightly biased against Mattie's relationship, really only because of the link with Aden.

"I'm sorry but I've tried everything.", replied Ric "There's only one thing I can do now."

"And that is?", responded Cassie

"I have to leave Summer Bay.", he said

This of course left Cassie stunned. Surely she thought Ric wasn't giving up on what he hoped was the love of his life.

Next day, Mattie saw Ric on the beach and went to speak to him

"I thought you couldn't speak to me.", Ric said

"It's OK. I got Si to change to order so I can.", she replied back

Mattie then went on to explain why she couldn't take him back and that she just simply had to move on. They though promised to still remain as friends.

But there was another twist, Simon had secretly seem them together.

And when Mattie arrived back home, he was waiting there.

"I knew this would happen.", he said to Mattie

"Me and Ric. No that's not the case.", a stunned Mattie said

"You said you don't have feelings for him but you still do.", was his response

"Ric's my friend. Nothing's going on.", she replied

But Simon didn't believe a single word "It's over, Mattie.", he said "You want to be with Ric, so now I'm letting you"

And before Mattie could properly explain, he left. But would he be seen in Summer Bay again? Only time would tell.

Mattie rushed over to Ric's house where she was greeted by a rather serious looking Cassie.

"Where's Ric?", Mattie asked

"It's too late.", Cassie replied

"What's too late?", Mattie responded

"He's leaving town.", Cassie said back

Coming Up in Chapter 6

It's a race against the clock for Mattie to try and stop Ric from leaving...forever!

Any comments?

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Chapter 6

Dear Mattie

Simon has won. What you said to me earlier today justifies the point that I simply can't win you back no matter how hard I try. However its clear to myself, I just can't stay in Summer Bay without being with you.

So I am leaving for good. Simple as that. I haven't decided yet where I will end up. But before I leave, I just thought I would let you know, you really were the most amazing thing that ever happened to me. But now of course without you, I have nothing to live for.

I hope you and Simon stay together for the rest of your days and who knows, I might be back to see you guys getting married.

Goodbye and take care



Neither Mattie or Cassie couldn't believe that Ric had actually gone through with a such a threat like that.

"We've got to stop him.", said Mattie

"But I thought you didn't care about him anymore.", replied Cassie

"Me and Simon broke up.", Mattie then blurted out "He saw me talking to Ric on beach and well he overreacted."

"Oh Mattie, as much of course I didn't like him you know, I'm sorry.", Cassie said back

"Forget about it now, I've got to stop Ric from leaving", responded Mattie "If anyone can convince it has to be me."

But how could Mattie stop this from happening? And not only she had to say the right words, she really had to mean it. Then she had an idea and called some person.

Ric was at the bus stop and was simply just waiting and waiting for a bus to the city. He then heard something come down the road...

...it's was Mattie...

...on her scooter! She had somehow managed to claim it back. (and explains the quote that she "called some person")

"I'd thought you sold it off.", Ric said looking at the scooter

"Yeah I did but I got it back.", replied Mattie then she asked "Why Ric? Why do you have to leave?"

"Because you're never going to end things with Simon.", he said back

"It's over. Simon ended it. He saw us two on beach and thought we were back together.", was her answer

"So you did all this to stop me from leaving.", commented Ric

"Ric, I know I may not take you back as a boyfriend but you've to at least stay in the bay.", she said "How is everyone going to react when they realise you've effectively done a runner?"

Then Ric responded "I'll only stay if we promise to be at least be friends for a start."

At the house, Cassie was waiting anxiously to see if Mattie's plan had worked

Then Mattie came through the door.

"Well...", Cassie said

And then Ric entered. Mattie had done it.

With Mattie also promising Ric she will not sell off the scooter again and the pair promising to be friends for now, was this the beginning of the road to reconciliation for them?

Coming Up in Chapter 7

Johnny Cooper finally takes his revenge on Ric. Is it Ric or someone else close to him that he harms?

Comments, anyone?

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Chapter 7

Ric was pleased that Mattie helped make the right decision to stay in the bay but he knew Johnny Cooper was still at large for him and could strike at any moment.

