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The Coastal Junior

Guest Luc

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Here's another update, I was up all night writing it *stupid insomnia :angry:*. I think the ending of the chapter seems a bit rushed, but let me know what you think. Also, Belle's scenes, to me are very well written, so I hope you enjoy them...

-Chapter Eleven-

Shouldn’t I Be Taller?

“Can everybody but Nicole please leave the room momentarily?” Angelo asked the graphics team politely as he entered the small graphics room. They obeyed him and exited the room in a single file. As soon as the last person left, Angelo shut the door, “Thankyou,”

“What for?” Nicole asked, not looking up from her desk, she was pressing a ruler down firmly on a large sheet of paper, a pencil in her right hand,

“For going through with it,” He said, walking over to the blonde, “For rigging the election,”

“Oh, that,” Nicole said, paling the pencil down and turning to face the boy, “As long as you follow through with your end of the bargain, you’re welcome,” She told him,

“So, free homework copies for twelve months for all your subjects?” He asked, grinning softly, Nicole nodded, “Consider it done,” He told her, before opening the door to the room, Ruby was standing outside, her ear pressed against the wall,



Ruby shook her head as read the headline of the first edition of the new Costal Junior ‘Sex Scandal at Summer bay High: Fish Involved!’ it read,

“How do you like how I spiced up your story?” Angelo called out from the editor’s desk. He was rubbing a cloth along his ‘Da Boss’ sign,

“Nothing longer than four letters!” Ruby shot at him from her desk, she stood up and walked over to him, “Aden and I spent days writing that article, getting interviews, doing research, writing the dam thing, and all you see is a way to fill this paper with double entendres that you think will help boost sales!” Ruby growled at him before walking over to the graphics room,

“Shut it Campbell!” Angelo said as he looked over at Geoff, whom was sitting on his knees, leaning on a chair to colour in the black squares.

“I know about you and Nicole as well!” Ruby shouted before walking out of the newsroom.


Ruby walked along the corridor, her head low,

“Sorry!” She said as she bumped into a person, looking up she saw Aden,

“Hey,” He said, smiling at her, he had a rolled up copy of ‘The Gaz’ under his arm, Ruby’s eyes trailed down to his knuckles, they were scratched,

“You’ve been fighting,” She said, Aden nodded, “With who?”

“I didn’t catch his name, but I think it started with a J,” He smiles, Ruby pulled him into a hug,

“You have to come back, it’s hell working with Angelo and Nicole,” She whispered into his ear,

“I can’t Rubes, I just can’t,” He muttered, pulling away from the hug,

“I love it Nic!” The pair heard Angelo say from somewhere along the corridor, the looked up and saw the pair placing a large poster up on the wall, Aden’s blood began to boil as he saw what was on it: A large picture of Belle’s face with the words ‘Even Belle Taylor Thinks The Gaz is Better’. Aden and Ruby exchanged angry glances before marching over to the pair,

“It was his idea!” Nicole said, pointing to Angelo as she caught sight of the angry Aden and Ruby, Angelo began to back away as he saw the pair advancing,

“I’d, uh, love to get your input right now, but I have classes to go to,” He whimpered before turning away from them and bolting down the corridor,

“ANGELO!” Aden shouted as he began to chase the editor. Ruby and Nicole watched as they turned out of building,

“You better watch it Nicole,” Ruby said, turning to face the blonde, “I know you helped rig the election so Angelo would win,” She watched as Nicole flushed a deep red,

“I didn’t,” Nicole hastily said, her voice higher than normal, “Where’d you hear such a thing?” She asked, laughing nervously. She was beginning to sweat.

“All you need to know is I know about it,” Ruby grinned, pulling a tape recorder out of her pocket, “My badge doesn’t say investigative reporter for the hell of it,’ She told the scared girl before walking off, placing the recorder into her pocket.


“You had it coming to you,” Aden said, leaning against the wall outside of Sally Fletcher’s office, Angelo was sitting down on a seat nursing a swollen ankle.

“In,” Sally called out curtly from inside her office, Aden opened the door and allowed Angelo to hobble in first before walking in and closing the door behind him.


“I just made a grab at him and he fell, no big deal!” Aden yelled at Sally, Angelo shook his head,

“Miss Fletcher, I have a number of people willing to testify that Aden Jeffries is a psychopath!” Angelo shot back; Sally giggled,

“And that’ll be professional judgement, will it?” She asked angrily, Angelo nodded,

“They’ll be paid,” He said innocently, Sally ignored him and turned back to Aden,

“I don’t understand this Aden; during your time at The Coastal Junior, you’ve never been involved in any fights, and bad behaviour nothing, and now this. What am I going to do with you?” She asked him, Aden looked at her deeply in the eyes,

“I have a suggestion,” He told her, Sally shrugged,

“What is it?” She asked him,

“Tell me where Belle is,” He told her simply, Sally scoffed at him,

“I've told you, she needs time,” Miss Fletcher informed him, Aden shook his head and banged his fists down on her desk, causing Angelo to jump.

“And we need her!” He yelled “I don’t think it’d hurt her to know that right now!” Aden pleaded, Sally pulled out a notepad and began scribbling something down,

“I’m giving you the rest of the day off, think about what has happened over the past few days and tomorrow morning we’ll meet to talk about your future at this school, if there is one,” She said gravely, Angelo grinned again, “Until then, write this out five hundred times and hand it into me tomorrow morning,” She said, folding the paper in half and handing it over to the young boy,

“Yes Miss,” Aden said dully, he took the note from her hand and opened it.

‘She’s at her Aunt Kelli’s house in Reefton Lakes. 52 Errol Drive,’ It read. Aden grinned as he ran his eyes along the words again,

“You may go,” Sally told him, a smile appearing upon her own lips now,

“Thankyou,” He said politely before exiting the room.


Belle walked along the footpath, glaring into the window of an expensive looking clothes store. She entered and made a beeline to the female section. She sighed as she browsed through some shirts, finally pulling out a deep blue shirt before putting it back and pulling out a vibrant pink one. She pressed it up against her torso and looked in a mirror.

“Not that one!” Aden called out from the door of the store, Belle ignored it and shook her head, thinking she was imagining it, “They’ll be picking that colour up on CB radio if you’re not careful!” Belle turned around and saw Aden making his way into the store,

“Aden?” She breathed, he nodded, watching as Belle’s mouth fell.

“At least look pleased to see me!” Aden moaned as she turned away from him, “I've been to almost every dress store in Reefton Lakes,” Belle looked at him, confused,

“Why?” She asked him as he walked closer to her,

“Buying a dress for my sister.” He told her sarcastically, Belle glared at him, even more confused,

“You don’t have a sister!” She shot at him, Aden giggled,

“That’s all right – I didn’t buy a dress!” He informed her. Belle glared at him for a moment before turning away from him and walking into a change room, Aden walked up to the curtain.

“Belle, here’s something to think about,” He said to her through the curtain, “Today’s the third day of your life, starting from two days ago!” He waited for Belle to respond,

“Dreadful,” She muttered under her breath, Aden grinned,

“If you don’t let me in,” He began, leaning in closer to the curtain, “I have more jokes and they’re just as bad!” He told her, he waited yet again for an answer,

“Fine! Come in!” She called out. Aden pulled the curtain aside and saw Belle sitting in the corner, her arms wrapped tightly around her knees, her eyes red.

“Belle,” He said as he sat down next to the girl, he looked across at her; she was wearing the bright pink top with a dull green cardigan on top of it, she also had a pair of acid wash jeans on. “You have the fashion sense of a clothes line,” He told her, wrapping his arm tightly around her shoulder,

“Thankyou,” She said, looking at him deep in the eyes, she moved her face closer to his,

“I’m serious! Those jumpers you wear to work,” He paused momentarily, looking into Belle’s deep blue eyes, “Even I wouldn’t look good in those cardigans!” He announced, Belle hit him in the stomach.

“My grandmother knits those!” She told him in defence; Aden shook his head.

“Tell her something from me then,” He said, tightening his grip on the girl, “You’re arms – they’re both the same length,” Aden smiled as the corners of Belle’s lips twitched, before becoming a small grin,

“Gotcha!” He said, pulling his arm away from the girl, “I want to know something Taylor. Is it to late for you to come back to Summer Bay High?” Belle shook her head,

“No, I can come back, but I just don’t want to,” She told the boy, still gazing deep into his eyes, Aden left it at that.

“Your Aunt told me you’ve been going to dress shops all week,” He informed her in his deep American accent, “Going to, but not buying from,”

“Remember the first edition of the Coastal Junior?” Belle asked Aden, he nodded, “When we nearly crashed the paper?”

“Of course I do. I was chief crasher,” He joked, Belle looked away from him and down at her feet,

“I felt so bad. I felt I had stuffed up. I felt like I was a complete failure,” She said, gulping, tears were appearing in the corners of her eyes, “So I went down to Yabbie Creek and tried on every dam dress in my size,” She told him, tears were slowly falling down her face,

“Yeah?” Aden asked kindly, Belle nodded, wiping the tears away with her wrist,

“Yeah,” She replied, “I just wanted to see myself looking different. Better. Taller,” She muttered. Silence fell between the pair for a few moments.

“Is this a record?” Aden asked her, his voice shaky. He wrapped his arm around the girl again, “Have you ever spent a whole week trying on clothes?”

“No,” She relied, still avoiding his gaze, “But then again, I've never killed anybody before,” Aden looked at her in disbelief.

“Belle, Ric killed himself!” Aden almost shouted it, Belle looked at him again, a solitary tear rolling down her face.

