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I Will Be

Guest -Kevin-

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Thank you guys for all the comments :D

here comes chapter 21 :D

Chapter 21

Charlie and Angelo stood still in their living room just waiting for something to happen but nothing did.They waited for a couple of hours before eventually deciding to go to bed, hoping and praying they would be safe.

A couple of hours later the alarm clock went off which was happily greeted

"Thank god" Charlie sighed as she sat up in the bed

"I don't think I'll be able to make it into work today" she told Angelo

"Thats fine babe I'l tell them down at the station " he replied as he stood up and reached for his work trousers.

"I just wish I knew who that was last night " she breathed

"beats me , but whoever it was WAS watching us " he emphasized

"Yeah I know , I think that's what freaked me out the most " she confessed

"Well its light out now so you should be fine today " he assured her

"Yeah " she replied with a positive tone

At this stage Angelo was fully dressed and took his gun from under his pillow which he had put under there when he went to bed just to be on the safe side.

"Alright honey I'm off " he kissed her goodbye

"I'll go to the door with you" she announced as she dragged her legs out of the side of the bed

"Oh my god" Angelo declared as he opened the front door

"Oh no , what is it " Charlie contributed

She took one look out the door and was shocked at what she saw

"You have got to report this " she concluded as she looked at the vandalism on the side of Angelo's car which spelled "murderer"

"This is so related to last night " she was sure

"OK I will lodge an official complaint as soon as I get to work" he comforted her

"Maybe you should go and stay in town for the day because it isn't exactly safe you being here in the middle of nowhere " he suggested

"No I'll be fine " she forced a smile on her face

"Now you have a good day at work " she hollered enthusiastically

"Ok " he kissed her goodbye and took her car to work instead .

She waved him goodbye as his car disappeared down the driveway and out of sight, she looked around nervously as she closed the door and locked it behind her . Little did she know there was eyes watching her from the distance.......

"I heard you tossing and turning all night , are you alright" katie asked Jack

"yeah I was just having some horrible nightmares" he brushed it off as nothing

"Oh , what about " katie froze

"Just some weird stuff about being called jack and I was marrying a total stranger . I mean can you believe it ." he laughed

"yeah.weird " she forced a smile on her face as she worried that he was beginning to remember

"What do i do" she panicked

"Just keep calm and laugh it off" she told herself

"Is your room tidy Sierra " she changed the subject

"Daddy , are you picking me up from school today" Sierra asked

"No im sorry sweetheart , mummy's going to be picking you up today" he apologised

"OK " she said with a sigh of dissapointment

"I will pick you up tomorrow honey" he promised her

"OK I'm off to take care of a couple of things but I will be no longer than an hour " he kissed the back of Katies neck as she was buttering some toast for Sierra.

"bye then " she replied as she watched him walk through the hallway and out the door.

"Jack can you answer the door for mummy , I'm just getting a towel for my hair " Martha yelled

"Ok mummy" he yelled back

he opened the door to see his father standing there

"Hey is your mum here " Jack asked

Little Jack stood staring at his father , who he thought was dead

"Are you my father " Jack hesitated

"Umm no " he denied

Little Jack took a few steps back and ran up the stairs

"Mummy mummy its daddy , he's at the door" Jack gushed

"Has he left something behind" Martha didn't really take much notice

"No mummy its my other daddy" Jack tried to explain

Martha was lost for words, she then rushed him into his room as quickly as she could

"Hi" she smiled at jack when she walked to the front door

"Hey , sorry but I need to speak to you " he insisted

"Come in " she stood out of the doorway and he entered

He looked around the house he once lived in with his wife but didn't remember it and he sat down on the armchair

"Is your husband around " Jack asked

"No he's at work " she answered him

"Is there something you want to know about " she queried

" I just wanted to know what happened to your husband " he begged

"You were shot and I thought you were dead for the past 4 years " she wanted him to believe her

"Ok and what about...." he stopped speaking after clapping eyes on a photograph that was hanging on the wall

He stood up and approached the photograph of himself and Martha with him in his police uniform.

"is-is this him" he rubbed his eyes.

His whole existance all of a sudden felt like a big lie and false

"We were so happy Jack " Martha put her hand on his shoulder

"and that little boy that answered the door.is he ..." he hesitated

"he's your son" she confirmed

Jack sighed and put his hands over his eyes.

Martha put her arm's round his waist and kissed his face, he turned to face her and he kissed her softly on her lips.His hands were around her body and he felt a urging connection to her.After a few seconds he pulled away.

"I-I I'm sorry " he stammered

"Jack" she called out as he made a run towards the door.She chased him out to the door as he jumped into his car.She ran out after him crying her eyes out.

"Please " she screamed as she stood in front of his car.He stared at her for a few seconds before reversing and speeding off. Martha threw herself on the floor and cried into her hands.......

Katie heard the front door opening and called out

"Hey your home" , but she got no answer

She began to worry now when he didn't reply , her eyes were fixed on the door where she was waiting for him to appear which he did after a few seconds with tears on his face and his eyes all read.

"Tell me everything" he coldly demanded.....

Angelo gets a surprise when he returns home from work.......

Things get heated when Jack demands answers.........

Will Roman find out about Jack and Marthas kiss ?

Martha receives a text message from Jack saying that he never wants to see her again.............

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Thank you everyoneee for all the brilliant comments :D:D:D

Chapter 22

"Everything about what " Katie pretended to be puzzled

"About Martha and my old life" he reminded her angrily

"I have a son " he yelled at her

"You have a daughter to " she responded

He frowned at her in disbelief

"How could you do this to me " he demanded

"I done nothing Peter please " she tried to explain

"Don't call me that , because apparently I'm Jack Holden.Constable Jack Holden" he interrupted her

"Jack you must know that I love you. I'm your wife " she cried

"I don't even know who you are " he spat back at her

"It's me , Katie and I love you. More than anything " she blubbered but Jack wasn't having any of it.

"and where do you expect me to go from here . You ruined my life " he screamed

"I didn't ruin your life I saved your life " she shouted back

She sat down on the chair and began to explain everything that happened on that night he almost died

"My husband had just left me and I was desperate for some attention and you were so nice to me Jack that day you saved me from being raped by my husband" she started

"I don't remember" he admitted

"Well anyway one night we were called out to a shooting by your father.I was a trainee paramedic" she continued

"and I told your father that you were dead" she confessed

"So you told my father I was dead and my pregnant wife's life was completely shattered by your lie" he couldn't believe it

" I needed you Jack.More than anything , and you saved me . You must understand " she cried

" I have missed out on the first 4 years of my son's life " he stood up to confront her

"Please Jack " she began to get afraid as he slowly approached her

She quickly made a run for it as quickly as she could towards the door with Jack in hot pursuit.

He grabbed a hold of her hair and pulled her back flinging her onto the floor.

"I'm sorry , I didn't mean .." he shocked himself at what he just done as he bent down and offered her his hand.

