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I've come up with a name for the sequel! 'The Summer Bay Files' or 'Deadline'. Which one do you guys like better?

Anyway, here's the next chapter...

-Chapter Thirty-One-

At Last A Dragon

The Next Night

Belle sighed impatiently and looked back up at the clock. She still had half an hour left before she had to get ready for the party. Disappointed, she picked up a copy of ‘Hamlet’ from her bedside table and flicked through it, looking back up at the clock every few minutes.


Aden looked up at the ancient sitcom he was watching on the television as the studio audience broke into laughter and applause – Lucy and Ethel had just finished stuffing chocolate down the front of their blouses. Aden scoffed and flicked the set off. He looked across at the clock he had on the shelf next to his bed. He smiled and stood up from his bed, picking up his suit from the edge.


“Let me tell you one thing Jeffreys!” Belle shouted into the phone. It was half an hour before the party. “Maybe you’re taking me out. Maybe I have to go, but don’t think you get to kiss me goodnight!” She shouted before slamming the phone down. Aden smirked as he placed his phone down too.


Aden looked down at himself nervously. He was wearing a suit that was slightly to tight for him. He prayed Belle wouldn’t notice. Standing up straight, Aden pressed the doorbell and waited. Moments later Belle pulled the door open and looked him up and down. She rolled her eyes when she saw the inch of flesh Aden was exposing above his ankles.

“I’m a great kisser,” He announced, pulling a bouquet of flowers out of his jacket. They were slightly wilted. “Eighteen years, never dribbled,” He looked at Belle, expecting her to be impressed.

“I expect you practice a lot.” She said, “On your own,” She added. Aden titled his head to the left slightly and raised his eyebrows in amusement.

“Well, I do have a pair of rubber lips,” He told her. Belle looked up at his face and noticed that his lips were slightly larger than hers. Or Geoff’s.

“I can see that,” She replied. Aden laughed.

“Cute,” He muttered. “Can I come in?” He asked.

“Why don’t you wait in the garden? There’s a little gnome you can talk to,” Aden rolled his eyes and scoffed. Belle jerked her head towards one of her mother’s garden ornaments.

“Because I’d rather come in,” He shot back. “There’s a little gnome in there I can talk to,” He added, smiling.

“Is that a joke about my height?” Belle shot at him angrily. Her eyes had narrowed in anger.

“I wouldn’t stoop so low,” Aden replied sarcastically. Belle looked at Aden again. He wasn’t exactly tall himself.

“Come in,” She said in defeat, “If you can reach the step,” Aden scoffed in defence.

“Is that a joke about my height?” He asked in mock surprise,

“Of course not. You haven’t got any,” She muttered. Aden rolled his eyes,

“Actually, I’m 6’3’’. I've just been standing in a hole since I was five,” He told Belle, glancing down at his feet. He noticed that his pants were too short and bent his knees. “Okay, 5’9,” He said, pushing past the girl. She was wearing a bright orange shirt waist. Aden held back a laugh. It looked ancient, but it suited her. Belle pushed the boy out of her way and lead him to the kitchen.

“Do you want a coffee or something?” She asked timidly.

“Sure,” He replied, placing the flowers down on the table. They were Elizabeth Taylor roses, light pink in colour. “Aren’t you going to ask me where I got the roses from?” Belle didn’t look up from the kettle.

“Who’s garden did you steal them from?” She asked him in a dull, uninterested tone.

“It was a blind old lady. She’ll never know they’re gone,” Aden joked.

“Your sense of humour is sick. You know that?” Belle asked him as she poured some hot water into two mugs.

“Yeah,” He replied. “I didn’t steal them from anybody’s garden. My friend Jessica...” Belle looked up from the coffee she was making and looked at Aden.

“I said Jessica, not Belle,” Aden told her,

“Oh, right,” She replied meekly before turning back to the bench. “Go on,” She pressed as she placed a spoon into a mug and stirred.

“My friend Jessica is a florist. She said these are very popular. They’re called Elizabeth Taylor,” Belle looed around again and smiled at the flowers. She had to admit, they were nice, even if they were slightly wilted.

“I’m sorry I accused you of stealing them,” Belle apologised, handing him a mug, “I’m on edge,”

“That’s okay,” He smiled, “You always look very pretty when you’re angry. Although, I haven’t seen you any other way. You’re probably look very angry when you’re pretty,” He babbled.

“Whenever I make you nervous you start cracking jokes at me,” Belle informed him. Aden scoffed and pointed to himself.

“I was cracking those jokes at me. You were just standing in front of me,” He mumbled,

“Look!” Belle shouted at him. Aden avoided looking her in the eyes, “Can we for once act like two normal people?” She asked. Aden shrugged.

“Hey, I can act like two normal people if you can,” Aden replied in a rushed tone. Belle moved closer to him so that their faces were inches apart.

“Stop joking!” She shouted. Her face was red now.

“Stop making me nervous!” Aden shouted back. He looked at Belle’s face and smiled. It was beautiful. “Can I kiss you?” He asked. Belle scoffed.

“No,” She yelled and turned her back on him. A smile appeared on her face and she turned around to face him again. “For your birthday. If you’re good,” She joked. Aden smiled as a joke came to him. He avoided saying it.

“I was going to crack a joke then,” He announced, “But I didn’t,”

“I appreciate it,” Belle praised him sarcastically as she walked over to a cupboard and pulled out a vase. She began filling it with water.

“I was a very good joke,” He said eagerly. Belle shook her head.

“I’m sure it was,” She replied, not turning to face him, Aden opened his mouth to speak, “And no, I don’t want to hear it,” She said with a smile on her lips,

“Okay boss,” He muttered, “Can I write it down?” Belle turned to face him and raised her left eyebrow.

“Was that a joke?” She asked.

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Thanks guys! Now, in this chapter, pay attention to the woman in the veil. She's an important part in the next few chapters!

-Chapter Thirty-Two-

Big Moment! Important People! Social Occasion! Goodnight Kiss!

Aden stood at the foot of the stairs waiting for Belle. She had gone up to her room to put on a jacket. He heard footsteps and turned his head. Belle was walking down wearing a hideous green coat. A look of shock and disgust crossed his face.

“This party is very important for me, Spike,” Belle said, “There are a lot of people I want to impress,” She stopped talking as she noticed the look on Aden’s face. “Is there something wrong?”

“I-I like your dress,” He said nervously, Belle looked down at it and smiled,

“What about the jacket?” she asked him curiously. Aden avoided answering,

“I like the dress,” He repeated,

“Do you think the jacket goes?” She asked him. Aden hesitated again,

“I hope it does,” He said, winking. Angrily, Belle sighed and trudged up the stairs again. Walking down moments later wearing a similar jacket, grey in colour this time. The same look of disgust crossed his face.

“The point I’m trying to make is, if I’m talking to someone important, and you start up...” She trailed off. Aden raised his right eyebrow and shook his head. Belle sighed again and made her way back up to her room. She came down moments later holding a grey and red cardigan and another coat, the same kind as the green and grey one, this time in black.

“What was the first one again?” He asked after examining them for less than a second. Belle threw the clothing on the floor and went back up to her room and grabbed the green jacket.

“It’ll do,” Aden commented as she walked down the stairs yet again. Belle glared at him angrily before pushing the front door open leaving the house. Aden followed. A taxi was already out the front waiting for them.

“Mum, we’re off!” Belle called out before slamming the door. “Mr. Damons is going to be there,” Belle informed her date as they walked over to the vehicle. “So is Mr Landsdale. He’s the owner of the papers. It’s his house we’re going to,” She continued as they got to the taxi, “And a lot of newspaper people,” She added. Aden opened the door for her and she climbed in.

“So you’re gonna want to do some serious grovelling then, right?” Aden joked. Belle climbed back out of the taxi,

“I do not grovel!” She shouted at him, “When have I ever grovelled?”

“The guy from The Guardian!” Aden scoffed, “You were all over him!”

“Rubbish!” Belle yelled. Her face was turning a bright shade of red/

“Belle, you laughed and smiled more times in that one conversation with him, than the whole time I've known you. In fact, it was twice,” He joked. Belle rolled her eyes.

“I do not grovel!” She shouted angrily at the American. Aden scoffed.

“Belle, I had to wipe your chin every time you looked at him,” It was Belle’s turn to scoff,

“You don’t understand the concept of building a career, do you Jeffreys?” She shouted before climbing back into the taxi.

“Hey! I've made a career out of it,” He joked as he climbed over Belle and sat down. Belle slammed the door shut and the taxi took off.

“You know Geoff forced me to go to this party with you,” Belle told Aden, “And all I’m trying to say is that it’s important to me, so don’t do anything stupid, or crazy,” Aden looked at Belle in disbelief.

“When have I ever done that?” He asked her.

“The school dance,” Belle reminded him,

“Apart from the school dance,” Aden smirked,

“The year eleven formal,” Belle shot back at him. Aden coughed nervously,

“Apart from the year eleven formal,” He replied timidly,

“The year ten formal, the year nine formal, Ruby’s birthday party, Nicole’s birthday party...” Aden rolled his eyes as Belle listed every event he had slipped up at. By the time they reached the Landsdale mansion, she was still going. “Melody’s birthday party, Geoff’s birthday party, your birthday party,”

“Yeah, yeah,” Aden said as he passed the driver a ten dollar note,

“The school sports day, the staff-pupil social,” Aden rolled his eyes as the taxi drove off. He walked over to Belle and grinned.

“I don’t remember the staff-pupil social,” He informed her,

“That’s part of the problem!” She shouted. Aden smiled at the girl sincerely,

“Belle, I’m not going to let you down,” He told her, glancing down at his too-short pants,

“You’d better not,” Belle shot at him. Aden placed his hands in his pockets and avoided making eye contact with his date.

“For the record, you’re the last person in the world I’d ever let down,” He mumbled, Belle smiled, “I thought you would have known that by now,” He laughed nervously. The pair looked at each others eyes deeply.

“Well, shall we go in?” Belle asked nervously as she broke eye contact with the blond. Aden followed her as she made her way up the long driveway.

“Don’t you think this yard is just crying out for an airport?” He asked Belle. They heard a loud honk and jumped out of the way of a large stretch limo. “Driving up to the door,” He asked, pointing to the limo, “Why didn’t we think of that?”

“Hic!” Belle hiccupped. Aden looked at her in amusement.