“Because of me!” She replied, almost as loudly as Aden,

“No!” He told her, Belle shook her head and looked away from him yet again,

“Prove it,” She mumbled, Aden stood up and glared down at the girl angrily yet compassionately,

“Look, is there any way I can get you to come back?” Aden asked her, changing the subject fast, Belle looked up at him and smiled,

“Aden, you’re a nice kid and all, and if was great of you to come here and try and change my mind,” She said, “But my mind is set, I’m staying here,” Aden looked at her for a moment before turning to walk out of the change room,

“Okay,” He told her simply. Belle stood up, her face red with anger,

“Where are you going?” Belle demanded, Aden turned around,

“You said there was nothing I could say,” He shrugged before turning to walk out again,

“Would it kill you to try a little bit harder?” Belle asked him, Aden shrugged,

“Ric Dalby did not kill himself because of you!” Aden yelled before letting a copy of ‘The Gaz’ drop out of his pocket and onto the changing room floor, “Happy reading!” He called out as he left the change room. Belle picked the paper up,

“The Gaz?!” Belle muttered in horror.


“Listen,” Angelo said into the phone, “If you call my uncle, I’m sure he’ll be able to fix something...” he stopped mid sentence. A copy of ‘The Gaz’ landed on the desk in front of him. He looked up to find Belle glaring at him angrily.

“Hello Angelo,” She said angrily, he hung the phone up rapidly,

“Ah, Belle,” He said nervously, standing up from the chair behind the editors desk, “What do you think of the new look?”

“I want it between the framed first edition and the news team photograph,” She told him coldly,

“What?” He asked hopefully,

“You’re head!” She screamed. Slowly the news team turned towards the editor’s desk, “Right. Nobody leaves this room until after 12am tonight, we have two days to get the proper Coastal Junior running again. I want to kill the graphics department but a meeting with them in half an hour is a good consolation prize. Nicole, you’re fired, I know about you almost ruining the paper. Melody, you’re now Head of Graphics. Oh, and by the way, it’s good to be back,” She grinned as people began applauding her. Aden walked up to her and pulled her into a hug,

“Forgive me,” He whispered into her head, Belle furrowed her brows,

“For what?” She asked, Aden grinned as he lifted her off the ground and began spinning her around, “Put me down! I’m not going out with you, now put me down!” Belle screamed.

What do you think?

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Here's the next chapter. It's a bit fluffy, but it has a purpose. I hope you enjoy :).

-Chapter Twelve-

A Night In; Part One


The newsroom flicked on, illuminating the grimy and decrepit building. Belle walked in, she was wearing a pair of striped pyjamas. Slowly, she walked over to the graphics room and opened the door. Belle sighed as she looked across at a podium, on it as a stack of paper and a brass plaque reading ‘To Print’. She walked over to it and pulled out a black marker, she make a strike through it half-heartedly, ‘How the Coastal Junior Saved an Icon’ was the headline. Belle through the page aside and placed another strike through the next one ‘Wellside Saved!’ was the headline.


The newsroom was bustling with people now. Some were sitting at desks with typewriters in front of them; others were sleeping whilst a few were walking around. Belle walked into the graphics room and pulled open the top drawer of Melody’s desk. In it was a sheet of bright red paper with the words ‘Go Away Belle’ written across it in black marker, Belle ignored this and opened two more of her desk draws, and scoffed when she saw the same thing in them.

“Go away, Belle,” Melody’s voice said from behind her, Belle could tell she was frustrated. Slowly she turned around to face the young blonde, “By the way, every hour I work past one o’clock I want a night of next week,” She snapped, folding her arms across her chest,

“Catching up on your sleep, I suppose?” Belle asked her sarcastically, sitting down on the edge of Melody’s desk.

“Absolutely,” She replied, looking at Belle in the yes, “I put a lot of work into this face, and I don’t want it getting all creased,” She looked at Belle, hoping for a sympathetic reaction, Belle scoffed,

“Why not, it might give you a bit of character,” She informed the head of graphics, Mel rolled her eyes,

“I think you have enough character for the both of our faces,” She muttered, Belle’s mouth widened in shock. She closed it almost instantly,

“Both of our faces, or both of yours?” Belle snapped as she stood up from the side of Melody’s desk and walked over to the door,

“Belle, we’ll do you a layout and you can work to that,” The blonde said to the editor as she made her way to the door,

“I will finalize the stories, have them read over by Geoff and Ruby and then you can work to that,” Belle informed her, Melody’s eyes widened in anger,

“Whatever you say,” She said through clenched teeth, Belle smiled at her in an intimidating way,

“You took the words right out of my mouth,” She told the blonde cheerily before walking out of the room. Melody slammed the door and pulled down the curtain, on it was ‘Go Away Belle’ written in red ink, Belle turned around and looked at it and then to Geoff, who was walking up behind her,

“For somebody who’s been in charge of the graphics team for a whole to weeks,” She said, glaring at him, Geoff backed away from her in fright, “She’s kind of full of herself, isn’t she?” She asked, Geoff looked at Belle nervously as he unzipped his jacket,

“Well, you did promise not to go poking your nose around her graphics room,” He said, before raising his hands in defence. Belle smirked.

“She’s arrogant, opinionated and impossible to work with,” She snapped at her deputy editor, “Who does she think she is?”

“You?” Geoff suggested. Belle scoffed and rolled her eyes,

“Remind me, why are we still friends?” Belle asked her friend, Geoff shrugged,

“We fight about the same things?” He suggested before backing away from the slightly enraged girl,

“Works for me,” She shrugged before walking towards the main newsroom, “You took your time getting here,” Belle said.


The double doors of the newsroom banged open and Angelo walked in, pushing in a large, black, wooden box,

“What’s in the box, Angelo?” Lucas, whom was closest to the door, asked, Angelo looked around,

“What box would that be, Lucas?” Angelo asked, resting his elbow on the large black box,

“The one you’ve got there,” He told the boy, pointing to it, Angelo nodded his head,

“Oh, nothing,” He muttered before walking away, still pushing the black container. He was halfway towards his office when Drew walked up to him, placing his hand down heavily on wooden object.

“Drew,” Angelo jumped, “Look at this strange box. I wonder who left it here,” Angelo hastily lied, Drew rolled his eyes,

“You did,” He shot at the boy, Angelo laughed nervously,

“Oh, that’s right,” His voice was shaky, “I remember now,”

“So, what’s in it?” Drew asked curiously, looking at his co-worker, Angelo looked away from his gaze,

“Nothing’s in it, why should anything be in it?” He asked angrily, “Why do you have to go around assuming that boxes have things in them?” Drew gave him a sour look before allowing the boy walk into his office, box in tow.


Ring! Ring!

A telephone shrilly rang. Jo opened her eyes, reached across for the phone and picked it up,

“Hello, Joanna Swann” She said groggily, placing up against her ear, listening, her eyes widened, “Belle’s what?” She almost screamed.


Belle threw a piece of paper down in front of a young brunette. She looked up from her typewriter,

“We’re using your feature on the animal shelter on page two,” Belle informed the girl, “It’s a bit wobbly, but it’s the right length,” She said before walking off. The girl raised her middle finger to the editor’s back,

“I've got a lovely picture of Belle with a bad toothache,” Geoff said, coming up behind the girl, “Want to borrow it?” He asked her, the girl grinned at him.


“What are they, Annie?” Ruby asked as the young girl walked over to her, two large rabbits lying in her arms,

“My homework,” She said, sitting down next to the senior reporter, “This is Belle, and this is Aden,” She said, placing the sleeping animals down on Ruby’s desk, Ruby grinned.

“You’ve named them after Belle and Aden?” She laughed; Annie nodded, “Why?”

“Well, they were doing something that wouldn’t be decent for a girl my age to mention,” She told Ruby, who suppressed a laugh, “And it just reminded me of Belle and Aden,” She whispered, running her hand along the fur of greyest creature.

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Thanks again meant2live. Here it is, the next chapter. Again, the end seems a bit rushed to me, but it gets its point across.

-Chapter Thirteen-

A Night In; Part Two

Belle was standing next to Geoff in front of Ruby’s desk. Her face was red and her eyes were narrowed in anger,

“We’re going to need a ton of new material!” She moaned, ripping out pages from her notepad, “Do you think I could fire Melody for something?” She asked Geoff half hopefully, half curiously,

“Why don’t we just publish a day late?” Geoff suggested, steering away from the topic of Melody,

“You know what it does for sales,” the girl informed him, rolling her eyes, “Did you promise her a night off?” She shot at the deputy editor. He folded his arms across his chest.

“I promised a lot of things,” He argued, moving closer to Ruby, “I was persuading people!” He added. Belle sighed.

“I really think I should fire her for something,” She told him before turning to her best friend “Rubes, did you phone Donna Green?”

“Yes, and she wasn’t happy about it,” Ruby told her boss, passing over a notepad. “Wellside is closing,” Belle looked at the notepad in disbelief, and then from Ruby to Geoff,

“So much for our contact on the council,” Geoff told the girls, scoffing. Belle looked at him intently.

“But Tripper assured us,” She shot at him angrily, “He told us that the council were going to keep Wellside open!”

“He must have been wrong,” Ruby offered, “Which makes no sense because Tripper’s on the council,” She pondered,

“Why didn’t he phone and tell us?” Geoff asked the editor. She raised her hand to her head and closed her eyes,

“Have you tried phoning him?” She shot at her friend. Ruby nodded in fright,

“I keep getting his answering machine,” She said to Belle and Geoff,

“Keep trying,” Belle said to the brunette. Ruby stood up and walked back over to her desk.

“There’s something funny about this,” Geoff informed Belle. She looked away and saw Angelo walking up to his office.