"I'll just go " he offered

As he walked towards the sitting room door he heard footsteps coming from behind him and quickly turned around to see her raise a large unknown object into the air and she struck him on the head sending him crashing into the glass cabinet......

"I'm home honey " Angelo shouted out when he came through the front door after a long day at work but his homecoming was greeted by a cold silence

As he walked into the living room he was shocked to see broken glass and broken furniture strewn across the floor

Automatically he linked up what happened the pervious night,the graffiti'd car and this.

He began to panic and ran from room to room calling out Charlie's name.

"Charlie " he yelled out as he ran out into the garden and looked around vigilantly.

"Her cars not here but maybe shes gone into town maybe " he fretted

He ran back inside the house ,picked up the phone and began dialling numbers

"Hi leah have you seen Charlie today " he asked

"Yeah shes here with me now , do you want to speak to her " Leah replied

"No no I was just looking to know where she was . Thanks. I'll speak to you later" he said goodbye

He hung up the phone and put his hands up to his phone and breathed a sigh of relief.

Martha sat in the darkness of her living room with her mobile phone in her hand wondering whether she should call Jack.

"I'll just send a text instead " she decided

When she was finished writing the text she read over it again before she pressed send.

It read " Hi its Martha , I was just wondering whether you could come by tomorrow for tea or just a chat. Martha "

She sat on the armchair and picked up her mug of hot chocolate and took a sip before placing it back down on the coffee table.

Her mind began to drift away from jack for the first time in ages.

"Tomorrow I have my last chemo before the wedding " she thought to herself and smiled.

Her smile quickly turned into a frown when she began thinking about Jack again and how she feels for him.

"Tomorrows my last full day as Martha Mackenzie " she reminded herself . Time was running out for her to make her choice between Roman and Jack.She knew that Roman would be the healthiest choice but she also knew that she had a passion for Jack that she had never felt before and she remembered how good it was to kiss him once more earlier that day.

"It was almost magical " she smiled to herself.

She felt lost and like she couldn't breathe from the pressure that was resting on her shoulders about the choice she would have to make regarding the man she would spend the rest of her life with.Her thoughts we're interrupted when her phone beeped.She picked it up and was scared at what she would read in Jack's reply but regardless she pressed open.

"Hi Martha , I think its best we don't see each other anymore, myself and Katie are leaving town tomorrow to start over.I hope you understand. Jack."

She read over the text message 3 times to make sure she read it right.

"This is it" she concluded

"He doesn't want me . I am going to marry Roman" she decided......

Its the day before Martha and Roman's wedding...

Jazz turns up unexpectedly as a guest for the wedding...

Katie packs up the house and keeps Jack drugged...

Martha confesses her baby secret to Roman...

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Thanks everyone for all the comments . I hope your all enjoying this fic :)

Chapter 23

"Good morning my soon to be wife " Roman grinned as he reached out and put his arms around Martha who lay next to him in their bed

"Who's your future wife " she joked

"Um I think you know her , shes beautiful, has the most amazing eyes and I love her more than anything " he gazed into her eyes

"Shes very lucky " she replied

"Not as lucky as me "

"I love you more than you'll ever know Martha " Roman confessed

"I love you too " she replied and they both shared a tender kiss.

"Roman.." Martha began

"Yeah " He looked at her

"Is there something up " he probed

"Theres something I have to tell you " she contuinued

"OK" he hesitated

She decided that if she was going to be with Roman for the rest of her life then there should be no secrets between them.

"When I was 14 I gave birth to a baby girl " she admitted

Roman was shell shocked he didn't know what to say

"Did she die " he asked

"No. Well not till a few months later " she answered

"It must have been hard for you" he sympathized with her

"Actually no because my parents made me give her away .All I can remember is the 1 hour I was with her before they took her away " she teared up

"Martha I'm so sorry" he comforted her

"She would be 12 now.My little girl " she cried

"Ssh , its OK " Roman wrapped his arms around her

"Everythings gona be alright " he assured her

"Thank you for telling me " he thanked her

"We're getting married tomorrow , I decided that there should be no more secrets between us " she smiled

Unbeknownst to each other they were both hiding secrets from each other.Both secrets could be potentially explosive. If Martha knew Roman told Jack to stay away and if Roman knew she shared a kiss with her ex husband there would be hell to pay.......

"You had to ruin everything didn't you " katie moaned as she injected a substance into Jack's right arm.

"What " Jack began to get drowsy until he fell asleep

"Don't worry honey , pretty soon everythings going to be alright and we'll all be together" she said with a twisted smile on her face.

Clearly she was unstable and now she had Jack in a comatose state .

She began packing all their clothes while Sierra was in school and she planned to bring Jack away with her and start over once again.

"Will I pack this shirt honey " she asked a comatose Jack

"Yes,no ?"

"I'll take that as a no then " she shrugged her shoulders

"I should have never went near that ***** in the 1st place " she told herself out loud

"Martha " Jack whispered "I love you"

"Shut up shut up " she screamed at him as she began shaking

She then stopped and came to a conclusion

"I know what I have to do" she announced

"I have to get rid of her " she concluded...

"Strewth what are you doing here " Alf gushed

"I've come back for the wedding " Jazz answered

"I've not seen you around for years . Not since Miles' funeral " he added

"Yeah I know , Drew told me that they we're getting married so i thought I'd surprise 'em .Do you think they'll be surprised" she smiled cheekily

"Surprised wouldn't be the word" he joked

"There's been a lot of surprises lately " Alf informed her

"Oh , like what " she asked

Oh you've not heard. Jack's alive " he revealed

"What ? How can jack be alive " she frowned

"beats me , but he's married to someone else, Martha accidentally stumbled upon them " he told her.

"WOW , now thats shocking . To think Tony killed himself for nothing " she nodded

"yeah I know love , poor bloke " he agreed

"But the other thing is Jack doesn't even know who he is. he reckons hes some Peter bloke"

"Oh I see and is Martha still going through with the wedding " she wondered

"Martha had some pretty strong feelings for Jack , I mean he was the one and only love of her life " she commented

"yeah I know how you mean , but shes pretty adamant that she wants to marry Roman because there a family " he explained

"Yeah.Anyway I better go and see how they both are , I'll speak to you later Alf " she waved goodbye

"yeah I'll propably see you at the wedding tomorrow" he replied as she left the Surf Club

"Jazz , what are you doing here " Roman enthusiastically asked

"Come in " he welcomed her

"I decided I couldn't let the occasion pass without showing my face " she grinned

"Yeah its great to see you . Hows Drew ? " he asked

"Oh he hates me nothing new there "she laughed

"What did you do this time " he joked

"Well he and Belle are expecting their 1st baby and I warned him that this when the times get hard" she revealed

"Well there not the only ones expecting then , Ric and Matilda are in town and are also expecting .Shes due in 8 weeks " he replied

"Aww Drew and belle will be so happy to hear about that " she smiled

"Where's Martha anyway "

