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I Will Be

Guest -Kevin-

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Story Title: I Will Be ( Back To The Future sequel )

Type of story: Long fic

Main Characters: Martha, Jack, Roman, Charlie, Angelo, Hugo and Rachel

Characters Mentioned: Tony, Jack

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama and Angst

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Language, Violence/Death

Summary: Set 4 years into the future in Summer Bay.

Continuing on from where I left off on "Back To The Future" :)

Chapter 1

"Thanks for coming " Angelo told Roman as he said goodbye to the last of the party guests .

"Make sure you call as soon as Charlie turns up" Martha cried

"Of course" Angelo said with a hint of worry in his voice

"Anyway goodnight "she replied

"Night guys"

As Angelo waved goodbye to his friends he glanced at his watch for what must have been the 30th time in 5 minutes.

He then convinced himself that Charlie propably just crashed at a mates and that she would be home in the morning and decided to just go to bed.

As he walked around the living room turning off the lights he couldnt bare to look at the mess of the living room but it was worth it he thought .

Then he went to his room and got into bed , not that he was going to be able to sleep whilst he didnt know where Charlie was...

"Thanks for babysitting tonight " Martha said to Ruby as Roman pulled 50 bucks from his pocket and gave it to her.

"Bye "Martha said as she waved goodbye to Ruby

"Did you have a nice night honey" Roman asked Martha as he kissed his girlfriend

"Yeah it was nice just to have everybody all together. It was a pity Charlie didnt stick around though"

"Yeah that was quite odd"

"It would'nt be like Charlie to just not come back to the party . Oh god you dont think anythings happened to her. Do you ?" Martha gasped

"Im sure shes fine babe , nothing to worry about" Roman reassured her

"Yeah im propably just worrying about nothing" she replied

"Anyway im just gona take out the trash , you go up to bed I will be up in a sec we can finish off from where Nicole interrupted us the other night" he grinned

" I dont remember , what were we doing" Martha giggled as she ran up the stairs

" Oh I will just have to show you then"

Roman stood alone in his living room with a grin on his face from ear to ear just thinking how great his life was at that moment in time.

"Come on babe im waiting " Martha yelled down the stairs.

At that moment Roman dropped the rubbish bags and went up the stairs to join his soon wife to be.

It was an hour later and Roman said "I love you so much Martha " as she lay in his arms smiling.

"I love you too Jack" she replied

Roman's smile quickly turned to a frown as he realised the true extent of what the love of his life just said although he realised that Martha didnt even realise she had said it.

"I cant wait till the day I make you my wife" he professed

"Either can I " she reiterated

"Not long to go now . Only 3 weeks" he reminded her

"Yeah" she responded

"Im tired " Martha whispered "Ill talk to you tomorrow"

Then Roman leaed over and gave his beloved a kiss goodnight before turning over to go asleep himself.

As he lay in the bed the tears silently fell from his eyes onto the crisp white sheets

As Martha lay next to Roman she silently cried as well unbeknownst to Roman as he did as well....

Is there any way forward for Martha and Roman ? Does Martha's heart still belong to Jack ? Or is there something else playing on her mind ?

Chapter 2 will be most likely along tomorrow :D

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Thank you Mia

Chapter 2

The alarm clock rang through the bedroom of Roman Harris and Martha Mackenzie Holden just as the sun began to come up at 6:30 am and as usual Roman took no notice of the ringing sound emerging from the clock. As he lay in bed he was wondering how on earth Martha is sleeping through it because usually she would yell at him to turn it off.Thats when he rolled over slowly to discover that she wasnt even there.

"Where is she ?" he wondered to himself

Then he quickly remembered what he had heard from her last night and put it together with what was happning right now. Obviously Jack was weighing heavily on her mind.

"Should I be worried" he thought

He put everything to the back of his mind and snuggled back into the position he was in and less than 5 minutes later he was asleep.

"Where are we now ? " Charlie gasped

"I dont know" Sarah blubbered

"Sarah dont fall apart on me now " Charlie urged

"We need to keep running until we getto a town or something then we can ge some help"

"and how are we supposed to do that. Were in the middle of nowhere. theres 3 men trying to kill us and my best friend was murdered" Sarah cried

" Sarah how many times do I have to say this .Theres nothing we could have done for Sandra .These guys are sick , and if we stick together then we will be fine" Charlie reassured her

Suddenly Charlie hear the engine of a car. Slowly a police car came into sight and the two girls looked at each other and smiled in excitement.

The squadcar approached them and then all of a sudden they heard a gunshot which was no ordinary handgun shot.

To their dismay the squad car carreered off the road and down the hill into the river.

Sarah screamed and Charlie grabbed hold of her and said "Run"

"Into the bush come on lets go. It will be harder for them to get a clear shot at us"

They both sprinted towards the trees and both women screamed when they heard another gunshot.........

Angelo lay awake in his bed thiking about Charlie , unaware of the trouble she was in.

He sat up and glared at the clock wich was ominously ticking away . He picked up his phone and left another message on Charlie's phone. It must have been the 100th message shes gotten from him since she disappeared from her party the previous night.

He left his phone down and as soon as it touched the bedside table it began to ring.

He grabbed hold of it excitedly and wasover the moon when Charlie's name came up.

"Charlie babe where have you been ? " he exploded

But he got no answer.

"Charlie are you there ?

Then he heard whoever was on the other line breathing heavily into the phone.

