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  1. Great fic! I didnt comment much toward the end, but I loved all the chapters! You wrote it perfectly!
  2. I am waiting to find out who the guy is Too bad that somebody had to die once again, but I think they have almost captured the guy. I think I have said it in all my previous posts but I still hope that Belle is going to be okay. Great one!
  3. You succeeded in making Rachel look really proffesional ! Congrats for that ! I hope Belle, Charlie and her sister will all be okay! Good chapter!
  4. Hmm, I wonder what's up with Belle. Hope, that she wakes up soon. I wonder how long will it take before Charlie figures out the meaning of the E-Mails ? Good update!
  5. I was so confused, at first I thought it was Belle, then I thought it was Luc and finally it comes out that it was Beth. You wrote it great, the tension was always in the air. I really hope that Belle is okay. Looking forward to the next one!
  6. Brilliant chapter, too bad that somebody has to die. I hope that Charlie and Jack figure it out fast!
  7. Shouldn't have posted it Now everybody who read it wants to read it so baaaad
  8. Oh damn, I hope Belle and all the other are okay. But where the hell is Lucas ? Did the guy already catch him ? ahh, so waiting for the next chappie.
  9. You always hit us with something totally unexpected, that's great! I wonder where the guy got the keys, something to do with the cop in one of the earlier chapters ? And is Luc being dragged into it ? Can't wait for that next chapter!
  10. Good to see, that Beth's okay. The Cassie thing was so unexpected. And the guy who's swinging the knife is a total psycho :S Reallly looking forward to the next chapter!
  11. Another great one. I hope Beth survives. As I thought, the murderer was really close to Belle and/or Mattie. Waiting for the next one.
  12. I guess he really found them . But he seems to know a awful lot about them, is it someone close to them ? I hope Beth doesn't die, I think it would be to much for Mattie. A good chapter once again.
  13. I thought it was Beth. Somehow I can't imagine Amanda searching for Belle, I knew she loved Belle, but still... And the ending is really weird, is that the murderer or a stalker of some sort ? And those hints for the next chapter really got me waiting for it Good chapter once again !
  14. Another great chapter, but I still don't understand why Cassie's father hit her. Did it happen because Cassie was asking all these questions about the witness protection thing ?
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