“Are you alright?” He asked her,

“I’m fine,” She shot back. Aden looked at her in disbelief. He looked up and saw a woman dressed in a long white dress climb out of the limo. She was wearing a thick veil over her face.

“Looks like some interesting guests,” Aden said to Belle. She hiccupped again and Aden laughed, “I’m gonna go out on a limb here. Have you got the hiccups?” He asked,

“Not really,” She answered. Aden looked at her with a confused look on his face.

“Not really?” He repeated. Belle nodded before turning away from the house.

“I need a walk!” She shouted. Aden turned and followed her. “Coming?” She asked him without turning. Aden ran to catch up with her.

“Where are you going? This is your big moment?” Aden asked her. Belle hiccupped, “There’s a lot of important people for you to meet in there!” Belle hiccupped again, “Big moment!” He shouted.


“Important people!” He shouted.


“Social occasion!” He called out,


“What do you know; you’ve got a nervous ‘hic’!” He joked. Belle turned to face her date,

“It’s under control,” She told him. Aden rolled his eyes.

“Oh yeah?” He asked her,

“Yeah!” Belle shouted back,

“Goodnight kiss!” Aden shouted out. Belle looked at him, confused.

“What’s that got to do with big moments or important people?” Belle asked him. Aden grinned.

“Well, nothing,” He said, shrugging, “I just thought it’s make a nice social occasion!”

“Hic!” Aden laughed as Belle’s face turned red,

“Relax, you’ll be fine,” He whispered to her as he placed his arm around her shoulder. For once, Belle didn’t push it away. They made their way up the long driveway to the house. Aden pressed the doorbell, “Are you okay?” He asked Belle,

“I can’t go in just now,” She said nervously. Aden placed his hands in his jacket pocket and scoffed.

“Belle,” He growled. Belle turned away and began walking around the house. Aden groaned as the door opened. “You must be the butler,” He said to the old man who had opened the door. He was wearing a black suit and was balding. “Listen, I’m going to be ringing that doorbell in a moment or two, and when I do that, could you open the door? Great, thanks, nice working with you,” He said. The butler looked at the teenager in disbelief as he ran off around the house. Frustrated, he slammed the door.

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Thanks Jody, Lauren, Taniya and Symphony :)

-Chapter Thirty-Three-

The Science Department Don’t Have A Rabbit!

Aden saw Belle standing with her back pressed up against a wall, her head in her hands. Cautiously he walked up to her and smiled sincerely.

“I suppose this must look pretty funny,” Belle said quietly, “I’m not very good at social stuff,” She added, looking over at him.

“No?” He asked,

“No,” Belle shot at him angrily. Aden shifted nervously,

“Well, if you get scared, you can stand behind me,” Aden offered. Belle smiled in appreciation.

“Let’s forget about this,” Belle announced. Aden looked at her in shock, “Let’s go somewhere else,”

“What!” Aden shouted, “This is such a big deal for you, remember?” Belle hiccupped. Aden glared at her angrily, “Stop that!” He demanded, “Now come on,” He told her, jerking his head towards the front of the building. He walked over to her and placed his arm around her and led her away.

“I can’t do this,” Belle said again and pushed him aside. She made a beeline towards the same area she was at before. Frustrated, Aden chased after her and grabbed her arm tightly,

“No you don’t!” He laughed as she groaned. They made their way back to the door and Aden released Belle from his grip reluctantly as he rang the doorbell,

“Surprised?” Belle asked him.

“About what?” Aden asked her,

“About me!” She shot angrily. Aden smiled as the door opened. The butler opened it and frowned at Aden. “You’ve worked that door before, haven’t you?” Aden asked him as they entered the large house. Belle and Aden looked around in amazement. There must have been hundreds of journalists at the party.

“Why aren’t you more surprised?” Belle asked, sounding slightly disappointed,


“The year eleven formal, the year ten formal, Nicole’s birthday party, Lucas’s birthday party, my birthday party, the end of term disco, the mid-term disco, the start of term disco, the disco disco,” Aden listed as they stood at the door of the hall,

“What about them?” Belle asked him,

“Well, you weren’t there,” Aden smiled, “I think I understand why,”


“Exactly,” Aden joked. Belle scoffed and looked around the room,

“Look, I’m no good at this sort of thing!” Belle moaned as she continued scanning the room for Gavin, “All these people!”

“Shall we mingle?” Aden asked, grasping Belle’s arm and pulling her through the crowd,

“I can’t!” Belle complained, “I don’t do conversation! Anything I say comes out like an order. I say hello and people salute!” Aden rolled his eyes and scoffed. Hearing the noise of footsteps, the pair turned around and saw Emma and Rebekah carrying plates of food. They were wearing chef outfits,

“Hello,” Emma smiled,

“Emma and Rebekah?” Aden asked in shock,

“What are you two doing here?” Belle asked sternly,

“Catering,” Rebekah replied simply, Emma pointed down to the plates both were holding,

“It’s for our cooking project,” She added, “Ms. Fletcher arranged it when the science department wouldn’t lend us their rabbit,” Belle and Aden exchanged nervous glances,

“Why did you want their rabbit?” Belle asked cautiously.

“For our cooking project,” Emma repeated. Belle and Aden glanced at each other again, even more nervous than before, “That was a joke,” She added, noticing the serious looks on both Belle and Aden’s faces.

“Oh, good,” Belle said timidly,

“Um, yeah, we got that,” Aden added. The younger girls laughed.

“Besides, the science department don’t have a rabbit,” Rebekah sad sadly. Aden and Belle sighed in relief.

“Well, not any more,” Emma told them. Aden and Belle exchanged a look of disgust and shock as the two girls left the room.

“Seriously, I know three guys in year ten who pay those girls protection money,” Aden said to Belle. She laughed nervously.

“Are they on the same rate as the staff?” Sally asked the pair. She had entered the room just as the two girls had left.

“Ms. Fletcher,” Aden said in disbelief, “You let those two in here, where there are people?” He asked,

“Have you tied down everything that’s breakable and moveable?” Belle asked the principle angrily,

“Which is everything but those two,” Aden added.

“Be reasonable,” Sally moaned. A smile was visible on her face, “They’ve done a lot of work for this. They’ve cooked a lot of stuff,”

“Anybody we know?” Aden joked, Sally smiled,

“That’s enough,” She commanded and Aden returned the smile. Sally turned to Belle,

“There are a lot of newspaper people here eager to meet you,” She informed her,

“Hic!” Sally raised her eyebrow,

“That was nothing,” Aden said loudly, “She told me!”

“Right,” sally said in confusion, “Anyway, Gavin’s over there talking to some old colleagues,” Sally said, pointing over to the editor of the Coastal Gazette, he smiled at Belle, “Shall we join them?”

“Hic!” Sally turned to Aden,

“Was that nothing again?” She asked,

“You heard it too?” Aden replied. Belle looked around the room again,

“Excuse me, I have to go,” She pushed past the principal and her date and over to a pot plant. She slid behind it,

“Miss,” Aden said, keeping a close eye on Belle, “You’ve known Belle a lot longer than I have. She is mad, isn’t she?”

“Yeah,” Sally replied without a minute of thought. Aden nodded,

“Fine. Just as long as I know,” He smiled before pushing past her and making his way over to Belle,

“I was, um, just going to the bathroom,” She lied. Aden looked from Belle to the plant,

“Do you want me to move the potted plant closer?” He asked her sarcastically. Belle scoffed and pushed past him in anger. Aden followed.

“Why do you have to keep following me?” Belle demanded. Aden rolled his eyes,

“Mostly, the view,” He laughed. The pair walked out of the hall and into a large corridor.

“Spike, I’m going to the bathroom, you can’t come with me!” Belle moaned. Aden grinned.

“No,” He agreed, “But I can make sure this isn’t an excuse for you to slip off and go home,”

“Here!” Rebekah called out before Belle could respond. She and Emma were carrying another plate of food, “Could you try these please?” Belle and Aden picked up something that looked between a meat pie and a sausage roll. They placed them in their mouths and started chewing. They exchanged a look of disgust.

“Not bad,” Aden lied, still chewing.

“Quite satisfactory,” Belle answered, also not swallowing,

“Can you taste any disinfectant?” Emma asked the pair, “Carpet fluff? Axle grease?” Aden and Belle stopped chewing and stared at the girls,

“Good,” Rebekah said when they didn’t answer. They made their way into the hall. Aden and Belle exchanged another look before spiting the food out into a large vase that was sitting on a table.

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Sorry about not updating when I said I would. I re-wrote this chapter at least four times, and I'm still unhappy with the result...

-Chapter Thirty-Four-

A Hungarian. From Hungary.

“The waiter said the bathroom’s at the end of the corridor,” Aden said to Belle, motioning towards a door. Belle groaned and started walking towards it. She turned and saw Aden leaning against the wall.

“Are you going to wait there until I come out?” Belle asked him, a tone of anger in her voice,

“Yeah, absolutely,” Aden replied, “That way I can jump you if you make a run for it!” Belle rolled her eyes and continued to the bathroom. She pushed the door open, Aden watched as she walked in and quietly slipped back into the main hall. Belle looked around. The bathroom was huge! There were two armchairs, a majestic looking bath and large bottles of perfume scattered across a bench. Belle groaned in frustration and threw her purse across the room.


Belle looked around in horror. She had just smashed a bottle of expensive looking perfume.


In the main hall, Aden was standing near the back of the room, his hands in his pockets. Sally walked over to him. In her hands were two glasses of wine.

“Where’s Belle?” She asked him curiously,

“Mentally speaking, she’s on the fifty-seventh moon off Saturn, which is currently located in the bathroom,” Aden joked. Sally smiled. Aden looked down and saw the drinks in her hand, “Two drinks?” He asked, “Found a friend,” Aden said, sounding slightly impressed.

“I’m cultivating one,” Sally informed her student. She looked over at an attractive man about the same age as her and waved.

“Hey, that’s a man!” Aden teased, Sally scoffed. “Bet you five bucks you don’t have a chance,” He smirked. Sally’s jaw dropped.

“Aden, what have I told you about betting?” She asked him with a large grin on her face.

“What?” Aden asked in confusion,

“Never try with me!” She exclaimed, “Five bucks it is,” Sally said before walking over to her gentleman-friend. Aden looked around the room again and saw the woman in the veil that had gotten out of the stretch limo. Aden made his way over to her.

