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Lost or Found?

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Story Title: Lost of found?

Type of story: long fic.

Main Characters: Jade Sutherland and Kirsty Philips.

BTTB rating: G

Genre: General.

Does story include spoilers: No.

Any warnings: No.

Summary: When Jade comes back to Summerbay for a day she didn't expect to find Kirsty. But can they get back the relationship they lost all those years ago? It is from Jade's P.O.V

Chapter 1 - Just another day?

I parked the car and faced the sea. It was a sight that I remembered clearly. Then again, I had seen it nearly everyday when I lived here. I came here to clear my head. It was a week before my final lot of university exams. I was doing a primary teaching course.

For a while I sat with my hands on the wheel trying to decide whether or not to stay. Part of me wanted to drive back to the city right now and hide under my quilt. The other part, the more mature half told me that I was being stupid, that all it was, was a town.

But it wasn’t just a town. It held memories. Good memories for the most part, but some were memories I wouldn’t exactly to re-live.

Finally I sighed and managed to pull myself together long enough to decide what I wanted to do.

I got out of the car and walked along the rode a little. I passed the surf club and even though I had used to work there it felt strange. I went onto the beach. I was sitting down on the beach, remembering all the times I used to come here. With Kirsty, Seb and Nick. I missed them all. Sometimes I still found myself wondering what happened that made our lives change so drastically.

I shook to get rid of all the thoughts and I saw a small boy wondering around by himself. I looked around to see if anyone was looking for him. But I saw no-one. I decided I would go over and check were his parents were. I couldn’t leave him alone. I guess I got that from Shelly. She could never let someone be lost either.

“Hi. Are your parents around here?” I asked.

“My mum’s over in that direction.” He said.

“Well shall we go see her?” I asked. He nodded and I let him show me the way. When he got up to her I stopped a little way back.

“Ollie!” she said. “I was so worried. How many times have I told you not to wonder off?” the woman said hugging him.

“Sorry.” He whispered.

Seeing he was OK, I turned around and began to walk off. But there was one thing I couldn’t help thinking about the person sounded familiar, a little too familiar, but I couldn’t place it.

“Wait, thank you.” She called.

I stopped. That was it. I knew who had that voice but it couldn’t be. I turned around. It was her. I was shocked but then again she looked shocked too.

So for the longest time we just stood looking at each other. Each of us looking at the girl we grew up thinking out twin. The same girl we hadn’t seen in four years.

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Thanks :)

Chapter 2 - Can things be the same?

We both just stared at each other. It wasn’t until someone came up that we finally stopped.

“Kirst?” he said. “Are you OK?”

“Yeah.” She said, seeming somewhat dazed.

It felt odd, seeing her again.

The man was looking between us, most likely trying to figure out why we were both so pale.

“Kirst? Who is this?” he asked pointing at me.

“I ... erm...” Kirsty tried. “It’s Jade.”

He faltered for a minute before realisation sank in. “Hello, I’m Miles.”

I shook his hand. I didn’t want to seem unpleasant. But I couldn’t ignore the feeling that was growing inside me. I had flashes back to when we were little and where everything to each other, then till when we moved here, then the last time I saw her.

“So what are you doing here?” Miles asked.

“I just came to clear my head.” I said. It didn’t work out too well, I was now more nervous.

“Well I have to get back, see you.” I said and turned. I got to my car before I heard Kirsty behind me.

“Jade wait.” She said.

“Kirst, I can’t.” I said, trying to stop the tears. “It hurts too much.”

I turned around but I felt her still there. I turned around.

“Is this because of what happened?” Kirsty asked and I knew what she was talking about.

“No.” I said. “Kirst, you haven’t called or anything. I thought... I can’t even say what I thought.”

“Jade.” She said. “I’m sorry.”

“Kirsty, we thought horrible things. We didn’t know if you were alive. You know I covered for you so many times. I told you everything, yet you couldn’t even tell me how you were.” I said tears rolling down my face. I guess I hadn’t changed since the girl who left here.

“Jade, I wanted to but it was too dangerous.” She said.

“No, not after Kane went to prison. You could have told us then, but you didn’t.” I said.

“Jade, you don’t get it! You didn’t have to live it.” She said.

“OK, no I don’t, but you don’t know how we were feeling. How would you feel if you thought one of the people you were closest too was dead.” I said.

She stopped then. And it seemed like so many times before, where she was upset and I stood by her. I took one look at her face and hugged her.