“Why did you call Angelo in?” She asked, half shocked, half infuriated. Geoff shook his head.

“I didn’t. I phoned everyone except,” He began, turning to see where Belle was looking. Angelo was near the office. “Angelo?” He asked. The boy stopped and turned to face the pair. He had a saw in his left hand.

“Look Belle. I found this dangerous saw.” He said to them before beginning to walk closer to his office door. A hatchet fell out from the sleeve of his jacket. “And the hatchet.” He went on. He groaned as a screwdriver fell out of his back pocket, “And the screwdriver,” He said, sounding scared. Belle glared at him in confusion. Angelo bent down to pick up the tools when a hammer fell out the front of his coat. “And the hammer,” He finished, picking all of them up and rushing into his office. Belle and Geoff shared confused looks.

“Is there something going on we don’t know about?” She asked her deputy editor. Geoff nodded.

“Usually,” He said simply. A look of shock suddenly overcame Belle’s face, “Everyone except Angelo?” She asked, Geoff nodded again,

“Yeah,” He said, looking at Belle, confused,

“Everybody?” She was almost yelling now. A tone of panic evident in her voice. “You idiot!” She shouted, walking away from him,

“What’s wrong?” He asked, getting up to follow her,

“I have to go and change into something,” She muttered in frustration. The door to the newsroom opened and Aden walked in, wearing a leather jacket, deep black sunglasses and a pair of old jeans.

“Pyjamas Belle,” He purred in his deep American accent, “Very attractive. How did you know I was coming?” He joked. Belle moved behind a desk.

“You wear those glasses at night?” She asked, trying to distract him from her pyjamas.

“It’s night?” He asked in mock shock, “Somebody could have told me!” He exclaimed, looking around the newsroom.

“What do you want Aden?” She asked him angrily. He shook his head.

“Nothing!” He said airily, before smiling at her. He looked her up and down slowly, “Just looking,” He whispered seductively.

“Well couldn’t you look somewhere else?” She shot back at him acidly. She noticed the phone ringing but ignored it.

“I’m finding it difficult,” He smiled, looking at her blue and white striped pyjamas again, “Nice pyjamas Belle, but I prefer your other ones,” He told her seriously. Belle’s eyes widened in shock.

“You’ve never seen my...” She began before turning to face her news team. Almost everyone’s eyes were on the pair now. “He’s never seen my other pyjamas!” She announced. Aden grinned as her cheeks flushed a deep magenta.

“I've seen everything you wear,” He said loudly enough so the entire newsroom could hear, “I've got pictures of your clothes line,” He laughed. Belle’s eyes narrowed in anger. The telephone stopped ringing. Belle sighed, her eyes still focused on the American.

“You’re only here to make fun, aren’t you?” She asked the boy, he smiled, “You’re only here so you can make some stupid comments,” Aden looked at her for a moment before answering,

“That was just a lucky guess,” He teased. Belle groaned in anger.

“Get out, just get out now!” She screamed. “Get out of my newsroom! And I never want to see you ever again in the rest of my life, ever!” She yelled rapidly, Aden looked at her, confusion across his face,

“Okay, fine,” He said calmly, before putting his sunglasses on again. It was Belle’s turn to look confused now.

“Where are you going?” She asked in shock. Aden turned around and looked at her smugly,

“To a party,” He said simply before opening the door,

“Well I’m not coming,” The editor informed him,

“Belle!” Geoff called out from her desk; Belle turned around and saw he had the bright red phone clutched in his hand,

“The reason you’re not going is because I didn’t invite you,” He said coolly, Belle’s mouth dropped in shock.

“You always ask me!” She said, sounding both hurt and angry, “Every time you go to a party you ask me. Give me one reason why you aren’t asking me this time!” Belle demanded. Aden gave her another smug look. He opened the door. Outside was a big young woman. She had deep strawberry blond hair and striking blue eyes.

“Can we go now Spike?” She asked him,

“Spike?” Belle asked, holding back a laugh, “That’s cute,” She told him. She could tell she was sounding jealous,

“Yeah,” Aden said to the blond, not taking any notice of Belle. “Izzy, this is Belle, Belle this is Izzy,” He said, looking nervously at Belle. Her face was pail, and tears were forming in the corner of her eyes. Izzy looked her up and down before turning back to Aden,

“Belle, its Jo!” Geoff called out. He was still standing at her desk, the phone still in his hand. “It’s important,” He said sternly. Belle glanced from Geoff to Aden and Izzy a few times before walking over to the deputy editor. As she did she wiped her eyes with her sleave. Aden looked at her awkwardly as she took the phone out of Geoff’s hand forcefully.

“Do you want to see my front page?” Aden asked the blond, desperate for an excuse to not look at Belle. He placed his hand behind her back and led her to the wall where Belle hung up the front pages of each issue. He glanced back over his shoulder and saw Belle deep in conversation with whoever was on the other end of the phone. He sighed before turning back to his date, who was reading one of the front pages.

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Thanks meant2live and Taniya :). This chapter contains some Adelleness, but overall, this was my least favourite chapter to write.

-Chapter Fourteen-

In Association with AR Enterprises

“Yes?” Belle shot angrily into the telephone. She was still looking over at Aden and Izzy,

“I've just had five telephone calls from some very angry parents!” Jo yelled at the young girl from the other end of the line, “What are you up to Belle?” She asked, sounding slightly calmer,

“We have to change tomorrow’s edition,” Belle informed the infuriated woman,

“Not overnight!” A tone of concern was evident in Jo’s voice now,

“We have to do it overnight if we want to have it ready by tomorrow!” Belle said before hanging up. She picked up some keys from the desk and walked to the front door of the newsroom, Geoff followed her.

“Why did they have to tell their parents?” She asked the blond angrily, “Why couldn’t they sneak out. Like I did!” Geoff rolled his eyes,

“You can’t lock them out!” He told the girl as she turned the key in the lock,

“Watch me!” She said smugly, turning the key slightly until a click was heard. She turned to Geoff and smiled arrogantly.

“Belle!” He shouted as she walked to the front of the newsroom,

“Listen, our parents think we shouldn’t be doing this. They don’t think the paper is worth staying up late for. But I’m not letting them have their way,” She smiled, glancing over towards Aden and Izzy, “I've locked the doors. I guarantee nobody gets in her until we’ve finished. Or out,” She added, smiling jealously at Aden and his date once again.


“It’s supposed to be an all night party!” Aden shouted into the telephone. He was sitting on Annie’s desk, his legs crossed. An irritated Izzy was sitting on the chair behind the young reporter’s desk. “Can’t you keep it going until we get...” Aden was cut off. Belle had pulled the cord out of the phone.

“No private calls,” She shot at him before turning to walk away,

“Unlock the doors!” He shouted after her, she turned around to face him,

“I’d love to,” She snapped, “But we don’t want the place full of hysterical parents, do we?” She asked. She turned to walk away again,

“Spike?” Izzy asked in a soft voice, “Are we going to spend all night with these kids?” She asked. Belle turned around, now infuriated.

“Izzy, are you sure that chair is comfortable enough for you?” She asked angrily. She looked at the blond girl intently.

“It’s fine thank you,” She replied huskily,

“Oh,” Belle grinned, “Well maybe your face always looks like that,” She said, a bitchy tone present in her voice, before walking away. Izzy turned to Aden, her mouth open in shock.


“This doesn’t make sense!” Ruby moaned to Belle, placing down her tenth news article,

“What doesn’t Rubes?” She asked

“I've been doing some thinking. Tripper was in charge of the group who were looking into Wellside. It was down to him if it stayed open or not,” Ruby informed the girl,

“I know!” Belle replied,

“Why’d he tell us it was staying open when he must have known it was closing?” Ruby asked her friend. Belle shrugged.

“Well obviously he didn’t know!” Belle relied before walking away. Ruby turned back to her typewriter and began loading it with another sheet of paper. She heard a loud bang come from behind her. Shocked, she turned around and saw Rebekah and Emma standing behind a shelf,

“What are you doing here?” Ruby asked the young girls curiously.


Angelo raised his right hand into the air. He had had a hatchet in it. His fingers were wrapped around it tightly. Taking a deep breath, Angelo lowered the hatchet down violently onto the large black box in front of him. He raised the hatchet into the air once again before lowering it down again maniacally. He repeated this numerous times before Geoff walked into the small office.

“What are you doing?” He asked the Italian curiously.

“I had this terrible dream I was hitting a box with a hatchet!” He whispered, looking at the assistant editor, “Oh no. It was real.” He added, looking down at the black container. Geoff looked at the item curiously, before knocking on the top of it. It sounded hollow. His mouth dropped in shock as he heard a knock come from the inside. Angelo coughed hastily.

“Er...” He began, looking at Geoff nervously, “That was me,” He lied, smiling awkwardly at the blond. Geoff rolled his eyes,

“There’s someone in there!” Geoff exclaimed, glaring at the box in front of him. Angelo sighed.

“It’s one of my uncle’s scams... I mean acts,” He informed Geoff, pulling out a card from his pocket and passing it to the blond. Geoff looked at it,

“Marco Rosetta’s Theatrical Management in association with AR Enterprises?” Geoff questioned, Angelo sighed again before nodding.

“He was doing a show in front of a couple of hundred people,” He explained. Geoff cut him off.

“A show?” He asked, “What does he do?”

“Promise you won’t laugh?” Angelo said to the boy, Geoff nodded, “He’s an escape artist,” Geoff coughed, trying to suppress a laugh. After a moment or two he broke into a fit of laughter.