"Who is this dammit ? . Wheres Charlie ? " he panted

Then the phone began to beep and whoever was on the phone was no longer there and had hung up.

Angelo began to fumble with his phone and was pressing buttons and he scrolled down his phonebook on his phone until he reached "work" he then pushed the green phone symbol.

"Hello Yabbie Creek Police how may I help you ?"

"Its me Angelo. I want to report a kidnapping ........"

Where is Martha ? Who is after Charlie and Sarah ? Are they ok ? Will Angelo get to them on time ?

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Thank you Laura, Red Ranger and Sarah :D

Chapter 3

The bullet had missed Charlie's head by a sliver. If she hadnt jumped for cover the bullet would have ripped through her body.

As Charlie turned she saw her one of her captors standing on top of a hill with a sniper rifle sitting in his hands.

Both women got up and ran and didnt stop running until they were far far away.

They stopped moving as soon as the darkness began to fall.

The pair were happy to spot a little shack down by the river.

"Do you think we will be safe in there until morning" Sarah inquired

"Well all I know is I need rest. My feet are killing me" Charlie insisted

After some talking they both decided it would be best if they stayed there until first light. Little knowing that the night ahead would change their lives forever.....

"Hi Alf , its just me Roman , you havent heard from Martha have you ? " Roman spoke into the phone

"Yeah shes here with me" Alf replied

"Oh thanks Alf . Does she want me to pick her up" Roman asked

"no its ok I will mate dont worry about it, shes going to stay with me tonight at the caravan park" Alf explained

"Oh" Roman added confusedly

"righteo mate I'll talk to you tomorrow" Alf said

Roman put down the phone and just stood rooted to the spot. Then his eyes turned to focus on the family picture that was hanging on the wall. Then he looked to the floor and began to sob.

"Thanks for letting me stay tonight grandad" Martha said

"Dont worry about it love" Alf reassured her

"I just dont feel happy with my relationship with Roman at the moment.and theres other things that have been weighing on my mind as well grandad." Martha confessed

"You can tell me anything love you know that " Alf professed

"I've had some tests done recently and they came across some abnormalities in my blood" She admitted

"Grandad its the cancer again" she said as she fought back tears

"Strewth love and your only telling me this now. How long have you known ?"

" A week now"

"Im so scared grandad. and I dont know what to do"

"For starters I think you should tell Roman because you're going to need his support" Alf recommended

"Thats the thing. I dont want his support"

"If I let him look after me it will feel like all Jack did for me when I was sick the first time will be erased. and I cant do that" She said as she began to cry

Alf looked into her eyes and saw the pain that lay within them, and put his arms around her.

"I just miss Jack so much , he was my one true love and I could never love Roman the way I loved Jack. He was my world. He was my whole life"

"I know love" Alf sighed

"What if I die grandad. What will happen to Jack and Brooke?"

"You're gona give this fight the best shot you can give it you hear. You need to keep strong and you will beat it. Just stay positive." Alf stormed

"OK grandad , I will give it everything I've got. I am a Stewart after all" she joked

Alf smiled back at her and they both decided it was getting late and they needed some rest.

Angelo was frantic with worry because it had been over 24 hours since he last heard from Charlie and he had rung every single person she knows but nobody had heard from her and then he had that mysterious phonecall which was being traced as he was driving around looking for her.

He just knew in his heart that Charlie was in terrible danger. It was a gut feeling . But at the same time he felt that she was still alive.

As he drove he saw a dark figure running from the caravan park and he swerved to avoid the figure narrowly missing a tree but he was ok and that was the main thing.He stepped from his navy blue car to see if there was anybody around but he was alone in the darkness . He heard a rustling sound coming from the nearby bushes and he crept towards the origin of the noise when suddenly he heard aother much louder noise of someone running behind him and all of a sudden someone had something over his face and he blacked out......

What happened to Angelo ? Will Martha confess to Roman about her condition ? Will Charlie and her friend make it home alive ?

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Thank you Laura , Zoe , Kaiya , Red Ranger , Charlene , Steph , Dan , Sarah , Laura (LAURZY) , Gazzalovesu , Steff , zifiso , Sandra (Grumble bum) , Kirsty and lachsm for all your wonderful comments and please continue to read my fic :D

Chapter 4

The sun peeped through the window as Martha slept through the day.

Summer Bay House was as quiet as if nobody had even lived there. After all the only person still living there was Alf ever since Miles and Kirsty were killed in the fire at the school almost 2 years ago.

"Knock knock are you still asleep love " Alf asked

"I've got a cuppa here for you" He cited

Martha sat up in the bed as Alf approached her bedside. He handed her the cup of tea carefully so as not to spill it.

"thank you grandad . This will make me feel much better" she assured him

"Roman called a couple of times" Alf revealed

Martha just threw her eyes up and let out a sigh of annoyance

"you cant keep him in the dark forever you know. The longer you leave it the harder its going to be , you do know that dont you ? " he preached

"Do you think I dont know that " she piped up

" I will tell Roman when im good and ready if thats OK with you " she grumbled

Alf just looked at the ground and replied " I'll just leave you to it then " as he stood up from the bed to leave the room

as he walked slowly to the door he stopped in his trackes as Martha began to speak

"The doctors arent very hopeful that I will beat this again" she exclaimed

"But I will do whatever it takes to get beat this - if not for me but for my kids " she declared with the height of determinaion in her voice

Alf turned around and smiled at Martha and she smiled back at him . They both looked into each others eyes for a few seconds , then the tears began to roll down both their faces.