“Nice car,” He told her. The veil wasn’t covering her face, “I've seen shorter traffic jams!” He joked. The woman turned around and both their faces dropped. It was Cassie.

“Cassie?” Aden asked in disbelief, Cassie dropped the veil over her face again.

“Who is this Cassie?” She asked in a strong European accent, “I am Princess Sharni of Hungary,” Aden looked at her in confusion.

“You’re Serene Highness,” A middle aged man said as he walked over to the young girl. In his hand was a display folder. “It’s a very interesting proposal. I think your cousin and I can do some business,”

“May all your cattle be plentiful,” Cassie replied. The man stared at her with a look of perplexity before laughing,

“Oh, yes indeed!” He answered. He glanced at Aden, “I’m sorry, is this a friend of yours?”

“Yes,” Aden said,

“No,” Cassie yelped, the man looked at the pair in confusion,

“You’ll have to excuse me sir, Sharni’s mother wishes to see her,” Aden scoffed. Angrily, he grasped Cassie’s arm and dragged her into the empty hallway. A thought crossed Aden’s mind and he went back and retrieved the display folder, “You’ll thank me for this in the long run,” He told the puzzled man. Aden went back to Cassie and pushed her into a chair, “Sit,” He growled angrily.

“Who is this Cassie Turner?” She asked in her strong European accent. Aden flipped open the display folder and read a few pages. “I am Sharni Szabo, a Hungarian from Hungary,”

“Oil fields under Summer Bay High?” Aden scoffed throwing down the display folder.

“I hadn’t gotten to that bit yet,” She said in disappointment, Aden glanced down at the folder again ‘Angelo Rosetta’ was scrawled across the top, he scoffed.

“Angelo’s involved,” Aden said. Cassie nodded,

“He was busy tonight, and said I would be perfect to get the deal he was after,” Cassie smiled. She lifted the veil away from her face again,

“Where’d you get the car?” Aden asked her suspiciously. Cassie shrugged.

“Angelo’s uncle I guess, he is in on it!” Cassie told the American, “According to him, these magazine people will fall for anything!” Aden shrugged.

“The invite?” He asked curiously,

“From Angelo, I don’t know how he got it though,” Cassie answered. Aden rolled his eyes.

“Cass, Belle’s here tonight,” Aden reminded the girl, “It’s very important for her to make a good impression, and it’s not going to look good if her deputy graphics editor is running around dressed as a Hungarian princess!” he snapped. Cassie rolled her eyes.

“Look at yourself, Aden;” Cassie told him, “A year ago you would have loved this sort of stuff. Aden rolled is eyes. A year ago, he, Drew and Cassie had been involved in one of Summer Bay High’s largest gangs.

“Cassie...” Aden began, but the girl cut over him.

“You honestly think you can get her?” Cassie asked him loudly. Aden was taken aback be the upfront nature of his friend.

“What?” He asked her in confusion. Cassie scoffed.

“We’re all leaving school in a few months time,” She began. Aden nodded, a look of confusion still on his face. “Do you think you’re ever going to see her again?”

“What?” Aden asked again,

“What’s tonight about?” She responded. Aden paused for a moment. Cassie answered it for him. “Her career. As Angelo would say, she’s a viable commodity. She’ll take off like a rocket,” Aden turned away from her as he thought over what she had just said. It all sounded possible.

“Get out!” Aden shouted, pointing to the door.

“What?” Cassie asked in confusion. Aden placed his arm around the brunette and led her over to the door roughly.

“Get out,” He repeated angrily. Cassie opened the door and left the room, placing the veil back down over her face. Aden groaned in anger and placed his head in his hands. After a few moments he walked back over towards the bathroom and placed his hands in his pockets and waited patiently for his date. Moments later, she emerged. A look of puzzlement crossed her face as she saw the woman in the veil. She felt that she knew her from somewhere. Belle looked around and pretended not to notice Aden. She made her way to the door and pushed it open.

“Where are you going?” Aden asked her. Belle turned around and saw the American leaning against a wall.

“Caught in the act, hey?” She asked, slightly embarrassed.

“Hm,” Aden answered. “You really can’t face it,”

“Don’t make me,” Belle pleaded. She pushed the door open and went to exit again.

“Okay,” The American answered. Belle stopped and turned around. “Let’s go,”

“You mean it?” Belle asked him hopefully, Aden shrugged his shoulders.

“If you can’t deal with it, you can’t deal with it,’ Aden replied, linking his arm with hers,

“You won’t tell anybody about this at the newsroom?” She asked him, still slightly suspicious. Aden shook his head.

“Of course I won’t,” He said, pushing the door open for the editor. Belle smiled.

“Thanks Spike,” She told him, “I really appreciate this,” Aden hesitated before answering.

“Yeah, let’s go,” He pursed his lips as they left the large mansion.

“Weird, isn’t it?” Belle asked Aden as soon as they were a few metres away from the house.

“Weird?” Aden asked her,

“Me and parties,” She answered, sounding slightly depressed. “Me and people. I just don’t know how to, well, socialise. Would you believe when I was fourteen, I pretended I was sick at my own birthday party?” Belle asked Aden. “Geoff came up to my room and we played chess all evening.”

“Good old Geoff,” Aden replied. He sounded hostile.

“He won three games in a row, so I threw him out,” Belle answered coldly. “Good old Spike,” Belle said moments later, stopping to face her date.

“What?” Aden asked, still sounding angry,

“Well, you got me out of their, didn’t you?” She smiled. Aden scoffed.

“You’re grateful?” He asked her in disbelief. Belle nodded.

“Of course!” She said loudly. Aden scoffed angrily again. Belle watched him in confusion.

“Give me a break!” He was almost yelling. Belle recoiled in shock. “Gratitude. Now you do gratitude!” Belle raised one eyebrow and scoffed. “What a lousy trick!” He yelled at her. Angrily, Aden grabbed Belle’s arm and forced her back up to the house.

“Spike, what are you doing?” Belle asked, sounding frightened. Aden pressed the doorbell. “I’m not going back in there!”

“Yes you are!”

“Have you gone off your head?”

“Completely,” the butler answered the door and Aden pushed his date back in gently. “Caught this one trying to escape,” He whispered loudly to the butler as he entered to room again. “Dug a tunnel with the cocktail stick,” In frustration, the butler closed the door with more force than necessary.


Okay, so I should apologise. I was meant to write about Cassie's back story in the first few chapters. She was part of Aden's 'gang' in the days before the newspaper, but she was also friends with Nicole, whom was the previous head of the graphics department (and might make an appearence in the sequel :wink:). Hope that answers any questions you have.

The chapter after next is the beginning of the storyarch for Angelo and Belle. Here's a brief synopsis.


Angelo has obtained an admierer in the shape of a twelve year old girl called Jessie. Angelo has the feeling that she is trying to tell him something and he has a nasty suspicion what it is...'

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Here's the last part of this storyarch. I hope you like it!

-Chapter Thirty-Five-

Goodnight Kiss?

“Belle!” Gavin exclaimed in delight as Belle and Aden re-entered the room. Gavin was standing with Sally, whom had two drinks in her hand again. “You look lovely,” He added, making Belle smile nervously and blushed a pale red. Gavin noticed this and smiled. “It’s nice to see you at last."

“And you, sir,” Belle responded nervously. Aden smiled and wrapped his arm around her shoulders tightly.

“Aden, or should I call you Spike?” The journalist asked. Aden smiled nervously, “Not looking such a hoodlum tonight,” He joked. Aden laughed.

“Thankyou. And you sir,” Aden replied with a sly grin. The group stood in awkward silence.

“You know Belle, I've been boasting about you all evening,” He told the brunette. Belle raised an eyebrow and smiled. “It would have been really embarrassing if you hadn’t made an entrance!” Gavin turned and noticed on of his old colleagues was standing next to him, a glass of wine in his large hands. “In fact, here’s someone I've been boasting to,”

“You must be Belle Taylor,” The man said in a deep voice. Belle nodded.

“This Belle is Luke Grainger,” He noticed the look of confusion on Belle’s face. “He’s very big in the newspaper business,” Belle nodded,

“Do you have a column I would have read?” Belle asked Luke. He opened his mouth to respond, but Gavin cut over him.

“Actually, he has a newspaper,” Belle flushed bright red again and smile apologetically at the man.

“Oh, I see,” Belle said timidly.

“Listen Miss Taylor, could we have a quiet word. I’ll be leaving soon and would appreciate a quick chat,” Luke said to her. Belle looked at him. Confusion was still visible on her face.

“Chat?” Belle asked him,

“About your future,” Luke replied almost instantly. Aden looked at his date and the man. “Since Gavin’s been telling me all about your very interesting past,” He added with a wink. Belle smiled and followed the man over to a couch. Aden watched her closely, looking upset.

“Well, we have lift off,” Aden said absent-mindedly. Sally and Gavin looked at him in bewilderment.

“What?” Sally asked him,

“Oh, nothing,” Aden replied, glancing back over his shoulder at his date.

‘CRACK’ the sound of breaking glass came from the hall. Gavin and Sally looked over.

“Don’t look at me,” Aden said, “It wasn’t my heart,” He walked off. Sally and Gavin looking after him,

“Oh dear,” Sally exhaled. Aden glanced over at Belle again. She was deep in conversation with the man. Aden smiled sadly and made his way over to Cassie, whom was still trying to sell Angelo’s ideas.

“Excuse me, gentlemen,” Aden said, brushing past the men and over to Cassie, the veil was over her face again. “Me and this girl go back a long way, don’t we Sharni?” Cassie nodded nervously,

“Well...” She began. Aden cut her off.

“Have you ever heard Sharni on the subject of her native culture?” He asked, smiling wickedly at the young graphics editor. Cassie’s eyes widened in horror. “It is so interesting! I've learnt so much!” Cassie started backing away from the group of men, “Hey Sharni!” Aden said as soon as he noticed she was about to make a run for it, “How about you give us a run down. Now!”


Belle giggled as she and Aden walked along the footpath near Belle’s house. Aden had just informed her about Cassie.

“No!” Belle laughed in amazement. Aden broke into laughter,

“It’s the truth!” He reassured the girl. Belle rolled her eyes and giggled again.

“I don’t believe it!” She exclaimed. Aden laughed again.

“It’s the truth!” Aden said again. Belle laughed too.