"That's a good question.She said she was only going out to get some milk and bread , but that was almost a half hour ago " he looked at his watch

"I'll keep you company , I need to speak to her anyway" she insisted

"OK , can I get you anything . Tea , coffee ?" he offered

"tea's good " she replied

"Jack are you home " Martha knocked on the door

"Hello " she repeated

Jack.Katie . Anyone ? " she continued

She heard a bang come from inside the house then Katie answered the door looking flustered

"Sorry myself and Jack we're kinda busy if you know what I mean " she winked

"yeah that's nice I need to speak with Jack , it's important" she demanded

"Well he told me he doesn't want to speak to you , so get lost " she answered angrily

"I'm sorry don't speak to me like that " Martha grunted

"Well I've asked you to leave once so I am not going to repeat myself " Katie warned

"What are you going to hurt me now " Martha taunted

"Don't make me " she warned again

"Don't worry I'm going , and tell Jack from me that I don't need him because I'm getting married tomorrow " she informed her

"Well I hope you're very happy " Katie lied, she didn't really care

Martha turned and walked away from the house and as she did she felt a strong feeling inside her.It was a feeling she had only felt once before and that was the night Jack was shot and she didn't know.It was a gut instinct she had that Jack had been hurt.

She turned around and thought "Is he in trouble again"

But she turned around and ignored her strong feeling and got into her car and headed home...

"Did you hear that " Katie laughed at Jack

"Looks like shes getting married tomorrow " she taunted with a sick and twisted smile on her face

"This time tomorrow she'll be married to somebody else and it'll be over" she thought to herself....

Martha continues to ignore her feelings that Jack's in trouble...

Morag returns for the wedding

Martha recieves a wedding card from Rachel which brings about some shocking news....

Jack tries to escape...

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Thank you everybody for all the fantastic comments. I quite loved writing this chapter and I hope you all like it to :)

Chapter 24

"Who's fancy car is that " Martha wondered when she returned home to see a red sports car outside her house.

"Oh she's home "Roman announced as he glanced out the window

"It's about time " Jazz laughed

"Yeah " Roman agreed

"Hey I'm home " Martha yelled out as she entered the house

Jazz was the last person she expected to see in her living room when she saw the car outside

"Hey" she enthused and gave Jazz a hug

"Its been quite a while " Martha smiled

"So where's my invitation " Jazz joked

"Sorry I forgot all about you " Martha apologised

"Nevermind , I was only teasing " Jazz smiled

"Things are well quite different since I was last back " Jazz commented

"Yeah tell me about it " Martha agreed

"Oh before I forget Martha , a letter came in earlier for you " Roman butted in

"Oh . from who " Martha frowned

"I duno , propably just another wedding card" he wrongly concluded

"I'll have a look later on " she decided as he left the room , not knowing that the contents held all the potential of a lot of chaos and heartbreak.....

"Anyway how are you . You nervous about tomorrow " Jazz asked

"Yes. You'd think the fact that it'll be wedding number 3 I'd be alright " Martha laughed

"Yeah and besides I've heard there's a lot going on " Jazz probed

"Oh please don't talk to me , its been crazy these last few weeks with everything with rachel and now Jack .I just don't know whats going to happen next " she shrugged her shoulders

"Yeah I heard about Rachel alright, see Tony obviously chose a wrong 'un , I couldv'e told him that. I always thought she was a bit on the ..er..unhinged side of life " Jazz grinned

"Not funny " Martha tried to hold back the laughter

"Actually it is " and she laughed

"and if I'm not out of place asking , what about Jack. I mean I know it can't be easy , you were married to him for god sake " she stated

"Well I'm not gona lie to you Jazz but my feelings aren't completely gone. I mean I love Roman but there will always be that part of me that will belong to Jack " she explained

"I can understand that " Jazz replied

"So is there anything I can do for the big day " Jazz offered

"You can just be there " Martha smiled

"I wouldn't miss it for the world" Jazz assured her

"Thanks for listening Jazz " Martha thanked her

"I really appreciate having someone to talk to " she smiled and they both hugged

"Aww anytime , I'm always here" she replied

"I am actually staying around the bay for a while because see my uncle died and he was living in town and I'll be looking after the house until I sell it" she explained

"Sounds good , I could do with having a friend in the bay,seeing as Rach's done a runner "

"yeah one flew over the cuckoo's nest" Jazz laughed

Martha looked at Jazz

"OK I'll stop with the comments "Jazz promised

"Yeah Rachel was my friend and has been through a lot " Martha defended her friend

"Yeah I'm sorry , its just I remember how she was to me when I as last here , she thought she was the queen of Sheba and could have done with loosening the knicker elastic" Jazz explained her behaviour

"Anyway I have to go I have got a meeting with the real estate agent , what time do you want me at the church " Jazz asked

"The ceremonys starting at 12 " she informed her

"OK see ya there , oh its going to be so exciting " Jazz insisted as she said her goodbyes

Martha sat down when she heard the front door close after Jazz and held her head in her hands

"Why does life have to be so hard " she thought to herself as she felt sick in the pit of her stomach once again and all she could think of was whether Jack was alright.

"This is so stupid " she told herself

"I need fresh , then I'll be fine " she concluded

As she sat up and walked towards the door she clapped eyes on the letter that Roman informed her about, she paused for a minute and pondered whether she should read the letter but eventually decided that she would read it later..........If she knew what it was destined to reveal, she would have burnt it......

As the sedatives began to wear off him , Jack finally felt some movement. He looked around to see where he was he realised he was on the back seat of a car which was going faster than it should have been.He vaguely remembered Katie saying she was taking him somewhere far away and that Martha was remarrying. Jack was finally regaining little pieces of his memory and his memories of his love for Martha , he then remembered skinny dipping with her and he decided that he wanted her back.

"Whatever it takes " he decided

"I just need to let these drugs wear off until I take action but for now I need to close my eyes and just wait"

"Mummy are we nearly there " Sierra asked

"No sweetheart , there's still a long way to go " she replied

"Aww " Sierra was dissapointed as she looked back at Jack

"Daddy's still asleep " she declared

"Yeah he is very tired " Katie lied

"But soon enough everything's gona be alright " Katie smiled

"Everythings going to plan" Katie thought , but Katie's plans were about to suffer a major setback because Jack wasn't going to let her destroy his final chance to claim the woman he loves.....

"Hey sis " Alf gushed when Morag appeared in Summer Bay House when he came down the stairs

"I wasn't expecting you for hours" he said

"Oh I thought an extra few hours early wouldn't hurt " she announced

"Its great to see you " Alf smiled

"Yeah but I have to go again tomorrow , I'll only be staying for a bit at the reception " she informed him

"Oh " Alf frowned

"Yeah its Ross , he is in a very bad way" she explained

"I'm sure Martha will understand " he assured her

"How is she anyway , and what about her cencer " she asked

"Well she is having her final round of chemotherapy very soon and well I guess shes alright about this Jack business " he stated

"Thats good to hear " she remarked...