“You remember Rebekah Smithson and Emma Brady don’t you?” Ruby asked Belle. She was standing with the young girls next to her in front of Belle’s desk. Belle shook her head, “The ones who got suspended for sketching Miss Fletcher,”

“What’s wrong with that?” Belle asked, confused.

“She had no head,” Ruby informed her. A smile crossed her face as she held back a laugh,

“And now they’re doing an article for the school newspaper?” Belle asked, looking from Rebekah, to Emma and back again, Ruby passed over a yellow legal pad and Belle took it and read what was on it, “Belle Taylor: An Exposé?” She asked. The girls didn’t reply. “Do your parents know you’re here?” Belle snapped at them,

“Do yours?” Rebekah retaliated, Belle smiled at them, before allowing anger to consume her again,

“We heard what was happening here tonight and we thought it’d make a good story!” Emma pleaded, noticing the look of anger on Belle’s pail face,

“It’s either this or hairdressing!” Rebekah added. Belle smiled at the girls sympathetically,

“Girls,” She began, “It’s hairdressing,”

“Belle!” Melody called out, walking over to the editor, “Belle! You still haven’t told me what’s in the centre spread!” She informed her,

“Mel could you...” She began, but Melody cut her off.

“I need to know soon before I have too many nights off!” She teased. Belle looked up at her, anger consuming her face yet again.

“Okay, okay, I’m coming!” She called out, standing up from her desk. “You two find a quiet corner and keep it that way!” She snapped at Rebekah and Emma. They glared at her as she walked off to the graphics room before picking up a pair of Belle’s scissors.



Aden looked at his watch for the hundredth time as he walked down the hallway to the front door of the office. He pushed his body against it a couple of times before kicking it.

“Pacing the cage, tiger?” Belle teased as she walked out into the hallway,

“Uh, no,” Said shaking his head, “I’m just, er, a little tired. I’m not used to being up this late without loud music and a peer group,”

“Peer group available,” Belle told him, jerking her head towards the newsroom,

“They’re not playing my song,” Aden joked. Belle smiled and started walking towards the young American,

“You seem to be taking this very well,” She said as she advanced towards him slowly,

“You were expecting one of those fight things we do so well?” Aden teased. Belle nodded,

“Well, we do have this empty corridor,” She stated,

“True,” Aden muttered to himself, “Maybe tomorrow night. I've got a headache,” He lied,

“Have you been fighting with someone else?” Belle accused playfully, Aden laughed.

“You know the main reason you locked the door was to stop me from going out with Izzy tonight,” He said seriously,

“And the main reason you brought Izzy by the newsroom tonight was to make me jealous, right?” Belle shot back, “Don’t you think she’s a bit obvious?”

“That was one of the first things I noticed, yeah,” Aden agreed, smiling,

“But you like her, a lot?” Belle teased, Aden avoided looking Belle in the eyes,

“Have you seen how she looks?” Aden asked, smiling. The smile disappeared when he noticed the dirty look Belle was giving him, “I’d go out with just the dress,”

“My god,” Belle muttered to herself,

“Okay, here’s the deal,” Aden said, walking over to Belle, “We both know why we’re here. We both know what’s going on, so let’s cut out everything else. What I’m offering here is, um, like a free road test. One kiss Belle, one kiss and if we like it, then we’re an item and if we don’t, then we’re history. What do you say boss?” He asked, looking at Belle eagerly.

“Okay,” She replied almost instantly,

“What?” Aden asked in shock as Belle smiled at him,

“I will if you will,” She said eagerly, “I believe it takes two.” She walked over close to him and placed her arms around his neck,

“You’re serious?” He asked. Belle nodded.

“And you better be everything you’re cracked up to be,” She teased, “After everything I've heard,” Aden smiled at her,

“What have you heard?” He asked seductively, leaning in towards her,

“Nothing bad yet,” She replied breathily as he moved even closer towards her. She could feel her heart pounding against her chest as his lips were centimetres away from hers...

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Thanks guys. Before I post the next chapter, I want to say 'The Game of Life' is on hiatus until I finish this fic, sorry :(.

-Chapter Fifteen-

I’d Rather Die of Hyperthermia!

Belle exhaled excitedly as Aden moved even closer to her, his lips parted slowly. She closed her eyes.

“Boss!” She heard Geoff call out from inside the newsroom. The door to the hallway opened and Aden jumped back. Geoff watched in amusement.

“We were just...” Belle began in embarrassment, Aden looked at her,

“Yeah, neither was I,” Aden responded, looking at Geoff awkwardly. Geoff pulled out a random sheet of paper from a pile he was holding,

“Oh, there it is!” He lied before turning back into the main newsroom. Aden turned to Belle, an embarrassed smirk on his face,

“For a moment there I thought it was Izzy,’ He said before wrapping his arms around Belle’s neck tightly,

“What if it had been Izzy?” Belle shot at him angrily. Aden hesitated for a moment.

“If this kiss with you doesn’t work out, I don’t want to blow my chances with her,” He shrugged. Belle’s eyes narrowed in anger.

“I don’t believe this! Our first kiss and you’ve got a back up in case I fail!” She whispered loudly,

“Which I’m sure you’re not going to do,” He said softly before moving in to kiss her. Belle pushed him away, disgusted. “Does this mean I don’t get my kiss?” He asked as she began walking away. Belle turned around and faced him.

“Spike, I’d rather fail my exams, be unable to get a job, wander the streets at night with a bottle and be found dead on a river bank of hyperthermia!” She screamed before walking into the newsroom.

“Flirt!” He shouted after her, smiling slightly.


Belle stormed into the bathroom, still fuming about what Aden had said. She walked in front of a mirror and looked at her reflection. Her eyes were red.

“I swear it’s shorter,” The girl next to her said, fondling her hair, I go to sleep, I wake up and it’s shorter,” She shrugged and walked out. Belle grinned before following her out. Standing out the front of the bathroom was Joanna Swann.

“Jo!” Belle exclaimed in surprise. “How did you get in?”

“I remembered you had a back door,” She said smugly. Her arms were folded across her chest, “And guessed that Mr. Damons would have a key,’ She added, raising the key in front of Belle’s eyes.

“I’m outta here!” Aden said, grabbing the key out of Jo’s hand. Belle looked at him angrily,

“Aden!” She shouted, following him into the newsroom. “Aden,” She muttered as she walked up to him. Belle was less serene.

“What are you doing?” She snapped. Aden rolled his eyes.

“I’m leaving,” He relied, smiling at her defeat.

“Where to?” She asked smugly, “It’s half past four in the morning. Your party’s over and your date’s asleep,” She said, jerking her head towards a sleeping Izzy.

“Yeah,’ He said, desperate for a comeback, “There’s always tomorrow night!” He yelled at her, before turning away from her gaze.

“You’ve got late duty,” She replied softly.

“Belle, if you don’t want me to go out with her, why don’t you just say so?” He asked her. Jo was looking at the pair with interest.

“I don’t want you to go out with her!” Belle shouted at him, before covering her mouth in shock.

“Well I don’t care,” He shot back. Jo raised her eyebrow. “I’m going to anyway,”

“Well good,” Aden smirked out the sound of jealously present in her voice. Jo raised her arm between the pair,

“Enough you two!” She shouted at them in amusement, “Key?” She asked, opening her palm for Aden to put them in.

“I’m sorry Jo. It’s been one of those days,” He began, before raising his eyebrows, “Nights, evenings. Well, all of the above,”

“What you don’t seem to realise,” She said, directing it towards Belle before turning around to the entire news team, “What none of you seem to realise is that you are in the midst of a serious situation and I mean very serious!” She yelled at them. A large crash rang out from behind the shelves. Jo, Belle and Aden turned around to look. Angelo was standing there with a hessian sack in his arms. The outline of a person was visible. “Is there a good explanation for that?” She asked angrily looking at the teenager holding the chained hessian sack in his arms,

“Yes,’ Angelo said without explaining,

“Good,” She snapped before turning back to the news team. She could hear Angelo dragging the person along the back of the room. “Councillor Tripper is currently over in the other building talking to your parents and convincing them that this paper should be closed down. Or at any rate, Belle Taylor should be dismissed from it. You are in a grave situation and honestly, I don’t know how you’re going to get out of it,” She said sounding calmer. She was shaking her head now.

“I do,” Ruby called out from her desk. She had a manila folder on her desk labelled ‘Wellside’, “I checked through the Wellside file Belle, and I was right, it doesn’t make sense,” She said, picking up the folder. Jo looked over at Belle with a confused look on her face,

“Tripper?” Jo asked, raising her eyebrow.

“Yeah,” Ruby replied simply. A smile crossed Jo’s face.

“I suggest we all have a sit down and listen to what Ruby has to say,” She told everyone before turning to Belle, “If that’s okay with the editor?” She asked, smiling broadly.

“Yeah,” Belle muttered, nodding her head. Jo turned back to the Ruby, still smiling.

“Over by your desk then,” She told the young reporter. Jo sat down on a chair next to Ruby. Belle began to walk over.

“Quiet!” She heard a soft voice whisper. Belle tilted her head and turned around. Rebekah and Emma were cutting locks of blond hair off of a reporter Belle had forgotten about.

“Does she know you’re doing that?” Belle whispered loudly,

“She’s going to love it,” Rebekah said with a broad grin on her face.

“We’re giving her streaks!” Emma added, lifting up a can of spray paint.

“Belle!” Jo called out from Ruby’s desk. She looked around the corner to the journalist.

“Coming,” She yelled, before turning back to the young girls. “Look you can’t...” She began, before turning around. Izzy was sitting behind her. Her eyes were closed. “Want a real challenge?” She asked the girls, smiling. Emma and Rebekah nodded.


