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I used to watch it every week and was proper addicted, but as you grow up you begin to realise that the punches they throw are not real and can begin to guess some of the storylines they will pull (for example, you could tell that HHH was going to drop the title to Randy Orton because they were gearing up for this Batista vs. Orton angle).

But I have never been able to shake it well and truly out of my system and sometimes find myself flicking over to Sky Sports to catch the main event or checking WWE.com for the PPV results that I was too tired to stay up and watch or didn't want to waste £15 on...

I also make sure I pick up the games every year too.

onto a more current wrestling question - do you guys think that Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania was the best WrestleMania match ever? - that was the question buzzing around wrestling forums for days after the event itself.

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Well, i'm 19 amd still HAVE to watch it every week :lol: I know it's not real and what not but i just have to watch it for some reason!

I found the whole of Wrestlemania rather boring tbh, the Undertaker match was alright, i've defo seen alot better! I was just happy Shawn didn't win, cos i cannot stand him!

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