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The Coastal Junior

Guest Luc

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Thanks Jody, Laurzy and Trudi

-Chapter Twenty-One-

As Head of the Graphics Department


“Okay,” Belle said. She, Geoff, Ruby, Melody, Angelo, Aden and Annie were all sitting at the desks that had been pushed together. Each of them had a few sheets of paper in front of them. “Let’s get started,” A few people moaned.

“Not yet,” Geoff said to his friend calmly, “There’s a tradition,” He added. Melody nodded in agreement.

“I for one am not speaking until my mouth’s full,” Melody told the editor. Belle sighed in agreement.

“Fair enough Melody,” Belle informed the head of graphics, “I suppose you do need something in your head, after all,” She smiled. Melody gave Belle a dirty look.

“Hey, cool your mouth, boss-lady,” Aden shot at the editor. She rolled her eyes at him and turned back to the infuriated Melody. “That’s a look like that could set your hair on fire,” He muttered to Angelo as Belle returned on of Melody’s looks.

“Oh, is that why it looks that way,” Melody asked Belle, a bitchy tone in her voice. Belle clenched her teeth and scowled at the blonde. Melody folded her arms against her chest and smiled at her victory.

“We need to cool it guys!” Aden shouted seriously at the two girls. He glanced across at Belle, “Before we have another explosion,” He added. His voice sounded less serious now.

“The pizzas are here!” Annie shouted out as a man wearing a bright red hat appeared outside the door to the newsroom, a red pizza bag over his shoulder.


“Gavin likes the article on the school refurbishment, but he thinks it’d fare better if we did a follow up article,” Belle shouted out to the small group of people. All of them were sitting around the desks now; all had some pizza in their hands. “He also said that the double page spread on the new arts classroom looked tacky, and I agree with him. Let’s ditch it,” She said coldly, glancing over at Melody, who she knew put hours into the spread. She smiled again as another thought came to her mind. “Melody, nobody likes the new layout of the TV column, can we go back to the old one?”

“Some people have no taste,” Melody shot back at Belle. Belle rolled her eyes.

“I know, but we won’t hold it against you,” Belle said before closing a copy of The Coastal Junior that was in front of her. Melody gave Belle a forced smile and nodded. “Okay, next week,” Belle said, throwing a notepad over at the deputy editor, he flicked it open towards the middle and located a page.

“Richard’s at the town hall, Katherine’s in Reefton Lakes and Christine’s at the garden show in Yabbie creek,” Geoff read out. Belle looked over at the notes she had in another notepad.

“Who’s covering the University open day?” She asked him, Geoff flicked back a few pages.

“Ah, Ruby, can you spare Alice from features?” He asked the head reporter. She flicked through her own notepad.

“Tell you what,” She said, placing the pad back down in front of her. “If you can give us a couple more hours’ computer time, it’s a deal,” She smiled. Geoff turned to the editor.

“Boss?” He asked hopefully. Belle pursed her lips as she thought.

“Done,” She replied before picking up a photograph. “Tamara Hume, children’s author,” Belle told the team as she passed the photo around. “She’s visiting some family here. Ruby?” She asked the girl. Ruby wrote down a note in her notepad.

“I’ll set up an interview,” She replied. Annie groaned in anger.

“Belle, that’s junior page,” She reminded the editor. Ruby looked up from her notepad.

“What?” She asked the younger girl. Annie exhaled in exasperation.

“Tamara Hume writes books for pre-teens, so it’s junior page,” Annie spat as she snatched the picture from Ruby’s hand.

“It’s general interest,” Ruby shot back through gritted teeth. She turned towards the editor. “Belle, it’s features!” Belle’s eyes flicked back towards Annie as she began to speak again,

“How am I supposed to cover pre-teens if Ruby keeps getting all my stories?” She pleaded.

“It had better be good,” Belle replied after several long seconds of thought. A broad grin began to appear on the younger reporter’s face.

“You can count on it!” Annie replied in excitement.

“Take Spike with you, I hear she’s kind of difficult,” Belle added as she added Annie’s name to the list of reporters. Annie’s grin grew.

“It’s you and me, Aden,” She told him almost in disbelief. Aden raised his eyebrows.

“Brains and beauty,” He said before picking up a magazine from the table.

“Yeah,” Annie told him.

“So what are you bringing?” He asked her. Annie’s jaw dropped and she picked up a piece of pizza. She flung it across at Aden with her grin still present on her face.

“Very funny,” She told him as he moved his head to the side so the pizza didn’t hit him.


Belle sat in her chair, drawing circles on a sheet of paper and Melody began to talk.

“She’s hopeless and you know it!” Melody yelled at the editor. She dropped her pen and looked up, “That’s why you dumped her on me!” Belle grinned at the girl.

“We didn’t dump her; we just thought graphics was...” Geoff began. Melody cut him off angrily.

“Graphics has always been a place for you to dump the untalented!” Melody spat at Belle. The editor laughed.

“And now you know why you’re in graphics,” Belle replied energetically. Melody opened her mouth to speak, but Belle cut in, “So you say you want to get rid of Lola?” Belle asked in interest.

“Why don’t you just make her a street reporter?” Geoff asked Belle.

