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The Coastal Junior

Guest Luc

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Thanks Laura and Taniya. This has to be my second favourite chapter I have writen ever, after the child abuse on, in which Angelo matures slightly...

-Chapter Fifty-One-

Rock Solid

“Do you know her?” Belle asked the deputy editor moments later. Geoff looked around at the newsroom; they were all staring at him,

“Of course not,” He replied. Geoff looked around the newsroom again, “Of course not!” Belle shrugged.

“Could you tell Annie I’m giving the playground story to features?” She asked him before turning back to her work. Geoff rolled his eyes.

“Belle!” he shouted at her angrily.

“You’re a dark horse, aren’t you?” Geoff heard Melody say. He looked up to see she was standing in front of Belle’s desk. She smiled before walking back to her office.

“Mel!” He shouted after her, “What is going on here?” He asked again. It finally hit him. “Angelo!” He shouted to himself. Belle looked up from the article she was correcting.

“What?” She asked as he made his way over to Angelo’s office. He pushed the door open angrily. Angelo was nowhere to be seen, but on his desk was a note that read ‘Let’s Do Lunch’.


“Where?” Geoff asked Angelo angrily through the telephone.

“Are you sure you’re calm enough?” He asked the angry deputy editor.

“Angelo, it’s me. I invented calm. I only have a pulse on weekends. Where is lunch?” Geoff shot at the boy angrily.

“You don’t sound calm,”

“It’s a voice exercise. I have to talk through my teeth and imagine I’m kicking puppies. Angelo, where?”

“The Pier Diner, two o’clock.” He hung up.


The door to the diner banged open and Angelo walked in. He noticed Geoff sitting in his usual booth and he walked over.

“Geoff, I want to talk futures!” He called out from the door.

“Yeah, so do I,” Geoff responded, “I think you ought to consider having one!” Angelo shrugged and sat down.

“Geoff, where do you see yourself in ten years time?”

“Being nice to people in a new and older age group. Being dumped by all my girlfriends for being to boringly nice. Never getting further though a sentence than ‘but Belle...’” He laughed.

“Exactly!” Angelo exclaimed with a laugh.

“Angelo, I know that you arranged for Drew to tape me in my wardrobe, and I also guessed that you arranged for the most beautiful woman that I've ever seen to walk into my life and slap me in the face,”

“Yeah, sorry about that,” Angelo apologised.

“No problem,” Geoff smiled, taking a sip of coffee, “That’s kind of what it was like with my last girlfriend, Matilda, except she took longer on the backswing.” He laughed, “But one question does spring to mind Angelo. Why?”

“I’m gonna say something to you, Geoff; I’m gonna say the biggest thing you ever heard. I’m gonna change your life kid,” Geoff raised his eyebrows in confusion. “Geoff Campbell, rock star,” Geoff broke into a fit of laughter.


“Geoff, I’m being serious here!” Angelo exclaimed as the pair walked along the beach.

“Angelo, you’re almost worth knowing for moments like this,” Geoff informed the boy,

“Hey, it could work!”



“A rock star?”

“Well, what could be more natural?” Angelo asked the boy,

“Off the top of my head, fish cycling!” He joked. Angelo rolled his eyes.

“But you can sing!” He exclaimed and Geoff shrugged, “Geoff, I’m talking business here!”

“So what happened to lunch?” Geoff asked the financial manager with a smile.


“Business?” Geoff asked Angelo as he handed him a soft-serve ice-cream,

“Look, school’s out forever in two weeks time, you’ve got to start thinking careers, there’s a real world out there,” He told the boy as they started walking along the beach again,

“Yeah, I know,” Geoff said in frustration, “You ought to try it sometime,” He added.

“I've been working on this, Geoff, even before I heard the tape I've been working on your image,” Angelo explained.

“In your world Angelo, what colour is the sky?” Geoff joked; Angelo rolled his eyes again,

“I've been developing you, remoulding you, Geoff,”

“Do trees talk to you, Angelo? What was that gimmick with the face slapping?”

“Do you know what they’re saying back at the newsroom right now?” Angelo asked him. Geoff shook his head. “You had this passionate affair with this woman, carelessly, you throw her over for another, and then devastated and bent for revenge, she comes down to the newsroom to expose your secret life.” Geoff laughed again.

“I don’t have a secret life!”

“You do know,”

“Who was she?”

“The burning question! Exiled German princess, heiress to the thrown of one the more affluent European countries!”

“Who was she Angelo?”

“Singing telegram,” Angelo thrust his ice-cream into Geoff’s free hand, “Image city babe. People will be looking at this hunk guy in a whole new way,”

“No way!” Geoff shouted,

“Wait until they find out his sings too!” Angelo added. Geoff turned towards him. Stuck on a pole behind him was a picture of his face, and the word ‘Geoff’ written across it.

“Try and understand this. I’m saying no! There is absolutely no way on this Earth I’m ever going to be a rock star, okay?” He turned around and noticed the poster and a look of anger crossed his face. “At the pavilion?” He read.

“You won’t be alone, of course,” Angelo smiled, walking over to him. “You’ll be part of the pavilion’s talent show; we’ve just got to get your face seen!” He noticed Geoff wasn’t saying anything, “What do you think of the poster, by the way? Taste with bells on, right?”



“When I regain the use of my hands I’m going to kill you!”

“HEY!” Geoff and Angelo turned around. Two young kids were standing opposite them, one was male, the other female. “Is that you?” The male asked, pointing to the poster.

“You better believe it kid,” Angelo replied for the infuriated Geoff.

“There is no way I’m doing this, Angelo!” Geoff told him through clenched teeth,

“You’ll do it,” Angelo replied,

“She thinks you’re yummy,” The male called out, pointing to the female.

“Do not!” The female shouted,

“She does, she said,” The male added.

“See, it’s starting already!”

“Angelo, I’m not doing it!” Geoff shouted at the boy. Angelo shrugged and slapped the deputy editors shoulder softly.

“Catch you later,” He said before walking off along the beach. Geoff moaned as he looked at the poster of his face, and then back to Angelo.

“What’s it like to be a star then?” The male from before called out.


