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Yea, I have also made some videos through the years. They are not tat good though.

I have been trying different programs and I don't know which one I like the best yet. I really like Sony vegas though, even though it's pretty slow.

Okay I have linked my videos to the HQ option, if that one is available because youtube don't show it by default.

H&A - Sally Fletcher - Empty Room

So I just made my first video with magix movie edit pro and I kind of like it. It's about Sally and how much she misses Flynn. Her life is kind of tragic and she can't seem to find love after Flynn's death. Please tell me what you tink.

Underbelly 2 - Think Twice

I made my first Underbelly video, yey. It's all about Judi and Les Kane and their kids. Oh and I made it with sony vegas pro 7, and it's my first video in that program. I have to say that I'm proud over it haha.

Watch it in HQ

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OMG Emma I actually love the Underbelly video !! Its made me actually promise myself to download it !! I am so downloading . Kate looks amazing in it and the poor guy ws machine gunned to death :(

Fantastic video Emma :)

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