“She said the capital of Hungary...?” She laughed again, “Of Hungary was Xanadu?” Belle asked again. Aden laughed before nodding. Belle looked up and saw that they were outside her house. “Well, home at last,” She said, sounding slightly sad. Aden nodded.

“Yeah,” He responded. Belle raised her left eyebrow.

“Why didn’t we get a taxi?” Belle asked him, “You said you had five dollars,” Aden looked at Belle apologetically,

“I lost it,” Aden lied. Well, it’s half the truth, he thought to himself.

“Oh well,” Belle smiled. She and Aden stood motionless, looking into each others eyes. Belle looked down nervously. “I had an amazing time tonight,” She said, avoiding looking at Aden,

“So I hear,” He said proudly, “Everybody wants Belle, huh?” He asked her. Belle nodded nervously.

“You know how it is,” She replied. Aden nodded.

“Yeah,” He responded. Belle looked up and saw Aden was avoiding making eye contact. She smiled.

“I wouldn’t have had an amazing time if it wasn’t for you,” She told him. Aden smiled. “You were wonderful,” Aden laughed nervously and Belle smiled again. She loved seeing Aden nervous.

“Well, I am a wonderful guy,” He muttered. Belle nodded.

“Yeah, you are,” Belle praised him. Aden smiled again and Belle moved in closer before pulling away again. “Here we are,” she said, jerking her head towards the large house she shared with her mother, Amanda.

“Yes, this is here, I remember,” Aden shifted nervously as he looked down at Belle.

“Well, I suppose we could shake hands,” Belle suggested. Aden raised his eyebrow and looked at the girl/ Belle smiled again.

“What?” He asked her. Belle ignored him and moved in towards him. Belle stopped.

“You’re shaking,” She said, Aden scoffed.

“What, me?” He asked her, sounding nervous, “That’s just the Earth moving,” He joked. Belle leaned in again, but stopped half way.

“I think you’re getting the wrong idea about this kiss,”

“Absolutely not!” He responded nervously, “This is just a thankyou kiss. A goodnight kiss. A kiss between friends, right?” He rambled. Belle grinned as she moved in yet again.

“I knew you were getting the wrong idea,” She said before placing her lips on his. Belle kissed him softly, and Aden responded, still shocked that Belle had made the first move. The kiss lasted for what seemed like hours before Belle finally pulled away.

“Now, remember your name?” She asked him with a smile present on her lips.

“Uh, Aden, I mean Spike,” He said nervously, “Right?”

“Oh, is that who you are?” Belle joked before pushing the front door of her house open. Aden smiled as she looked out at him before closing the door. Aden exhaled as he turned away from her house and began to walk home, a large grin plastered across his face.


COMING SOON: It took 35 chapters for Aden and Belle to get together, now what happens that could tear them apart forever?

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Thanks Lauren, Jody and Taniya :). Since Ihave it ready, I might as well post the next chapter. It's full of fluff really...

-Chapter Thirty-Six-

Pyjama Shots...?

Belle looked up at the clock that was hanging above Mr. Bartlett’s head. It was almost time for lunch. Impatiently, she began tapping her foot on the floor. It was her only chance to see Aden without everybody looking at them suspiciously. The Belle finally rang and Belle pushed herself up and rushed out the door. She passed Aden along the way.

“’Afternoon Belle,” He said, walking in one direction.

“’Afternoon Spike,” Belle said, walking in the other. Aden made his way out to the meeting point as Belle walked up the large amount of stairs Summer Bay High had. She was walking up to the new information technology room. Aden glanced down nervously at his watch. Belle was five minutes late.

“Spike!” He heard Belle call out. He looked from side to side. There was nobody near him within a 10km radius. Curiously, he glanced up and saw Belle handing out of a window. “I thought it would be safer if I stayed up here!” She called out. Aden raised his left eyebrow curiously. “So nobody sees us together,” She added.

“Let me go out on a limb here!” Aden shouted. A few people looked, but turned their heads almost instantly, “Are you ashamed of me?”

“Of course I’m not ashamed. How could I be ashamed?” Belle asked him,


“No one knows I go out with you!”

“Would you get down here?” Aden shouted up at her, rolling his eyes.

“Spike, I just don’t think it’d be right for me to,” Belle pleaded. Aden scoffed.

“You’ve got to stop thinking for yourself, Belle,” Aden joked, “I mean, how’s it going to look if I’m caught down here without a girl?”

“I’m not coming down,” Belle growled at him. Aden removed his dark sunglasses and placed thin on the waistband of his faded jeans.

“Okay, fine,” He answered. Aden took a few steps back and ran towards a drainpipe. Grasping it tightly between his hands, he began to climb up to the second story of the high school.

“What are you doing?” Belle asked him when he was half way up.

“I haven’t done this since I took those pyjama shots of you,” Aden said to her. Belle raised her eyebrows and growled furiously.

“Pyjama shots?” She asked him.

“You thought it was lightning, didn’t you?” He responded as he made his way into the room through the window.

“This is stupid. You could have an accident,” Belle said to her boyfriend.

“I’m alright,” He said, brushing dust off of his white shirt.

“You don’t know what I have in mind,” Belle told him. Aden laughed before leaning back against the window and folding his arms across his chest.

“Belle, how long have we been going out with each other?” He asked her. Belle raised her eyebrows.

“Four days,” She responded, “How can you forget these things?” She shot at him angrily. Aden shrugged.

“Because, Belle, when people go out together, it usually involves, and this may be a surprise for you, going out together,” He answered, pulling his sunglasses out of his jeans waistband and putting them back on. “You know, like dates and stuff. Seeing one another occasionally. I know, it was in biology,” Belle took a few steps over towards her boyfriend and sat down on a desk next to him.

“Spike, I just don’t think people should know about us at the moment,” She said softly. Aden closed his eyes and scoffed.

“What do you mean ‘at the moment’? How long? Late ’99?” He joked. Belle thought for a moment.

“I’ll see how I feel then,” She joked. Aden looked away from her, slightly disappointed.

“It was a joke,” Belle said to him, noticing the upset look on his face. Aden stood up and made his way towards the centre of the room,

“What have I got out of this so far?” He asked his girlfriend. Belle looked taken aback, “I’ll tell you Belle. Five abysmal kisses. I counted,” He added. Belle rolled her eyes.

“Is that why I felt your lips move?” She asked him angrily. “What do you mean ‘abysmal’?” Belle asked him, standing up. Aden laughed.

“I mean forgetting to take the pencil out of your mouth at first. You lose points for that,” Aden answered with a grin, “Although, you do gain some back for helping me get it out of my nose later, and washing the blood off of my shirt, and the walls,”

“You’re exaggerating now,” Belle accused him. He ignored her.

“And I suppose the third nostril is something I’ll have to get used to,”


“And another thing, when I’m on my final approach, don’t fold your arms. It’s kind of off putting,” Belle rolled her eyes in anger.

“How about the one in the newsroom corridor?” She asked him, “That was good. I didn’t look about or fold my arms. Or stick a pencil up your nose.” A defensive tone was present in her voice now. Aden shrugged.

“Yeah, it was nice, and I enjoyed it,” Aden said casually, “I wasn’t in the least bit bored, but I didn’t exactly lose any fillings either, did I?” He asked Belle. She shrugged in return.

“It was okay coming from me though,” Belle smiled. Aden shrugged again.

“Coming from you?” He asked her, Belle looked at him, confused, “I was doing most of the work!” Belle’s mouth dropped in anger.

“Well you don’t have my handicap!” She whispered loudly. Aden rolled his eyes,

“And what is that?” He asked her. Belle shrugged.

“You don’t have to kiss who I do!” She teased. Aden laughed again.

“Actually, I do,” He replied. Belle looked at her boyfriend, hurt.

“You wanted to go out with me,” She said quietly. “God knows why,”

“I hope so,” Aden answered, “It sure as hell slipped my mind,” Belle’s mouth dropped again, another look of hurt crossing her face. Aden glanced up and smiled apologetically. “Oh yeah, I remember. I’m certifiably crazy about you,” Belle smiled.

“You’re certifiable?” She asked him,


“About me?”

“It’ll be your name I’m muttering when they take away my shoelaces,” Both Belle and Aden smiled,

“Promise?” She asked him. Aden nodded.

“Promise,” He answered. Belle smiled again and looked Aden in the eyes.

“You make me go a bit insane at the knees to,” She let him know. Aden grinned and stood up. He walked over to her.

“I don’t want to think you’re ashamed of being with me,” He said seriously. Belle shook her head.

“I’m not Spike, I could never be ashamed of being with you,” She reassured him. Aden smiled before hugging her.

“That’s good to hear,” He said in his American accent as he pulled away. Belle looked down at her watch.

“I've got to go,” She said, “I reset Ruby’s watch to give me an alibi,” Belle stood up and made her way over to the door. Aden rolled his eyes.

“Belle!” He groaned angrily. Belle turned around and looked at him.

“She’ll notice soon, I have to go,” Belle repeated. Aden avoided making eye contact with her.

“Belle...” He began.

“Aden, I’m not ashamed of you,” She said, walking back over to him. “At all, okay?” She asked him and then placed a kiss on his cheek. She baked away towards the door again. “I’ll take the stairs, you use the window,”

“This is getting depressing,” Aden muttered to himself. Belle turned around to face him again.

“See you in the newsroom,” She said cheerfully,

“I could have an accident,” He called out just before Belle went to open the door.

“You’ll be okay,” She replied, pushing the door open.

“You don’t know what I mean,” He joked as she left the room and closed the door behind her. Aden looked out the window. He sighed before jumping down.

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Thanks guys :D! I've done the math, and it looks as if I may go over seventy chapters if I don't start making them longer, so quess what I'm gonna do? Most will be around the 2000 word mark, bust some may go over. Just letting you know :).

-Chapter Thirty-Seven-

You’re Going To Kill Me Anyway!

Angelo sat at his desk, a display folder open in front of him. It was the idea he had Cassie try to see at the party the other night. Of course, she had failed, and he was slightly disappointed. He picked up the folder and threw it into his bin.


The doors to the newsroom slammed open, and a man around the age of eighteen entered. He was plump, and angry.

“Oy you!” He called over to Geoff. Geoff turned around and saw the man.

“Me?” He asked. The stocky teenager nodded.

“I called your name, didn’t I?” Geoff shook his head.