Martha returned home half an hour later and was so tired just threw herself on the couch.her attention turned to the letter that was sat next to her on the coffee table.She picked it up and ripped open the envelope and began to read

"Oh its from Rach " she said aloud

The wedding card read :

"Dear Martha,

I am so sorry I can't make your wedding for obvious reasons and I hope you have a fantastic day.

I wish I could be there but you don't need me to have a brilliant day.

All our love.

Rachel & Tasha

P.S please read the enclosed letter "

Martha then looked in the envelope and she saw the other letter rachel was referring to.She opened it up and began to read......

After a few minutes Martha was finished reading and struggled to take it all in.

"How could she ?" Martha couldn't comprehend ....

"How could he ?" she continued in disbelief.

She folded up the letter and she decided that she was'nt going to let this lie..............

Martha struggles to keep Rachel's information a secret....

Martha wakes up on the morning of her wedding deeply distressed...

Jack causes the car to veer off the road and into a river....

Ric & Mattie leave the bay secretly and swiftly...

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Thank you everybody for all your awesome comments :D I really really really appreciate them :D

Chapter 25

"Hey babe , who's the letter from " Roman asked

"Oh its nothing " she lied and scrunched it up and put it in her pocket

"Can you believe this time tomorrow we will be husband and wife" he grinned as he came towards her and wrapped himself around her

"Yeah I can't wait " she smiled as she kissed Romans cheek as his head rested on her shoulder

"So what time are you going round to Charlie's "he asked

"Oh , I'm going to Leah's now instead" she repliaed after taking a few seconds to think

"How come " Roman looked confused

"Well I thought Charlie's house is a bit out of the way" she replied

"Anyway I am going out for a while , Morag's over at Leah's " she informed him

"Oh so I guess this is the last I'm gona see of you before tomorrow "

"Yep , and if I turn up and you're not there I will kill you " she jokingly warned him

"You know I would never do that to you " he spoke quietly

"Yeah I know " she half heartedly smiled as she gave him a kiss goodbye.

As she left the house she was finally beginning to let Jack go because he didn't want her.Or so she thought....

"Ok honey I'm just gona go in to this restaurant for a minute " Katie smiled at her daughter

"Can we go inside and sit down to eat " Sierra pleaded

"No , we are only getting it as a take away" she replied as she turned round to look at Jack's lifeless body on the backseat.

"Now you be a good girl and watch daddy while mommy's gone " she warned before she got out of the car

After a few seconds Jack rose quickly from the backseat to try and make his great escape.

"Daddy " Sierra yelled with excitement

"Shh honey , daddy just needs to go for a little drive " he lied as he climbed into the drivers seat.

"Oh my god " Jack grunted as he realised that Katie had taken the keys with her

He began to panic as Katie would be back any second so he unbuckled Sierra's seat belt and grabbed her before opening the car door and running as fast as he could with his daughter in his arms.

"Daddy " Sierra cried as they ran along the lonely road

"Don't worry darling everything's alright,mummys just a bit angry with daddy thats all " he masked the truth

Jack was out of breath but the adrenaline that was flowing through his body kept him running and the thoughts of life with Martha again just kept him going even more.

He was expecting Katie to appear on the road behind him any minute as he peered over his shoulder quickly.

Katie walked back to the car thinking of how happy they were all going to be once she brought Jack round to her way of thinking but she was only fooling herself.

As she came closer to the car and she realised that there was nobody inside, the blood drained from her face and she began to shake.

"Where's my baby " she became hysterical and was still shaking

"Wheres my baby " she repeated herself but this time it was more of a shriek

She jumped in her car and as she turned the keys she began to wonder which direction she would go.She eventually decided to go back along the road they came from because she knew that Jack wanted Martha and would do anything to get back to her before she married someone else.She was driving for 5 minutes before she saw Jack running on the road with Sierra in his arms and she smiled.

"Gotcha" she screamed to herself as she began beeping the horn continuously

Jack turned round to see her approach him and automatically stopped

"Give me my baby " she yelled as she stepped from the car

"Shes my daughter too " he replied

Katie who was hiding a screw driverbehind her back lunged at Jack plunged the screwdriver into Jack's arms.

"Ahh" Jack yelled as he dropped his daughter who was then picked up by her unhinged mother.

Katie threw Sierra into the passenger seat and jumped in as well scrambling into the drivers seat.

As she started the engine Jack was after dragging himself from the ground with blood pouring from his arm and was half into the car.

The car shot ahead with Jack hanging out and eventually pulling himself inside to the passenger seat after Sierra had jumped into the backseat.

"Katie stop the car now " Jack yelled

"No , you're not taking my baby" she screamed

Jack looked at her before trying to take control of the wheel which sent the car swerving all over the road.

"We are a family and we will be together forever "she cried

"We're not a family " he shouted

"Maybe not in this life " she bawled

Jack looked up ahead as they were fast approaching a canal

"No Katie you can't do this " he pleaded as it dawned on him what her intentions were

He grabbed the steering wheel once more and tried to pull it from her grasp.

"I love you " she screamed as the car flew up an embankment and the car crashed into the canal at speed .The car slowly sunk and after a few seconds the car had dissapeared from sight......

"Have you got the bags " Mattie whispered to Ric as she quietly left her room

"Yeah they're already in the car" he replied quietly

They made their way down the stairs trying to keep the noise to a minimum as they we're planning on leaving the bay swiftly and silently.

"Can't we at least tell Cass" she asked

"I think it's best we don't " he replied

Ric opened the front door quietly as Mattie vacated the house followed by Ric who was extra careful not to let the door make any noise as it closed.

They got into her car and Mattie began to smile

"Its finally happening " she grinned

"yeah it is babe " he kissed her , and they set off on their journey to meet their baby...

"Hi Charlie what are you doing here " Martha sounded surprised as she entered Leah's kitchen

" I was just popping by to thank Leah for letting me stay here last night after all this stalker business the other night " she quivered

"Anyway I better to work my shifts about to start" she stated

As she went to leave she was interrupted

"Charlie.." Martha began

"yeah ? " Charlie answered

Martha paused for a second before replying to her

"Umm... can't wait to see you at the wedding tomorrow " she smiled

"Yeah me too" she said as she left the house

"Bye Charlie " Leah yelled after her as she returned from the bathroom

"Hey how are you ? " Leah asked cheerily

"I'm so nervous about tomorrow " she admitted

"Oh you'll be fine , trust me " Leah reassured her

"I hope so " Martha replied with a blank expression on her face.

"Leah I have to tell you something. It's about Rachel" Martha began

Leah looked at Martha and frowned as she couldn't think what Martha was about to say.....

