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Hey guys.

I have made a few video's and thought I would post just my newest video for now

FEAR (Upcoming Fanfiction I'll be posting soon, would love your thoughts)

Matilda Hunter ~ My skin

It mainly focus' on everything Matilda has been through from Lucas, to Ric to her bulimia storyline.

Please watch and tell me what you all think :D

Edward and Bella - Love Story

Edward and Bella - I cant live without you


My Adelle Miniseries - which includes Drew, watch it you might actually like it

Adelle miniseries Episode 1x02 ~ Confusing Hearts

Adelle Miniseries Episode 1x03 ~ Secrets and Lies

Adelle Video ~ Kiss My Eyes

if you want anymore, the check out my video's on my channel :)

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Amazing :) Good job, mate. I love to watch videos where the emotion matches lyrics at the same time. It was one of these videos :) I would love to see more videos from you.

awwwwwwwwwwwww thankyou so much

I've posted the links to all my newer video's so far on my first post, I will continue to edit that, so watch that space, more are on the way, its just a matter of uploading them when youtube will let me lol

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Have Added two new video's to the first post.

The third episode to the Adelle miniseries :)

And An Adelle Video to the song prelude 12/21 by AFI

you can also watch them by clicking here

Adelle Miniseries Episode 1x03 ~ Secrets and Lies

Adelle Video ~ Kiss My Eyes

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My latest Video's

Aden & Belle - Crawl (30 second comp)

Adelle Minseries - Undecided Chances - 1x04 - The truth is out

Adelle Miniseries - Undecided Chances - 1x05 - Get my hands on you

Aden & Belle - I'll never Let Go

Noah & Allie (The Notebook) - Look after you

Belle Taylor - Lithium (Epic Scene Contest)

Belle & Aden - Goodbye (Epic Scene Contest)

Aden&Belle - Before the worst (Preview)

comments, rates? ! ?

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