“Well, no,” A look of extreme anger crossed his face and he stormed over to the blond. Geoff recoiled in fear.

“Then what did you answer for?” He asked him. Geoff raised an eyebrow. He recognised this person. It finally hit him.

“Lincoln Boulevard?” He asked in disbelief. The man, Lincoln, nodded.

“Yeah, but everyone calls me ‘Bull’” He announced. Geoff fought back laughter.

“Short for Lincoln, right?” He joked. Lincoln nodded,

“’Spose so,” He agreed before walking around the newsroom, looking at ever member of staff.

“Didn’t you get kicked out of Summer Bay High four years ago?” Geoff asked, following him. Lincoln stopped in his tracks and turned towards Geoff, a look of anger still present on his face. “Well, not kicked out, just, well persuaded to leave,” Geoff babbled.

“I scratched my name thirty times on Donald Fisher’s car bonnet,” Lincoln explained. Geoff raised his eyebrows,

“Really,” He said in mock interest, “Thirty times,”

“If I find out who told him,” He threatened. Geoff raised his hands in defence.

“Can I get you anything?” Geoff asked him, desperate to change the subject. “A chair. Or several?” He asked, looking up and down at the bully. He was the almost the size of two people.

“I’m not staying,” Lincoln said, having not heard the last insult. He turned away and looked around the newsroom, “I've got to kill somebody before I go,” Geoff followed the boy as he began to move towards the back of the room.

“Oh, yes. I see,” Geoff muttered. “That must be a tough habit to break. Killing people that is. Do you think you could skip today’s murder and do two tomorrow?” He pleaded. Lincoln was ignoring him. He glanced around and saw a poster of Angelo’s face on a door, with the words ‘Angelo Rosetta’s Personality Training’ underneath it in red ink.

“Him!” He shouted, pointing to the picture. Geoff looked and sighed.

“Oh, Angelo,” Geoff said, sounding slightly less scared. “You’re on the waiting list to?”

“He challenged me!” The slightly older boy exclaimed. Geoff scoffed, slightly taken aback.

“What?” He asked.

“To a fight. He challenged me!”

“Angelo?” Geoff muttered in amazement.

“Geoff!” He heard Belle call out. He turned around and saw the editor standing next to Jo, Gavin Damons head reporter. “Have you got a minute?” She asked him, handing her coat over a door handle.

“Actually, no,” Geoff called over to her. He pointed to the large boy standing next to him. “There’s somebody here to kill Angelo,”

“Well I’m sure he can manage it without you,” Belle shot back, sounding slightly cheerful. Geoff looked at his boss in confusion before turning back to Lincoln,

“Excuse me,” He said before walking over to Belle and Jo. Lincoln stormed over to Angelo’s office and kicked the door open.

“Angelo Rosetta?” He said angrily, closing the door behind him.

“I can see what’s wrong with your personality already!” Angelo replied.


Belle whistled as she looked through a few folders. Geoff and Jo exchanged a look of confusion. Grabbing the folder she wanted. Belle walked over to her desk and sat down. Geoff followed and took a seat on the opposite side of the large, wooden object.

“Your cheerful today, boss,” Geoff told her. Belle stopped whistling and looked up from the folder.

“What do you mean ‘cheerful’?” Belle shot at him. “Why should I be cheerful? What are you trying to say, Geoff?” Belle asked him. Geoff folded his arms across his chest.

“Sorry Belle,” He apologised. “I just thought...” Be tried to explain. Jo cut over him.

“You were whistling, that’s all.” She announced. Belle looked up at the older woman.

“Well I've whistled before, haven’t I?” She asked the pair. Geoff shook his head.

“When?” He asked her.


“Look,” Jo said in a loud voice, “shouldn’t we get down to business?” Belle nodded and looked back down at the folders. Geoff and Jo exchanged another look of bewilderment.


“I challenged you?” Angelo asked as Lincoln threw him up against a wall,

“Where do you want me to take you apart?” Lincoln asked the frightened boy. Angelo trembled. “Here or outside?”

“That’s a tough one; can you run it by me again?” Lincoln threw him down onto the floor. Angelo started crawling over to a box of pink rabbit suits.

“Get up or I’ll smash your head in!” Lincoln threatened. Angelo shuddered and continued climbing over to the box. “Are you getting up or what?” Angelo eyed the boy in fright.

“Can I get back to you on that one?” He asked. In frustration, Lincoln placed his foot on Angelo’s head and pressed down hard. “Guess not,” He said in a muffled voice. Lincoln moved his foot and scooped Angelo up,

“You wanted a fight, so you’re getting one!” He said gruffly,

“Who told you that?”

“Your sister,”

“I don’t have a sister!”

“Yes you do!” Angelo looked at the teenager in amazement. He really didn’t know how to take ‘no’ for an answer. “You told her you could hammer me!” He shook Angelo viciously, “You told her I was a complete wimp!” He shook Angelo again.

“I don’t have a sister. I promise you, I do not have a sister!” Lincoln shook Angelo again,

“If you don’t shut up, I’m going to kill you!” The bully shouted.

“You’re going to kill me anyway,” Angelo corrected him,

“Oh, right, sorry,” Lincoln threw Angelo up against the wall and began to walk over to him.


“We can’t keep supporting you on that,” Jo was explaining to Belle, Geoff and Melody, the three senior staff members. “The Coastal Junior has to be self-sufficient, you knew that from the start,” She continued.

“You did promise to help us with printing costs,” Melody reminded her.

“Initially. That phase is over,” Jo corrected the girl. Belle smiled sadly at the older reporter.

“I guess we could cut back on travel expenses,” She said, “We’re using too much on that anyway,” She turned to Geoff, “And it was twice.” Geoff looed at her in confusion,

“What?” Melody asked for the deputy editor,

“I whistled twice in February. You were there both times, so I don’t know what you’re on about,” Belle turned back to a bemused Jo,

“Tell Gavin to give us two weeks and we’ll cover printing,” Belle said. Jo thought for a moment.

“Well, I’ll try him on it,” She agreed. Belle turned back to Geoff.

“Okay, I whistled, guilty,” She told him, “But it doesn’t have to mean anything,”

“I never said it did, did I Mel?” Geoff asked, turning to the blonde,

“He didn’t, you know,” Melody said to Belle. Belle scoffed and turned back to Jo, before turning back to Geoff,

“I can’t believe how much you’re over-reacting about this!” She shouted. Melody and Geoff struggled to hold back laughter. Belle turned back to Jo. “Could you try for three weeks, and then knock him down to two?”

“I better try for four,” She announced. Belle nodded and turned back to Geoff and Melody. Jo rolled her eyes.

“Just because I whistled doesn’t mean anything’s going on,” She stated again. “Why should it mean that? Give me one reason why it should mean that?” The double doors of the newsroom slammed open and Aden walked in, whistling the same tune Belle had been. She looked over at the boy with a shocked expression. Geoff and Melody exchanged a look of amusement.

“And another thing,” Jo began. Belle ignored her, following Aden over to his desk with her eyes, “Your interview with Edward Allison, that’s going to coincide with our...”

“What a coincidence,” Belle interrupted her. Jo raised her left eyebrow,

“What is?” She asked.

“Spike whistling the same tune as me,” Geoff and Melody glanced at each other again.

“Was he?” They asked in unison. Belle looked from Geoff and Melody to Aden.

“No,” She corrected herself and stood up from her desk. She picked up a sheet of paper that was lying next to the deputy editor, “I have to talk to Spike about this,” She said before walking over to him.

“Look who just vaporised her deodorant,” Melody joked, turning to face the couple. Jo rose from her chair and walked over to Geoff and Melody.

“What exactly is going on?” She asked them.

“Spike and Belle are pretending they’re not going out with each other,” Melody explained, “And we’re all pretending we don’t know,” Geoff broke into laughter.

“I haven’t had so much fun since the time she sprained her arm in primary school,” Geoff said absent-mindedly. Jo looked at the boy in shock.

“Explain something to me Geoff,” She said, “You two are supposed to be best friends. How come you enjoyed her spraining her arm?”

“We are the best of friends,” Geoff announced, “And she was trying to push me out of a window at the time,” Melody giggled.


Belle perched herself on the edge of Aden’s desk and placed the piece of paper in front of them. Annie walked passed them with a guinea pig in her hand.

“Keep your eyes on the paper,” Belle told Aden. He looked down at it. Whatever was on it, it was written in Geoff’s neat handwriting. “Pretend we’re discussing it,” She added. Aden looked up in disappointment.

“Why shouldn’t I whistle when I walk in?” Aden asked his girlfriend quietly.

“Because I did!” Belle whispered angrily, “The exact same tune! Talk about a give away!” Aden scoffed. A loud bang came from inside of Angelo’s office. Belle, Aden, Geoff, Melody and Jo all looed over in shock.

“Could you keep it down in there?” Belle called out.

“Sorry,” Angelo’s muffled voice rang out as another loud bang could be heard. Belle smiled appreciatively and turned back to the paper she had in her hand.

“How about this, boss,” Aden said, “You give me a list of all the tunes you’re going to be whistling over the next few months and I’ll keep off them,” He joked. Belle nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, I’ll try and arrange that,” She said. Aden nodded in amusement.

“Belle,” They heard Geoff say. He was walking over to them, a pen in his hand. “Jo has to go soon, so could we finish this meeting?”

“This is important to, Geoff!” She shouted at him, brandishing the piece of paper under Geoff’s nose. “I've got some details to clear up,” Geoff rolled his eyes.

“Can I have it back when you two are finished then?” He asked them politely,

“What?” Belle asked him,

“My shopping list,” Belle and Aden looked down in shock and saw that they had been pretending to discuss Geoff’s personal effects. “I have to get some stuff for my mother,” Aden fought back laughter as Belle passed the list back over,

“It all seems to be in order,” Belle said, slightly embarrassed. The doors to Angelo’s office crashed open, and Lincoln came flying out. Angelo walked out after him and looked around at the shocked looks on the faces of his colleagues.

“If he turns up again, just let me know,” He announced proudly. Belle, Geoff and Aden looked at him in awe. “I really should have moved those rabbit suits away from the door,” He muttered to himself, looking at the upturned box. “I knew somebody would trip.”

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Thankyou Jody, Lauren, Taniya and Symphony :).

-Chapter Thirty-Eight-

He Isn’t Here

“Who hates me enough to want to get me battered senseless by Lincoln the shaving gorilla?” Angelo asked Drew. It had been nearly an hour since Lincoln had attempted to kill the boy. Drew thought for a moment.