“Kirsty, I missed you.” I said. Finally saying the words I hadn’t since I left. “I need my sister.”

“Well, I need my twin.” Kirsty said.

Again we hugged and it felt like before.

“I think we should get to know each other again.” Kirsty said.

“I do too.” I nodded. And I felt like the part of me I always knew was missing was back.

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Thanks for the comments :)

Chapter 3 - Reflections on the past.

I drove back to the city. Me and Kirsty had agreed to meet up again next weekend. But I was filled with nerves. What if things had changed? What if we could never get back what we had?

I parked my car outside my flat and got out and walked into the flat. I heard my roommate in the living room. She was watching a program. I went and sat next to her.

She loved this program while I hated it. The main reason being that Nick played the lead role. I guess that while time heals some wounds, some take longer to heal. I just kept remembering the first television program Nick had been on. So instead of bring all this up, I always silently watched it with Katie.

While avoiding what was on screen I realised something. Katie was very like Kirsty. Even if you take away their names both begin with K, they were about the same height, had the same musical interests, both loved soccer and other sports. I guess she may have been a kind of Kirsty replacement.

When the program finished Katie turned around to me.

“So did you clear your head?” she asked.

“No, not really, actually now I just have more to be nervous about. And no I’m not telling.” I said.

See this was one difference between Kirsty and Katie. Kirst always knew what I was thinking, but Katie didn’t.

“Do you want something to drink?” she asked.

I shook my head and looked up at the screen. It was a list of film locations for the program. And one of them was Yabbie Creek. That meant that Nick would be close next weekend.

I couldn’t take this. Kirsty and Nick. In the space of a week really. What was this, blast from the past month?

I was in my little world so I didn’t notice Katie come back in.

“Are you OK?” she asked.

I nodded and heard her squeal as she looked up at the TV.

“That’s pretty close to where you’re going isn’t it?” she asked.

I nodded.

“Do you think maybe I could go with you and we could go?” she asked hopeful.

What was I supposed to do? Say no, but if I did she’d want a reason. And did I really want to explain.

Sighing I told her yes. I’d drop her off and go to lunch with Kirst, come get her and go home. I wouldn’t have to see Nick. But I would get to spend some time with Kirsty. Even though we might not go right back to how we used to be I had to try. I had to. She was too important to me not too.

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Thank you :)This update is bigger than the other one's.

Chapter 4 - What happens when the Past and Present meet.

I had re-arranged with Kirsty the location of lunch. We were now having it in Yabbie Creek.

So when I drove into the car park, I saw her waiting. I got out of the car and introduced her to Katie.

“Hi.” Kirsty said. “So did you hear, there’s going to be filming here today. Not wanting to meet any famous actors are you Jade?” she joked.

I laughed, she wouldn’t ask if she knew. But Katie told her.

“Actually she hates the show, never has told me why. But I can’t wait to see Nick Smith, he plays the lead.” Katie said.

A look of recognition crossed Kirsty’s face. “I think I know why she has a distaste for it.”

I gave her a look that said she was dead if she said anymore. She seemed to take the hint and changed the subject.

“Well I think we should get lunch now.” She said.

So the three of us headed towards a cafe. I felt really nervous and I had butterfly’s in my stomach. I couldn’t decided whether this was because of Kirsty or the fact I might run into Nick. Even though I had a plan. I knew Kirst wouldn’t want to meet him, so I would let Katie go see the filming and I wouldn’t have to see him. But I still couldn’t shake the nerves.

“I’ll be back in a minute.” I said and headed towards the bathroom. I was in my own little world that I failed to notice someone right in front of me until I walked into them.

“I am so sorry.” I said bending down to help pick up the things he dropped.

“It’s OK.” They said. It was a male voice. A male voice that brought back lots of memories. “Jade?” the voice said.

Gulping, I looked up and was met by Nick Smith looking down at me.

“Hi.” I said meekly standing up. I had grown up a lot since I last saw him. So why was I back to being the shy, insecure girl I used to be?

“So how are you?” he asked sounding nervous.

Oh good, I wasn’t the only nervous then. I looked up at him and realised I had failed to answer his question. “Oh, I’m fine. What about you?”

“I’m great.” He said.

Oh great same old Nick. This is what caused an inner battle. Part of me felt what I used to for him. The other part was screaming that he broke my heart. Try as hard I could I couldn’t stop the battle in my head.

“But that was because he was tricked.”

“But there was Angie as well.”

“But he wasn’t thinking straight.”

