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I Will Be

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Here is the penultimate chapter of this fic guys , hope you like it . :)

I am tired of writing now :P Thats 3 chapters I've written tonight :lol:

Chapter 31

Martha was still sitting on her bed an hour later in the same spot just looking in the mirror and crying when she was disturbed by a knock on the door.She tried to ignore it for 5 minutes but whoever it was wasn't going away so she resolved to answer the door.

"Roman that better not be you.." she was yelling as she walked down the stairs but stopped as soon as she answered the door to find Charlie there.

Charlie stood in the doorway with tears running down her face.

"Hey Charlie , aww whats the matter , come in " Martha was worried about her friend

"I'm sorry for just turning up here like this , I know today was your wedding but I needed a friend to talk to " she sobbed

"Oh don't worry , I didn't even get married " Martha revealed

"Oh , what happened ? " Charlie froze

"I found out he cheated on me " Martha half heartedly smiled

"Roman ? You are not serious ? " Charlie was blown away

"Yeah with Jazz on our last ill fated wedding , IN THE CHURCH of all places " she explained

"I am so sorry Leah revealed everything like that at the Surf Club " Martha apologised

"Well at least now I know the truth and I know what he's like " Charlie smiled

"Doesn't stop me loving him though " she added

"You can't be expected to just switch off your feelings like that , its understandable . " Martha comforted her

"Yeah I know , but I just get angry at myself for continuing to love him after everything he put me through you know " Charlie explained her feelings

"He was with her (Rachel) while I was going through some horrible stuff after my kidnap , thats just another of the many things he's put me through " she continued

"I was in such a mess after I..." Charlie stopped midsentence and hesitated

"After I killed that girl while I was missing " she finally confessed

"You what " Martha thought she'd misheard

"it was an accident " Charlie tried to reassure her

"One night we both got passionate in the bush and we had an argument the next day where she got physical and she got on my back so I slammed my back into a tree and she died. Just like that " she revealed to a shellshocked Martha

"Wow it feel's so much better to talk about it " Charlie whispered

"Charlie , it was an accident , you really can't beat yourself up about it " Martha held Charlie's hand.

"Everybody makes mistakes , hell I've made enough to last me a lifetime " Martha insisted

"Martha you made some minor mistakes , you've never killed anybody " Charlie replied

" There is something thats been living with me for a very long time . " Martha took a deep breath

"I gave away my baby when i was 14 , after my parents decided it would be best " she admitted

"Oh . Have you ever tried to get in contact " Charlie asked

"Well she died shortly after " she revealed

"Martha I am so sorry I never knew " Charlie sympathized with her

"Don't be sorry , I am the one who should be sorry , if I hadn't given her up then she would propably still be here with me today.With her mum" Martha stated

"You were very young and couldn't have been able to make a rational decision , so you can't blame yourself " Charlie urged

"But I do . Blame myself , who else is there to blame " she teared up.

"Anyway I better get going " Martha wiped the tears from her face and stood up

"Its Cassie , shes not got long left." she informed Charlie

"Oh God , is there anything I can do " Charlie asked

"Well would you mind looking after Brooke and Jack here for a couple hours " she replied

"Yeah of course , take whatever time you need " Charlie smiled

" Thanks for the chat , it really helped me " Charlie thanked her

"Me too " Martha gave her a hug before grabbing her keys and leaving the house...

"How is she ? " Martha asked with tears in her eyes when she arrived in cassie's hospital room

"Her breathing seems to be getting weaker and weaker " Mattie looked up at her and replied

"Oh God " Martha cried

"Cassie can you hear me , I love you so much " Martha held her hand and whispered in her ear

Sally left the room with her hand over her mouth crying hysterically while Martha followed straight after her

Sal , please come back in there with me , for Cassie's sake " Martha pleaded

" I can't do it " Sally insisted

"The last time I saw somebody like that was with Flynn , and its bringing everything flooding back and its too hard " she sobbed

" I know , and I understand totally but if Cassie passes and you are not there then you will regret it for the rest of your life and believe me you do not want to be dragging regrets around with you because one day they will destroy you" Martha explained

Martha came back into the room holding Sally's hand and they both sat down on the bed.

Cassie's breathing suddenly became extremely weak and slow before it became so faint until she stopped breathing.

Sally burst into tears once again whilst kissing Cassie's hand .

" I am so proud of you , I couldn't have wished for a better daughter " she wailed as she held her hand tightly in hers.

Ric held Mattie in his arms while she held Cassie's other hand.

Martha put her hand on Sally's shoulder as Sal cried into Cassie's lifeless hand and the tears ran down Martha's face silently.......

Its the final chapter and Its a couple of months later..

Jack and Martha are close to their long awaited reunion as he returns to town after months of trying to track him down but will it all end tragicly ?