Johnny had blackmailed Jack's wife, Sam into helping him stay in hiding as he knew her dark past. With Sally in hospital he aimed to try and give Ric the same dose of revenge but planned things a little more complicated this time to get his target.

It was late evening, without anyone knowing, Johnny was hiding behind a bush outside the surf club. It was clear he was waiting to deliver the trouble. Then as Mattie walked past...

...Johnny jumped out and grabbed hold of her. Covering up her mouth, Johnny whispered "Don't even bother to scream!"

Before Mattie knew it, she was in the diner, tied to a chair and it smelt horrible. Johnny had broken in once it was closed up for night and doused the place in petrol. Mattie would not be released until she told him where Ric was and if she or anyone got in contact with the cops, Johnny would strike the match and the diner would go up in flames.

After several attempts to get hold of Ric's whereabouts and no luck, he went to Plan B. Mattie's mouth was now taped up so she couldn't even speak and Johnny texted Ric:-


But Ric needed police help to get out of this one. So he and Jack came up with a plan, they would stay silent near the diner until they knew Johnny was inside.

Spotting just Ric outside the window, Johnny made his move

"So Dalby! We meet again.", he said

Then the police made their move, "All right Cooper! It's over! Come out with your hands up!", shouted Jack through a megaphone.

Staying true to his word, Johnny lit the match, crashed through a window and ran. Whilst Ric and Jack stayed behind, the backup squad rushed to the cars and sped off in pursuit of Johnny.

Using utensils from the kitchen where she been placed, Mattie had managed to untie and untape herself. But she was now in real danger!

Then as Jack called for the fire brigade as the fire began to take hold, Ric suddenly heard something. A girl's voice screamed "HELP! HELP!"

He suddenly realised "Mattie!", he yelled and rushed to the door. "Ric, wait!", said Jack. He gave Ric his jacket to prevent him from inhaling as much of the fumes as possible. Finding a fire extinguisher on the floor, Ric used it the break down the door. "Be careful.", Jack warned as Ric went into the blazing inferno.

Coming Up in Chapter 8

Can Ric rescue Mattie before it's too late?

What do you think?

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Chapter 8

Ric had been confronted by a horrible sight. The tables, the chairs, the walls, everything you name there was burning up fast. He yelled out Mattie's name three times but there was no response.

Eventually he came across a human figure. It was Mattie, slumped on the ground, lifeless. At that moment, Ric heard a horrible cracking noise. The ceiling was about to cave in! He picked up Mattie and taking Jack's advice by staying a low as he can whilst carrying Mattie, they made it out just before the ceiling collapsed.

Ric started giving CPR but hope began to fade as there was no response. Fortunately, ambulance and fire crews arrived on the scene to relieve him of the duties and take her to hospital. After a long wait at the hospital, news finally spread of her condition.

"The reason Matilda wasn't waking up was because the petrol fumes she inhaled were rather more lethal than normal.", Rachel said to Ric "We had to use an anesthesic gas to remove the fumes before giving the supply of oxygen."

"But she's going to OK is she?", said Ric

"Yes. We will though keep her in tommorrow just to monitor the progress.", she replied "You can go and see her but she has only just woken up and so she's very groggy so you might get much speech out of her."

So Ric went in were he was greeted by a rather weak-looking Mattie.

"Ric......is......that......you?", she said softly

Next morning when Mattie was feeling better,

"I knew Johnny caught me and I remembered screaming for help.", she said "But then, nothing"

"It's was a fire. You were always probably going to get knocked out from it.", replied Ric

Then Mattie catched on to what Ric said.

"It was you who rescued me!", she realised

"Well who else was it going to be?", responded Ric

Coming Up in Chapter 9

Cassie has a plan to try and get Ric and Mattie to realise they still love each other. But is it going to work?

Comments, please!

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Chapter 9

It had been a hetic few weeks gone by in the bay. Sally had left to go travelling around the world. Johnny had indeed been caught and banged up in jail again, but Jack discovered the letter he left behind, revealing Sam's dark past. After Johnny had effectively burned down the diner, the business relocated to the pier end of the beach.