Belle was sitting at her desk, her arms folded and resting on the edge. Ruby was standing behind her, Melody and Geoff either side of her. Councillor Tripper pushed his way through the other reporters, Jo was by his side.

“I’m glad you children have come to your senses!” He snapped. His voice was croaky and deep. “A little late, but that can’t be helped,”

“Mr. Tripper, that’s not what we want to talk about,” Belle said neutrally from her desk,

“It hardly matters what you want to talk about,” He smirked at the girl in an intimidating way. A smirk of victory was on his face.

“Aaron, let the girl talk,” Jo said soothingly. He nodded his head, an uncaring look on his face.

“Mr. Tripper, how do you think our parents are going to react when they find out it was your fault we were up all night?” Belle asked him, still sounding as neutral as before,

“What?” He laughed, looking at Belle in disbelief.

“Ruby,” Belle said, looking up towards the girl. Ruby smiled weakly.

“I’m Ruby Buckton, we spoke on the phone,” She introduced herself, Tripper nodded in acknowledgment. “I’m the one you told two days ago that the community centre would be staying open,” She began. Tripper cut her off.

“That is what I firmly believed at the time,” He snapped. His voice was rising slightly.

“No it wasn’t,” Ruby said calmly, shaking her head, “If you’d believed that, then you would have told somebody else, and you didn’t. We’re the only people who ever knew that the closure was in doubt, which makes me believe that it never was,” She explained angrily.

“Then what reason would I have had...” He began. Belle cut him off.

“You were annoyed and embarrassed that The Coastal Junior campaigned, so you thought you could embarrass us in return. Headlining our own victory when we hadn’t won,” Belle told him calmly.

“And how could you ever be held at fault? All you did was make an honest mistake that we were stupid enough to print,” Ruby shot. Belle grinned at her best friend’s rant. “A little joke at the expense of a kiddie newspaper.”

“And you only got worried when you heard we were staying up all night and ruining our skin to edit the edition,” Melody added. Belle rolled her eyes.

“Is it true?” Aden asked from behind him,

“Shut up Spike!” Belle snapped at him.

“Spike?” Melody asked,

“Kind of cute, isn’t it?” Belle asked the girl before turning back to Tripper, “Is it true?” Belle asked him, folding her arms again.

“It’s nonsense!” He yelled, “Unprovable nonsense!” He laughed, looking at the young editor.

“We don’t have to prove it,” Belle corrected him, “We just have to print it.”

“And as you say, there are a lot of angry people out there,” Jo smiled. “Or voters as they’re sometimes known,’ She smirked at the councillor.

“Ms. Swann, you’re not going to let them run the story, are you?” He asked nicely. She rolled her eyes.

“If they don’t run it, I will,” She informed him before turning to Belle and smiling.

“Actually, no one would have to run it,” Belle began, looking at the older man, “If you gave us a better story to run.”



Belle, Aden, Ruby and Geoff sat at a booth in the dinner, a copy of the Coastal Junior in the editor’s hand. ‘How The Coastal Junior Saved An Icon’ was the headline.

“Well, we haven’t really saved it,” Geoff muttered to Aden, “We’ve just delayed the decision for six months, but it looks like a victory,”

“Yeah, yeah,” Aden muttered,

“Shut up Spike, at least our parents think we’ve achieved something!” Geoff snapped. Belle smirked.

“Don’t forget Tripper’s shut up because he’s scared of our parents!” Belle laughed.

“It’s a bit ironic, isn’t it?” Ruby asked, “We spend all night in the newsroom putting together a new edition, and we end up printing the old one,”

“True,” Belle agreed, picking up a piece of toast, “Just think Spike, you missed your date for nothing,” She grinned. Aden placed down his knife and fork down roughly on his plate,

“Oh, Izzy!” He exclaimed, “I completely forgot! She must be still asleep!” Belle grinned as Aden stood up in a hurry. Just as he did Izzy walked in. His mouth dropped as he noticed her hair was spray pained a variety of colours.

“That Joanna woman told me you’d be here, Spike,” She said, not noticing the look of shock on his face. “You might have woken me up,” Aden removed his sunglasses to get a better look. Geoff and Ruby looked at her in shock. Belle grinned. “I’m going home now. See you,” She said softly.

“See you,” He said weakly, trying not to laugh.

“Has anybody in here got a mirror?” She called out to the diners. The room turned and looked at her. A few people laughed. “I must look a sight,” She said. She placed a kiss on Aden’s cheek. “Never mind,” She muttered, shaking her head. She turned around to exit. Her hair was all different lengths. It was orange in some places, blue in others and green in the left over spots. Belle chocked as she held back a laugh.

“You had something to do with that, didn’t you?” Aden asked Belle as soon as his date had left the building. Belle smirked. “I know you did!” He accused. Belle smirked again.

“Eat your breakfast,” She told him, before taking a bite of toast and chuckling.

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Thanks meant2live :). Here's the next chapter...

-Chapter Sixteen-


10 Years Ago

“Belle!” Amanda called out from the foot of the stairs. She had her hands on her hips and was rolling her eyes impatiently, “Belle! Geoff’s here! Come down and see him!” Amanda waited. “Belle, I’m warning you. Come down now!” Belle obeyed this time. Belle was a thin girl. She had shoulder length red hair tied back in a ponytail and was holding a large doll in her hands.

“I’m coming!” She called out as she walked down the stairs. She looked uninterested.

“Come on! Get a move on!” Amanda commanded. Belle ignored her and kept to her slow pace. “He’s out the back. Go and give him his present!” She told the girl as she reached the foot of the stairs. Belle grabbed a small parcel out of her mother’s hands.

“Yes mother” She mumbled, almost inaudibly. She walked towards the front door.

“Did you clean your room?” Amanda asked as Belle reached the door. She didn’t answer. “Belle!” Amanda said, her voice rising. Belle turned around.

“Yes,” She said before walking out of the house. Geoff was waiting for her out the front. He was wearing a plastic suit of armour and was wielding a light, plastic sword.

“Hi Belle,” He said sweetly. “It’s my birthday today,”

“No it isn’t!” Belle shouted at him angrily, throwing her doll down onto the concrete. She placed the little box down next to it.

“Is that my present?” He asked eagerly. Belle picked up her doll and placed it on top of the gift.

“No,” She said angrily before pulling the plastic sword out of her friend’s hand.

“You can have a shot at my sword if you want,” He told the girl, who was already attacking the garden with it. Geoff followed her as she walked up to another patch of flowers and started destroying them.

“What’s your dolls name?” He asked her as she began to walk towards another of her mothers flower beds.

“Jasper,” she told him before hitting a large flower’s stem.

“It was Elizabeth before,” Geoff corrected her matter-of-factly. Belle rolled her eyes angrily.

“It’s Jasper!” Belle shouted at him.

“Belle!” Belle heard her mother call out. She looked up and saw Amanda hanging out of her bedroom window, “This room is not clean! Come upstairs and finish it!” She shouted before closing the window. Belle looked at the door nervously. She threw the sword back at Geoff and started to run down the street.

“Where are you going?” Geoff called out as she turned the corner. “I think your mum’s coming!”

“Now young lady!” Amanda called out from the front door. She looked around and saw Geoff standing alone. “Geoff, where’s Belle?” She called out. Geoff turned around at her and smiled.

“She just had to pop out for a minute,” He said innocently.


Geoff pushed the newsroom door open and walked over to his desk. He heard a wolf whistle from behind him.

“Mel, please!” He exclaimed, He turned around and saw the girl looking at his lower regions.

“Are you telling me you walk like that and don’t know it?” She asked him seductively before walking away.

“Can we discuss the graphics quarterly budget allocation now?” He asked her. Melody turned around and rolled her eyes.

“What does that word mean?” She asked him.

“Which one?” He asked back.

“All of them,” She joked, walking over to the deputy editor. Geoff rolled his eyes and Melody walked back into the graphics room.

“I really need to talk to you about how you intend to spend the money,” He said calmly. Melody turned around, a look of impatience on her face.

“I told you already. I gave you that submission thingy!” She snapped before walking back into the graphics room. Geoff pulled out a white sheet of paper and followed her into the graphics department.

“Graphics Department spending proposals,” He read out as Melody sat down and pulled a ruler out of her drawer and placed it on a large sheet of grey paper. “A 2B Pencil and a sun bed!” He shot at her, placing the submission sheet in front of her.

“I can explain the pencil,” She said, folding her arms across her chest. Geoff rolled his eyes.

“Keep going,” He said, pointing to the words ‘sun bed’ on the paper.

“I need a sun bed, Geoff,” She said, looking deeply into his eyes. He turned his head.

“Why Mel. Why do you need a sun bed?” He asked her angrily. She shrugged.

“Well, if I don’t stay attractive, what are the guys around her going to think?” She asked him hopefully. Geoff chuckled.

“I’m sure they’ll manage to think of someone else,” He told her soothingly,

“Exactly,” Melody said, unfolding her arms and looking in Geoff’s eyes,

“How about we compromise?” He asked her, “We put a hole in the roof,” He said. Melody giggled.

“Cassie, Lucas,” Melody said, turning to her assistant and photographer, “Shove off,” She snapped harshly. Cassie shrugged at Lucas and the pair walked out of the room. Lucas shut the door behind him. “I heard you asked out that brunette. What was her name again?”