"You will always be my rock grandad. Always" she said as she fought back the tears

" You do know I could'nt have got through the pain of losing Jack if it wasnt for you" she cried

Alf then reapproached the bed she lay in and threw his arms around her and secured his hold on her as if he was planning on holding onto her forever.

"I love you grandad" she gushed

" I love you too" he blubbered

"Im fine. Its just a cut " Angelo assured Rachel as he sat on her white and blue striped sofa in her living room.

"Are you sure " she asked

" Yeah honestly dont worry about me " he reassured her

"What on earth happened anyway . You must have been there all night" she began

" Its all just a bit blurry , I remember driving along and seeing something on the road and I swerved to avoid it . I got out of the car and then everythings blank from there" he answered

"Well your lucky I found you " she sighed

" I know thanks again " he thanked her

"Oh dont mention it " she smiled

"How are you going anyway since the accident" Angelo asked

"Oh im feeling much better , I was feeling sorry for myself a lot lately but I had a lovely chat with Hugo last night and it made me realise that I have to move forward" she announced

"I am so happy to hear that Rach" he replied

" Oh come here" she said as she moved towards him for a hug

As they were finished hugging there was a brief moment when they both looked into each others eyes that made the moment go very awkward.

"OK I have to shoot off and have another look for Charlie" he broke in

"Good luck Angelo , I hope you find her" she frowned

" so do I" he replied

Then Angelo stood up and walked towards the door while trying to make sense of what had just happened, as did Rachel as she watched him walk out through the front door.

"Come on lets go , the suns coming up " Charlie urged

The women then set out for another day of walking through endless distances of bush.

As they walked through the forests both women were awkwardly quiet towards one another

Then Sarah broke the silence

" Are'nt we going to talk about it"

"Talk about what" Charlie grunted

"about what happened last night between us" she reminded her

Charlie stopped and caught hold of Sarah's arm

"Im only going to say this once ok . What happened last night was a mistake "

"But...." Sarah interrupted her

"There is no but's Sarah - as far as im concerned nothing ever happened you got it ? " Charlie warned

"no need to be such a bitch about it Charlie" Sarah shouted back at her

"Sarah thats enough , just get over it " Chalie declared

Sarah caught hold of Charlies hair and Charlie let out a scream

"Dont you ever speak like that to me again " Sarah hissed

Charlie turned around and tripped Sarah up and Sarah hit the ground like a pile of bricks

"Dont mess with me . Your on your own now " Charlie insisted

Charlie began to walk and as she was walking away Sarah came up from behind her and jumped on her back.

Charlie tried hopelessly to get her off her back but no matter what she did she just wouldnt budge . Sarah was pulling Charlies har and smacking her head whilst she tried to get her off.

Then Charlie had an idea.

She saw a large oak tree a few feet away from where they were fighting and made her way over to it whilst Sarah was on her back.

Then Charlie turned her back towards the tree and ran backwards towards the tree smashing Sarah into the tree

Suddenly Sarah went silent and dropped from Charlies back.

Charlie stepped away and looked on in horror as Sarah lay on the ground lifeless.....

Is Sarah dead ? How will it go when Martha finally confesses the truth to Roman ? is Hugo cheating on Rachel ?

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Chapter 5

"Sarah , can you hear me " Charlie choked as she knelt at Sarah's lifeless body.

Charlie began to get hysterical when she could'nt find a pulse.

All of a sudden Charlie heard a deep yell and realised that their captors had caught up with them . She tried with all her strength to bring Sarah's body with her but sadly Charlie just could'nt muster the strength.Then an idea came into her head. She dragged Sarah over to a well hidden hole and dropped her gently into it and decided that she would try and escape now and come back for her later when she was safely away.

Charlie let out a high pitched scream when she saw two men coming towards her - both clutching big knives .

She then made a break for freedom and when she was running through the trees she couldnt find the time to look back to see whether she was being followed.

She began to slow down after almost an hours continuous running as fast as her legs could carry her. She couldnt believe that the night was about to fall once again as it had seemed not long ago since she last slept. It had been a long day and Charlie who was at her wits end didnt know what to do next and her mind then began to drift towards Angelo and thought how he must be feeling right now . " I hope you hurry Angelo" Charlie whispered to herself.

Charlie was way too tired to carry on until she had some sleep and besides as soon as the night comes the darkness that falls on the secluded area is unimaginable. At that moment Charlie remembered Sarah and what she had done to her and also about the events that unfolded over the previous night when Charlie found herself kissing Sarah . It was the first time she had gotten intimate with a girl ever since she was with Joey - the one time love of her life. The anger she felt inside herself for the person who took Joey away from her was still as strong as ever. Sh asked herself the question she always found herself asking herself : " how can someone just hit somebody with their car and leave them lying their" . Charlie then began to sob quietly into the night as she remembered her beloved Joey....