“Football,” Drew said as he pulled a small, gridiron ball out of Aden’s desk drawer. He threw it into a box that also contained his walkman, his spare sunglasses, and a few tapes. “Notebook,” He added, pulling a large notepad out of the drawer and throwing it into the box. Belle watched on in confusion from her desk as Drew threw another pair of sunglasses into the box carelessly. Finally, she stood up and walked over to him.

“What are you doing?” She asked him softy. Drew pulled out another notepad and flipped it open.

“Spike left a few things here, I’m just collecting them for him,” He said dully. Belle looked up at Drew in shock.

“He’s really not coming back?” She asked timidly. Drew sighed angrily and looked up at her.

“What do you think?” He shot angrily.

“I think you’ve got an article to give me before six o’clock, and you don’t have time to go carting stuff out to Spike’s house!” She replied with a smug grin.

“Yeah, but I’m not going to Spike’s house,” Drew explained, “He’s waiting for me outside,” Belle’s eyes widened as she heard the words. She looked from Drew to the door, before walking briskly towards them. She pushed it open casually and looked out. Aden was standing outside the main dors, a baseball cap on his head. Belle looked at him, longing to talk to him once more. Finally, she started walking to him, and was halfway when the doors burst open. She turned around and saw Drew walking out of the newsroom, a box in his hands. He pushed past Belle and opened the main doors. Belle watched on sadly as Drew lead him away.


Geoff walked up to the entrance of the newsroom and stared at the sign on the door – Trespassers Will Be Exterminated. He grinned before walking in, ready for the onslaught of curious workers.


“Geoff, is it true?” The crying reporter called out, Geoff walked over to her.

“What?” He asked her. She was sitting at Rebecca’s desk, a yellow poster on it.

“I didn’t know you did this sort of thing!” Cathy exclaimed. Geoff scoffed.

“I don’t...” He began to explain,

“And you look so terrific in this poster,” Rebecca sighed, looking dreamily at it.

“I don’t...” Geoff replied,

“Where do you get tickets?” Cathy asked, looking away from the poster.

“You don’t!” Geoff snapped at them.


Ruby smiled up at Geoff. Geoff took no notice.

“We feel that if you lightened up on the earlier section, then somehow, the middle section would...” He looked down at Ruby again. She was starting to scare him. “What?” He asked in confusion.

“I just want you to know I’m really looking forward to the show,” Ruby told him. She reached out and rubbed his arm gently.


Mel smiled up at Geoff. Geoff took no notice.

“Do you think we could have the layouts a day early?” He asked her, holding up a copy of the Coastal Junior. “And could you maybe allow Belle a little more input on the centrespread?”

“Absolutely!” Melody exclaimed. Geoff looked at her in confusion.

“And is it okay if she comes to the graphics meeting on Wednesday?”

“Sure,” Geoff smiled at her sadly and passed over to mock up of next week’s edition of the Coastal Junior.

“She’s rejected these roughs, so can you have them ready before tomorrow?” Melody looked down angrily at the newspaper.

“No problem,” She said, looking back up at Geoff.

“Good,” Geoff said in confusion. Slowly, he walked out of the newsroom. Melody rolled her eyes and stood up from the chair she had been sitting on. She slammed the door shut and pulled down the blind. Attached to it was a ‘Geoff’ poster. Geoff turned around and Melody blew him a kiss. He grinned and walked over to Belle’s desk. She looked up at him and smiled. Geoff’s eyes widened in shock – Belle Taylor had just smiled!

“He Geoff,” She said timidly. He noticed that their desks had been pushed together. Geoff shrugged and sat down.

“Hi boss,” He said nervously.

“Thanks for the curtains,” She told him, pointing to the red drapes hanging over the small window.

“No problem,” He smiled.

“You know Geoff; you’re the one thing in my life I can always rely on. Whatever happens, you’re always there. There are never any surprises with you Geoff,” Belle said to the now frightened boy. He had never heard Belle talk like this to anyone before, “I think it’s about time we gave Spike’s desk to somebody else,” She stood up and walked round to him.

“Yeah, sure thing boss,” Geoff smiled. Belle sat on the edge of his desk and slapped him arm playfully.

“Rock solid,” She smiled before moving in and kissing him on the forehead. Geoff watched her in confusion as she walked away from him. He looked back over at Melody, she waved at him seductively. Smiling, Geoff turned back to his desk and pulled out his notepad.

“Geoff!” He looked up and saw Emma and Rebekah standing behind him.

“We’ve produced a publicity t-shirt!” Rebekah exclaimed.

“It’s based on the news slogan concept by Angelo,” Emma added. “Do you want to see it?”

“Yeah, why not?” Geoff answered. Emma and Rebekah turned to each other and nodded. Slowly, they unzipped their jackets. Underneath was a light blue t-shirt with his face on it. ‘Geoff Campbell: The Yummiest Man in Rock!” it read. Geoff laughed.

“Do you like it?” Rebekah asked him,

“Yeah, it’s wonderful!” He told the younger girls.


Geoff pressed the doorbell of Belle’s house. He was desperate to tell her about what Angelo had set up for him – a whole new band!

“Come on Belle!” He whispered to himself. The door opened and Aden pushed past him. “Spike!” he exclaimed.

“Oh, you remembered,” Aden shot at him. Geoff turned to him,

“Is Belle in?” He asked,

“Yeah,” Aden replied,

“You spoke to her?”

“Kind of,”

“Something wrong?”

“Yeah,” Aden replied before walking away. Geoff turned back to the door in confusion. Amanda was standing in front of him.

“I thought they’d split up,” Geoff told her.

“They have,” Amanda reassured him, “And a lot further than we thought. You’d better go up and see her.” Geoff pushed past the blond and waled up the stairs. He pushed the door to Belle’s room open.

“Belle?” He asked in concern. She was sitting on her bed in the dark, her face tearstained.

“Hi,” Belle said dully,

“Spike was here. You were talking to him?”

“He spoke to my mum, he didn’t want to talk to me,” She muttered sadly,

“What was he saying?” Geoff asked, half concerned, half curious,

“Goodbye,” Belle told him. “He’s going back to America.”