And even most chilling, Sam had been found washed up on the beach, dead. After investigations, it had been concluded she was murdered but despite an attempt to prove that it was suicide, the case's head detective, Ross proved its theory as inconclusive. As a result, Jack was charged with being accessory to murder and more serious, Martha had been charged with carrying out the murder.

Away from the ongoing debacle, their was still a matter that had to be cleared up. Ric and Mattie. It was now turning into a game of Will They or Won't They?

Since the fire it was clear all that Mattie could think about 24/7 was Ric. She would always dream of them together. Like one time she dreamt of them running towards each other on the beach and kissing...only to wake up in bed.

Then in the surf club, she and Ric met up...and kissed. Then Ric said her name, but in a unusual voice.

It was another dream. She had fallen asleep and Cassie was trying to wake her up

"So what were you daydreaming about?", she asked

But Mattie wouldn't say anything about it and just usually change the subject.

This was now enough evidence to prove to Cassie that she still had feelings Ric. Fortunately there was a way to prove. That night there was a karoke night at the surf club. Ric had signed up to sing but Mattie hadn't. She thought to herself, the perfect solution.

So as night fell and event was about to get underway, Ric wanted to check through his place was on there and it was but he was horrified to see

...he hadn't got his choice of song

...and he was billed to sing a duet with Mattie!

Ric ushered Cassie into the store room.

"Do you have anything behind this?", he demanded

"It's because I think Mattie still loves you.", Cassie replied "I only wanted to try and prove it."

"What to everyone?", he said back

Ric wasn't best pleased but still went through with it. Together, he and Mattie sang "Breaking Free" from High School Musical. It got a massive round of applause from the crowd.

And later that evening,

"Hey thanks for doing this.", Ric told Mattie "It was Cass' doing. She wanted to prove there was still something between us."

"Your welcome.", Mattie replied "I loved every second of it."

After some suspense, Mattie then kissed Ric. It took him by surprise and he backed away.

Both were shocked.

"Oh my god!", was all Mattie could say

"Where did that come from?", Ric asked

Feeling ashamed of herself, Mattie ran off

Ric soon arrived at the Hunter House. The door was still fractionally open so he went in, turned on the light, and it revealed Mattie slumped on the floor, sobbing.

"What's wrong?", he said

Speaking through the tears, Mattie said "I've tried to stop thinking about you but I just can't."

"The truth is Ric...I still love you."

Ric comforted Mattie as she continued to cry.

Coming Up in Chapter 10

The truth is out. But will Mattie and Ric finally decide to reconcile?

Show me the comments!

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Chapter 10

Now Mattie had confessed her love to Ric, would he do the same? It was clear he would struggle over how to do it.

But fortunately help was at hand, from Mattie! She had received a letter in the post and went straight over to Summer Bay house and spoke to Ric.

"What's the problem?", he asked

She showed Ric the letter and explained it "I need to get a bike license if want to keep the scooter."

"So what do you want me to do about it?", Ric replied

"Well you bought it for me so I was wondering if you could help me.", she said

He accepted and over the next few weeks he spoke through some of the basics while she put it to practice in the tests.

Thanks to his help, Mattie succeded and got a learner permit license. It would last for 9 months and she would have to do a final exam to obtain the actual license. But it still did mean she could still ride the scooter until then.

"Before you try it out with license", said Ric "There's something I think that needs to be done."

So he and Mattie decided to fix up the scooter. Ric replaced a few parts on it and then they gave it a new paint job, its dull grey colour was replaced with a sparkling red. Once the paint was dry, Ric then stuck the "L" plate on the front.

It was a very long job and both were eventually very exhausted.

"Thanks for your help over the last few weeks.", Mattie said to Ric "It couldn't have been possible without you."

"Well it was a good job you asked in the first place.", he said

They then stared at each other for several seconds...and finally...they kissed! And this time they didn't back off.

And as luck would have it, Cassie secretly saw it.

Coming Up in Chapter 11

Mattie and Ric's relationship is back on but it doesn't take long before a face from Ric's past turns up.


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