"We need to talk " Martha declared as Roman answered the door to her

"We do " he insisted

"would you like a cuppa ?" Roman offered

"No" Martha grunted " this wont take long"

" I hope you realise how rude you are being right now " Roman answered her back

"Excuse me dont you call me rude" she barked back

"Well im not the one barging in and stating things in such a disrespectful tone" Roman explained

"Roman if you're going to patronise me then I'd rather I just leave" she said

"Martha , im not going to stick around in this kind of life where you are always unhappy and upset at me all the time" Roman quietly said

"Well what the hell are you doing here then" she asked

"I will leave if you want" Roman argued

"Yeah I think thats a good idea actually , just leave please" she grumbled

Roman just stood there and then he began to laugh

" Please excuse me if im not findng this as funny as you , but please just continue laughing" she interjected

"Do you think im finding this funny . DO YOU THINK IM FINDING THIS FUNNY" Roman screeched at a clearly shaken Martha

She then stood up and walked right up to Roman and stuck her head in his face

"I dare you to scream at me like that again" she snarled

"Martha , im . Im.. sorry" Roman began

"I dont wanna hear it Roman" she muttered

Aftr a few silent moments Martha broke the silence...

" So are you leaving or am I " she asked

Roman looked at Martha straight in the eye and it was clear to him that Martha was ashurt as he was and thought it best that he leave and leaveher cool off for a bit. So he walked to the front door,put his hand on the handle , opened the door , turned round said a final sorry for Martha and walked out into the darkness

Martha then realised that she has propably lost Roman for good this time and as soon as the tearsbegan to fal from her face they began to come flooding out.

"Mummy are you okay" Brooke asked

"Come here darling" Martha said to her daughter

She held her daughter tight in her arms and began to think of what would hppen to her if she lost her battle with cancer.

"Mummy loves you , you know that dont you"

"Yes mummy and I love you "

Brookes words were enough to set Martha off again and she started to cry quietly trying to stay as silent as possible - for her daughters sake.

"Hey mate do you wanna come over for a beer , Rachel's out tonight" Hugo asked Angelo

"No im sorry mate im not really feeling up to it tonight" he replied

"Aww please mate the footy's on , and I've got more than enough beer here for both of us " Hugo pleaded

"You know I'd normally jump at the chance of beer and footy " Angelo laughed

"But its just with Charlie being gone I am just no feeling myself. I hope you can understand" Angelo explained

"Oh ok mate I understand . I will see you tomorrow then " Hugo said

"Bye then" Angelo replied as he hung up his phone

Moments later Angelo heard a knock on the door and when he opened the door he was greeted by Leah and Rachel and Leah was carrying a bottle of wine.

"What are you guys doing here" Angelo asked

"Were here to cheer you up " they both said at the same time

"So are you gona let us in " the ladies asked

"see that depends on whether that bottle of wine is for me or not "

"Well you would have to share it with us" Leah hesitated with a smile on her face

They all entered Angelo and Charlie's home and sat down on the sofa.

" Wine opener" Leah asked

"I will just get you one" Angeo replied.....

Martha woke from her very uncomfortable sleep on the sofa and glanced at the clock. It was half ten and there was still no sign of Roman. She was just beginning to get worried when he walked through the door.

"Thank god" she sighed

Martha got up from the chair and walked to Roman and put her arms around him.

"Im so sorry Roman" she confessed

She then pulled away from him and looked at him in the eye

"Roman....." she hesitated

"Its cancer" ........

The night ahead will change the lives dramatically of some of the residents of Summer Bay . But who ?

How will Roman take Martha's news ? Charlie is found - but dead or alive ?

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Chapter 6

"Martha why didnt you tell me" Roman sighed

"I was scared " She replied

" I thought that when people started to find out it would just make it all so real. and I didnt want that. I wasnt ready" she confessed

"You know that I am here for you no matter what. Dont you ?" Roman asked

"Of course I do . Its just like I said , I needed time to get my head around everything" she added

"and you're ok now ?" he asked for reassurance

"I can definitely say that I am feeling better. "

"Roman. I am so sorry for pushing you away these past few weeks , I did'nt know what I was doing" she explained

"Dont worry about that babe , I completely understand , and I am relieved you've told me. We can face this together now" he proceeded

Martha smiled at him and as he gazed into her eyes he smiled back at her beautiful face, stained with her tears.

"I am so not ready for everybody in this town to start getting involved and sticking their noses in" she sighed

"I wont tell a soul . Not if you dont want me to" he proposed

"Well Colleen overheard me talking to grandad earlier soo..."

"So thats that then Im sure everybody in a 20 miles radius knows by now" Roman laughed

"Tell me about it" she smiled back at him

"How would you feel if we went away for a few days" he asked

"Like on a holiday" she pursued

"Yeah . Me , you and the kids could go away for a few days"

"I would really like that"

" when are we talking about" she asked

"We could leave tomorrow" he suggested

"Great . I will just go pack a couple of things" she said with a huge grin on her face

She then stood up and quickly made her way to the stairs, with the grin still plastered across her face

As soon as she disappeared upstairs Roman's smile quickly changed to a frown

He was so scared , what would he do if he lost her. He wouldnt be able to handle it.After all his life just seemed to be getting back on track and now this.

"Shes going to beat this . Shes done it once and she will do it again" he thought to himself and forced a smile onto his face

"Im so sorry to leave you guys like this" Leah repeated

"Its ok Leah , its not your fault." Rachel added

"Yeah how were you supposed to know VJ would be taken ill" Angelo reassured her

"Ok guys talk to you both tomorrow and Rach I will call you tomorrow " Leah said as she left Rachel and Angelo in each others company

Rachel and Angelo both sat next to each other on the sofa in an awkward silence

"so... this is awkward" Angelo laughed

"Yeah it is" Rachel replied

" So any word from Charlie yet" Rachel inquired

"No" Angelo replied as he turned his eyes towards the ground

"Im sorry , I didnt mean to upset you" she reprimanded herself

"Its not your fault. I am just missing her "

"I know exactly how you feel Angelo" she added

"I was out of my mind with worry when I had no clue where Tony had gone , when Aden kidnapped me all those years ago" she reminded him

"Oh yeah" Angelo remembered

"You just need to stay positive and she will come right through that door. Just you wait and see" She sermonized

Angelo looked at Rachel who smiled back at him and leaned forward to give her a hug and he was taken aback when Rachel kissed him and he pulled away immediately....