"I'm so sorry for dropping this all on you Leah , I just thought that you should know " Martha explained

"No I appreciate you telling me " Leah replied

"OK" Martha smiled

"Look leah I am exhausted , I am just going to go to bed OK and I have got a huge day ahead of me tomorrow " she sighed

"yeah of course " Leah agreed

"I shall see you tomorrow " Leah winked at Martha as she headed inside and left leah alone with her thoughts and how she should handle the news that Martha had just informed her of.......

Leah promises Martha that she will take care of Rachel's revelation....

Who will survive as the car holding Jack,Katie and Sierra sinks further into the canal.....

Roman worries he's been stood up as he's left stood at the altar on his own after 30 minutes.....

Will Martha eventually turn up to the wedding ?

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I hope you guys like this chapter , its still all part of the big build up. Enjoy :D

Chapter 26

"Oh God " Martha yelled as she jumped out of bed thinking it was later than it was.It was only her paranoia , that same reason that kept her up for half the night terrified that she was going to sleep in and miss her wedding.

As she looked at the clock and realised it was only 9am she sighed whilst rubbing her eyes

"I'm getting married today" she realised as it hit her

"Oh My God , what am I going to do " she panicked

"What will I do if he doesn't turn up " she continued to panic

"Look Martha, don't be stupid.Roman loves you and he will be there so stop worrying " she told herself

She took a deep breath as she left her room to be greeted by Leah who was making breakfast

"Here comes the bride " Leah squealed to Charlie when Martha came from her room

"Did you sleep alright " Charlie asked

"My sleep last night was pretty non-existant actually " she replied

"Well its only to be expected " Leah added

"Roman called earlier " leah smiled cheekily

"and he said that he can't wait for later " she continued

"Well that makes 2 of us doesn't it " Martha forced a smile onto her face

"here's your champagne " Leah grinned as she handed a champagne flute filled with champagne to Martha

"I don't really feel like it, sorry " Martha whispered as she suddenly puked into the glass and all over Leah's hand

"I'm so sorry Leah let me get something to clean you up " Martha rambled on

"No , you just sit , I'll clean this mess up " Leah insisted

"Are you feeling alright now ? " Charlie asked

"yeah now that I got it all out I'm feeling a bit better " she replied

"Good , because we need to get you ready for a wedding " Charlie enthused

Martha said nothing just slightly smiled and got up from the table and headed back to her room.

"Leah I don't think she's alright " Charlie confessed her worries

"What do you mean" Leah asked

"Well she seem's to be a little.... well, down " she admitted

"Its only a little worry thats all she'll be fine later " leah brushed off Charlie's worries and smiled

Charlie wasn't so sure and thought that Martha's heart wasn't in the wedding..........

"Theres been 1 death and however many still missing " a police officer informed his senior constable as the car that crashed into the canal only hours earlier was being pulled up from the canal floor.

"Its hard to know what happened but it just looks like the driver simply lost control of the car and plummeted right into the canal" he added

"What do we know about the body we have pulled " the senior constable asked

"Male,late 20's maybe .Thats all we know at this stage sir" he replied....

"Martha, come on we need to get you dressed " Leah asserted

"I'm not going " Martha barked

"What do you mean you're not coming. Its your wedding day " Leah couldn't understand

"I just don't feel up to it alright, so just please leave me alone " Martha pleaded

"I won't leave you alone because Roman's a great man and he loves you more than anything else in the world" she raised her voice

"Now you get to that church and get married " Leah wasn't taking no for an answer

"and what are we going to do about the other thing ? " Martha asked

"Look I'll handle it " Leah promised

"I can't get married, not with that hanging on my shoulders " she insisted

"Martha , this is your big day and don't let some other peoples stupidity ruin it for you " Leah comforted her

"and Roman doesn't deserve this anyway you do know that right " Leah frowned

"yeah I know but its all just too much . I'm just going to go away for a few days " she decided

"Yeah you will both enjoy your honeymoon " Leah agreed

"No Leah I mean go now " she stated

"But you can't just go now Martha , this is madness " Leah threw her hands up in the air

"Will you go to the church and tell Roman for me "Martha begged

"Martha we're meant to be in the church in 5 minutes , FOR YOUR WEDDING " she emphasized

"Come on there's still time to get your dress on " Leah tried to reason with her

"Leah I've made up my mind " Martha looked at her

"Don't worry mate she'll be here " Alf reassured Roman who kept looking at his watch every 30 seconds.

"I hope so " Roman breath

"They should be here by now , there almost 10 minutes late " Roman worried

Jazz got up from her seat and approached them at the top of the church

"Have you heard from them ?" she asked

"No " Roman replied

"I'll just give Martha's phone a ring " she said

Jazz put the phone up to her ear and walked away slowly from where Roman and Alf stood

"This is my 3rd time giving her away can you believe it "Alf smiled

"Yeah , she really loves you " Roman replied

"OK , there's no answer from Martha's phone and I've tried Leah's and it just went straight to voicemail" Jazz informed them as she reapproached them and then went back to her seat

"Look Roman I know she'll turn up " Jazz tried to comfort Roman as she touched his arm

"Thanks " Roman replied unaware that Jazz had some alterior motives.

Roman looked at his watch for the 30th time in the last minute while thinking he had been stood up.

The congregation filled with Roman and Martha's friends and family waited patiently for Martha but there was 1 person who was sure that Martha had backed out because of her undying love for Jack , Jazz.

Roman went into the backroom of the church to gather his thoughts and take some time to breathe while Jazz followed him.

"I want some time to myself " Roman insisted before even knowing who it was that had followed him

Roman breathed a sigh of relief as he heard the door closing again thinking that they had left again on his orders

He jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder and swiftly turned round to see Jazz facing him.

"I don't think shes coming " Jazz admitted

A tear rolled down Roman's face which was carefully wiped away by Jazz

"but I'm here " she whispered as she leant forward to kiss him

Roman couldn't stop himself from kissing her back and he forced her up against the wall and began kissing her passionately.

His heartbrokeness of being abandoned at the altar by the one true love of his life had driven him to seek comfort in the arms of Jazz.

"I'm sorry . I shouldn't be doing this " he pulled away as he came to his senses or so he thought he had

"But it's so good " Jazz teased as she began to kiss him again.

She stopped kissing him and walked towards the door.

"where are you going " Roman asked

She walked up to the door and turned the key in the door

"We don't want to be disturbed now do we " she winked before returning to his arms.

They resumed kissing and she began unbuttoning her top as he kissed her chest.......

Will Martha turn up ?

Rachel's secret is revealed to the entire congregation....Which causes ructions.........

Roman deeply regrets what happened with himself and Jazz....

Katie is rescued from the water....

Hope this key chapter didn't dissapoint :)

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Thank you everybody for all your comments :D

Chapter 27

It was 20 minutes later , and there was still no sign of Martha.