“I’m saying, and as head of the graphics department, I hope my opinion counts, there is no need for her to be here, the talentless bitch,” Melody informed her superiors. Belle nodded her head and began writing down something on a loose bit of paper.

“Alright Melody,” She said cheerfully as she placed the pen down and folded looked over at the blond. “But you have to tell her.” Belle watched in amusement as her rivals mouth dropped.

“What?” She asked in shock. Belle picked up a piece of pizza and looked grinned.

“That’s right,” She taunted, “As head of the graphics department.” She grinned in satisfaction at Melody.


“Now, you’re all probably wondering why Angelo is here,” Belle began as the Italian rose from his chair. He looked around the group nervously, “He’s here to give us a rundown of our current financial state. This should have been given to me as a report at the end of each month, but as of yet, I have not received one.”

“For good reasons,” Angelo interrupted defensively.

“For a number of good reasons,” Belle repeated back, “To date, twenty-seven,”

“Twenty-seven?” Angelo asked his boss. Belle scoffed.

“I’m not counting the one about the monkey, the donkey and the radio-active cow,” She shot at him. Angelo coughed nervously as he shifted through a few sheets of paper in front of him.

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Thanks Jody and Laurzy :). The next chapter is pretty short, but it's Angelo-centric, and I find he works better in small doses :lol:

-Chapter Twenty-Two-

Like Your Hamsters

“Angelo, here’s a simple question. How much money did we make on the last edition?” She asked him kindly. Angelo looked at her, slightly taken aback. He pursed his lips. “Angelo? You’re not hiding anything, are you?” Angelo began to shuffle through the paper again.

“No, not at all,” He said, sounding frightened. He Stopped moving the paper about and turned to Belle. “I must have left it at home,” He lied.

“Angelo!” Belle snapped sternly, “How much money did we make last week?” She asked him.

“Some,” He replied. Melody, Ruby and Annie all looked up at the boy in amusement.

“Can you be a little more specific?” Angelo hesitated and pursed his lips again.

“Some and a bit,” He finally replied.

“Some and a bit?” Belle repeated. She sounded calm.

“Ish,” He added. Belle closed her eyes and lowered her head onto the desk.

“Angelo, if you don’t give me a full and accurate rundown of the financial state of the paper at the meeting next week,” She yelled. Slowly, she raised her head. “Do you know what I’m going to do?” She asked him. Angelo shook his head and backed away from the brunette. “I’m going to start giving our proceeds to charity, and you’re going to have to write the checks!” Angelo’s mouth fell in shock as he sat down. Aden looked at him with concern.

“Are you alright Angelo?” He asked in his American accent. Angelo raised his hand to his heart and made a fist.

“Could I get a glass of water?” He asked in shock. Aden grinned at Belle.



Angelo raised a toy gun at a picture of Belle and fired. A plastic dart came flying out and hit the picture right in the forehead. He grinned in satisfaction.

“Who does she think she is?” He asked Aden as he reloaded the dart gun.

“The trouble with Belle is,” He began to inform the boy as they rummaged through boxes of items. “She thinks she’s Belle,” He joked before opening one of the boxes that was positioned on a shelf in Angelo’s office. It was full of half table-tennis balls.

“Half ping-pong balls?” He asked in disbelief. Angelo sighed before nodding.

“Never took off,” He said as he raised the gun to the picture again and fired. It missed.

“Why don’t you give Belle a rundown of the financial situation?” He asked as Angelo walked over to the picture and pulled the suction darts off of the picture.

“Aden, the paper profits are invested everywhere,” He said nervously as he watched Belle screaming at a reporter in the main newsroom. “They’ve been invested, circulated, lodged,” He explained. Aden nodded in understanding.

“Spent,” Aden added. Angelo shrugged his shoulders,

“Ish,” He completed. “Want a sucker gun?” He asked the American. He flashed the toy in front of Aden’s face. He shock his head. “I have 528 of them,” He said. Aden turned around and faced the Italian in shock.

“How many?” He asked in disbelief. Angelo repeated the number. Aden shook his head and continued looking around the room.

“Hamsters?” He asked as he noticed a box on one of the lower shelfs. Angelo laughed nervously.

“Forgot about those,” He said to the boy. Aden scoffed in amazement. He made his way over to the exit of the office. “What about Belle?” He asked hopefully. Aden turned around and faced him.

“You need to stop worrying, Angelo,” He said encouragingly. “Like your hamsters,” He added, jerking his head towards the box of dead creatures.

“How can I stop worrying?” Angelo asked him, “It’s Belle!”

“With Belle, you just have to stay cool, like your hamsters,” Aden replied, jerking his head towards the box yet again.

“Fine, I stop worrying and play it cool,” Angelo repeated. He smiled, “I go to the meeting next week without a finance report. What happens then?”

“Like your hamsters,” Aden replied swiftly. He walked out of the office, leaving a frightened Angelo to dive under his desk in horror.


“Hello?” Rebekah called out as she pushed the door of Angelo’s office open. She and Emma walked in and looked around, they couldn’t see the older boy.

“Shut that door!” He hissed from underneath his desk. Emma pushed the door closed behind her and the two girls got down on their hands and knees and made their way over to him.

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Thanks Jody, Laurzy and Trudi :)...

-Chapter Twenty-Three-

Shut Up Spike!