"Excuse me miss are you okay"

Charlie opened her eyes and jumped when she saw a figure standing in front of her

"Who are you ?" she demanded to know

"Im constable Kelly miss"

"Oh you have to help me please theres people trying to kill me" she mumbled

"Where are you from miss ?" the police officer asked

"Summer Bay" she sobbed

"Are you Charlie Buckton " he asked

"Yes thats me" she confirmed

"Theres been people looking for you" he stated

"Jump in my truck and I will bring you back home miss" he ordered

Charlie stood up from the place she slept and got in the passenger seat of the patrol car.

Charlie breathed a sigh of relief when she realised that her ordeal was now over...

"Aww see you next week grandad , your support has meant the world to me " Martha professed as she said goodbye to Alf

She then gave him a soft peck on the cheek and sat into Roman's car

"You take care of her you hear" Alf warned Roman

"No worries Alf , I intend to take great care of her " he promised

"Bye grandad " he kids yelled frm the windows as Roman's car began to pull out onto the road outside his house

Everybody waved to Alf as they set off for their holiday.

After all it was just what Martha needed...

How will Angelo react to Rachel's kiss ?

How will Charlie readjust to normal life back in the bay and how will her relationship with Angelo fare ?

Hugo and Rachels marriage is on the rocks . Can they salvage what evers left of their marriage ?

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Thank you everyone for your brilliant comments :D I really appreciate them. and Thank you Sarah for the chocolate :D

Chapter 7

Angelo just looked at Rachel with a blank expression on his face and Rachel looked back at him clearly realising that she had just made a mistake.

"I am so sorry Angelo , I shouldn't have dont that" Rachel confessed

She stood up and Angelo still in shock didnt know what to say was still sitting in the one position on the sofa

"I'll just go" she declared

As she began to walk away from the sofa where they had both sat Angelo grabbed her arm.

He then rose from his position on the sofa and the pair just looked into each others eyes and Angelo put his handfs on her body and both parties leaned forward and began to kiss passionately.

Angelo began unbuttoning Rachels blouse as she began to undo his belt

It wasnt long before they were both completely undressed .They then began kissing again.

After a couple of moments Angelo directed towards his bedroom and he shut the door....

Charlie woke up to a very familiar location as she awakened from her sleep whilst in the patrol car of the police man who rescued her from her nightmare.

She was completely over the moon when she saw her workplace in front of her as she was in the Yabbie Creek police station

"Charlie we have been worried sick about you" Fitzy echoed

"Oh im fine , just a few cuts and bruises , nothing major ! Charlie replied

"Well thats good to know " Lara smiled

"Angelo's been going out of his mind" Fitzy emphasised

"Oh poor thing " Charlie replied

"I'll just give him a call now " Fitzy resumed

"No" Charlie yelled

"I will just surprise him " Charlie revealed

"are you alright for a lift " Fitzy asked

"Hugo's picking me up " she replied "thanks anyway"

"Oh Charlie its so good to see you" Hugo gushed as he rushed into the station

"Oh im fine " she repeated

"are you ready to go "Hugo proposed

"Yeah lets go , I cant wait to see Angelo" she said with a huge smile on her face

"I will need you to make a statement at sometime Charlie" Fitzy reminded her

"oh of course" Charlie assured her

"OK im off talk to you later Fitzy " Charlie said as she left the building

"Yeah see ya Fitzy " Hugo repeated

The pair then left the police station and got into Hugo's car and made their way to the house that Angelo and Charlie shared.....

"You should go " Angelo coldly declared

"Angelo please dont be like this " Rachel replied

"This shouldn't have happened . It was a mistake " Angelo stated

"Can you please get my clothes . There on the living room floor " Rachel requested

Angelo just looked at her clearly disgusted with himself and left the room to retrieve Rachel's clothing

He left his bedroom and made his way over to where Rachels clothes lay next to the sofa and as soon as he stood up he caught a glimpse of a car rock up outside.

As he saw that it was Charlie and Hugo he felt so excited but sick to his stomach at the same time. Charlie had finally come home and he had just betrayed her with Rachel.

Angelo then suddenly dashed to where he left Rachel in his bedroom

"You need to get out of here now " Angelo whispered

"Why"Rachel asked alarmed

"Hugo and Charlie are outside " he replied

"Oh my god are you serious " she sputtered

"Youve got to hide . look in here" he directed her towards the wardrobe and threw her clothes in .

"Hurry get in" he demanded

Rachel jumped in the wardrobe as quickly as she could

It was at that moment Angelo heard something he thought he would never hear again.

"Im homee" Charlie yelled

Angelo walked out to the hallway where she stood

The tears began to well up inside her as she ran towards Angelo.

When she reached him she threw her arms around him. Both were crying their eyes out and telling each other how much they loved each other when Hugo interrupted them.