Slowly, she glanced across at the wall where she hung important front pages. There was only one there now. It was their latest edition. ‘Why This Woman Wants To Close The Coastal Junior’ by Belle Taylor, was the headline. Underneath it was a picture of Sally Fletcher.

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Thanks guys! The chaoter following this is part one in the three part final story arch, in other words, after this, there's only two chapters left (three if I think of more to add). I'll tell you now, the sequel might not be set in the newsroom. Also, these are going to be some of my famous past-present chapters in which you see the present, and then you see the past, with the help of italics, oc course. Italic text is Friday night, Normal is the week leading up to Friday night...

-Chapter Fifty-Two-

The Big Finish?; Part One


Belle looked into the newsroom sadly through the front door. The light was off. The room was almost empty except for a few boxes and desks. Slowly she pushed the door open and made a beeline to her desk. The bright red phone was sitting on it. She sat down and flicked on a lamp. The lamp she had put there earlier. Sadly, she glanced across at the wall where she hung important front pages. There was only one there now. It was their latest edition. ‘Why This Woman Wants To Close The Coastal Junior’ by Belle Taylor, was the headline. Underneath it was a picture of Sally Fletcher.



Belle sat at her desk, a red pen in her hand. She was correcting news articles that had been handed in to her earlier that day.

“Hi,” Annie said timidly, walking up to the editor. She looked upset.

“You’re late on three stories and I don’t hear typing,” Belle shot, not looking up from the articles.

“They’re all in my head,” Annie informed her, Belle signed off on another story,

“Fine. Leave it in my in tray,” She said, almost acidly, still not looking up at the young girl.

“I heard,” Annie muttered. She had caught Belle’s attention now. Slowly she glanced up at the younger girl.

“About what?” She asked with a confused tone present in her voice.

“About America,” Annie realised how stupid that sounded after saying it.

“A lot of people have Annie,” Belle snapped, turning back to the articles she was going through, “It’s going over big on the world scene,”

“Aden’s going back, isn’t he?” Annie asked sadly. Belle ignored this,

“Was their something you actually wanted to talk about?” The editor asked harshly,

“Last night, I was thinking,” She began,

“Congratulations,’ Belle said, “Was it everything you thought it would be,” Annie ignored the insult,

“Look, you guys are all leaving school at the end of the week, right?” Annie asked, Belle nodded, “So you’ve only got one week,”

“One week?” Belle asked, genuinely confused,

“To tell him you love him. To make him stay,” Belle understood now. The girl was talking about Aden,

“I don’t love him and he’s not staying,” Belle yelled. She stood up and pushed past the girl. Annie followed her.

“Belle, you can’t do this!” Annie pleaded, “You owe it to everyone in this newsroom!”

“What?” Belle shot, angry and confused.

“We’ve all been following this dopey love affair since page one!” Annie explained, “You’re part of everyone’s lives now. There are rabbits and guinea pigs named after you! Watch this,” She added, pointing to a sleeping reporter. Annie nudged her, “Aden,” She said. The reporter opened her eyes,

“Belle,” She replied instantly,

“See,” Annie said to Belle smugly. A look of anger crossed Belle’s face.

“Go back to sleep!” She yelled at the reporter before walking over to Drew, a few sheets of paper clutched in her hand. Annie followed her again.

“We’re all hanging in there for the happy ending!” She said sadly, “The traditional way,” She smiled at Drew. Belle rolled her eyes.

“One thing I can promise you Annie is that there’s going to be no traditional ending!” She snapped. She sounded irritated. Annie folded her arms across her chest and looked at Belle, she was avoiding making eye contact. “You see this?” Belle asked, picking up a blank piece of paper. Annie smirked. Belle was trying to change the subject.

“It’s blank,” She stated.

“I know. Go and fix it!” She yelled, passing the sheet of paper to the young reporter. Annie took it reluctantly, deciding it was better to leave the infuriated girl alone. Belle started to walk back towards her desk.

“Belle!” She heard Ruby call out. She was standing on a chair near the shelfs at the back of the room, “Could you help me with this typewriter?” She asked, pointing to the one on the very top. It had Ruby’s name scrawled across it.

“Sure.” She smiled before turning to Geoff, “Geoff, can you give Ruby a hand with the typewriter?” She asked. Geoff placed a pen down and nodded,

“Yeah. Sure,” He replied, walking over to the pair. Ruby climbed off the chair, and Geoff got on it, he went to grab the machine.

“Thanks Geoff,” She replied. Angelo walked up to them, his hands deep in his suit pockets.

“What are you doing?” He asked the pair. “Are you mad?”

“What?” Geoff asked him,

“He’s just helping me with the typewriter!” Ruby said.

“You don’t bother the kid with that kind of stuff!” Angelo shouted, pointing to Geoff again. Ruby rolled her eyes. “I’ll do it,” He added, turning to Drew.

“Drew, can you help Ruby with this typewriter?” He asked. Geoff rolled his eyes as he climbed off the chair. The typewriter was still on the top shelf.

“Angelo, I’m getting...” He began.

“Actually, I've got a bit of a sore back,” Drew answered and turned to a Lucas. “Lucas, can you help Ruby?”

“Of forget it!” She moaned,

“Look Angelo, I really think...”

“Geoff, a moment of your time kid,” Angelo asked him. Geoff growled, and reluctantly followed him to the small office at the back of the newsroom. Ruby climbed back onto the chair and wrapped her arms around the heavy object.

“Excuse me?” She head an unfamiliar voice asked as she was doing this. Ruby turned her head.

“Yeah?” She asked the boy. He was slightly attractive, had blond hair, blue eyes and was at least 5’9”.

“Are you Ruby Buckton?” He asked her. Ruby grinned at the fact the most attractive guy she had ever seen knew her name.

“Yes, I am,” She replied eagerly as she began attempting to pull the typewriter down again.

“I’d just like to say I've admired your work,” He praised as she wrapped her arms tightly arpund the machine again. “I've read almost everything you’ve written. I think you’re really excellent,”

“Well thankyou,” Ruby replied,

“I’m Brian Magboy by the way,” He added, Ruby grinned at him as she pulled the typewriter into her arms,

“Well, I’m Ruby Buckton,” She exclaimed. Brian laughed.