“Aden,” Annie moaned. She was sitting on the edge of her desk, a notepad perched on her lap. He began to walk over to Belle, who was reading over an article Ruby had just given her, “What are you doing?” She asked. Aden rolled his eyes before pulling his sunglasses on.

“Walking,” He said, smiling at the younger girl. Annie groaned and cut in front of the American, stopping him in his tracks.

“We’re supposed to be having a meeting about the Tamara Hume interview,” She groaned. Aden smiled at her before giving Belle a longing glance. She was looking in the direction he and Annie were. He waved at her and she scoffed.

“Annie, how about this?” Aden offered, not taking his eyes of the brunette, “You do the talking, and I do the being somewhere else bit,” He joked.

“Aden,” Annie muttered with an upset tone visible in her voice. Annie turned around and stalked off. Aden shrugged before turning back to Ruby’s desk. He shrugged again when he saw Belle wasn’t there.

“Don’t you thing you could be a little nicer to somebody you know has a crush on you?” Belle asked from behind him. Aden jumped before turning around to face the editor, a grin on his face. “I don’t mean me,” She added acidly. Aden looked into her eyes, the grin was still on his face, “I know you didn’t say me, but it was obvious...” She trailed off as she noticed Aden was about to laugh. “Shut up Spike!” She yelled at him before stalking off, almost as Annie had done before.

“You know,” Aden said to himself, “I remember when Belle needed two people for a conversation,”

“I don’t,” Melody told him as she walked past, her hands deep in her pockets. She made her way over to a girl with deep red hair. She was standing with some members of the graphics team. “Lola, can I have a word?” She asked politely. The girl nodded and followed Melody into the graphics room.

“Oh, Mel!” Lola said as she stuck her hand into her coat pocket. She pulled out a cassette tape. Melody turned around, “Here’s the tape you wanted to borrow,” She passed the cassette over to the blonde. Melody smiled sadly in thanks as she walked into the small room.

“Can everybody clear out!” She screamed. People began pilling out and within minutes, the room was empty.

“Is this important?” Lola asked as Melody slammed the door shut behind Cassie. Melody glared at the girl seriously.

“I’m afraid it’s very important,” She replied. She smiled sadly at the girl again. “There’s something I have to say,” Melody picked up a clipboard from her desk and opened it. “I really have to say this Lola, I really do have to say it,” Mel looked down at the tape that the redhead had given her minutes before and then back up at the girls kind face.

“Say what?” Lola asked. She looked anxious, and Melody inhaled sharply.

“How are you?” She asked hurriedly. Lola looked at her boss with bewilderment.

“Is that the important thing you had to say?” She asked,

“Um, yeah,” Melody replied, “Sure.”


“Claudia, I am not obsessed with Belle Taylor!” Aden shouted into the telephone. This prompted a few people to laugh in disagreement. “Who told you that?” He asked. “She’s a liar!” Aden yelled, “He’s a liar too! Well, those two are always lying. She has a history of mental problems!” He finished before slamming the telephone down.

“Who was that, Aden?” Drew asked from his desk. Aden grinned.

“My new girlfriend,” He replied.


Angelo wrapped his arms around Rebekah and Emma’s shoulders and walked them to the front door of the Coastal Junior.

“So, you want us to find stuff to blackmail Belle Taylor with?” Rebekah asked innocently.

“Well, I wouldn’t call it blackmail,” Angelo smiled as the made their way out into the corridor,

“Why not?” Emma shot at him.

“Somebody might hear!” He laughed as the two girls walked out of the newsroom.


Geoff looked over at Lola, a look of concern plastered across his face. She was standing with Cassie. The pair were in deep conversation. Geoff stood up and picked up a clipboard and made his way over to the girl.

“Lola, has Melody had a word with you yet?” He asked her. The young girl looked at him, taken aback.

“You knew about that?” She asked him. Geoff nodded in confusion.

“Well, it is important,” He informed her. Lola looked at him again, still taken aback.

“Important, Geoff?” She asked him as she pulled a ruler out of her desk draw and placed it down on a large sheet of grey paper, “She just asked me how I was,”

“Well, that is important,’ He told Lola. His voice cracked. “How are you?”



Aden scoffed into the telephone. He was pacing up and down his hallway, waiting for Annie to show up. “I can’t do it Mel,” Aden said into the receiver, “Why should I fire somebody from the graphics department?” He asked her.

“Because you’re an expert at dumping women,” Annie called out angrily as she made her way into the house, “You’ve been through more girls than Rod Stewart,” Aden gave a forced laugh.

“Melody says ‘thanks’,” He informed the younger girl before turning his attention back to the girl on the other end of the line. “Fine Mel, on one condition. Tell me why you told Claudia Hagen that I was obsessed with Belle,” He paused to see if Annie answered.

“You didn’t want her to know?” Melody asked him from the other end in mock horror. Aden forced another laugh,

“I am not obsessed with Belle Taylor!” He growled at the blonde. “And stop looking at me like that,” He told her before hanging up.


The newsroom was almost empty. Ruby was sitting at her desk typing up an article, Belle was in the break room screaming at one of Ruby’s reporters, Angelo was talking to Drew, and Rebekah and Emma were standing over by the front door. Angelo looked around and saw them.