"Rachel?" Hugo asked

"Rachel. what about Rachel , I've not seen her " Angelo quickly replied

"chill , I was only asking " Hugo laughed

" I better shoot off then guys , I'll speak to you later" Hugo waved goodbye to them

"Oh I missed you" Angelo smiled

"and I missed you too" Charlie grinned

Angelo then held her tight in his arms all the while worrying about what would happen if Charlie knew what had just happened between her soulmate and her best friend.

Will Charlie be able to conceal her guilt over what she had done to Sarah whilst she was missing ?

Will Angelo and Rachel be able to hide their one night stand from their respective partners ?

Hugo's taken aback by Rachels decision to move out

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Thank you everybody for your fantastic comments once again. Really appreciate every single one :)

Chapter 8

2 weeks later

"When are you expecting Sal and Cass and the kids " Martha asked

"I cant wait to see them" she added

"Im picking them up tomorrow at 11 am she said" Alf replied

"Its going to be so nice having them back for Christmas." Martha giggled

"The whole family together . Just how Christmas should be" he smiled

"I am so excited to see Ric and Mattie as well" Martha squeaked

"Which reminds me love , would you be able to maybe put up Ric and Mattie up at your joint " Alf asked

"Of course they are family . and familys always welcome" Martha replied

"Ok love im gona get off now and get a few last minute supplies and you know how everything is at this time of year" he exclamied

As Martha looked around Summer Bay House she suddenly felt all warm inside knowing that the recent lonely house was about to come to life . How it is supposed to be , with kids running around playing and having fun. Martha then thought about how lonely she has been over the last few months and she was so positive that her friends and family which she hadnt seen in such a long time will mae her happy again.

"This is going to be the best Christmas ever" She thought silently to herself

"I cant believe tomorrows Christmas eve " Hugo began

"We've been through so much this year" he continued

"Yeah its been a tough year for all of us" she replied

"But we've come through to the other side " Hugo smiled

"Yeah we have" Rachel said with a rather unenthusiastic look on her face

She thought to herself how he could be so happy while shes so unhappy in their marriage

"I need to get out " were the words are that wandered though her head as she sat listening to Hugo harping on and on about how happy they were .

"Oh I have to duck out , I just remembered something I need to get " she exploded

Hugo just looked at her as she shot out of her seat and grabbed her keys. All he could say was "ok"

As Rachel reached her car she sat in and the tears began to flow freely down her face and she began to sob. She put her head on the steering wheel and began to cry even harder.She was so unhappy with Hugo and she knew deep down why she was so desperately unhappy. She believes she loves Hugo but she cant seem to fight back her feelings for Angelo...

Hugo sat in the living room and turned his head to the cabinet to his left and he started to stare at the pictures that stood behind the glass of the cabinet and all he could do was smile.He was the happiest a man could be . He could'nt have prepared himself for what was about to happen to his life...

"Hey you're back. How are you feeling" Roman inquired

"Im fine , just a little tired" Martha told him

Martha dragged herself to where Roman lay on the sofa and just lay next to him.

"Christmas will be fantastic . I just know it will" Martha mentioned

"yeah it should be good to see all the old faces back in the bay" he admitted

"grandads running around like a headless chicken trying to get everything ready" she said

"Sounds like Alf" he replied

"and we're in a good place right now as well " she added

"Thats definitely a bonus " he joked

"I spoke to Higo earlier" she remembered

"he seemed to be just as excited about Christmas as I am" she laughed

"I wish I could have said the same about Rachel" Roman replied

"is she ok" Martha asked worryingly

"Yeah nothing to worry about , she just didnt seem to be enthusiastic when I saw her in the diner yesterday" he answered

"How long are the kids in bed " she asked as she changed the subject

"Well Jack went about 15 minutes ago after himself and Brooke had a huge fight" Roman nodded

"Oh the joys of parenthood" she laughed out loud

There was footsteps to be heard coming from right above them from their bedroom

"Jack please get into bed " Martha yelled

She got no answer and still she could hear the footsteps above her head

"Jack are'nt you listening to me" she yelled again

Still she got no answer so she then decided to tell him off in person. She pulled herself up from the sofa and made her way towards the stairs

Roman then stuck his head back into the newspaper as Martha began to climb the stairs

Roman heard voices coming from the upstairs corridor , and then he heard Martha raise her voice and all of a sudden he heard a crashing sound and looked to see Martha coming crashing down the stairs and she hit the floor at the end with a huge thud...

"No . No . Please " Charlie screamed as she slept

"Im sorry , please dont hurt me" she yelled

Angelo woke up all so quickly, flicked the light on and put his arms around her

"Its ok im here , sssh . It was just a bad dream"

"Oh " she left out a sigh of relief

"What was the dream about " Angel probed

"Oh just the guys who kidnapped me " she hesitated

"what were they doing to you " he asked

"Angelo just drop it . It was a bad dream ok , get over it."she barked

"Turn off the light " she demanded

Angelo turned the ligh back off and they were once again in the dark of night room

As soon as Charlie closed her eyes she could see Sarah's face , and Sarah keopt saying the same thing over and over. "Why did you do this to me"

Charlie then got up from her bed and left the room whilst Angelo looked on.

Its Christmas - but not everybodys happy ....

Rachel and Hugo's Christmas dinner ends in tears!!

Will Martha survive ?

Its a happy reunion in Summer Bay House or is it ??

Charlie and Angelo leave the bay to spend Christmas with Ross, Morag,Ruby and Xavier in the city...

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Thank you everyone for your nice comments !!