“I’ll get the list,” He finally said, walking over to a set of filling cabinets.

“Good idea,” Angelo praised him, “It’s in drawers two, three and four,” Angelo turned around. Somebody was knocking on his door. Cautiously, he pulled it open. “Sorry about that, Belle,” He began. He looked down. It wasn’t Belle at the door. It was a young girl, around eleven or twelve. She was wearing a ragged green dress, her hair was strawberry blond.

“You don’t know me, but I’m your sister,” She announced. Angelo glanced down at the girl again, curiously. “Can I buy you a coffee?” She asked him.


Angelo sat in a booth at the diner. The girl – Jessie – was walking over to him, a coffee and a coke in either hand. Angelo smiled sheepishly as she placed the drinks down on the table in front of him.

“You take milk, a lot,” She said, “And for sugars,” She said, placing four sugar cubes into the mug.

“Three,” He corrected her. Jessie shook her head.

“You tell people it’s three, but it’s four really,” Angelo looked at the girl nervously, many thoughts rushing through his mind. Who was this Jessie? How did she know so much about him?

“Why did you set me up?” Angelo shot at her angrily. Jessie shrugged.

“My name’s Jessie,” She reminded him.

“You set me up, Jessie, why?” He shot at her. “Did I sell you one of those hairdryers? Look, one lousy house burns down and everybody...”

“I didn’t buy a hairdryer,” Jessie cut over him. Angelo looked at her in confusion. “They were the ones with the electrical fault, right?” Angelo smiled weakly at the girl. She seemed to know everything about him.

“What if they were?” Angelo asked her angrily, “I put a warning on the box,” He added, sounding slightly calmer. “Wear rubber,” He finished. Jessie giggled.

“I love the story about the pink rabbit suit,” She laughed. Angelo looked at her with confusion. The only people he had told about that were Belle, Aden, Melody and Ruby, and that was because they were working late that night. “And the half ping pong balls,” She laughed again.

“You tried to get Lincoln Boulevard to do me over!” Angelo whined, “Why?” Again, Jessie didn’t answer. “Did I sell you the alligator boots? I can get you two left ones,”

“Lincoln was just somebody I was annoying,” She answered, “He threatened me, so I told him my brother would bash him up, and I told him you were my brother,”

“Why?” Angelo asked the girl in shock.

“You know my favourite story?” Jessie changed the subject, “The one where you go to that businessman’s funeral, Jonathan Lee, dressed in the pink rabbit suit. That was only a few days ago, wasn’t it?” She asked him. Angelo rolled his eyes.

“Why me, Jessie?” He asked her. Jessie shrugged. “Haven’t you got a brother of your own you can get beaten up?”

“He defected,” She informed him,

“What?” Angelo asked the girl in amazement,

“He went to Japan, and I couldn’t ask my dad, because he’s dead,” She said to Angelo. Angelo rolled his eyes.

“Dead, not defected?” He got the feeling there was something not quite right about this girl,

“He fell one-thousand feet from a helicopter,” She told the older boy, “It was very sudden,” She said, shaking her head, “Can I have a cake?”

“You’re one weird kid, Jessie,” Angelo said, he was still unsure how they had gone from the topic of treason to sweets, “You’re even weirder than my cousin. And she had a brace put on her teeth because she thought it would improve her appearance. Funny thing, it did,”

“I want one of the ones with cream on top,” She said to him, completely ignoring his story. Angelo scoffed.

“Why me, Jessie?” He asked her again.

“Because I think you’re amazing,” She told him. Angelo was taken about. Nobody had called him amazing, not even his parents. “Can I have a cake?” She asked him again.

“Go buy one,” He shot at her, jerking his head towards the counter. A plump man was standing behind the counter staring at Angelo angrily.

“I spent all my money on your coffee,” Jessie muttered. Angelo sighed.

“I must be going soft.” He said to himself. Angelo dug his hands deep into his pocket and pulled out a small piece of orange cardboard. “Sign this I.O.U slip. Name and address on the back,” The paper brushed against her and she flinched. Angelo rose from his chair and made his way over to the counter.

“Those buns you sold us, the ones you said couldn’t go stale,” The man at the counter said to Angelo as he placed a cake onto a plate,

“Yeah,” Angelo nodded,

“They were stale when they arrived,” He shot angrily. Another person to add to the list, Angelo thought to himself.

“Well?” He asked, picking up the cake and walking back over to the booth. His jaw dropped when he saw Jessie wasn’t there anymore. Her coke sat in the same spot, untouched. Angelo raised his eyebrow and left the small building, standing outside, he looked around. All he could see was the beach. Angrily, he went back inside and walked up to the counter, “can I have a refund?” He asked.


Angelo pushed the doors to the newsroom open and made his way to his office at the back of the building. Annie rose from her chair and walked over to him.

“Angelo,” She began, following him over to the door of his room, “What does a guinea pig mean to you?”

“A four pack of lucky feet,” He said, “Oh, hang on, that’s rabbits,” He muttered to nobody in particular. “Not just now, Annie,” He said, walking into his office. Again, Annie followed.

“Have I ever told you about the high productivity of my guinea pigs?” She asked him,


“Larry and Tommy have produced more pups than almost more than any pair of domestic guinea pigs since records began,” She announced, sounding pleased. “I am thinking of changing their names,” She added. “Anyway, I’m prepared to let you in on the ground floor. They are good little workers and I promise you won’t regret it,” She pleaded. Angelo shook his head,

“I don’t deal with animals unless they’re freeze dried and wrapped in plastic,” He said, placing his head in his hands,

“But...” Annie began. Angelo shook his head.

“Do you know a girl called Jessie?” He asked her curiously. Annie shook her head. “She might even go to our school,”

“No, sorry,” Annie apologised. “Why?”

“See what you can find out,” Angelo demanded, “I’ll pay for good information.” Annie’s jaw dropped.

“You’ll pay?” She asked in shock. “This is serious, right?”

“She’s about twelve, blond hair, small, and kind of,” He paused to think of an appropriate word, “Weird,” He finished. Annie nodded.

“I’ll get right onto it,” She said eagerly. Angelo smiled.

“Get Emma and Rebekah onto it too,” He added before Annie could move. Her jaw dropped again.

“She’s strange compared to them?” Annie asked him in amazement. Angelo nodded.

“Let me know when you find anything,” He told the younger girl. Annie nodded, still not moving.

“How is she strange?” She asked curiously. Angelo sighed.

“It was the way she talked,” He informed her. “She seemed to know all about me though, and half way through talking to me, she kind of, well, disappeared,” Angelo added with a laugh. “Like a ghost,”

“I’ll see what I can find out,” Annie said, looking at the boy strangely before walking away.


Belle stood in front of a large fish tank, a small container of fish food in her hand. She heard the doorbell ring but didn’t get up. Ruby was coming over to return a skirt she had borrowed.

“Come on Bartlett, eat your food,” She said to her goldfish, whom she had named after Martin Bartlett, her so called guardian angel. “You won’t grow up to be a big shark like mummy unless you don’t eat your food,” She added, watching as the fish darted towards the flakes. She heard a few knocks at her door, she didn’t look up. “Come in Ruby,” She called out, the door opened and Aden walked in. “I heard the door bell. Did the skirt fit okay?”

“Perfectly,” Aden said, closing the door behind him, “But I may need some help shaving my legs,” He joked. Belle moved away from the tank and advanced towards Aden, a look of shock on her face.

“I thought you were Ruby,” She announced. Aden scoffed, raising his eyebrows.

“Hey, great!” He replied enthusiastically. “Would it work in the girls changing room too?” Belle bit her bottom lip and rolled her eyes in frustration.

“Spike, you have to go!” She shouted at him, “Ruby’s coming ‘round!” Aden shook his head and removed his sunglasses. He laughed.

“Are you kidding?” He scoffed, walking over to Belle, “That girl’s been dopey for years!”

“Coming ‘round here,” Belle corrected herself, feeling the need to stand up for her friend. “Who answered the door for you?” She asked him angrily,

“Your mother,” Aden smiled as Belle’s jaw dropped.

“Did she suspect anything?” She asked him aggressively. Aden shook his head.

“No,” He replied, “But she did ask me about my prospects,” He added seriously. Belle lunged towards Aden and grabbed his leather jacket, attempting to pull his over to the door. Aden grabbed onto her arms and stopped her.

“Belle, we need to talk,” He informed her calmly.

“We don’t have time now!” Belle shouted, sounding nervous.

“If I know Ruby, she’ll be late enough to let us get a few things sorted out,” Aden shot back,


“Belle, will you please just listen to me for once?” He asked her, raising his hands in defence. Belle looked down; they were hovering close to her breasts. She shrugged it off. “I’m being serious know, this is my serious face!” She added, pointing with one hand to his face, before lowering it back down. “We need to talk. You and me. We need a serious talk about our relationship. I was sitting at home, and suddenly it came to me. A serious talk is what we need.” Aden smiled hopefully at his girlfriend. She jumped when the doorbell rang. “I’d settle for a quick feel,” He said, jerking his head down at his hands, which were still hovering very close to her chest. Belle scoffed and began to push him towards the window.

“The window,” She whispered to him loudly, “Move it,” She added before pulling him closer.

“”We’ve done this one!” Aden shouted. Belle pointed towards the door.

“She’ll be up here in a minute!”

“Fine!” Aden shrugged jumping onto Belle’s bed.

“Climb out of the window Aden!” She shouted, her face turning red. “You’re just being childish!” She added. Aden shook his head. Frustrated, Belle pushed her door open and walked out into the hallway. She saw her friend walking up the stairs, the skirt hanging over her arm.

“Hi Ruby,” She said, sounding anxious.

“Hi Belle,” Ruby replied, not noticing the urgency in her friends voice. “I brought your skirt back,” She added, handing the item over. Belle grabbed it.

“Thanks,” She said, “Is that all?” Ruby looked at Belle in amazement.

“I thought we were going to work on our maths homework,” Belle closer her eyes in anger.

“Yeah, I know, but...” Ruby pushed past Belle and made her way over to the bedroom. Belle rushed after her, desperate to keep her from finding out her secret.