“Anything?” He mouthed. Rebekah gave him a thumbs up and he jerked his head towards his office.

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Thanks Jody :). I'd never turn Melody evil, I have so much fun writing her as a bitch :P.

-Chapter Twenty-Four-

Brought To You Today By The Letter ‘M’

Melody pushed herself up onto Geoff’s desk and folded her legs in front of him. Geoff looked up at her face, desperate to look anywhere but straight ahead. He coughed nervously.

“You’re the perfect one to do it!” Melody exclaimed as she pulled her dress higher up her legs. Geoff’s eyes trailed down slowly, before he looked back up, his face turning red.

“You think that you can just sit on my desk, cross your legs, ruffle my hair, you think that I’ll fire Lola Pearson?” Geoff asked as turned his head over to the young girl.

“I haven’t ruffled your hair,” Melody whispered seductively. Geoff rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“See, you aren’t even trying!” He complained. Melody watched as he turned his head around. She pulled her dress up slightly and watched as Geoff coughed again. “Lola, can I see you in the meeting room?” He asked nervously, turning to the red-headed girl. She looked over at the deputy editor nervously.

“I’m impressed,” Melody whispered to him with a look of amazement in her eyes.

“I’m going to go in there now,” Geoff said to the blond, he pointed over to the room Lola was entering, “And if you hear screaming and crying, you know what you have to do,” He grinned at her.

“Calm you down and get you a glass of water?” Melody suggested with a smirk on her face.


Aden and Annie walked up to an extravagant house with notepads in their hands. Aden glanced down to check that this house was the right one.

“Here we are, Annie,” He said, pressing the doorbell. Annie folded her arms across her chest, a smile across her face.

“I’m really nervous,” Annie informed him as they waited for the author to answer, “She sounded horrible on the phone,” Aden smiled at her.

“Don’t worry,” He said soothingly, “Old ladies eat out of my hand!” Annie grinned as the door opened. A woman around sixty stood in front of them.

“Hi Ms. Hume!” Aden said, “We’re from the Coastal Junior!”

“I phoned yesterday,” Annie smiled at the woman, “But I think we were cut off,” The older woman rolled her eyes.

“You weren’t cut off,” Tamara informed them with a smirk, “I put the phone down. You have five minutes to talk,” She snapped, moving aside to allow the children in, “But remember when you are interviewing me, there are two things I can’t abide. Children and Americans,” She shot at them. Annie and Aden glanced at each other nervously before walking in to the old house.


“Well?” Melody asked Geoff as he and Lola exited the meeting room. He made his way over to his desk and sat down.

“No problem,” He grinned as he pulled out a notebook from his drawer. He flipped it open.

“Wow!” Melody exclaimed in awe, “How is she?” Geoff sighed deeply.

“Still fine,” He muttered to his friend. The pair broke into a small fit of laughter.



Angelo sat outside the corridor in front of Sally Fletcher’s office. A grin on his face.

“Rosetta!” She called out shrilly as she opened the door. Angelo rose from the seat and entered the office. He shut the door softly behind him. “You wanted to see me?” Sally asked him as he sat down in the chair opposite her own. He nodded.

“I did,” He said as he pulled out a small notepad from his jacket pocket. He flipped it open and picked up a pen. “About Belle Taylor,”

“Belle?” Sally asked the boy in confusion. Angelo smiled.

“What a girl! A fireproof Joan of Arc, right?” He asked the principal eagerly. Sally rolled her eyes as she picked up a mug of coffee from her desk. She raised it to her lips and sipped. “A Mary, Queen of Scots with her head together! The most glamorous example of womankind since Marilyn Monroe!” Angelo paused and looked up towards the roof dreamily. Sally lowered the mug from her lips.

“Where’s all this leading too?” She asked him impatiently.

“Maggie Thatcher, I reckon,” Angelo interjected. A look of confusion spread across the woman’s face. It hit her moments later and she groaned in anger.

“Get on with it!” She had raised her voice now. Angelo looked at her, slightly taken aback.

“Okay, okay,” Angelo mumbled before smiling again. “Some of us down at the paper, the devout admirers of Belle, you know, Aden, Ruby etcetera, are trying to get together a special exhibition displaying Belle’s school life. We’re calling it A Belle of a Life,” Sally groaned at the terrible joke.

“Go on,” She instructed. Angelo flipped back a few of the notepad’s pages.

“We’re looking for some old school work to put in the exhibition, you know, old maths assignments, creative writing...”

“Did you have anything specific in mind?” sally asked, raising the mug to her lips again. Angelo shrugged his shoulders.

“Well, a children’s story she wrote in Year 7,” He told the principal hopefully, “I believe it was called The Fluffy-Wuffies and the Silly-Billies,” She grinned, placing the notepad down of the table, “That’s just so Belle, isn’t it Miss?”

“If that book were to fall into the wrong hands, it would cause Miss Taylor considerable embarrassment.” She informed him coldly. Angelo smiled slyly.

“I get what you’re saying,” He grinned. Angelo dug his hand deep into his pocket and pulled out a few paper notes. He pushed them across the table, “You can trust me.” He winked.

“Get out,” She screamed. Angelo stood up in fright and rushed out of the small office. Sally looked at the door in anger and picked up the telephone that was next to her. She pressed a few numbers and waited for a response. “Jacinta, could you tell me what class Belle Taylor is in now?” She asked her secretary after a few moments.