“Gabrielle,” He answered, “She turned me down,”

“I heard,” Melody said gently, “How are you feeling?” She asked. Geoff smiled at her,

“I’m fine,” He said to the blond, “But it’s very hard to talk to brunettes now, I just feel like strangling them,” He joked. Melody smiled,

“Geoff!” He heard Belle call out from the main newsroom; he turned around and looked at her, “Speaking of brunettes!” He said to Melody, who smiled again,

“You do know there are other fish in the sea,” She informed him. Geoff sighed.

“Yeah, that’s what everyone says, but I don’t believe them,” He said sadly before walking over to Belle’s desk. “What can I do for you boss?”

“With you in a moment Geoff!” She said as she placed her backpack down on the floor next to her desk.

“Brunettes,” He muttered to himself as Belle ran over to an unfamiliar girl. She was sitting in Aden’s chair.

“Alicia Tilder?” She asked. The girl nodded.

“Spike’s not in today, I’m sorry,” She said, yanking the girl off the chair and into the corridor. “He’s a bit off colour. Well, parts of him anyway. It’s his rash again,” Belle looked at the young girl seriously,

“His what?” She asked the editor.

“It’s horribly inflamed!” She shouted as she shoved the girl out of the front door and onto the street. Belle slammed the door behind her. Grinning, Belle walked over to the bathroom and knocked on the door. After a few moments Aden stuck his head out.

“You told her I was busy?” He asked the brunette. Belle nodded.

“Yes,” She said. Aden smiled,

“Thanks!” He said as he walked into the newsroom, a smile on his face. Belle followed him in.

“Who is she Spike?” Belle asked curiously as they walked towards his desk.

“She’s just some girl who has a huge crush on me,” He said smugly. Belle rolled her eyes. “She spies on every girl I talk to, follows me everywhere I go. She won’t leave me alone for a minute!”

“Who’s that?” Drew asked from his desk, which was directly opposite Aden’s, “Belle?”

“What?” Belle asked him. She glared at him intently with a look of anger on her face,

“Oh, not you Belle,” He said hurriedly as he noticed the look on her face, “I was talking about another...” He stopped as the look of anger on Belle’s face increased, “Maybe it’s best if I just, you know, get lost,” He muttered. Aden suppressed a laugh as Drew stood up and walked over to Lucas and Cassie. Belle turned back to Aden.

“Amazing really!” She continued, “How could anyone be madly in love with you?” She asked seriously.

“I don’t know,” He replied playfully, “But then again, I’m the only person in this conversation who isn’t!” He exclaimed. Belle rolled her eyes,

“No,” She began, “I am!” She snapped before walking off. Aden grinned,

“Oh,” He muttered to himself, “Cute,” He grinned before sitting down at his desk.

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Thabks Laurzy and xknomex :). Is this a fast enough update :P? Also, I've started writing the final chapter, so I know what I need to write in between, just let me know if you want a preview :).

-Chapter Seventeen-

Jasper Street

“So what can I do for you Belle?” Geoff asked as Belle walked over to her desk. She stuck her hand into her in tray and pulled out a few sheets of paper.

“Be with you in a moment Geoff,” She told him before walking away. He rolled his eyes impatiently as she placed the paper down on Ruby’s desk. She began rummaging through her out tray, “Geoff, where did Ruby put those...” She began before pausing. She sat down on the chair and picked up a photograph that was lying on the investigative reporter’s desk.

“Belle?” Geoff asked as he saw her sit down. She looked confused.


“Aden, can we talk, man to man?” Angelo asked the boy as he walked over to him. Aden looked Angelo up and down a few times.

“Man to what?” He asked as he stood up. Angelo began walking towards his office. Aden followed.

“Alicia Tilder, Aden,” He shouted. Aden looked at the boy, confused. “Just stay away from her!”

“Don’t tell me,” Aden said as he leaned against the wall, “You’ve fallen in love again, but you haven’t told the lady yet. Olive Kerr part two!” He shouted before attempting to push past the infuriated Italian. Angelo blocked him.

“I’m warning you Aden!” He shouted, “Keep away from her!”

“I’m trying to!” Aden scoffed, “And what are you going to do if I don’t, anyway?” He asked in amusement. Angelo paused for a minute as he thought.

“Aden,” He began, looking at the blond, “I don’t want to get violent...” Aden scoffed again.

“Violent?” He asked angrily before pushing Angelo back. A look of terror crossed Angelo’s face.

“Well, rude,” He said, a worried tone was present in his voice. Aden rolled his eyes and pushed Angelo back again with one hand.

“Rude?” He asked,

“Well, a bit off-hand!” He snapped. Aden reached out and grabbed Angelo’s collar. Angelo started breathing deeply as fear began to overtake him. “Well, maybe coldly polite!” He finished. Aden released the boy.

“Let me get this straight,” He began, looking at the terrified boy in amusement, “If I don’t stay away from Alicia, you’re going to get polite with me?” He asked in confusion. Angelo nodded and Aden pushed past him.

“And that’s just for starters!” Angelo called out when Aden was a good two metres away. Aden rolled his eyes and sat down again.


“It’s only a photo Belle,” Geoff said as he looked at a picture of a wooden figure. It looked like an African statue. He placed it down on top of a pile of photos.

“Where did Ruby get this?” Belle asked softly. She picked up the same photo Geoff had just placed down.

“It’s something she’s working on,” Geoff informed the editor, who was looking the photograph with a look of confusion on her face. “Why? What’s the matter?” He asked her. Belle placed the photo back down.

“Nothing,” She told him as she gave the photo one last look. “Look, can you get me the sales figures for last month, I’m going to need them before the meeting with Gavin,” She said before picking up the same photo again.

“Yeah, sure thing,” Geoff replied as he looked at the girl with a confused look on his face. He walked away as Belle picked up the second photo. It was of the same statue.


10 Years Earlier

Belle ran along the sidewalk, her heart beating rapidly as she turned another corner. She slowed down and began walking as she passed unfamiliar houses. She looked around and saw a large fenced building. She recognised it. It was Summer Bay High School, a long distance from her house.

“Hey!” Belle heard somebody call out. She looked around and saw three boys, not much older than her, standing out the front of a house; she turned away and continued walking. The boys walked over to her.

“You’re lost, aren’t you?” One of the boys asked. Belle ignored him and continued walking, “You don’t know where you are, do you?” She called out again,

“Do so!” Belle snapped at him as she continued walking. Another of the boys ran out in front of her. Belle stopped. She could heal her heart beating faster as she began to feel scared.

“Where are you then?” He asked unsympathetically, “Bet you don’t know the name of the street!” He yelled. Belle bit her lower lip as the other boys began to move closer to her.

“I do!” She yelled.

“What is it then?” The third boy yelled at her. He was standing behind her. She turned and faced him.

“Jasper Street!” She yelled. The boys looked at each other and laughed.

“Jasper Street?” They asked in unison before laughing. Belle turned away and ran down the sidewalk, her heart beating rapidly.


Belle woke up and looked at her alarm clock. It was 2 o’clock in the morning. She reached across and flicked on her lamp. She got a fright when she saw a little African carving sitting next to it. She pushed herself back into the corner of her bed.

“Mummy!” She called out as she looked at it, “Mummy! Mummy!” She yelled louder.



The door to Belle’s bedroom opened and Amanda stuck her head in.

“Belle, are you alright?” She asked. She flicked the light on, “What’s wrong?” She asked. Belle was sitting right in the corner of her bed, the blankets pulled up around her chin. She was looking at her bedside table. The only thing on it was a lamp. “Belle?” Her mother asked, sounding concerned. Belle turned around and looked at her.

“Was I shouting?” She asked. Amanda walked over to her daughter’s bed and sat on the end.

“You were calling for your mummy,” Amanda said, smiling. “You haven’t done that since you were a baby. Nightmare?” Amanda asked her daughter. Belle nodded.

“Yeah, but I’m okay. I’m fine!” She reassured her mother as she let the blankets fall. “Everything’s under control,” Amanda looked at her in disbelief.

“You sure?” She asked kindly. Belle rolled her eyes.

“I’m not a baby now mum!” She snapped. Amanda smiled.

“But you’re...” Amanda began. Belle raised her hand to stop her.

“Don’t say it!” Belle exclaimed, “Don’t say I’m still your baby,” Amanda smiled again,

“I wasn’t going to!” Amanda said as she stood up, “But you are,” She grinned. She walked over to the door.

“Mum?” Belle asked as she was about to leave the room. “Did I ever have some sort of, I don’t know, wood carving thing? A grinning man?” She asked. Amanda paused for a moment as she thought.

“Yes,” She replied, “I think you did. It was years ago though. When you were about eight,” Belle smiled weakly at her mother.

“Goodnight mum,” Belle smiled. Amanda went to leave.

“You sure you’re all right?” She asked, still slightly concerned. Belle nodded and Amanda went to walk out. She stuck her hand out to turn the light off.

“Leave the light on!” Belle called out. Amanda turned towards her daughter and smiled. The door closed and looked over at the bedside table again before closing her eyes.


“Belle!” Geoff shouted into the receiver of his phone, “It’s three o’clock in the morning!”

“Shut up Geoff!” Belle snapped. “Look, I think it was at your birthday, about ten years ago. I ran off and got lost, remember?” She asked him. Geoff’s brows furrowed as he thought.

“Yeah, vaguely,” He replied, “Turned out you were only a few blocks away, yeah?” He asked her groggily,

“Yeah,” She replied.

“Didn’t I bring you home?” Geoff asked his friend, “That’s right, that was the birthday you didn’t give me a present!” He told her.

“I did! I remember! I’m sure I had a present for you!” Belle snapped defensively. Geoff rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, you had one alright!” Geoff snapped, “You just didn’t give it to me!”

“Well I got lost that day!” Belle yelled angrily, “Perhaps it slipped my mind!”