“Yeah, you just told me,”

“Oh, right,” She said, slightly embarrassed. She groaned as she lowered the heavy typewriter down slowly. “Guys don’t usually remember it,” Brian laughed again as Ruby placed the typewriter on the next shelf down and inhaled deeply. She pulled the machine back into her arms again.

“Look, all I wanted to say is that I’m a big fan,” Ruby turned and grinned at him, the typewriter still in her arms.

“Thankyou,” She muttered shyly.

“And I really don’t know how we’re going to replace you,” He told her. And that’s when the typewriter fell. Brian groaned in pain.


Geoff rolled his eyes as he stood in front of Angelo. A large picture of himself was pinned up on the wall behind him. Emma and Rebekah were running dust rollers over him.

“Let’s take a worse case scenario Geoff. You’re helping Ruby with her typewriter,” Geoff rolled his eyes again as Rebekah stood up on a chair and began running a brush through it. “And something goes wrong,”

“Goes wrong?” He asked the Italian.

“Yeah. I mean, typewriters are heavy objects,” Geoff rolled his eyes yet again, “Heavy awkward objects. You’re running a serious risk of not looking good.”

“All done!” Emma shouted out. Rebekah was still fixing up his hair.

“Angelo, I’m getting really sick of this!” Geoff moaned. Angelo looked at him in shock.

“Sick of what?” He asked.

“I can’t stand being packaged like this!” He shouted, pointing down to the whit suit he was wearing. Angelo had raided his wardrobe and removed anything that would ruin his image, thus leaving him with tack suits in all shades of the rainbow.

“What do you mean ‘packaged’?” Angelo asked him.

“The clothes, being spot-checked for dust,” He glared at Emma and Rebekah evilly for a moment before turning back to Angelo, “I can’t even use the bathroom if there’s witnesses!”

“Geoff, this is for the kids out there, they need someone to believe in. They need you.”

“Angelo, this isn’t me!” He shouted before walking back out into the main newsroom. Angelo followed him.

“Listen to me Geoff. Think about it. One week from now, they’ll all be screaming for you. You’re the last act on the bill. You’re the big finish! There’s going to be a ton of kids who have left school that day, you’re going to be big!” He raised his left hand and placed it on the right side of his chest. “Right from the heart!”

“Other side,” Geoff corrected him.


“Your heart is on the other side,” he told the boy. Angelo shrugged.

“I guess that’s what you get for practising in the mirror!” He laughed. Geoff rolled is eyes and walked away. Drew walked over to the Italian. “You been at rehearsals?” He asked.

“Yeah.” Drew replied, “The songs good, the singings good, the personality is, well, non-existent.”


“Geoff, over hear a moment!” Belle shot at the deputy editor, who was sitting at his desk. He got up out of his chair, “Emergency!”

“What?” Geoff asked her.

“I knew this was coming, I just wish they could have been a little more direct about it!” Geoff and Belle came to a stop in front of Ruby and Brian Magboy. “This is Brian Magboy; he goes to Mangrove River High School. He’s in year eleven.”

“Hi,” Geoff said. Brian nodded in acknowledgement.

“Tell Geoff what you told me,” Belle shot at the injured boy.

“She dropped a typewriter on my foot,” Geoff looked down and saw the boy had his foot perched on another chair.

“Not that!” Belle shouted at him,

“Who did?” Geoff asked, Brian pointed back at Ruby,

“She did,” He said. Geoff smiled.

“Oh, Ruby. I I’m sure she was just trying to be friendly.”

“Never mind about the foot!” Belle shouted again.

“I think I might have broken a toe!”

“It doesn’t matter! Tell us why you’re here!”

“I thought you knew about all this!”

“About what?” Geoff asked the injured boy.

“Tell him!” Belle demanded.

“The woman from your school, Fletcher, he phoned me as part of the recruitment,”

“Tell him what job you were recruited for,” Belle shot at him angrily.

“Well, um, assistant editor,” He said.

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Thanks Taniya and Laura. There's only one chapter left after this (Melody's last appearance also...) :(...

-Chapter Fifty-Three-

The Big Finish?; Part Two


The red telephone began ringing and Belle picked it up almost instantly. She placed it to her ear.

“Hello, Coastal Junior,” She said, “Oh, hi mum, no, I’m fine. I told you, I’m fine! Because I’d rather wait here, that’s why! Look, do you mind if I put the phone down? I want to keep the line clear. Sure, see you later.” She placed the phone back down on the receiver and checked her watch, it was almost eight o’clock. She rose from her chair and began walking around the newsroom. Looking over it in case this was the last time she would see it.



“Assistant editor!” Geoff cried out in shock,

“You guys haven’t been told about this?” Brian asked the group, “Hey, listen, maybe I shouldn’t have shown up today, I mean, I was just really keen,” He attempted to get up, but Ruby pulled him back down.

“Belle, what is happening here?” Geoff asked the girl angrily. Belle looked down at Brian.

“Well, it’s very simple really,” She began, walking over to her desk. Geoff followed her. “We’re all being fired from the Coastal Junior.” She sat down at her chair, Geoff sat in his.

“Fired?” He asked her. Belle rolled her eyes.

“Keys to the street. Thankyou and goodnight.” She said bitterly.

“The big finish,” Geoff called out.


“What has been going on that I don’t know about?” Geoff asked her.

“Geoff, do you want to stick with the Junior?” Belle asked him seriously. Geoff nodded.

“Yeah, sure, of course!” He told her.

“I mean really stick with it,” Belle told him as she pulled a few books out from her desk drawer, “Run it commercially, do it for real. Actually work for the Coastal Junior,”

“Of course I do Belle,” He told her. The pair looked up, an alarm had gone off. “Fire alarm?” He asked her.

“Do we have afire alarm?” Belle asked back,

“Do we have a fire?” Belle rose from her chair,

“Okay everyone, outside!” She shouted out, walking towards the door. “Leave your things behind, quickly now!” She told them calmly.

“What’s happening?” Melody asked the editor.

“Nothing,” Belle shot back, “Go and lie down in your room,” Geoff rolled his eyes as Belle made her way towards the main door.

“There’s a fire alarm,” He told her. “Come on, everybody out!” He shouted. Belle went to push the door open, and Aden walked in. He snapped his fingers and the alarm stopped.