"How could she do this to me " Roman wondered while he kissed Jazz

They were disturbed by a knock on the door

"Roman mate , are you alright ? " Alf asked

"y, y , yeah I'll be out in a minute " he stammered

"Are you sure you're alright " Alf wanted to be sure

"Yeah I just need another minute to myself " he replied

"OK mate " Alf said

Roman listened attentively as Alf's footsteps faded away before pushing Jazz off him

"we shouldn't have done this , it was a huge mistake . I mean I love Martha , she's my family " Roman explained

"You didn't seem to care about Martha when you and I were having sex just over there on your wedding day " Jazz pointed towards the table that sat a few feet away from them

Roman stood up, buckled his belt and buttoned up his shirt before looking in the mirror at himself to see if he looks presentable

As soon as he was sattisfied with how he looked he unlocked the door carefully and left the room leaving Jazz on her own.

A few minutes later Jazz heard someone enter the room. She turned around and smiled at the mystery man who closed the door and turned the key....

"Has anybody heard from Martha " Roman raised his voice to ask all his friends

But it was no good , nobody had heard from her nor seen her all day.

"I'm gona go and find her " Roman announced

He walked down the aisle towards the door as all the faces with pity written all over their faces stared at him.

"How humiliating " he thought to himself as he pushed through the doors of the church to the bright sunny day.

As Martha walked through her front door she realised that there was somebody else there

"Hello " she yelled out , but she got no reply

She walked up the stairs to use the bathroom when she noticed Roman sat on their bed holding his head in his hands.

"Roman " she hesitated

"I , I'm so sorry " she apologised as she entered the room

"No don't be sorry , I know you don't love me , but you could have told me before now . Do you have any idea how I feel right now " Roman looked at her

"Roman , I do love you , please believe me " she tried to explain

"Look Martha I love you , but if you're too hung up on Jack then just make a choice and make it a true choice " he pleaded with her

"You know , Jack will always have a place in my heart , but me and you and the kids , we're a family and I wouldn't give it up for the world" she smiled

"But what happened today then " Roman couldn't understand

"I just let things get on top of me , but I'm fine now . Jack's gone and he isn't coming back " she insisted

"Oh Martha you don't know how much this means to me " he grinned as he hugged her tightly.

As he hugged her the guilt was going through his head of his infidelity with Jazz .

"Martha can never find out about Jazz . Never" he promised himself

Roman placed a tender kiss on her lips but their tender moment was interrupted when Roman's mobile phone began to ring.

"Hello " Roman spoke

"Hi mate I think you need to come down here , its Leah , shes here at the Surf club , shes drunk and wrecking the wedding reception" Alf informed him

"Alright I'll be there as quick as I can " Roman replied as he hung up

"What is it ? Did something happen ? " Martha asked worriedly

"No everything's alright , its just Leah , shes drunk and making a show of herself " he assured her

"Oh no , what if she mentions something about Rachel " Martha thought to herself

"I'm coming too " Martha insisted....

"Yeah woo" Leah laughed as she drunkenly danced across the room

"Leah I think you've had too much to drink " Charlie tried to take the bottle of champagne off her

"I think you're a slut " Leah laughed

Charlie sighed and walked away

"Yeah keep walking , back to your slutty boyfriend " she added

"Ooh everyone I have an announcement " Leah began when she was interrupted by Martha

"Leah come on you're drunk , lets go home " Martha suggested as she grabbed Leah's arm.

"Get off me " Leah pulled herself free

"People just want to know the truth " she slurred

"I want to propose a toast " she announced as she lifted her bottle of champagne into the air

"To Rachel and her unborn baby " she smiled

"and to the daddy." she revealed Rachel's shocking secret

Her eyes searched the room until she found him

"To Angelo" she laughed before falling on the ground

Everyone turned their attention from a drunken Leah to Angelo who stood next to Charlie.

"What " Charlie looked at Angelo who just looked at the ground

"Shes just drunk , come on Leah " he grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to the door

"Let go , you're hurting me " Leah cried

"Angelo let go of her now " Martha yelled

As Angelo released his tight grip on Leah she turned around and smacked him in the face as she lost her balance and tumbled on to the floor

"Shes lying can't you all see , shes drunk " Angelo yelled

"Actually Angelo she isn't " Martha interrupted him

Charlie burst into tears and ran to the door where she was intercepted by Angelo

"Please .." he muttered as he stood in her way

Charlie clenched her fists and punched him in the nose sending him crashing on top of the wedding cake

She stormed out leaving Angelo crying into his hands while the blood trickled down his nose.....

"We've found someone and shes still conscious " a police officer informed his senior over the phone

"is she alright " he asked

"Yes , shes speaking and everything " he replied

"She's on her way to see if she can identify the body" he added

"OK shes here I have to go, shes here , I'll keep you posted" he hung up the phone

"Hello there mam , can you tell me who was in the car with you " he asked

"My daughter and my husband " Katie whispered

"Are you ready to tell me if this is your husband" he asked coldly

She nodded her head , and she was directed towards the black body bag that lay on a table

The pathologist unzipped the bag slowly .

"Oh god " Katie screeched as she fell onto the floor

"Is this your husband " the police officer repeated..........

Martha pushed open the front door when she saw that it was already half open.

"This is the 2nd time this has happened to me today " she thought

"Hello is anybody here " she shouted out as she put her keys down.

She turned around to see a figure stare at her from the kitchen

"What are you doing here " she breathed

"I love you Martha " Jack announced as he walked towards to her and they both ended up in a passionate embrace.

"I've lost you once and I'm not gona lose you again " he looked into her eyes

"Jack ,.." she began

"No Martha , you listen to me . You and me , we're made for each other , you know its true " he smiled

"Jack , I am with Roman . We can't be together " she cried

"What " Jack looked confused

"You're choosing Roman over me " he frowned

"I'm sorry , I think its best you leave " she hesitated.

He walked to the door and as he stood in the doorway they both looked into each others eyes, both tear filled........

2 months later

Martha gets married.....But to who.....

Heres a small promo video for the next chapter - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yB0jyMeQG2Q

Hope you liked this chapter guys :)

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OK so here it is finallyyyyyyyyy !! :D

Hope you like the revelation of Martha's groom :wink:

I finally updated :D Hope you guys like it :)

Chapter 28

" I am making the right decision " Martha repeated to herself over and over again as she sat in her wedding car playing with the lining of her white wedding dress.

"He is the man for me " she tried to convince herself as she took deep breaths.