In the newsroom, Aden and Annie were sitting at her desk, a typewriter in front of them. Aden’s feet were perched on the edge of the desk; a dictionary was in his hands.

“Malignant, that’s a good one,” He told the younger girl, whom was typing away on the ancient machine. “Get ‘malignant’ in!”

“I've already got five insults in the first paragraph!” She grinned, not looking up from the keys.

“Save some for the second!” Aden told her as he flicked through the pages of the book in his hand. “We don’t want to sag in the middle.”

“She was such a bitch, wasn’t she?” The young girl asked him. Aden looked taken aback by the reporter’s language. She grinned at the look of surprise displayed on the American’s face. “Asking us to stand on plastic mats so we didn’t mark her carpet!” Aden turned back to the dictionary and flicked back a few pages.

“’Monstrous’!” Aden exclaimed, “That’s a good ‘M’ one!” Annie pressed down the buttons of the typewriter.

“I can’t believe that woman writes children’s books!” Annie moaned as she paused to think, “Boy, am I gonna stitch her up!”

“’Malicious’” Aden shouted out. Annie looked up at him in confusion, “Hey, that’s three ‘M’ words!” He told his partner excitedly, “Annie, I wonder if we could make up a whole sentence starting with ‘M’,” Annie turned back to the typewriter, shaking her head.

“Stick to looking good in jeans,” She said to him as she pressed down a key on the typewriter. “Ten minutes with her and I thought Belle was a nice person,” She said hurriedly, desperate to change the subject. Aden looked at her in disbelief. “Well, maybe if we’d been there an hour,” She corrected herself. Aden grinned at her.


Also guys, I have a question to ask. Does Geoff seem like he'd listen to Classical Music (Mozart, Beethoven , Tchaikovsky...?), this will be a major part of an upcoming storyline (either in this fic, or the sequel I'm 99% sure I'm gonna write). Let me know, and thanks in advance :).

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Thanks Laurzy and Jody :). Yeah, I see your point, there's no reason Geoff wouldn't like classical music :). Thanks, anyway, I was up all night, so I decided to write a few chapters. Here's the conclussion to this story arc...

-Chapter Twenty-Five-

The Fluffy-Wuffies and the Silly-Billies


Aden walked up to the graphics room slowly and pulled out a comb from his pocket. He opened the door and pulled the blind down. Melody looked at him in confusion as he closed the door again. Hesitantly, she opened the door and saw Aden looking at his reflection in the glass. He was running the brush through his hair.

“Aden, if you wanted a mirror, couldn’t you have just asked me for mine?” Melody asked him angrily. Aden nodded.

“Yeah,” He began, placing the comb back into the from pocket of his jeans, “But how much free time is there when you’re not using it?” He asked his friend.

“Good point,” She agreed, closing the door again. Aden pulled out the comb and began running in through his hair again. After a few moments he placed the comb away and turned his back on the graphics room and walked past Belle and Geoff, whom were looking into the break room. Lola Pearson was sitting on one of the tables, her head resting in her hands.

“You think you can really do it?” Geoff asked him boss in surprise. Belle looked at her friend deep in the eyes. “Really?”

“It’s no problem,” Belle told him, “It’s a rule of business. You have to spill a bit of blood now and then.” Geoff looked at her doubtfully.

“And it doesn’t bother you at all?” He asked her. Belle rolled her eyes.

“Look, tough decisions are part of the job!” Belle shouted at him. “If you lot haven’t already got that into your heads, I’m glad I do!” She shot at him. Geoff shrugged, a grin on his face. Belle glared at him angrily. “If you’ll excuse me, I have to go and get a little brutal,” She told him. Swiftly, Belle pushed her best friend aside and made her way over to the break room, Lola looked up and the door opened and Belle walked in.

“I need to know what’s going on, Belle!” The young girl pleaded, “Everyone’s got something to tell me, but they just can’t seem to say it!” Lola looked away from Belle, “I’ll tell you what I think. I’m being fired from the graphics department. Aren’t I?” Belle looked at the eager girl with sympathy.

“Of course you’re not being fired,” Belle told her. Her voice was higher than normal. “Whatever gave you that idea?”


The doors to the newsroom pushed open. A girl around seventeen walked in. She was wearing a pale pink sundress; her hair was tied up in a tight ponytail.

“Claudia Hagen,” Aden told Annie, whom he was sitting next to. “Tonight’s lucky winner of Spike Jeffries,” Annie giggled as Aden stood up and walked over to the girl.

“Claudia?” Aden asked as soon as he reached her, “Hi!”

“Hi,” Claudia responded. She looked around the newsroom. “So, which one’s Belle?” She asked

“Beats me,” Aden lied as he wrapped his arm around Claudia’s tiny waist, “I can never remember. Now can we get out of hear?” Claudia ignored him.

“So this is The Coastal Junior?” She asked him in awe. Aden nodded.

“And these are the doors,” He added as he tried to turn her around. His date rolled her eyes.

“Do you mind if I have a look around?” Claudia asked him. Aden shook his head. He glanced over at the break room anxiously.