Chapter 9

"Martha Martha can you hear me " Roman gushed

Roman ran to the phone and dialled 000

"Ambulance please" he rushed

"Roman is that you" the other voice on the line asked

"Yeah Rach its me" he replied

"Has there something happened one of the kids " she quizzed

"No its Martha shes fell down the stairs , and shes bleeding from her head " he panicked

"OK Roman I need you to stay calm theres an ambulance on its way , it should be there any minute" she assured him

Martha began to move and was beginning to regain consciousness

"Rach shes waking up " Roman clamoured

"Thats a good sign " she replied

"What happened ? "Martha asked in a daze

"You just has a little fall your going to be just fine sweetie" Roman comforted

"I love you too Jack " she mumbled with a smile on her face

"Rach she thinks im Jack " Roman described

"Its completely normal for someone to be confused after hitting their head" she reassured him

She opened her eyes and with a confused look on her face sat up an began speaking normally again

" I fell down the stairs " she muttered

"You're going to be just fine" Roman confirmed

"The ambulance is on it way" he informed her

"Roman I've got to go now , but I wil see you both when the ambulance has brought Martha in" she stated

"Ok Rach talk to you then" he spoke

Roman hung up the phone and just dropped it not caring what happened to it.

"I dont need an ambulance" Martha insisted

"Looks to me like you no " He insisted back to her

"Its just for a check you know " Roman told her

"Im not staying in the hospital tomorrow though , I really want to be there when everybody arrives at grandads " she wore on

"Oh of course " he smiled at her

There was a swift knock at the door and 2 paramedic entered the house carrying their equipment in both hands.

"Are you almost ready , our planes leaving soon " Angelo reminded Charlie

"Yeah " she said as she hung up the phone

Charlie had a mix of emotions on her face which included sadness,worry and anger

"Charlie are you ok "Anglo probed

"That was Rachel on the phone"

Angelos face turned from happy to a look of sheer horror.

"She said she needs to speak with me urgently" she wavered

"What about " Angelo asked

"I have got no clue" She replied

"I'll just put the last of the stuff in the car" Angelo stated suspiciously

He rushed out to the car carrying 2 bags and as soon as he was out of sight from Charlie he took his phone from his pocket and dialled Rachels number

"Hello" she answered

"Rach what do you think you are doing" Angelo demanded to know

"she deserves to know the truth" Rachel grunted back down the phone at him

"What about Hugo are you going to just throw that away beause of your shoddy morals " he yelled

"Me and Hugo are over" she coldly spat back

"Im just leaving the hospital now " she declared

"over my dead body are you going to tell Charlie" he threatened

"Watch me" she snapped

Angelo put his hands up to his face and rubbed his eyes wondering how he got himself into this mess

"Who was that " Charlie asked appearing out of nowhere

"Actually it was Rachel , she said she cant make it something to do with an emergency at work " he lied

"Anyway we have to go or were going to miss our flight" he continued

Charlie sa into the pasengerseat of Angelo's car and rolled down the window immediately as Angelo went to lock up the house and as he was doing so he saw Charie's mobile phone sitting on the side table in the hall and he smiled.

Angelo then tured and ran towards his car and as he sat down he let out a sigh of relief.

They reversed from the drive and set off for their Christmas break in the city with Charlies family.....

It was 10 minutes later when Rachel arrived at Charlie and Angelo's home only to discover they had already left for the airport.

She couldnt believe Angelo would run off with Charlie like this . She took out her phone and decided that she would tell Charlie over the phone.Rachel thought in her head that if she got Angelo away from Charlie then she could have him all for herself. She proceeded to dial Charlies phone number and became angrier and angrier when there was no answer.Then suddenly she could hear a phone ringing coming from inside the house and straight away realised that Angelo had orchestrated this as well. She then got back in her car and drove back to the hospital to see how Martha was doing.

"See I told you guys its nothing to worry about . The doctors letting me go home in a few minutes" Martha smiled

"We were just worried about you love " Alf told her

"Yeah Af's right " Roman added " we wouldnt you being in here for Christmas now would we "

"Hey what are you doing here " Rachel asked when she saw Hugo at the hospital

"hey babe im just on my way to see Martha " he replied

"You dont look very well are you ok " he mentioned

"Yeah it was just a busy day at work , its nothing" she informed him

They both entered Martha's hospital room to greetings from everybody

"I was waiting for you Rach " Martha admitted

"Guess whos going home" she laughed

"Thats wonderful Martha" Rach replied

"Is little Tasha looking forward to Santa " Martha inquired

"Oh please dont talk to me , the amount of stuff I've got her is just unreal " she laughed

" I am the same , Jack and Brooke are going to be so spoiled" she insisted

" I just love the look on their faces" Martha confessed

"Yeah " Rachel replied unsure thinking of how her marriage is right now.

A doctor then entered the room and said "Miss Mackenzie your good to go"

"Yay thank god . Thanks doc" she chuckled

"Anyway Rach I propably wont see you again until after Christmas so give Tash my love and Merry Christmas to you all " she smiled

"Merry Christmas to you all as well " Hugo and Rachel replied

"Same from me , have a good one " Roman added

Rachel grows more and more intense over her feelings for Angelo and her need to end her marriage !!

Old faces return for Christmas !!

Who is stalking the bay ??