The car door opened and Leah sat in beside her

"So are we ready to go and get you married ? " Leah smiled

"Ready as I'll ever be " Martha smiled whilst trembling

"OK we're ready " Leah yelled through to the driver

As they pulled out in the white stretch limo Leah noticed the look of confusion and anxiety on Martha's face

"Hey , Martha " Leah began

"Is everything alright ? " she continued

"Well I am meant to be getting married to the man I love , but...." she was unable to finish her sentence

"But what " Leah probed

" he has really hurt me Leah and I am scared it will happen again " she confessed

"Martha he loves you , you know that as well as I do , I mean come on he fathered one of your children " Leah smiled

"He is a great dad but maybe thats not enough , we've been together before and it all fell apart so easily and then all this business what happened all those years ago , I just can't forget how much he hurt me " she admitted

"Martha " Leah grabbed her and looked into her eyes

" I know that I really hurt you but at the end of the day that man is head over heels in love without you " Leah stated

" Leah I know we've had our differences and we have come through to the other side and I am so glad we have" Martha admitted

" Our friendship means so much to me " she continued

"Aww that means so much to me Martha " Leah sobbed as she and Martha shared a hug

"OK " Leah wiped the tears from her eyes

"My make up is going to be a mess " Leah laughed

"As is mine " Martha agreed and they both laughed

"So is there going to be a wedding then ? " Leah smiled

"Yes there is " Martha grinned.....

"Ric come on we're gona be late " Mattie nagged

"I'm just done shaving myself I'll only be a sec " he replied

"Cassie's been waiting in the car for the last 20 minutes with Evan , she's really tired I don't even think she is able for this wedding " Mattie voiced her concerns

"She made it really clear that she wants to go so we don't really have a choice" he informed her

"Oh I am just saying I don't think she should be putting herself under all this pressure " she frowned

"I know babe your only looking out for her I understand but this could be Cass' last time she will see everyone , the doctors reckon she doesn't have long left at all " he half heartedly smiled

"Yeah Ric I don't know what I am gona do without her to be honest . After not seeing each other for such a long time then coming back and seeing her again at Christmas I realised how much i need her in my life " she began to cry

"Come here honey don't get upset , just enjoy it for Cassie's sake " he wiped the tear that was sat on Matilda's left cheek.

"Whats the time ? " Ric asked

"Oh God " Matilda replied when she looked at her watch

"The wedding is starting in 10 minutes , this is all your fault for not setting the alarm " she rolled her eyes up to heaven

"Come on get a move on " she said whilst pushing him out the door by the bum giving it cheeky pinches on the way.....

"Charlie please forgive me " Angelo yelled drunkenly as he stood in Charlie's garden

"Angelo you have been drinking please go away " Charlie shouted out the window

"But I love you " he replied

"its a shame you weren't thinking of me when you were making babies with that other stuck up cow " she grunted

"I made a mistake " he sobbed

"Don't we all " Charlie slammed her bedroom window shut......

All the wedding guests stood up to greet the bride as she enteredd the church .

As Martha made her way up the aisle she maintained eye contact with her groom who was stood at the top of the altar waiting patiently for her.

"Finally I made it " she smiled as she arrived at the altar

"No " the groom said

"We finally made it " Roman grinned.....

Martha and Roman's happy wedding comes to a grinding halt .......

An ambulance is called to the wedding.........

Charlies cousin's Susan and Mark arrive in the bay and one of them gets passionate with a resident...

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Thanks you guys for all the comments , I much appreciate them. :)

I see a few of you aren't happy Martha was marrying Roman :P:lol:

Anyway here's the next chapter , I hope you guys like it :D

Chapter 29

" I Roman , take you Martha to be my wife , to share the good times and hard times side by side. I humbly give you my hand and my heart as I pledge my faith and love to you. Just as this ring I give you today is a circle without end, my love for you is forever. Just as it is made of incorruptible substance, my commitment to you will never fail. With this ring, I thee wed " Roman affirmed his love to Martha

" I Martha take you Roman to be my husband from this time onward, to join with you and to share all that is to come, to be your faithful husband/wife, to give and to receive, to speak and to listen, to inspire and to respond; a commitment made in love, kept in faith, and eternally made new" Martha smiled

" I ask now that you speak now or forever hold your peace if you object to the marriage of Martha Mackenzie and Roman Harris" the priest read out before looking around to search for any objections

The priest looked around the church for a few seconds before his eyes retreated to the book he was reading from.

"I.." He began when he was interrupted

"WAIT" a voice yelled out

Everybody turned around to see who was objecting to the marriage .

" This marriage cannot go ahead " the voice continued

Everybody was in shock and couldn't believe that someone was about to stop the wedding.

The mystery objector stepped from their seat and made their way up the aisle to where Martha and Roman stood.

"Martha please you can't marry him......"

"Hello whos there" Charlie yelled out as she heard mysterious noises coming from her kitchen.

She picked up her gun and slowly slid along the walls to the kitchen.She eventually arrived at the kitchen door where she could still hear voices, she stood against the door for a few seconds and took a deep breath before she kicked in the door.

"Freeze" she yelled

"What the hell" she frowned

"Please don't shoot "

"What are you guys doing here " she couldn't understand.

It was her 2 cousins Susan and Mark from New Zealand whom she hadn't seen since she was younger.

"Oh my God , Charlie , its been such a long time " Susan grinned

"I know , sorry guys but I hope you don't mind me asking but what are you both doing here " she asked

"Well mum is in the city so we decided we would pay you a visit " Mark smiled

"Its really great to see you " she replied

"Yeah likewise " they answered

"This place is like a ghosttown , where are all the people " Susan smiled

"Oh most of the people are at a wedding " Charlie informed them

"Ahh I see , and how come your not there " Susan probed

"Its a long story , believe me " Charlie assured them

"OK I think we'll leave that for another time then " Susan replied

"Anyway on to important stuff is there any fit guys around " Susan laughed

"Well there is a few fit guys but most of 'em are all just pigs " Charlie moaned

"And any lady talent going on ? " Mark asked

"Geeze whats with you both , I've never seen such promiscuity " Charlie stuck out her tongue at them and laughed

"I am off to the shops anyway so if you want you can come with " Charlie offered

"Whens this wedding reception on " Susan smirked

"In about an hour " Charlie replied

"Great I can't wait " Susan winked..........

"Angelo what are you talking about , your kinda ruining my wedding here and your a tad drunk " Martha whispered

"You can't trust him please " he begged

"What do you mean " she asked

"I saw him with another woman " he revealed

"You what ? " Martha's jaw dropped as her eyes turned to her almost husband.

"Is this true ? " she whimpered

"Please Martha he's lying , he's unhappy and now hes trying to ruin our happiness , can't you see " Roman pleaded

" Angelo I swear if you are lying you will be sorry " Martha warned

" I swear on my life , it was on your last wedding day when you didn't turn up he was in one of the backrooms with ... " he stopped

"With who ? WITH WHO ? "she yelled

"Angelo if you know then you have to tell me now " she insisted

Angelo paused before he revealed to Martha who her husband had slept with that day.

" I am so sorry Martha but he was with Jazz " he gulped

"Roman , is this true " Martha sternly asked

Roman looked at the ground and looked fiddled with his hands.

"I'm sorry " he spoke

At that Martha picked up her dress and began to run when Roman caught her arm.

"GET OFF ME " she screamed as she pulled herself free.

Martha ran down the aisle with tears streaming down her cheeks with her dress in her hands.

"Martha please " Roman yelled after her but she wasn't listening to any of it and kept running .