“Slipped your mind?” Geoff snapped at her, “You buried it in a flowerbed!”

“Is this relevant?” Belle shouted. Geoff rolled his eyes again.

“I only found it four years later when you forced me to dig a grave for your pet rabbit!” Geoff snapped. He heard Belle sigh.

“Look, I don’t think this is the right time to be discussing birthday presents!” Belle snapped at him angrily.

“Why not?” Geoff asked,

“Geoff, its three o’clock in the morning!” She yelled at him before slamming the phone down forcefully.

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Thanks Trudi :). Here's the next chapter...

-Chapter Eighteen-

It’s Jasper

“Ruby!” Belle called out as the young reporter exited a classroom. She looked over and saw Belle standing next to her locker, a photograph in her hand. Ruby walked over to her and pulled out the key to her small locker. “What’s this?” Belle asked her kindly as she pushed the photo under Ruby’s face.

“I was going to ask you about that,” She said as she stuck the key into the lock. “An old lady at the end of our street was burgled. The stuff taken wasn’t very valuable, but it was stuff she was attached to,” Ruby said as she flung some books into the locker and pulled out her backpack.

“Including this?” Belle asked. Ruby nodded.

“Yeah,” She said as she began walking towards the exit, Belle followed her, “The police got together some photos of the stuff and suggested we print the to see if anybody recognised them,”

“This was stolen from the old lady’s house?” Belle asked her. Ruby nodded, “You know what’s funny?” Belle asked, looking down at the photograph in her hands.

“What?” Ruby asked,

“I used to have one of these when I was a kid. Used to sit on my bedside cabinet. It scared the crap out of me. I used to have nightmares about it,” Belle said. Ruby looked at Belle in disbelief. “What’s the matter?” Belle asked as she noticed the look on her friend’s face.


“You’re wrong!” Belle snapped at Ruby as they walked into the newsroom together, “You must be!” Ruby sat down at her desk and pulled out a blank sheet of paper. She loaded her typewriter with it.

“I've told you, your memories playing tricks!” Ruby shot at her as she began typing an article.

“It can’t be!” Belle shouted at Ruby, “This is so weird!”

“Listen Belle, I've been trying to explain to you, her husband was a wood carver,” She began,

“Yeah,” Belle acknowledged, “So?” She asked,

“I was a hobby; he never made more than one of anything!” Ruby snapped.

“But...” Belle began, but Ruby interrupted her.

“You couldn’t have had one because the one that was stolen was the only one ever made!” Ruby yelled at her friend, “And for all 30 years of its wooden life it’s been in that same house in the same spot!”

“Until last month when the house was broken in to,” Belle grumbled. Ruby nodded,

“Exactly!” Ruby snapped at her friend. Belle rolled her eyes again.

“Then how did it end up in my room ten years before it was stolen?” Belle questioned her friend. Ruby sighed.

“It didn’t!” She groaned, “Your memory must be playing tricks on you!” Belle scoffed and walked towards her desk. She turned to face Ruby again,

“It isn’t, you know!” She exclaimed before turning back towards her desk.


10 Years Earlier

“Jasper Street?” Belle heard the boys ask again as she ran away from hem. Tears were forming in the corners of her eyes. She came to a telephone pole and hid behind it, breathing deeply. She wiped the tears away from the corners of her eyes.

“Hello!” Belle heard somebody say. The voice sounded kind and pleasant. She turned around, “Are you lost?” The voice asked, Belle nodded. “What’s your name?” The woman asked,

“Jasper,” She lied.


Belle woke up and looked across at her bedside table at her alarms clock. It was half past one in the morning. She looked next to the alarm clock, nothing was there. She smiled and flicked on her lamp. She screamed as she saw the figure behind it.



Belle opened her eyes and sat up. She was covered in cold sweat. She instantly looked over at her lamp. There was nothing near it. Belle sighed in relief. She stood up and walked down to the kitchen and flicked the kettle on.

“It was just a dream,” She muttered to herself, “Just a dream!” She said, trying to sound reassuring. She picked up a mug and turned around. She felt her heart skip a beat as she saw the little statue sitting on the table. “Mum!” Belle screamed as she dropped the mug out of her hand.


“I am not still your baby!” Belle groaned as she sat at the table with Amanda. Both of them had mugs of coffee in their hands.

“Are you sure?” Amanda asked. She sounded deeply concerned. “That was quite a scream!”

“Look!” Belle shot at her mother, “I just got a fright, okay?” Amanda rolled her eyes before picking the little statue up.

“I found it in the back of the hallway cupboard,” She informed her daughter, “I thought you’d be interested!” Amanda told her daughter, almost defensively.

“Why didn’t you just show me?” Belle asked angrily. She looked over at the little carving. “You know, instead of just leaving it lurking around the kitchen?” Amanda rolled her eyes again.

“It wasn’t lurking!” She corrected her daughter. It was Belle’s turn to roll her eyes now. “It was just sitting on the table,”

“It was lurking!” Belle snapped angrily. Amanda inhaled deeply before opening her mouth again.

“I’m sorry,” She told Belle sincerely. She smiled at her mother weakly.

“Where did we get it?” Belle asked. She was now sounding calmer. Amanda shook her head.

“We didn’t get it,” She informed the curious girl, “You just appeared home with it one day.”

“From where?” Belle questioned. She looked at the wood carving with curiosity.

“Don’t you remember?” Amanda asked. Belle shook her head. “Well you were very young,” She added in justification.

“It’s more than that,” Belle began as she picked up the figure, “It’s like something I don’t think about. Something I’m not in the habit of thinking about. You know, I feel guilty when I look at this, as if I've done something I wasn’t supposed to, or something I was supposed to do, but I didn’t,” She looked at her mother with a confused look on her face. “Yeah, that’s it. Something I should’ve done,”

“But didn’t,” Amanda finished. Belle nodded.

“Oh, there’s something else. You see this,” She began, pointing down to the wooden face that was resting in her left hand. “It’s unique. There’s only one of these in the whole world. And this isn’t it!”

“What?” Amanda asked, confused. She looked at her daughter, waiting for more explanation.

“Impossible, right?” Belle asked. Amanda nodded in agreement. She still looked deeply confused.

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Thanks Trudi and enjoy the ride :).

-Chapter Nineteen-

Going Back To Jasper Street

“Not at all!” Mr. Bartlett told Belle. He had the wooden figure clasped in his hands; a newspaper was under his arm. They were standing out the front of his office. “It’s really quite simple,” He said, passing the figure back to her, She placed it back in her backpack.

“Simple?” She asked in confusion. Bartlett nodded.

“Yes, quite. This wood carving wasn’t stolen until last month, right?” He asked Belle. She nodded.

“Yeah, but it was in my bedroom ten years ago,” Belle added.

“It’s obvious, isn’t it?” The teacher asked her as he shrugged his shoulders. Belle shook her head. “A wormhole has opened up in the fabric of the Space/Time Continuum. This wood carving has been sucked back in time ten years and placed in the bedroom of a young Belle Taylor!” He joked. Belle rolled her eyes.

“Anything else?” Belle asked her teacher. She had a small smile on her face. Bartlett exhaled. He looked disappointed.

“I do have one more explanation,” He said. Belle rolled her eyes again. “If you’re interested,” He added. Belle raised her eyebrows.

“Is it as good as your last one?” She shot at him angrily. Bartlett’s face fell as he shook his head.

“Not nearly as good,” He said, shaking his head. Belle folded her arms across her chest and raised her right eyebrow with interest. “But it’s the right one!” He exclaimed. He jerked his head towards his office. “Come on!” He said to his student. He began walking towards the room. Belle followed him.


“Listen, Alicia,” Aden began, looking at the eager girl. “I don’t know how to say this, but I’m just not that ready for a relationship,” He lied. Aden felt his heart plummet as her face fell and tears began forming in the corners of her eyes.

“But...” She began, her voice breaking slightly, “But why not? You were only with that Izzy girl two weeks ago,”

“And I need time to get over her,” He lied again. He watched as a look of eagerness flashed across the young girls face.

“And then, when you’re over her, we can be together?” She asked hopefully. Aden avoided looking at her in the eyes.

“Yeah...” He began. He looked over and saw Angelo standing behind a pillar, a copy of The Coastal Junior was pressed against his hest as he watched Aden and Alicia intently. “Sure...” He finished before walking away.

“I’ll be waiting!” She called out. Aden sighed and watched as the Italian boy advanced towards his crush...


“We know for a fact that this man never made more than one of anything, right?” Mr. Bartlett asked Belle. They were sitting in his office. The little figure was resting on the desk.

“Right,” Belle replied, nodding her head. Mr. Bartlett picked up the wooden carving and looked across at Belle.

“So there can only be the one, right?” He asked her. She nodded.

“Right,” She added as he placed the figure down so the face was pointing towards the wall.

“Wrong,” He said, sounding almost sinister. Belle looked at him in confusion as he picked up two books and placed them against the flat back of the carving.

“Book ends!” Belle said in amazement. She couldn’t stop staring at it. It all made sense now. “A pair of bookends!” She smiled. “Sir, you’re a genius!” She told him. Belle picked up the bookend and placed it in her backpack.

“As long as we both think so,” He said, following the young girl to the door. Belle turned around and faced him.

“Sir, even if it is one of a pair of bookends, why do I have it?” She asked him. Bartlett shrugged.

“You’ll have to figure that bit out yourself,” He told her. A smile was on his lips as she turned away and started walking towards the exit. “I could be your guardian angel,” He called out as she closed the door.