“Well, you said you wanted help with calculus,” Ruby began, pushing the door open,

“Uh, look, Ruby...” Belle inhaled deeply as Ruby walked in. Belle pushed herself up against the wall and sighed. “Yes, Spike is in my bedroom. He’s on my bed,” Belle confessed, “Look; I just needed some stuff from the newsroom, that’s all. I needed some stuff so I phoned him to get it for me. Okay, so he stayed a while,” Belle smiled and walked into her room. Ruby was looking around. “What exactly is wrong with that?”

“He isn’t here,” Ruby grinned. Belle looked over at her bed. Aden wasn’t there. She looked over at the window hopefully and saw that it was open. She grinned

“Oh,” Belle shrugged. “Must have been mistaken.” Ruby nodded, not believing a word she had just heard.


Aden limped away towards the main road. He had sprained his ankle jumping from Belle’s second story bedroom. Amanda was outside doing some yard work.

“She didn’t push you out the window, did she?” Amanda laughed. Aden shook his head.

“No, I jumped,” Amanda laughed again.

“I know how you feel,” She called out before attacking a large hedge with a pair of hedge-trimmers. Aden looked back up at the house again before walking down the footpath, limping slightly.

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Thanks Lauren :)

-Chapter Thirty-Nine-

Something Terrible

Angelo sighed as he left a store in Yabbie Creek shopping centre. He had to take an order from one of the food court stalls. He had been unable to get Jessie off his mind. He knew there was something different about the girl, he just didn’t know what. He looked up and saw a girl, very similar to Jessie sitting alone on a bench. He walked over to her and placed his hand on her shoulder. She jumped and turned around. It was Jessie. Without waning, Jessie stood up and pushed Angelo out of the way and began running towards the exit, Angelo attempted to follow her, but tripped up on a buskers’ hat. A large amount of silver coins tipped out.

“Are you represented?” Angelo asked the busker nervously.


“Jessie?” Angelo called out after having left the shopping centre. He turned and made his way down an empty alley. “Jessie?” He called out again.

“Well look who’s here!” Angelo heard a deep male voice call out. Lincoln Boulevard and a group of boys walked over to him. “Look who wants his head done in,” Angelo jumped. Absent minded, he looked around to see if there were any rabbit suits available.

“Look behind you!” He called out, hoping to distract them. Lincoln shook his head and continued advancing towards the terrified boy. “Know about that one, right?” Angelo laughed nervously.

“Angelo!” A female voice called out. Angelo tuned around and saw Jessie running towards him. “Leave them alone Angelo!” She pleaded. Angelo looked down at her in confusion. “You mustn’t go back to all that!”

“What?” He asked her,

“Remember the electrodes!”

“The what?”

“Is it the voices again? Are they telling you to do bad things?” Jessie turned to face the group of menacing boys, “You’re provoking him, aren’t you? You want him taken away again, don’t you?”

“Away where?” Lincoln asked them,

“Look, she’s making this all up!” Angelo tried to explain. Jessie turned around and stood on his foot gently. “She doesn’t know what she’s talking about!” Jessie stood on his foot slightly harder, and Angelo finally got it, “Make her go away Grandmother!” He called out. Jessie smiled. Lincoln looked around at his gang,

“We know this is rubbish!” He called out. Angelo ignored him. “You think you can scare us with this rubbish?”

“Must I grandmother?” Angelo asked the non-existent woman, “He’s so young,” Lincoln sighed.

“Give it up,” He demanded, “This isn’t fooling anyone, is it?”

“No,” A few people muttered. Lincoln turned around and noticed that some members of his gang had started believing this.

“Is it?” He shouted, sounding angrier than normal.

“No,” Everyone replied. Lincoln turned back towards Angelo and Jessie.

“This is rubbish, this is,” He repeated. Angelo smiled and pushed Jessie gently out of the way. She flinched again.

“Of course it is!” He exclaimed proudly, “So is the story about my great-aunt, she’s just growing clovers, okay? A couple of police dogs start sniffing around her garage and now everyone’s talking!”

“We’re not going to stand here listening to this!” Lincoln shouted out in frustration, “Are we guys?”

“No,” The boys replied feebly. Lincoln turned back towards Angelo; he had a large toothy grin on his face. It was slightly menacing.

“Let’s leave these nutters to it,” He called out, “Don’t think we believed any of this,” He added to Angelo.

“How could you know his address grandmother?” Angelo called out as the group stalked away, looking over their shoulders every now and then. “Like your style kid,” Angelo said, turning to face Jessie. A look of confusion crossed his face when he noticed she wasn’t there anymore.


Back in the newsroom, Angelo was sitting at Annie’s desk. She was perched on the edge of it, listening intently to every word he said.

“She followed me around all day,” He continued, “One time she was crying, the other time she was going on worse than me!”

“Sounds pretty strange,” Annie agreed, looking sincerely at Angelo and then over at a large pen in the middle of the room. In it were her guinea pigs. Her rabbits had died, so she had decided to move onto smaller animals.

“Have you been able to find anything out?” Anglo asked her. Annie turned away from the guinea pigs and back to him.

“Sorry,” She said, shaking her head. Annie jumped up and walked over to the animals. By now, almost half the news team was surrounding them. The doors to the newsroom pushed open and Jessie walked in solemnly. She made her way over to Angelo’s office and pushed the door open.


The double doors of the newsroom banged open. Belle and Aden walked in, smiles on their faces.

“Well?” She asked him cheerfully, Aden thought for a moment,

“I’m counting my fillings,” He joked as they walked over to her desk. “My foot still hurts though,” He added. Belle grinned at him.

“It was that good?” She asked him. Before he could answer, Belle pushed past Melody and over to the cage Annie’s guinea pigs were in, “Annie, they’re gorgeous!” She exclaimed, smiling down at the creatures.

“D’you wanna buy one?” Annie asked hopefully. Belle smiled and ran her index finger along a tan coloured animal.

“If I can choose it,” She said, picking up the guinea pig she had just touched. “Larry and Tommy really have to get new names with this kind of productivity,” She added as both she and Aden stroked the tiny creature softly.

“We’ve already seen to that,” Annie grinned, jerking her head over to Geoff.

“We had a vote in the newsroom,” He informed the editor, “And we thought that in the memory of Annie’s deceased rabbits, and the high level of output in the newsroom, that Aden and Belle would do nicely,” Aden and Belle turned to face each other and grinned. Lucas picked up his camera and took a photo of the pair.


Angelo pushed the door to his office open angrily and walked over to his desk, not noticing Jessie, whom was sitting over by the window, two defective ping-pong balls in her hand.

“Hi!” She said sweetly. Angelo jumped.

“Jessie,” he exclaimed, “Don’t do that!” He told her angrily.

“Sorry,” She apologised timidly,

“What’s wrong?” Angelo asked her,


“Then why aren’t you at home?”

“I’m going home!” She shouted at him, Angelo was taken aback by this outburst, “I’m just waiting,”

“For what?” Angelo asked her curiously. Jessie sighed.

“Are these just like the ones you sold?” She asked, holding up the half ping-pong balls, hoping to change the subject.

“For what?” Angelo asked her,

“My mum,” She replied, looking back down at the ping-pong balls

“Your parents are out?” He asked her, slightly concerned, “They leave you home alone?”


“But you just...”

“My dad’s home,” Jessie told him sadly, Angelo raised his eyebrows in confusion,

“Then what’s the problem?” He asked her. Jessie didn’t answer.

“I want this one,” She told Angelo, holding up a ping-pong ball with his name on it, “Can I have it?”

“You don’t like you dad, is that it?” Angelo asked her. Jessie nodded. “Look, Jessie!” Angelo said in frustration, “I get the feeling you’re trying to tell me something here,”

“I’m not!” She said in defence. Angelo sighed,

“Then why... uh, are you frightened of your dad?” He asked the young girl, “Does he hit you?” Jessie shook her head,

“He never hits me,” She said, not looking up.

“Then why,” He began, placing his hand on her shoulder. She jumped.

“Don’t touch me!” She demanded. A look of horror crossed Angelo’s face as it hit him. All the times he had touched her slightly, she had jumped. In the diner with the IOU card,

“Oh no,” He muttered to himself as he remembered the afternoon, when he had grabbed her shoulder. “God no! I can’t deal with this!” He said to himself. Jessie sighed and made her way to the door of his office. “Jessie!” He shouted before she opened the door, “Listen to me. Is your father, is he making you do things? Bad things? Not hitting you, but making you do things?” Jessie didn’t answer. A solitary tear falling down the side of her face, “Is he?” Jessie looked up at Angelo, she was visibly frightened and upset.

“Angelo,” She whispered,

“I’m right, aren’t I?” He asked again. Jessie didn’t answer and pushed the door open. Her jaw dropped when she saw her father standing by the front double doors. “Jessie!” He said in frustration.

“I've got to go!” She shouted at him. Angelo watched as she ran over to her father. A look of concern and horror still on his face.

“Hello love,” Jessie’s father said, placing his hand on her shoulder

“Is mum home?” Angelo heard the girl say. Her father shook his head. Angelo gulped and watched as the pair left the room.


Okay, I know it's not as long, as well written or as funny as previous chapters, but this is an issue I've always wanted to focus on in my fics. And all this is character development for Angelo. He's not just the guy with the wild schemes, he has personal demons (if you can call them that :P) too. I don't know why it isn't as well written, I guess it's because I was so worried about it coming across as to unrealistic, and that effected my judgement whilst writing it. Does that make sense? Anyway, next chapter is a lot better (probably because there's a lot more Aden and Belle :P)

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Thanks Jody, Lauren, Taniya and Symphony :)

-Chapter Forty-


Jessie sighed as she watched television. She couldn’t believe how easily Angelo had guessed what was happening.

“There’s some beer in the fridge,” She heard her mother say to her father, “And some cold meat,” She added, “Oh, and I've left Cathy’s phone number on the dresser,”

“Right love,” Her father replied in his gravely voice.

“And don’t let Jessie stay up to late,” She told him.

“I won’t,” Her father replied simply. She heard her mother scoff in disbelief.

“You usually do,” She teased him.

“I won’t,” He reassured his wife. Jessie turned her attention back to the television momentarily. Cher’s new single ‘Just Like Jesse James’ was playing.

“Why don’t you stay over?” Her father suggested.

“What?” Her mother asked, slightly confused,

“At Cathy’s,” He informed her. Jessie could tell that her mother was contemplating it, “You might as well,” he added.