Belle glared jealously at Aden from the break room. Their eyes met momentarily before he turned away to show Claudia the various front pages the Junior had produced.

“Belle?” Lola asked the editor nervously. Belle shook her head and turned her attention back on the redhead.

“Sorry,” Belle apologised. Lola smiled. “So, you say you’re leaving the Coastal Junior anyway?” Belle asked her.

“Yeah, we’re moving, so I won’t be able to make it hear in the evenings,” She explained. Belle nodded in acknowledgment. “And I thought, if I were being fired...”

“Which you weren’t,” Belle added. Lola smiled.

“Which I wasn’t,” She repeated. “I was just going to say it didn’t really matter,” Belle looked over her shoulder and saw Geoff and Melody looking into the break room from the window. They turned their heads away when they saw Belle looking.

“Lola?” Belle asked as she turned back to the girl. “Can you do me a big favour?”


“Do you think she’s doing it?” Melody asked Geoff in amazement as they saw Belle and Lola deep in chat. Geoff shook his head.

“Nah. Not a chance,” He informed the blond. “The thing about Belle is, Melody, she’s not as hard as she wants you to think,” Melody smiled and turned back to the small room. She saw Belle and Lola walking out. Belle reached out and picked up the girls jacket and bag. She thrust them into the girls arms and escorted her to the door. Geoff and Melody exchanged an impressed glance and followed them. Belle pushed the door open and watched as the redhead left the building.

“You fired her?” Melody asked, an impressed tone in her voice. Belle grinned.

“Yep, right off the paper,” She said casually, “I was just going to fire her from the graphics department, and then I thought, ‘what the hell?’” Geoff and Melody watched in awe as she made a beeline for Aden and Claudia.

“Hi Spike,” She said before pulling him away from the girl and placing her lips on his. Claudia watched in jealousy as she watched Aden kissed back. After a few moments, he pulled away. “Sorry Spike, I don’t know what came over me,” She said cheerfully as she walked over to her desk, “It must be firing people,” Aden turned to face his date, a look of guilt plastered across his face.

“Is that the girl you’re not obsessed with?” She asked him angrily before stalking off.

“What? No! Hey, listen, um...” Aden shouted after her, “Er...”

“Claudia,” She reminded him. Aden picked up the pace and followed her out of the newsroom. Melody shrugged and walked back to the graphics room, he mouth still open in shock. Geoff raised his eyebrows and walked over to the editor, who was now sitting behind her desk, a pen resting against her lips.

“So she just quite then?” Geoff asked her. Belle moved the pen away from her mouth.

“Yep,” She told him with a grin.



“Okay guys!” Geoff shouted out as he walked out of the graphics room with Belle and Melody. “Final paste up, now!” He called out. The three split and Belle made her way over to Annie, who was sitting behind her desk.

“Annie,” She said softly. The young reporter jumped. She turned around and saw Belle holding her article about Tamara Hume, “About this...” She began, but Annie interrupted her.

“You said you liked it,” Annie reminded her.

“I do,” Belle reassured her as she placed it down next to the girl, “But we can’t print it as it stands,” Se said sadly. Annie’s mouth dropped in anger.

“You said we could!” Annie complained, “You said there’d be no problems,”

“I know, but...”

“I stand by everything I said in that article,” Annie’s voice was beginning to rise now, “She is a complete and utter bitch and I want the whole world to know it!”

“Tamara Hume was taken into hospital about an hour ago,” Belle told her. “She had a massive heart attack, and at her age, well...” She paused, “I thought you’d like the opportunity to change some of the wording,” She finished before walking off. Annie picked up a blank sheet of paper from beside her and loaded her typewriter.



“So Fletcher never suspected anything?” Angelo asked Rebekah and Emma. In his hands was a copy of ‘The Fluffy-Wuffies and the Silly-Billies’. Rebekah shook her head.

“No,” Emma replied. Angelo grinned.

“She just gave us the book,” Rebekah added. Angelo turned the cover back and began reading.

“Once upon a time in the land of the Fluffy-Wuffies and the Silly-Billies, there lived a beautiful princess and an evil goblin,” He paused as the younger girls laughed. “She’s gonna die,” Angelo grinned before continuing, “The evil little goblin would always get up to all manners of mischievous things, and the beautiful princess had her work cut out trying to put a top to it. One day, the beautiful princess told the evil little goblin that if he didn’t have the financial report ready for the next Coastal Junior meeting, she would cut off his...” Angelo slammed the book closed before the younger girls could read it.

“Fletcher told me,” Belle said from the door. All three looked up from the book, “I switched the books,” Angelo stood up and began backing away from the bad tempered editor,

“Belle, about those reports I was supposed to have, as such,” He began,

“Tell me at the meeting,” Belle shouted at him. “Or you better sleep with one eye open,” She added before closing the door. Rebekah and Emma watched in amusement as Angelo dropped to the floor and crawled under his desk.

In the coming chapters: What you’ve all been waiting for... (A hint: The next chapter is called 'Love and the Coastal Junior :wink:)

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Okay guys, the chapters you've all been waiting for... pretty much everyone but Angelo gets a love interest!