“Hey guys. I’m sorry!” He apologised with a smirk, “I guess I've got one of those personalities that sets off smoke detectors,” He looked around, and his eyes met with Belle’s.

“We don’t have a smoke detector,” Geoff said in confusion.

“Hey, I must have on serious personality,” Belle rolled her eyes and looked next to him. Annie had appeared there. “Ah, my lovely assistant,” He pointed to her.

“I take it you’re responsible for setting off the fire alarm,” Belle stated coldly. Annie grinned.

“No,” She said, “Spike told me to,”

“Okay everyone, back to your desks!” Geoff shouted, “The fun is over,”

“That’s not how it looks to me,” Melody whispered as she walked past Belle. Aden grinned and walked over to her.

“What are you doing here Spike?” She asked him,

“Just coming to say some hellos and goodbyes,” He announced, smiling at her, “No hard feelings boss,”

“No feelings at all,” Belle shot back.

“That’s always been your problem,”

“Not a problem for me,”

“Isn’t this just like the old days?” Aden asked her, “Remember when we used to do this all the time?” Belle shook her head,

“No,” She said sharply. Aden snorted.

“Oh, it must have been two other people,” He laughed.

“It was,” Belle shot back sharply. Aden smiled at her.

“You know that I’m going back to America soon?” He asked her as he began walking down to the graphics room, pushing past a few people on the way.

“Yes, I’m sorry to here that,” Belle told him, “I like America”

“Oh yeah?” He asked her,

“Apart from the people,” She added. Aden rolled his eyes and sat on the edge of Ruby’s desk. Ruby was holding Brian up with her arms.

“Ruby?” Belle asked, looking at the pair in confusion.

“He got knocked over in the rush,” She told her.

“Somebody trod on my head!” Brian moaned.

“Well you haven’t changed!” Aden announced.

“Spike!” Ruby said, letting go of Brian. He fell to the ground.

“I come in disguised as a fire alarm and you still don’t notice me!’ He joked. Ruby grinned.

“What’s there to notice?” Belle asked him. Aden grinned also.

“There’s an answer to that,” Aden stood up and walked over to Ruby. He threw his arms around her shoulders and pulled her into a kiss. Belle watched on in jealousy as Ruby didn’t attempt to pull away. “Don’t worry, you’ll get over me,” He told the brunette after he pulled away. Ruby grinned as Aden walked away.

“Presses a bit hard, doesn’t he?” Belle asked her, jealousy present in her voice.

“It’s a good technique though,” Ruby admitted,

“Don’t you find he pulls your head around a bit roughly?” A random female reporter asked as she walked past Belle and Ruby.

“Excuse me!” Brian called out from the floor.

“Oh, Brain. Sorry!” Ruby shouted, bending down to help the by up, “Are you alright?”

“Do you people not like me?” He asked Ruby as he sat back down. Belle rolled her eyes and walked over to Aden, who was sitting on the corner of Drew’s desk. Angelo was sitting with them.

“Hello and goodbye, you said?” Belle asked him, folding her arms across her chest. “Getting any closer to goodbye?” Aden shook his head.

“I've got a job to do here,” He told her.

“A job?” Belle asked him in interest. Aden grinned and got up off the desk.

“Geoff!” He called out, walking over to the blond deputy editor. “I heard the singing’s great. I heard the songs great. I hear all you need is a little personality,” He said, sitting on the edge of the desk. “Geoff, I’m here to teach you personality,” Geoff rolled his eyes and turned away from the American.


The telephone began ringing and Belle made her way over to it quickly. She placed it to her ear eagerly.

“Hello, Coastal Junior,” She said, sitting down at her chair.

“Belle?” Sally Fletcher asked. Belle’s face fell.

“Hello Miss,” She said in disappointment. Sally was very much against what she and Geoff had done.

“Have you heard anything?” Sally asked her.

“Not yet,” Belle replied, “You?”

“Not yet,” She told her. There was an awkward silence. “That wasn’t the main reason I phoned,” Sally added.

“No?” Belle asked her.

“Can I say something to you Belle?” Belle thought for a moment, before smiling.

“It’s you bill,” She smiled. Sally chuckled.

“First of all,” She began, her voice serious, “I haven’t moved my position, I don’t approve of what you are doing, I don’t approve of it at all,” Belle shrugged. “But the way you’ve handled yourself over this business, the way you’ve dealt with Mr. Damons, Mr. Lee, and your presentation tonight to the board. I think that all of that is truly remarkable!” Belle bit her lip as she waited for the inevitable, “Well, having said that, I sincerely hope you don’t win tonight,”

“And you, miss,” Belle replied sadly. Sally laughed again.

“You’re not a school girl anymore Belle, you don’t have to call me ‘miss’!” Belle sighed.

“I know, miss,” Belle replied before hanging up. Belle looked sadly at Geoff’s empty desk.


“This is the second rehearsal he’s missed!” A burly looking man said to Angelo. He was one of Geoff’s band mates. There were three in total, him and two other monkey-like humans.

“Look guys, can we just get into a little relaxation here?” Angelo asked the three. He looked over at Aden desperately. Aden had come along to help Geoff with his personality. “Let’s kick off our shoes, sit on the floor and talk about cool stuff,”

“And if he’s not at rehearsals, you know, it’s like he’s not like there,” Another of the monkey-men said. Angelo raised an eyebrow in confusion, and Aden smirked.

“Tommy speaks for the whole band,” The first man said.

“Obviously quite a strain!” Aden called out from the pillar he was standing next to.

“We need him here!” The third man shouted.

“Look guys, I’ll do what I can, okay!” Angelo told them. He pushed his way through them and walked over to Aden

“I can’t believe Geoff would do this to me!” Angelo moaned, placing his hands on his hips. Aden suppressed a laugh. “I made that boy Spike. Why is it guys like me who get let down so harmlessly?”

“You have a face people want to stab in the back,” Aden suggested.

“There’s no trust in the world anymore,” Angelo announced. Aden rolled his eyes.

“Do you want me to find Geoff for you?” He asked the desperate boy.

“You know where he is?”