“Well I could,” She began to say. Jessie heard her father cough, interrupting her.

“Look,” He said sternly, “I don’t have to go in to work until twelve tomorrow. As long as you’re back before then,” Jessie knew now that her mother would say yes.

“Maybe I will,” She pondered, “Yeah, I will,” She sounded more definite now. Jessie heard the door open and her mother call out her farewells. She heard her father enter the room. He went over to the television.

Tonight you’re gonna go down in flames! Just like Jesse...” Cher sang. Jessie watched as her father clicked the television off.


“Jessie!” Angelo said, waking up. He had just had another nightmare about the little girl. “Jessie,” He said again, looking around. He must have fallen asleep watching television again.

My dad’s home,” Jessie’s voice seemed to ring through the air,

You don’t like you dad, is that it?” Angelo remembered he had said. He had been running over the events of the afternoon non-stop since they had happened.

Look Jessie, I get the feeling you’re trying to tell me something. Your dad, does he hit you?” Jessie had denied that.

He never hits me,” She had replied. And that’s when it hit him. It wasn’t physical abuse. It was worse, much, much worse.

Is your father, is he making you do things? Bad things? Not hitting you, but making you do things?” He had asked her. When she didn’t answer, he knew he was right. He had watched her run over to her father, almost in tears, and ask of her mother was home. He had felt his heart plummet to his feet when he had told her no. Angelo closed his eyes in anger.


Belle grinned as she made her way over to Aden. He was sitting at his desk, a piece of paper in his hands. He was getting ready to load the typewriter in front of him.

“Morning Spike,” She said energetically, passing him an article he had typed up yesterday. It was covered in red ink.

“Morning Belle,” He replied, looking down at the article,

“Your record review,” She told him, noticing he had a confused look on his face. “I've made a few notes,”

“Kisses all over it,” He joked,

“Crosses, Spike,” Belle corrected him with a smile, “At your spelling mistakes. ‘U’ after ‘Q’ always, and speaking of ‘always’ it’s got one ‘L’,” Aden nodded, paying minimal attention to what his girlfriend was saying. He was too immersed in her clothes. She was wearing a horrible green cardigan with grey patches and a knee length red skirt. One day, he thought, I’m going to have to get Mel to give her some advice. “Trim down the beginning, beef up the end and get Ruby to help you with the middle,” Aden nodded again. He was paying attention now, albeit barely. “Oh, you misspelt ‘illiterate’ too. Check your school reports,” She joked. Aden looked down at the article.

“You haven’t got a cross on that one,” He said, pointing to the word. Belle smiled.

“Here,” She said, leaning down. She placed a kiss on his left cheek.

“That’s only one,” He told her, “Illiterate’s got two “L’s,” He said, puckering his lips. Belle scoffed.

“Not the way you spell it,” She told him sharply. Aden grinned.

“Ah, well, I’m learning,” he joked. Belle smiled,

“And that’s ‘learning’ with one ‘L’,” She added before walking back towards her desk. Aden laughed and turned to face Drew and Ruby, the two closest to his desk.

“Spelling,” He sighed dreamily, “Don’t you love it or what?” Ruby and Drew stared at him, struggling to hold back laugher.

“Do you remember, two years ago, I was sick on your living room carpet?” Drew asked him. Ruby giggled.

“Remember it? We’re still waiting for you to clean it up!” He joked. “Why?”

“I’m just remembering it now, that’s all,” Drew grinned, Aden got up from his desk and walked over to the pair. He perched himself carefully on the edge of Ruby’s desk.

“I guess I should have expected this really,” Aden told his friend, and one time gang member,

“Expected what?” Drew asked him as he attacked the letter ‘j’ on the typewriter, the only letter that stuck.

“That a guy like you could never really understand the kind of relationship that Belle and I have,” Drew scoffed and Ruby laughed.

“Spike, don’t start with me,” Drew told him seriously.

“It’s a spiritual thing, really,” Aden continued. Drew rolled his eyes.

“Aden, I've been watching your relationship,” He explained, stroking a few keys on the typewriter, “She brushes past you in the doorway and it takes you two laps around the newsroom and a quick dip in the ocean before you can even start breathing properly,” Aden scoffed, “That’s spiritual?”

“You said it,” Aden told his friend before standing up and walking towards the graphics room, “That’s spiritual,”

“No, that’s sad Jeffries, very, very sad!” Drew said, staining up and following the teenager,

“Get this Drew, I’m in love,” He looked down and saw a waste-paper basket sitting by the door of the graphics section. Aden bent down and picked it up, “Do what you must,” he told Drew, passing the bin over.

“So, you’re in love?” Drew asked Aden. “With Attila the Skirt?”

“You got it,” Aden shot back almost immediately.

“Tell me, does she kiss with her teeth?” Aden sighed.

“That’s kind of a painful subject,” He replied with a smile. Drew placed his hands into his pockets and rolled his eyes.

“Spike, listen to me,” He demanded, “That woman is dangerous!” Aden scoffed in disbelief. “She’ll tear you to pieces!”

“Dangerous?” Aden repeated in a tone of amusement. “You’re serious? Look!” Aden pointed over to his girlfriend. She was walking over to a member of the news team.

“Bobby!” She called out coldly, “What the hell is this supposed to be? I told you I wanted five hundred words maximum. I said I wanted facts not fiction. I’m absolutely sick of your pathetic inability to follow even the simplest of orders.” She screamed. Drew turned to Aden and raised his right eyebrow as Geoff made his way over to his best friend. “One thing I've always wondered, Bobby. When you wake up, how do you tell?” Aden and Drew watched as Geoff leaned in and whispered something into Belle’s ear.

“Well, which one is Bobby?” She asked her assistant editor, ignoring the fact she had just ripped into an innocent staff member.

“He’s in hospital,” The reporter she had just yelled at replied timidly. Belle turned to face him, a look of anger on her face.

“What are the visiting hours?” She demanded. Geoff rolled his eyes and grabbed the woman’s arm tightly.

“Belle,” He pleaded as he dragged her over to her desk.

“See,” Aden said with a grin, “Isn’t she sweet?” Drew rolled his eyes and passed the bin over to Aden.

“Why don’t you take this Spike,” He said, “They’re going to need something to put your head in,” Aden rolled his eyes as Drew stormed off. Aden watched as Geoff and Belle started a heated conversation.

“Hi Spike,” Melody said, walking up behind him. Aden smiled and placed the bin in his arms down. “How’s the latest blond?”

“Mel, Belle is not my latest blond, she isn’t even blond!” Aden scoffed. Melody shrugged.

“I didn’t mean you’re latest blond,” She said, sounding slightly apologetic, “I meant hers,” She pointed over at Belle, “How are you?”

“Head over heels,” He admitted. Melody gave him a smile before walking away.

“Aden,” He heard his name, he turned around and saw Annie walking over to him. “Where’s Angelo?”


Angelo sighed. He was lying down on his bed, many thoughts running through his mind.

“BEEP!” He heard. It was one of his portables. He sighed before standing up and walking over to his wardrobe. Opening it he sighed. He had over twenty mobiles. The problem was; which one was ringing. In frustration, he began picking up each portable, and finally, after ten attempts, found the one ringing.

“AR Enterprises, Hello,” Angelo answered before falling back onto his bed.

“Hi, did I get the right one?” Annie asked. Angelo rolled his eyes.

“No,” He replied, “What is it Annie?” He asked the younger girl.

“I've got some information for you,” She told him. Angelo sat up eagerly, “It’s about Jessie Hastie,”

“Jessie!” Angelo exclaimed. This is exactly what he had been hoping for,

“She goes to the same school as us, she’s Summer Bay High,” Angelo’s eyes widened. This is exactly the information he needed. All he had to do was convince Lucas to hack into the school records. Belle had convinced the school, after a lot of begging to put the school records on computer, and have Lucas do it, but what the school didn’t know was that they had left a back door open for the Coastal Junior to access them without anybody knowing.


“Long time, no speak, ‘aye Rhys!” Angelo said as he burst into the graphics department. Lucas spent most of his time in there when not out taking photos for Belle. Lucas looked at the financial expert in confusion, “You and me. The things we used to do. Craziness city, eh? The terrible two,” Angelo closed the door and walked closer to Lucas,

“Can I ask you a question?” Lucas asked as Angelo sat down on the desk he was working on,

“Shoot,” Angelo replied,

“Who’s Rhys?”

“You’re not Rhys?” Angelo raised his eyebrows. For some reason, he had always thought of him as Rhys.

“I’m Lucas,” Lucas sighed as a shocked expression crossed the teenagers face.

“Oh, right. Lucas was the one with glasses,” Angelo nodded. Lucas held back a laugh, “Easy mistake,” He said in his defence.

“Let me save you some time,” Lucas shot at the teenager as he picked up his camera, “You know I can hack into the school computers, you want me to pull someone’s records for you,” Angelo nodded,

“Her name’s Jessie Hastie, she’s in year seven, and I’ll help you boot up this baby,” He added, pointing to one of only two computers Gavin had allocated the newsroom with.

“Forget it,” Lucas said, polishing the lens of his SLR camera, “I’m under orders from Belle. On no account are you to be allowed anywhere near the school records,”

“Belle said that?” Angelo asked the photographer in confusion,

“She did,” Lucas said, bringing the camera up to his eye and adjusting the focus. He watched as Angelo’s jaw dropped and he raised his hand to his chest.

“Well I’m hurt!” He exclaimed, “Obviously she doesn’t trust me!” Lucas laughed.

“Look, Rhys,” Angelo began,

“Lucas,” Lucas corrected him,

“Oh, right. Lucas, I’m going to be straight with you. I know how I sound. I open my mouth and it’s a hustle. I can’t help that!” He told the blond, whom was now standing up, “But just this once, it’s not for me, I’m not pulling something,” Lucas felt his jaw drop.

“Yeah?” He asked, before smiling. Obviously Angelo was trying to pull his leg.

“This is serious!” Angelo yelled, “A serious situation! As serious as it can be,”

“And how serious is that?” Lucas asked him. Angelo raised his right eyebrow,

“What do you mean?” He asked,

“How much do you owe, and who do you owe it to?” He asked, holding back laughter. Angelo rolled his eyes before standing up and walking out of the newsroom, a disappointed look on his face.


Okay, so just a little note. A portable is a mobile phone, from the '80s and '90s. If you haven't seen one, click on the link below


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