-Chapter Twenty-Six-

Love and the Coastal Junior; Part One

“Hello, Michael?” A young, brunette said as she answered her telephone. Her hair was damp and she was wearing a bath robe. “Oh, Geoff, you must be looking for Helen. Oh, no, sorry. No Aunt Antonia’s here.” She apologised. “I think you may have a wrong number. No, this is Glasgow. Yes, Glasgow, Scotland. Don’t apologise.” She told him before placing the telephone back down.

“Who was it?” Another female voice called from upstairs. The brunette looked up.

“It was a wrong number. Somebody looking for his Aunt Antonia from Dublin.” She called out.


“Glasgow?” Geoff said as he pressed down a few numbers on the telephone key pad. “I phone Dublin and I get Glasgow,” He muttered to himself. He placed the phone up to his ear and waited.

“Geoff!” A male voice called out from behind him, “What do you want done with the duty rosters?” Geoff placed the red phone back down in frustration.

“Hang on a minute,” He said as he rose from his chair. He walked over to the boy who had called on him and picked them up.


Ruby pushed the newsroom door open and walked in; a backpack was resting casually on her left shoulder. Aden and Drew jumped out in front of her. Ruby grinned.

“She’s bad!” Aden yelled.

“She’s bad!” Drew mimicked as they followed the young reporter to her desk.

“She’s evil,” Aden grinned.

“She’s bad and evil,” Drew suggested. Aden shrugged his shoulders in agreement.

“We’re talking seriously mean!” Aden added as she placed her backpack down next to her desk.

“We’re talking bad, and evil, and mean,” Drew said as she sat down. Ruby looked at the pair in confusion and amusement.

“What is this?” Ruby asked as she pulled out a blank piece of paper from her desk drawer and loaded her typewriter.

“Drew,” Aden said with enthusiasm, “You get her chair, and I’ll check her desk,” Ruby chuckled as Drew yanked her chair away from her desk gently. She watched on as Aden pulled her desk drawer open. “Oh no!” Aden called out in mock horror,

“What?” Ruby asked with a giant grin spread across her face in amusement. She was used to this sort of thing from the pair now. They had been working together at the Coastal Junior for over six months, after all.

“A speck of dust!” He said seriously, Drew moved in and pretended to pick up the small grain of dirt.

“A speck of dust!” Drew mimicked. “I better take it outside and question it,” He laughed, “You know, I swear I've seen this hanging around before,” He muttered before turning towards the door.

“Okay, what’s going on?” Ruby asked curiously. Aden perched himself on the edge of her desk and leaned in closer to the reporter.

“In the early hours of this morning, aspiring young actor Matthew Lyons was found seriously dead in his apartment” Aden told her,

“And a hospital spokesman described his condition as stable,” Drew added,

“And a mortuary spokesman described his condition as ‘quite fresh, with resellable kidneys’,” Aden corrected his friend. Ruby raised her eyebrows.

“What are you talking about?” Ruby asked them in frustration. Aden and Drew ignored her.

“Officer Drew, what was the cause of death, exactly?” Aden asked the brunette,

“It’s a little too early to say, but we think it could be death,” Drew announced. Ruby giggled.

“Another death death,” Aden said, sounding almost disappointed. “Surely this can’t be a coincidence, can it?” Aden asked Drew.

“We do have a lead,” He grinned, “Found next to him was a copy of the Coastal Junior opened to Ruby Buckton’s review of ‘An Inspector Calls’,” The pair turned to face the young girl. She was grinning.

“Could there have been anything in the review that could have killed him outright?” Aden asked, still looking at the brunette girl,

“We don’t know,” Drew informed him, “We’re flying in a detective from Scotland Yard, an expert who can read,” Aden shrugged.

“What a unique case,” He said, turning towards Drew,

“No it isn’t,” He whispered loud enough so Ruby could here, “He’s got a friend that can read as well,”

“Really?” Aden asked him in mock shock.

“It was a lousy show, it deserved it!” Ruby told the pair in defence. Drew and Aden lowered themselves back down to her level and perched their arms on her desk.

“Do you have something against this Lyons guy?” Drew asked her.

“I liked the crack about his mother,” Aden added. Ruby shook her head, the smile on her face growing larger,

“Just stop it,” She grinned. Aden and Drew laughed.

“She’s bad!” Aden said as he stood up.

“She’s bad!” Drew repeated one last time as they walked away. Ruby grinned as she turned back to her typewriter.

“Ruby,” She heard Melody call out. She turned her head to find the graphics editor standing with her hands deep in her pockets. A depressed look on her face, “I’m not talking to you anymore,” She said before walking away.

“Well I’m glad you told me,” Ruby called out, rolling her eyes she turned back to her typewriter again.


Geoff sat down at his desk. A young reporter had the phone to her ear.

“Angelo, are you selling pizzas?” She asked him in confusion. Angelo was sitting at an empty desk with a tin of tomato paste clutched in his hand.

“No,” He said to her as he spread some of the sauce across a pizza base.

“Sorry, you have a wrong number,” She said to the person on the phone before hanging up. Geoff looked at the phone in confusion.

“What is wrong with that thing?” He asked himself. He heard the newsroom door open behind him.

“Geoff!” Jo called out from the doorway, “Where’s Belle?”

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Thankyou Lauren and Jody :)!

-Chapter Twenty-Seven-

Love and the Coastal Junior; Part Two

“A cocktail party?” Belle asked in shock. Gavin had called her into his office moments before he had sent Jo out to find her. “Why am I invited?” She asked curiously.