“I can guess who he’s with, the next best thing,” Aden answered.

“Thanks Spike, I’ll make it worth your while,” Angelo grinned, patting the American on the back.

“You won’t have to,” Aden said,

“What do you mean I won’t have to? Are you up to something?” Aden scoffed. Trust Angelo to forget he was leaving the country.

“It’s sad, isn’t it?” He asked the Italian.

“What is?”

“There’s not trust in the world anymore!” He laughed before punching Angelo’s shoulder playfully, and with that, he left the room.


“Two coffees,” Irene Roberts said to herself as she placed two coffee cups down on a table. Belle and Geoff smiled and put them in front of them. They lifted them up at the same time and took a long sip. The doors pushed open and Gavin Damons and Sally Fletcher walked in. Seeing the pair, they walked over to them.

“So, this is neutral territory, is it?” Gavin asked the pair. Belle and Geoff placed their cups down at the same time. Sally raised an eyebrow in amusement.

“Wee?” Sally asked them as he and Gavin sat down in the chairs opposite Belle and Geoff.

“We’ve been running the Coastal Junior for almost a year,” Belle began looking over to Gavin, “We’ve done so with virtually no assistance, or advice,”

“That was always the deal,” Gavin told her,

“And I’m not objecting to it,” Belle continued, “The point I’m making is that we’re solely responsible for the Coastal Junior’s current success, both in terms of its sales figures, and its local prestige,” She paused to take another sip of coffee. “So how can in be reasonable for us to be fired from what’s rightfully ours? To be replaced by the next bunch of school kids you want to reform?” Belle snapped at Sally,

“Because you’re leaving school,” Sally replied, Geoff rolled his eyes.

“With respect miss, I don’t really see what that’s got to do with it,” Geoff announced.

“I think what Miss Fletcher’s trying to say is that the Coastal Junior is kind of a learning experience,” Gavin began, Geoff and Belle took another sip out of their coffees in unison. Gavin shrugged. “It’s time for you to get out there in the real world!”

“And that’s just what we intend to do,” Belle replied smugly. She looked across at Geoff who placed his hand under the table and pulled out a folder.

“Our proposals for the new Coastal Junior,” He said, placing it down in front of the headmistress and their boss. “Run commercially and making enough profit so we can employ any of the current news team that wish to remain with us,” Sally and Gavin looked at the mock up cover Melody had done, it didn’t look to bad.

“While you’re considering this, we will publish one last edition of the current Coastal Junior,” Belle told the pair, who were going through the proposal, “Explaining the situation, and our intentions, and then close the paper,” She announced. Gavin and Sally looked up at her, “Pending you decision,” She finished. Gavin closed the folder and folded his arms across his chest. He looked at Belle proudly.

“Actually, it’s not our decision,” He said sadly. Sally turned to him in shock.

“It isn’t?” She asked.

“Mr. Lee’s?” Belle also asked referring to the head of news in the Summer Bay area.

“He owns the paper,” Gavin replied.

“Then we go to him!” Belle said to Geoff.

“This is becoming ridiculous!” Sally moaned to herself. Belle and Geoff smiled.

“There’s a board meeting Friday evening,” Gavin began. Geoff’s smile fell. Friday was also the day of his gig. “I suppose you two could make your pitch then, and I’ll try and arrange it,”

“Appropriate,” Belle smiled, “Our last day of school!” Geoff turned to his boss and best friend.

“And my gig,” He reminded her. Belle rolled her eyes.

“Well I hardly think that matters!” Belle said to him coldly. “Cancel it!” She demanded.

“Yeah, sure, right. Yeah,” Geoff agreed half-heartedly. Belle turned back to her superiors.

“Well, that’s all we have to say,” belle told them, “Please let us know about the Friday meeting Mr. Damons,” She added to Gavin. He nodded. “Until then,” She finished, getting up from her seat. Geoff smiled at Gavin and sally sadly, before following. Sally laughed nervously as the pair walked out of the Diner.

“That’s the thing about teaching, Gavin,” She said to him, “Sometimes they actually learn!”

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Thanks Symph, Laura, Jody, Taniya and to all of you who have read this fic but have not commented. Here it is, the fifty-fourth and final chapter of my longest ever fanfic, and also my favourite. I hope you like how I have ended it...

-Chapter Fifty-Four-

The Big Finish?; Part Three


The red telephone of the newsroom went off, and Belle dived at it. Placing in to her ear, she said eagerly, “Hello, Coastal Junior!” Her face fell – it wasn’t Mr. Lee, or Gavin Damons, or Sally Fletcher. “Oh, hi Brian,” She said in disappointment. “How are the arms?” She asked in concern. If they weren’t alright, it was a lawsuit and the end of the paper – one way or the other.

“Of, fine,” He replied, “Well, not fine really, but fine if you see what I mean,” Belle sighed in relief before rolling her eyes.

“Was there something in particular Brian?” Belle asked him,

“They took the whole force of the duplicating machine!” Brian moaned. Belle rolled her eyes yet again. “It fell right on them!”

“Brian!” Belle shot at him,

“Sorry,” He apologised sincerely, “I was just wondering if there was any news about the paper?” He asked. Belle sighed again.

“Not yet, I’m waiting for the call,” She replied,

“Right, I better clear the line, hadn’t I?”


“I just wanted to say that if the Coastal Junior does go ahead without you and your team, I’m just not that sure that I’d want to be involved. I don’t know if I could survive it!”

“You said something about clearing the line?” Belle reminded him,

“Oh,” Brian agreed. Belle placed the phone down.



Belle and Geoff walked into Belle’s small, cluttered room, both were smiling,

“How do you think they took it?” Belle asked the blond deputy editor. Geoff shrugged,

“Reasonably well. Damons better than Fletcher,” They turned around, and saw Aden laying on the girls bed. “Spike?” Geoff asked. Aden didn’t look up from cleaning his sunglasses,

“Hi kids,” He said casually. Belle looked at him in confusion.

“I’ll just leave you to it,” Geoff said to them and began backing out of the room. Aden jumped up from the bed.