“It still hurt you.”

“But I hurt Seb, does that make me a bad person?”

The arrival of Katie and Kirsty at my side snapped me out of my thoughts. Katie looked really happy.

“Oh, Nick, you remember Kirsty and this is my flatmate Katie.” I said.

“You know him!” said Katie.

I nodded. This was just great now I was going to get bombarded with questions. I didn’t really want to answer them. Right now, I think I’d be happy for the ground to open up and swallow me whole.I felt Kirsty by my side. It made me happy that she was there. Not just actually physically bring there, but emotionally as well. I had forgotten how much I missed her being there for me. I smiled at her. Silently thanking her, and I think she understood what I meant. I guess she felt like a sister. I know I doubted that we could ever have our relationship back, the one before the truth came out. But having her with me right now I knew.

It wasn’t that hard to get back. I remembered who else was here when Katie laughed. Now my relationship Nick may be a completely different story. But that’s OK he’s only here today.

I started tuning into Nick and Katie’s conversation just in time to her Nick saying

“Actually I’m leaving soon. I want a normal job. I want to move to the city.”

“That’s great!” said Katie “The flat next to me and Jade is empty. And this way you know you’re neighbours.”

I couldn’t help then to feel that some days everything seems to go wrong. Nick looked at me silently asking if that was OK. I wanted to scream that of course it wasn’t OK, that I didn’t want him there. But I still couldn’t willingly and purposely upset anyone, and really it was only a flat. So I nodded, thinking that I might just have opened the biggest can of worms ever.

Not just with Nick but Kirsty too. Could me past and current lives actually get along without things blowing up in my face. Well I guess only time will tell.

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Thank you :)

Chapter 5 - Moving day.

Two weeks had passed since the meeting in Yabbie Creek. And me and Kirsty had been in constant contact and I got through my exams without panicking too much. A little bit of panic is good after all. But now I was half listening to Kirsty and Katie talk away and half looking out of the window searching for the removal van.

Once I saw it I was going to pretend to need something from the shop and just take ages looking for it. Yes I know it’s babyish, but... I didn’t know what else to do. I found myself longing for the days were everything was fine. Take summer 2002. It was really good, just me, Kirsty, Seb and Nick. The four musketeers. Then came the not so good memories. Mum and Dad splitting up, the disaster that became mine and Nick’s relationship.

I heard chairs scraping and Kirsty came over to me and put her arms around me just like she used to.

“So, how you holding up?” she asked.

“I don’t know.” I said. And I honestly didn’t. Part of me was happy, while the other wanted to be anywhere but here.

“You’ll be OK you know? You always were the emotional one.” Kirsty said.

I smiled at her, when I turned back to the window, I saw Nick and the moving van. OK now was the time to get out of here. I told them I was going for milk and walked to the local supermarket. It wasn’t that far but I made the journey longer by going around the clothes shops.

When I got to the supermarket, I got the milk and began walking back. When I realised that if I went around the park it would take longer, and it was a nice day anyway. In the park I stopped on a bench and sat down thinking. I looked up and saw with her head in a book... no wait she was writing so it must be a diary. Looking at her concentrating on writing down her thoughts and feelings, I got flashbacks to when I done the same.

I took my diary everywhere with me at one point. It was like a fill in best friend that always listened and never ridiculed like Kirsty was always so fond of. But then the memory became more vivid. There was times that I wrote about how I felt through the Kirsty and Kane era. That was a time when I wrote in it most. But then came another memory. It was from my first ever diary. This time not an entry I wrote I wrote. It was my 15th birthday. And the present Nick got me. The first part reading:

15 reasons to celebrate your 15th birthday

1)You go out with the hottest guy in Summer Bay.

Conceited? Yes it was a little. But he loved me, and I loved him. He stood by me through many things. In truth I think I hurt him, just as much as he hurt me. Except maybe more? I had completely ignored his attempts to tell me what actually happened on the show. Up until the point when I realised and it was too late.

But then can I be bitter? I mean when we had our first kiss, he was going out with my sister. Kirsty being Kirsty forgave me. We needed each other and even if the other was angry with the other, we were always there for each other. I mean Kirsty and I now a very stable relationship could I have one with Nick. The ringing of my phone reminded me that I had to go home. I looked at the clock on it. And realised that I had been out for two hours, when I had said that I was only going to get milk.

I swear I had got better at not analysing everything and finding the emotional side of things. It was like by letting in people from the past the old me was slipping away.

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