The entire church went extremely quiet as they all sat there and took in everything that had just happened. They were in utter shock that Roman - a man who claimed to love Martha so much would do such a thing to her.

The quietness in the church was shattered when Cassie stood up and immediately afterwards collapsed straight on the ground where she hit her head hard.

Everbody stood up and gasped while she lay unconscious.

"Somebody get an ambulance " Mattie cried out as she bent down next to her friend and held her head in her hands.

But nobody seemed to be doing anything which prompted Mattie to become hysterical

"CALL AN AMBULANCE NOW " she screamed.............

"You look lonely " Susan smiled at a drunk Angelo who sat at the bar at the Surf Club all on his own.

"Care to join me " he suggested

"Don't mind if I do " she cheekily grinned to herself

" So whats bugging you ? Its just you look like you could do with some cheering up " she said

"Oh just an ex " he replied

"You know what they say don't you , the best way to get over a woman is to get under another " she winked

"Yeah ? he hesitated

"Yeah I can show you if you want " she teased

"Umm " Angelo thought for a second before making a decision

"Yeah why not babe , we can go to my place " he added

"Lets go then " she said as they both left the Surf Club unbeknownst to each other who they both were. Angelo had no idea Susan was Charlie's cousin and likewise Susan had no idea Angelo was Charlie's recent ex boyfriend..........

Where is Jack ?

Cassie's friends and family are shattered by what Cassie's doctor has got to say....

Susan gobsmacked when she learns that Angelo is Charlie's recent ex boyfriend...

Martha throws Roman's belongings out the window....

Not long to go now till this fic finishes up but don't worry there will be another sequel... and I have some exciting plots coming up...

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And another update :)

Chapter 30

The morning after her night of passion with Angelo ,Susan was sneaking as quietly as she could up the stairs into her bedroom but when she got to the top of the stairs she was greeted by a ready and waiting Charlie.

"Oops " she whispered

"and where may I ask are you coming from " Charlie asked

" I stayed with some friends " she replied

"What you made friends and stayed with them in the entire however many hours your in the bay " Charlie frowned

"OK OK I stayed at some guys house " she admitted

"Some guy ? " Charlie was astonished

"You went out and jumped into bed with the first guy you saw " Charlie observed

"God no the first guy I met was some old geezer working behind the bar , it was the 2nd person i met , so get your facts straight cuz " she joked

" Sorry but I don't find this one bit funny " Charlie stared at her

"Oh god Charlie you really need to live a little "

"No thanks I don't need to sleep around to feel good about myself " Charlie fumed

"Charlie I am 23 years old and I can do whatever I like so please don't jump down my throath " Susan protested

"Well when you are staying in this house you can't come and go as you please " Charlie stated

"OK whatever " Susan rolled her eyes up to heaven as she brushed past Charlie and went into the spare bedroom that Charlie had allowed her to stay in.

"Ugh " Charlie growled

"Some people have no respect " she said to herself.

She knew that deep down she was only being a ***** because she was so unhappy after Angelo hurt her like she'd never been hurt before.

" I really must apologise later , I went a bit overboard with her " she thought to herself after she had a few moments to gather her thoughts.

She looked at her watch and realised that she was running late for work so she grabbed her phone and left the house..

"Sal , I can't lose her , not after she only came back into my life " Mattie cried

" Come here , she is a fighter and wont go down with a fight you hear me " Sally tried her best to reassure her.

" I just love her so much , the thought of saying goodbye " Mattie burst into tears.

" The doctor's haven't even been to see us and given us a prognosis yet " Sally tried to calm Mattie

At that moment Cassie's doctor approached everybody who was sat in the waiting room awaiting news on Cassie.

"Doctor " Sally stood up

"Please tell me its good news " Sally begged with tears in her eyes. But she had already known even before he opened his mouth that the news was bad. The answer was in his eyes, she knew this because it was the same look in the doctors eye when she was told that Flynn had only a few hours left.

" I am so sorry , but I'm afraid she only has a few hours at best . The disease has taken over her body and her body just doesn't have the strength to go on " the doctor coldly informed them

"No " Sally sobbed

"Are you sure " Mattie couldn't make sense of it

"You don't know Cassie , she won't let anything beat her " she continued to lull herself into a false sense of security

"Mattie babe " Ric put his arms around her

"No Ric , please tell him Cassie won't let anything beat her , go on tell him " she repeated

"You heard what the doctors said Mattie , she hasn't got long left " he tried to get through to her.

"No don't say that " her lips quivered

Mattie froze for a minute when she tried to take in what the doctor had just said and sat down.

"Can somebody take Pippa and Summer Rose home with them for a while " Sally asked

"Oh yeah Doll course " Irene insisted

"Thanks Irene " Sally forced a smile

"You call me if theres any change and I'll come straight away and leave the kids with Annie " Irene hugged Sally tightly as she turned and left the hospital with the 2 children.

" Ric , Cassie is only 24 years old " Mattie turned to Ric

"Now you tell me why " she begged for answers

" I know its not fair , but I need you to be strong for Cassie's sake. can you do that ? " he asked

"She is the best friend I've ever had Ric and I love her so much " she cried

"I know " Ric agreed as he put his arms around her and held her as the tears flowed from her eyes...

"Martha come on please , can't we just talk about this " Roman pleaded with her as she threw his clothes out the window

"Talk about this , are you serious ? " she yelled

" I always thought Roman that of all the things you could ever do to me that cheating on me wouldn't be one of them " she revealed

" I thought you had left me for Jack , I was beside myself and I made a mistake " Roman tried to explain

"Well yeah you know what I wish I had left you for Jack because he would never treat me like you have and now he's gone " she shouted

"Martha..." he tried to talk but was interrupted

"Roman , I do not want to speak to you , I don't want to listen to you , I don't want to even see you so you may go and find your dirty little secret and live there. You made your bed so lie in it." she concluded as she slammed her window shut.

Martha sighed when she heard her phone ringing as she was expecting it to be Roman

"Roman what did I tell you ." she yelled

"Oh Mattie its you , whats going on ? " she asked

"Oh God " Martha cried into the phone

" I will get there as fast as I can " she said before she hung up

Martha looked into the mirror, held her head in her hands and began to sob loudly....

"Hey Susan I just want to apologise for earlier , i was totally out of line " Charlie apologised

"Yeah I kinda felt insulted you implying I was err promiscuous as a way of putting it lightly" she laughed

"I just want you to know that I am kinda going through a break up and I'm not taking it the best , I just thought you ought to know because its afffecting my behaviour towards everyone else " she smiled

"Oh OK right , I totally understand " Susan agreed

" Yeah Angelo has a habit of hurting people round here " Charlie revealed

"His names Angelo ? " Susan asked quickly

"Yeah " Charlie replied

"Oh My God , what have I done " Susan thought to herself.............

Emotions run high in Summer Bay as Cassie passes away.

Martha and Charlie share a heart to heart where both share some buried secrets...

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