“Don’t move an inch, you animal of rock!” He shouted. Belle looked at Aden, upset. Aden ignored her and walked over to Geoff. Belle moved out of his way. “You ducked a rehearsal,” The American began, “And you got your manager kind of uptight, and you missed a personality lesson too! So in fact, it’s you I came here to see.”

“No it isn’t,” Geoff corrected before walking out of the bedroom and closing the door. Aden turned to face Belle.

“Is Geoff ever wrong about anything?” Aden asked, placing his sunglasses in his breast pocket. Belle shook her head.

“Well, I know someone who said they saw it happen, but I think they were just talking big,” Belle replied. There was a long pause.

“I’m going back to America,” Aden called out. Belle rolled her eyes.

“So you keep saying,”

“Friday night, get a plain,” He made a whooshing nose, and moved his hand forward, “Right after Geoff’s gig,”

“Friday night!” Belle shouted, “Why does everything have to be Friday night?”

“I don’t have to go you know,” Aden told the upset girl,

“Any reason to stay?”

“That’s what I’m asking you,”

“Why me?”

“That’s what I’m asking myself,” Aden said in frustration. He waited for Belle to reply.

“I’m sorry,” She said, avoiding looking the American in the eyes. Aden looked at her nervously.

“I love you,” He said again. Belle rolled her eyes.

“Don’t keep saying that!” She shouted at him.

“It’s really not so bad, you know, you ought to try it,” Aden opened her door and left. “Before Friday night would be nice,” He called out before he went. Belle bit her lip.



Geoff walked out of the graphics room, smiling.

“Okay everyone!” He called out to the news team who were busy packing things into boxes. “Let me invite you to share with me a moment in history. Final paste up on the final edition of the old Coastal Junior in half an hour!” The news team cheered. Melody walked over to the boy with some roughs in her hand.

“Geoff,” She said kindly, “Can I just show you this front page layout?” She asked. Geoff looked over at Belle.

“Has Belle seen it?” He asked the blond. Melody nodded.


“Then why do you...”

“She asked me to show you!” Melody shot back with a smile. Geoff scoffed.

“Really?” He asked, walking into the graphics room.

“No!” Melody laughed, slamming the door shut behind him. Melody placed the rough draft down, on it was a picture of Sally Fletcher with the headline ‘Why This Woman Wants To Close The Coastal Junior’ printed above it. Mel turned around and folded her arms across her chest.

“You’re backing out of the concert, aren’t you?” She asked him coldly,

“Look, Belle and I are making our presentation to the board that night, I can’t do both!” Geoff began to explain. Melody cut him off.

“She needs you there at the presentation, does she?” Melody snapped.

“She wants me there! What kind of guy would I be if I went out and played at being a rock star?” He asked. Melody placed her hands on her hips.

“I think you should give a lot of consideration to that,” She told him angrily. She turned away from him and Geoff left the room.


“What do I do with all these?” Brian asked Ruby, pointing to a pile of folders on the side of her desk.

“Just stick them in the bottom drawer of the red filing cabinet, okay?” She asked him. Brian nodded and walked over to it. Geoff noticed the way Ruby was acting towards him and walked over to her, instead of Belle, who he had originally planned on talking to.

“So what is Matthew going to say when he finds out there’s a new love in your life?” Geoff asked casually.

“We split up,” Ruby announced proudly. Geoff rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“And now you’re after Brian?” Geoff asked her, jerking his head towards the boy. Ruby smiled.

“One thing I finally learned Geoff,” Ruby began, looking over to her crush, “You’ve got to go for what you want,” The smile on Geoff’s face disappeared, “You know something, I just know this relationship’s going to work, at last I’m going to have a relationship that’s going to work out!” Geoff was ignoring her, he was too busy looking up at the poster behind her head. It was one for his appearance at the pavilion talent show. Ruby stood up and smiled at Brian. “Brian, could you give me a hand lifting the duplicating machine?” She asked.

“Yeah, sure!” Brian replied. Ruby smiled and walked over to him. Geoff turned around and saw Melody talking to Belle. Belle looked over at him before turning her attention back to Melody. Geoff looked at the pair curiously. He saw Belle nod and Melody walk back into her graphics room. Geoff gave Melody a dirty look before making his way over to Belle. He sat down in his chair.

“Belle,” He began to say. Belle looked up from the speech she was writing.

“Oh, Geoff, look, no offence or anything,” She interrupted him, “But would you mind if I did the presentation tomorrow on my own?” She asked, Geoff looked towards the graphics room and saw Mel smiling at him. When she saw he was looking at her, she looked away. “I think I’d work better that way,”

“Thanks,” Geoff said,

“For what?” Belle asked. Geoff shrugged.

“I don’t know, everything!” Belle laughed.

“Geoff, I’m not responsible for everything,” She told him seriously, “I just make it look that way,” Geoff grinned at the girl.

“Yeah, right,” He laughed. Geoff rose from his chair again. “Listen, do you think it would be okay if I...”

“Went and rehearsed?” Belle finished. She smiled at him, “Yes, it would be okay,”

“Thanks boss!”

“Good luck,”

“And you,” Belle watched on sadly as Geoff left the newsroom. The one constant in her life was breaking away from her. She looked over towards the shelves at the back of the room; Aden was standing with his back pressed against it and a smile on his face. Belle blinked and he was gone. Deeply confused, Belle decided to ignore it. She pulled out her desk drawer and emptied it into a box, she smiled as she saw the plush Garfield Aden had given her after their first date. Sadly, she began throwing items from her desk into the box – her Garfield calendar, her swear box, and her ‘da boss’ sign all went in.



Belle checked her watch for the fifth time – it was getting late, the board should have made their decision by now. She got up from her desk and walked over to Aden’s. She opened the top drawer and pulled out the sign she had given him for his birthday. ‘Spike Jeffries, Ace Reporter’ it said. There was a bang and Belle looked up, somebody was entering the newsroom. The double doors banged open and Geoff walked in. He was wearing a leather jacket, black jeans and sunglasses. Belle smiled.

“Geoff!” She exclaimed, placing the sign back into the drawer. “You look different!”

“The presentation,” He said, “How’d it go?”

“Pretty well, I think,” Belle replied, “They’re going to make a decision tonight and phone me,” She told him. She looked over at the red phone that was on her desk eagerly. “They should have phoned by now,” She added. “Shouldn’t you be on stage?”