“Very clever,” Ruby said as Belle explained to her what Mr. Bartlett said. “But why Belle, do you have it?” She asked. Belle shrugged.

“I don’t know!” She exclaimed in frustration. “I honestly cannot remember!”

“But you must!” Ruby told her, also sounding frustrated. Belle raised her hand to her head and sighed.

“I was only a kid!” Belle explained as she tried to remember how the bookend had come into her possession. “Why don’t you ask Mrs. Williams?” Belle asked as she picked up the figure and walked away. Ruby grinned.

“Belle!” She called out. The girl turned around. “I think your memory’s coming back.”

“What?” Belle asked in confusion. Ruby smiled again.

“I didn’t tell you her name!” She announced.


10 Years Earlier

“Hello!” A kindly old lady asked. She had long white hair pulled back in a tight bun. Her face looked worn and friendly, “Are you lost?” She asked. Belle nodded.

“Yes,” She replied shyly.

“What’s your name?” She asked. Belle looked around nervously.

“Jasper,” She lied. The old lady chuckled.

“Jasper?” She asked the young girl, “That’s an odd name for a girl,” She said to Belle.


“Melody’s got her new spending proposals in,” Geoff told Belle, making her loose her trail of thought, “She didn’t even spell ‘Jacuzzi’ right!” He laughed, placing the sheet down in front of his friend. “You okay?” He asked her.

“Something I was supposed to do, but didn’t,” Belle said to herself, completely ignoring Geoff’s presence. She stood up and grabbed the statue from her desk, “I’m off!” She called out.

“Belle, where are you going?” Geoff asked his friend. A look of puzzlement was visible on his face.

“Jasper Street!” She shouted at him from the doorway.


“Where do you live?” The old lady asked as she and Belle entered her house. It was vibrant and attractive. Belle looked around in amazement.

“Next door to Mrs. Roberts,” She said as she walked into the living room with the lady.

“Mrs. Roberts?” She asked, “I’m afraid I don’t know where that is,” She said, sounding apologetic. “Come in here, I want to show you something,” She added kindly as they walked over to a large couch.

“Wow,” Belle muttered to herself as she saw a table full of wood carvings.

“You see these,” The lady asked, pointing to the table, “My husband made them,” She said proudly. She picked up one that looked like an African god and passed it to Belle. “That’s a funny one isn’t it?” She asked Belle.

“Yeah,” She sighed as she looked at it. The doorbell rang.

“I’ll be right back,” She said to Belle. The young girl placed the statue back down on the table with the others. Mrs. Williams made her way to the door and opened it. She looked down and saw a young boy, about ten. He was wearing a plastic suit of armour.

“Is Belle coming back?” He asked hopefully. Mrs. Williams looked at him in confusion.

“He followed me!” Belle complained from the living room door. “He always follows me!” She whined.



Belle made her way along a suburban street. She looked around at the houses. They all looked very familiar. She turned around and saw Geoff in the corner of her eye. She grinned as he hid behind a tree.


“Now you can keep this one if you want,” The old lady offered. She passed the African carving over to the young girl. Belle took it from her. She had a smile on her face. “But only if you promise to come and visit me again,”

“I promise,” Belle said. Mrs. Williams smiled and turned to Geoff.

“Are you sure you know the way home?” She asked him. Geoff nodded.


“And I never went back,” Belle moaned to Geoff as they walked down a street, their arms linked together.

“So?” Geoff asked her, almost uninterested. “A promise you made when you were ten years old. Big deal!”

“Yeah, but it’s just typical of me, isn’t it?” She complained. “I mean, a lonely old lady...” She began. Geoff rolled his eyes,

“You were ten!” He shouted at her as they turned into the old lady’s driveway. Belle pressed the doorbell when they reached the door. “Remember when we used to do this and run away?” Geoff asked his friend. Belle rolled her eyes.

“I ran away!” She laughed. “You stayed and apologised.” She laughed. Geoff bit his lip and sighed in defeat. “This is stupid!”

“What is?” Geoff asked in genuine confusion,

“She probably won’t remember us!” Belle informed him. She felt her heart beating faster as the door opened. Mrs. Williams stood at the door. Her hair was slightly whiter than it was ten years previously.

“Yes,” She asked. Her voice was soft, but still had the same vibrancy it had a decade earlier.

“You probably don’t remember us,” Belle said, inhaling deeply as she opened her bag and pulled out the bookend. She showed it to her. “You gave me this ten years ago.” Belle stood next to Geoff, feeling anxious as the lady scanned the item in front of her.

“You better come in,” She said, opening the door wider, “Jasper.” She added. Belle and Geoff grinned in delight as they entered the old lady’s house. It looked exactly as it had done ten years earlier.

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Thanks enjoy the ride, Laurzy, Trudi and Taniya :). This is just a fluffy chapter that leads to some major character development :).

-Chapter Twenty-

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

“I've heard that story,” Ruby said to Melody as she pushed the door to the newsroom open. It was almost empty of people. Annie walked in behind them.

“There were these three guys, okay,” Melody said to Annie as they made their way over to a group of desks that had been pushed together in the middle of the room. Melody sat on the edge of one and Annie and Ruby took a seat either side of her.

“All of them gorgeous,” Ruby added sarcastically. Annie grinned.

“Because they’re always ‘gorgeous’,” Annie laughed before looking back up at the graphics designer. “Well, in her stories, anyway,” She added. Melody shrugged and turned back to Ruby.

“Well, they were all coming on to me at the same time!” She squealed in delight as she recalled her story,

“And you said you were interested but they’d have to find one more,” Ruby finished. Melody shook her head; a smile was on her face.

“No, it’s not that story,” She joked. Annie giggled softly.

“Oh,” Ruby said, sounding disappointed, “Is it your other one?” She asked. Melody rolled her eyes.

“Well, the problem was,” She continued, turning to face Annie. “They all had the same name. They were all called...”

“Alex!” Ruby interjected. “I remember it now,” She grinned. Melody sighed in disappointment and turned back to Annie, who was listening with interest.

“So I said,” Melody went on, ignoring Ruby, “‘Look guys, I can’t call you all ‘Alex’, I’ll have to call you all...’”

“Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,” Ruby finished. Melody scoffed.

“Six, seven and eight,” She corrected her friend. She was grinning now.

“What?” Ruby asked in confusion. Melody smirked at the head writer.

“O’clock,” She said simply. Ruby and Annie turned to each other and broke into a gentle fit of laughter.


“Peter’s just called,” Geoff said to Belle. He had a clipboard in his hand. They were standing in front of the editor’s desk.

“How long’s he been in charge of sports?” Belle asked her best friend. Geoff shrugged.

“About two months, I think,” Geoff informed her. Belle folded her arms across her chest.

“And he’s missed four meetings?” Belle asked in disbelief. Geoff nodded. “Replace him,” Belle shot acidly. Geoff sighed and nodded his head hesitantly.

“If you say so boss,” He said, tapping the end of his pen on the clipboard, “What do I tell him?”

“Goodbye!” Belle said simply before picking up her jacket and walking over to a coat rack.

“Real bleeding heart boss, aren’t you?” Geoff joked. Belle turned around and looked at him in the eyes.

“Bleeding what?” She shot at him playfully.

“My mistake,” He said apologetically as he made a note to fire the head of sports.


“Ladies!” Aden shouted as he pushed the doors to the newsroom open. “Tongues in!” He told them.

“Hi Aden,” Annie said. She looked him up and down and inhaled deeply.

“Annie!” He yelled, looking down at her clothes. She was wearing a bright blue dress with vibrant pink and green stripes. “Stand up a minute,” He instructed her. Annie obeyed and walked around to Aden. He looked at her apologetically. “No, you’re still not tall,” He joked before pulling off his deep black sunglasses.

“Aden,” She grinned as he walked away. Aden looked back and returned the smile. “I made this dress,” She added to Melody. She scoffed.

“What did you think when you turned the lights on?” She asked playfully. Aden placed his left foot up on the desk.

“Ladies, ladies,” He said soothingly to Melody and Annie. The folded their arms across their chests and turned away from each other. Aden looked up at his leg. “I had another one of those,” He said to himself before looking down at the ground. “Oh, there it is,” He muttered. He raised his other foot up onto the desk.


“Sorry I forgot the meeting last night!” Angelo said as he walked into the newsroom. Geoff rolled his eyes.

“It’s tonight,” He reminded the Italian. Angelo looked over at Belle nervously.

“Sorry I forgot the meeting tonight,” He corrected himself before turning to exit.

“Angelo,” Belle called out. The boy turned around to face the editor. “Come in and sit down,” She demanded.

“Yes boss,” He said timidly, pushing past her. Geoff looked over at the desks and noticed Aden.

“Belle?” He asked softly, “Why is Spike always at these meetings?” He asked, pointing over to the American.

“He can be useful,” Belle answered, glancing over at the blonde with a smile on her face.

“Why not just admit he’s here because you have a huge crush on him?” Geoff asked the girl. Belle gave Geoff a dirty look.

“I do not have a crush on him,” She shot angrily. Geoff looked at his friend in amusement.

“One look at him and you break into a sweat!” He laughed. Belle shook her head.

“Geoff, you know Aden Jeffries has no effect on me what so ever,” She told the deputy soothingly.

“Hey Belle,” Aden called out from her desk. He was leaning across it and pulling a pencil out of a jar. Belle turned to face him. “Is it okay if I borrow this pencil?”

“Will you stop making stupid, suggestive comments?” Belle shot at him angrily. Melody, Ruby and Annie glanced over at the editor with a look of confusion on their faces. “What?” Belle asked them when she noticed the looks. She turned to Geoff, who had a grin on his face.

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