Angelo has a shock visitor who drops a bombshell on him...

I will start working on the Final chapter tomorrow maybe , but I will be making a sequel when this ones done :)

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Thanks for all the comments guys on the last bumer update. and thanks for keeping me going with this fic by all your nice comments. :D

here goes guys , the finale.... Hope you enjoy it.there will be a small few jumps in time for my storylines to work.

Chapter 32

One Year Later

"OK I've just spoke to Jack and he is on the bus " Martha smiled

"I can't believe it grandad , its taken me this long to track him down and now just over a year after he left because I rejected him for Roman he is coming home , home to me " she grinned from ear to ear.

"I am so happy for you darlin' " Alf smiled

"Thank you so much " Martha looked at him

"I never thought I would see you this happy again since you lost Jack all those years ago but it looks like you are finally getting your happy ending." he spoke softly

"I never thought I would be happy again either but I am , Jack's on his way home to me , I've got 2 beautiful kids and am finally in the right headspace that can let me look forward into the future" she admitted

"Oh God look at the time I better get back home , he won't be much longer" she stated

"OK love , drive safely " he hugged her as she left....

"Come back to bed babe " Angelo cheekily begged

"No I really can't you know I have work " Charlie smiled

"Aww your so boring " Angelo stuck out his tongue out

"Well your just lazy " she replied

"I don't want you to come back to bed to sleep " he winked

"OK thats it I'm out of here " she laughed as she put on her shoes

"Charlie please come back to bed " he begged again

"Look Angelo we need to take things slowly like we agreed , on my terms remember " she asserted

"Sorry" Angelo looked at the ground

"Its OK , but I'm just saying we agreed to take things slowly " she repeated

"Yeah I understand , I know I hurt you more than anybody possibly could " he replied

"I'll be back at around 1 to pick you up for lunch OK " she bent down and gave him a slight peck on the cheek

"OK babe see you then " he said goodbye to her as she left the room.

He threw himself back into bed and buried his head under his pillow.

"It is going to take more than a couple of months for me to get back to the relationship I miss" he thought to himself

"Well as long as I try my best and give her all the love she needs and I can't mess up again , I don't know how much more our relationship can take " he thought out loud.

He turned on his side trying to get back to sleep when he was disturbed as the doorbell rang.

"Oh God " he grunted as he slowly pulled himself from his bed.The doorbell rang again.

"I'm coming I'm coming " he yelled out as he fastened the rope of his dressing gown.

As Angelo answered the door his jaw dropped to the floor.

"Hello Angelo " Rachel smiled

"Rachel , what are you doing here ? " Angelo mumbled

"I thought you might like to meet your 2 children " she replied to a shocked Angelo

"My 2 what ? " he didn't know what on earth she was on about.

"Yeah Angelo , our twins , Tony and Sophie " she revealed.

Angelo put his hands to his mouth with the shock.

"Surprise .. " Rachel excitedly smiled...

Martha sat patiently at her kitchen table waiting for Jack to return to her.

"Where is he " she asked out loud to herself

"Here I am " she heard come from behind her

She quickly turned around , where her eyes met the love of her life.

"Jack " she stood up and approached him slowly

She planted her lips on his and they both ended up in a passionate embrace.

"Martha , to be your friend was all I ever wanted , to be your lover was all I ever dreamed." Jack smiled

"Jack , I love you , not only for what you are, But for what I am when I am with you." she replied as she cuddled into his arms.

"Martha I promise you that I will never let you go again " he promised

"Its forever , from this day forward we will be together till the end " he whispered in her ear as she smiled

"Forever " she reiterated


7 years later

" Have you missed me " Rachel glanced at her husband

"You know I did " Richard cheekily replied as he smiled at his wife and planted a tender kiss on her lips.....

"Jack honey , please hurry up you don't want to miss this " Martha worried

"Do you think that I would miss the birth of our child " Jack spoke excitedly into the phone

" I know , but I can't help but worry " she replied

"Whos looking after the kids " she asked

"I went to Rachel's house but she wasn't there so I left them with Chloe " he answered

"Look I have to get off the phone I'll be at the hospital in 5 , OK babe . Love you "

"I love you too "....

"Mattie can you get the door " Ric yelled out

"Sorry Evan's in the bath I'm washing him " she replied

"I'm going toilet , can you get it " he asked

"Oh fine " Mattie sighed

"I'll be back in a minute OK " she smiled at her son

She walked quickly to the door and as soon as she answered the door she wished she hadn't.

"What do you want " Mattie growled

"I want my son " a woman spoke.........

Now there we have it its finally over.

I will begin working on the sequel very soon and I have some big ideas but I am still thinking up the plots.

Thanks for all the support through writing it.



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