“Yeah, in half an hour. I’m just on my way there now,” He told his best friend.

“I’d come,” Belle said to him, “But I've really got to wait for this phone call,” She explained. Geoff smiled.

“Don’t worry about it,” He reassured her, “Do you really think I’d want you out there in the audience, putting me off my game?” He laughed. The newsroom doors flung open again and Aden and Angelo walked in.

“Are you going to be okay?” Belle asked him. Geoff grinned at her,

“Hey, he’s going to be better than okay!” Aden called out, “He’s going to be like me, only with niceness,” He added. Belle grinned again. “You’re looking sharp tonight Belle. You’re going to make someone a lovely boss,” Belle laughed. Angelo turned to Geoff.

“Come on kid, I’m paying for that taxi out there,” He said. Geoff rolled his eyes.

“Do you really think I can do this?” He asked Belle,

“Geoff Campbell can do anything he wants to,” Belle reassured him.

“Just remember everything I told you,” Geoff added, “Lesson one, when you walk into a room, just imagine everybody’s thinking ‘wow!’”

“You’re going to be great,” Belle added.

“And if Belle and I agree on something, it’s gotta be true,” Aden joked.

“”Come on kid, the meter’s running,” Angelo said again. Geoff smiled at Aden,

“Gotta go. See you Spike,” He stuck out his hand and Aden rasped it. “Look after yourself,”

“Yeah, goodbye Geoff,” Aden said, releasing his grip. “And if you get in trouble tonight, just think of me. I always do,”

“Right then,” Geoff said, turning to Angelo, “The meter’s running,” He joked. Angelo turned to Aden and Belle.

“Catch you later,” He said to the pair, “Let’s do lunch,”

“Unlikely,” Aden told the Italian, “I’m going to America,”

“First visit?” He asked, looking at Belle, Aden laughed,

“Angelo, I am an American,” He said. Angelo looked at the boy in confusion,

“Well you never mentioned it to me!” He exclaimed before leaving the newsroom. Belle and Aden looked over at each other in awkward silence.

“So, um...” Belle said,

“What am I doing here?” Aden finished for her. Belle nodded. “Just a stop off on the way to the airport,” He said to the brunette. “My dad’ll be picking me up; he’s gonna phone me when he’s ready.”

“It’s a good place to wait for a phone call,” Belle said casually. “I can recommend it,”

“Before this conversation goes much further,” Aden said to her nervously, “Can I make a rule here?” Belle shrugged.

“Why not,”

“I don’t want to fight with you Belle, I mean, I’m probably never going to see you again, and I really don’t want to end this fighting, you know?”

“Why not?” Belle asked him, “It’s what we do best!” Aden looked away from her, “Well, apart from...”

“Absolutely,” Aden grinned. Aden and Belle avoided looking at each other again. Aden rose from the desk he was sitting on. He held out his hand. “Shall we dance?” He asked her.

“What?” Belle asked. Aden grabbed her hand.

“Well, you can’t fight while you’re like this,” He said, pulling her closer to him, “It’s too tactile, too close,” He joked. He moved in to kiss her but she pulled her head away.

“But there’s no music!” She exclaimed. Aden rolled his eyes.

“In a classy joint like this, you just move to the atmosphere,” He told her. Belle smiled and lowered her head onto his shoulder. They began moving, and the only noise that was present was the squeaking of the floorboards under their feet.

“Hey, do you remember when we used to dance like this all the time?” Aden asked Belle, breaking the silence. “Personally, I don’t,”

“It must have been two other people,” Belle replied, closing her eyes and smiling.

“It was,” Aden shot back. There was another moment of silence as they continued to dance.

“You know,” Belle began, opening her eyes, “You do this kind of dancing well,” Aden laughed.

“That’s because when I was a kid and the circus came to town,” He replied, “I ran away with some ballroom dancers by mistake.” Belle laughed. “Hey, you can laugh! You can learn some pretty mean stuff with a number pinned to your back,” There was another moment of silence. Aden and Belle looked up and their eyes met. “I love you,” He said.

“Pretty mean stuff,” Belle repeated, ignoring what Aden had just told her. She placed her head back on his shoulder, and they pair began to move again.

“I don’t think that was an answer,” Aden said to her,

“I didn’t think it was a question,” Belle shot back. Aden rolled his eyes.

“You do this kind of dancing pretty well,” He told her. Aden looked around the room as they danced. “What’s going to happen to this place?” He asked.

“A new bunch of kids,” She answered, “Or the old bunch of kids. It depends on the phone call I’m waiting for,” She told him.

“I hate to think of a new bunch in here,” Aden said,

“Me too,” Belle agreed. Aden inhaled nervously.

“You know I don’t have to go back to America,” he stated, “When my dad calls, I can tell him to go without me, he knows that I might do that,” Belle and Aden stopped moving as they looked into each others eyes. “Belle?”

“What are you expecting me to say?” Belle asked him.

“Do you love me Belle? And that is a question!” He looked into Belle’s eyes. She didn’t answer. “I sense the music’s over,” He said, letting go of Belle’s hands.

“Of course I do!” Belle replied,


“Of course I love you! But what good does that do either of us?”

“What do you mean ‘what good does it do us’?” Aden asked her,

“I don’t want this!” She shouted at him, “I’m not ready for it! I just want to run a newspaper!” Belle sighed, “At least I think I do. It scares me half to death.” She said.

“Belle, I don’t understand,” Aden told her, “Do you want me to stay?”

“I don’t know!” Belle replied, “Do you want to stay?”

“I don’t know!” Aden shot back.

“Today is the first day of the rest of my life,” Belle began, “And I’m utterly confused already,”

“What do we do?” Aden whispered. Tears were in his eyes. The telephone began to ring, and both teenagers looked over at it.

“I love you,” Belle said,

“I love you,” Aden said. The pair looked back over at the telephone.

“Your dad?” Belle asked him,

“Your newspaper,” Aden asked her,

“Either way, I think someone’s expecting us to grow up,” Belle walked over to her desk, looking over at Aden, she picked the phone up off of the receiver. “Hello, Coastal Junior.”



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