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Chapter 10

"Grandad , I dont really feel up to going with you this morning to pick up Sal and them , im not feeling the best" she coughed

"Thats fine love , Sal wouldn't you coming with me if you weren't feeing great anyway" he replied

"I know she wouldn't . But anyway I will be at the house to welcome them when they get there" she assured him

"Only if your feeling up to it " Alf asked

"Yeah im fine , just a little under the weather and an early start with a long drive to the airport doesnt sound very appealing right now" she joked

"I cant say I dont know how you feel " he laughed as well

"Listen love I've got to get going now , Leah's here if you want to speak to her" He added

"yeah of course and grandad drive safe"

"alright love speak to you later" he concluded

"ok bye" she replied

"Leah love its Martha " Alf called as he handed the phone to Leah

"Hello stranger I've not spoken to you in ages. How are you feeling" Leah inquired

"Oh im fine just a little cold nothing major" she confirmed

"Im just gotten started on the decorations for everyone to arrive" Leah informed Martha

"Do you want a hand , because I could be over there in 10 minutes" Martha offered

"That would be fantastic , but only if your feeling up to it " she hesitated

"Yeah I'll be there soon" Martha insisted

"Its no rush " Leah declared

"OK talk to you soon .Bye " Martha replied

"happy Christmas eve babe " Hugo smiled at Rachel who lay next to him

"and the same to you too" Rachel replied whilst forcing on the same smile that was on Hugo's face as well

Hugo leant into kiss her when she suddenly leaped out of bed and began dressing herself rapidly.

"OK have I done something " Hugo asked with a puzzled expression on his face

"N not at all " she assured him

"I've just got a patient appointment in 20 minutes" she replied

"Oh you had better hurry then " he smiled

"tell me about it" she smiled back at him

She ran towards the en suite and pulling her legs into her jeans .

In the bathroom she looked into the mirror and didnt recognize the person staring back at her . She had realised how her love for Angelo has made her act so irrationally lately and her recent one night stand which just was so out of character for her. She thought to herself how unfair it is to Hugo and especially Tasha if she walked out on Hugo. Suddenly she had a moment of clarity where it became crystal clear what she had to do.

"I've got to make my marriage work. If not for me then for my daughter" she decided in her mind.

"But how can I bury my feelings for Angelo" she pondered

"I need to talk to somebody "

"Rachel whats up with you" Leah asked as she saw Rachel stabding in the doorway of Summer Bay House with tears rolling down her face

"I dont know what to do" she cried

"Hey dont cry , come in and sit down and tell me everything" Leah responded

Rachel dragged herself through the balloons that were scattered on the floor and sat down at the kitchen table

"Its Angelo" she bawled

"Has there been an accident" Leah gasped

"No , no accident." Rachel replied

"Im in love with him" she declared as she fought back tears

Leah just looked at her friend looking absolutely bedazzled

"OK you're in love with Angelo " Leah asked

"But how" she continued with the confused look on her face

"We had sex a while back , and ever since I cant stop thinking about him" she gasped

"and what about Hugo" Leah asked

"I think its over" she quivered

"Thats not good enough if im absolutely honest" Leah grunted

"Oh I dont have to listen to this " Rachel sighed and stood up

Leah grabbed her hand and pulled her back

"Well tough your gonna hear it whether you lie it or not" Leah fumed

"Leah let me go" Rachel screeched

"Not until you listen to what I've got to say " Leah yelled back

There was a struggle as Rachel tried to pull free from Leah's grip and in the heat of the moment Rachel just turned round and gave Leah a swift backhander in the mouth .

Then they heard a yell .

"What is going on here" a voice yelled

Rachel turned to see Martha standing in the doorway with a face of thunder....

Martha walked into the centre of the rom and let out another yell

"Well.. is anybody going to answer me "

Rachel just turned round and ran straight into Martha's shoulder knocking her to the floor.

Leah ran to help Martha as she hit the floor hard while Rachel just kept on running.

"oh my god are you ok ?" Leah sputtered

"Im fine , it was just a fall" Martha replied as Leah helped her up from the floor

"What was goin on with Rach I was shocked when I saw her , it was totally out of character" Martha was struggling to comprehend

"Shes just going through some relationship problems thats all" Leah assured her

"OK we've got to hurry and sort this place out before everybody starts to arrive" Leah demanded

As they began sorting out the decorations they heard a fmiliar voice from behind them.

"Have you got a hug for your old cousin"

Martha turned around to be greeted by Ric who was standing beside Matilda at the doorway

"Wow you guys you're here" Martha said ecstatically

She ran towards both of them and threw her arms around both of them

"I cant believe its been so long since I've seen you guys" she confessed

"Yeah I've missed the bay so much " Mattie added

"Hey guys " Leah put in

"Hey Leah " Mattie replied and walked over to her and gave her a hug

"Its great to be back" Ric stated gleefully whilst looking around the place he used to call home

"When are the othres due to arrive " Mattie asked

"Well grandads gone to get them and they should be here soon" she smiled

"Hello everyone " another familiar voice

Everybody turned to see Sally enter the house followed by little Pip , Casse and Summer Rose

"Oh you are all here finally " Martha laughed

The happiness that filled Summer Bay House was a sight to behold as all the family returned for Christmas but they were all unaware they were being spied on......

Coming up next time ...

Whats up with Ric & Mattie ?

Rachel spirals out of control but what will happen when she gets a call from Angelo ?

Who is stalking Summer Bay House ?

How will Martha react when Roman reveals hes brought the wedding forward and hes got a proposition for Martha . Will she like it ? ad what will her answer be ?

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