“Technically, Mr. Osbourne owns your paper too,” Gavin said, not looking up from his desk. He was shuffling papers around, looking for something, “That makes you one of his editors,” He told her before giving up. He folded his arms across his chest and looked down at the slightly messy table. “I've got your invitation here somewhere,” He informed her.

“Mr. Damons, I don’t think...” Belle began, but her boss cut her off.

“Before you say anything,” He said sternly. Belle closed her mouth and listened, “There’s going to be a lot of newspaper people at this party. People you should meet,” He finished before beginning his search for the missing invitation once again.

“Oh, I see,” Belle smiled, “Career socialising,”

“Exactly,” Gavin answered. He was now rummaging trough a filing cabinet that was behind his desk. “Get used to it!” He told the younger girl. She smiled once again. “Now, the invitation is for you and a partner, so bring Aden,” He smiled. Belle’s jaw dropped,

“Spike?” She asked in disbelief. There was a knock on the office door.

“Come in!” He shouted out. The door pushed open and Jo entered. She smiled and walked over to a filing cabinet. “Jo, can you remember what I did with Belle’s invitation?” He asked his senior reporter. Belle was still glaring at her boss in anger.

“Why should I bring Spike? What’s Spike got to do with anything?” Belle asked, a tone of irritation present in her voice.

“You gave it to me to give to Belle,” Jo said softly. She was looking at the reporter, embarrassed.

“Could everybody please get it into their heads that I am not going out with Aden Jeffries!” Belle shouted at Gavin and Jo.

“And I just gave it to Aden,” Jo told the pair. She looked from her boss to the girl in concern. Belle gapped at the older reporter before standing up from the desk and storming out of the office in anger. Gavin smiled briefly as she did. Belle left the building, her face bright red in anger. She walked away from the large building of the ‘Coastal Gazette’ into the smaller one located almost next to it.

“There’s a message on your desk!” Was the first thing Belle heard as she entered the decrepit office. She turned her head and saw Melody standing with her back pressed up against the wall, a small smile visible on her lips. She turned towards her desk as a phone rang.

“I can see that,” She told the blonde graphics editor.

“Is Angelo selling pizzas?” A male voice called out as she stormed towards her desk.

“Wrong number,” Belle said swiftly before coming to a stop at the edge of her desk. Aden was lying across it, a piece of paper in his mouth. “Hello Spike,” She said.

“Hello, Belle,” He replied, almost inaudibly.


“Take a look at the male species,” Melody told Ruby as they sat in their booth at the diner. After five minutes, Melody had come back and apologised to her friend, promising never to fight with her again. Ruby had agreed in confusion. “Taking up twice the space needed. Arms and legs everywhere, like he’s modelling body parts,” She finished. She was staring at a boy across the diner, it was Matthew Lyons. “They’re the ultimate fashion accessory,” She grinned, raising her eyebrows.

“Mel, he was lousy!” Ruby told her friend, “I mean he really stunk. The dog that was cast to play the pet was better than him,” She said in a loud whisper.

“You mean he can’t act with shoulders like those?” Melody asked, looking over at him one more time. He was deep in conversation with another boy.

“So, what’s this got to do with my review?” Ruby asked before taking a sip of Coke. Melody turned top face the reporter.

“You see, I’m madly in love with this guy and the paper I work for is going to slag him to death in two days time,” Melody said in a loud whisper, Ruby rolled her eyes. “I mean, I could still be going out with him then!”

“I see,” Ruby said loudly, “I change the review so you can go out with Matthew Lyons,” She shot. Melody nodded hopefully. “I just forget about stuff like journalistic integrity I suppose. I just throw out stuff like proof in the printed word!” Ruby watched in frustration as Melody nodded in agreement.

“Ruby,” Mel began. She was staring over at the teenager with a dreamy look, “Your review could destroy a very serious relationship!” Ruby scoffed.

“I come from a slower moving lifestyle, Melody,” Ruby began angrily, “We don’t call it a ‘relationship’ until we’ve, how can I put this, met!” Melody rose from her seat.

“Well then, here I go,” Melody muttered as she walked over to Matthew and his friend, “Nine guys out of ten I turn down,” Ruby heard Melody say to him, “Feeling lucky?” Ruby watched on as the boy muttered something. Melody turned away from him and walked back towards her booth, a look of disappointment on her face. She sat down again and folded her arms across her chest.

“What’s wrong?” Ruby asked, curiosity overtaking her.

“It was not, as they say, a complete success,” She muttered, avoiding eye contact. Ruby grinned curiously.

“Why, what happened?” She asked the blonde. Melody bit down on her bottom lip and glanced over her shoulder at Matthew,

“He said it,” She announced in anger,

“Said what?” Ruby asked her. She folded her arms across her chest and moved in closer to the reporter,

“The killer,” Melody said mysteriously, “The ultimate no-no,”

“And what is ‘the ultimate no-no?” ruby asked. She was desperate to know why Melody had been turned down.

“Who’s your friend,” Melody whispered after a few long seconds of silence. Ruby’s eyes widened as she looked over at the amateur actor. He waved at her, and Ruby imitated. As she raised her hand, she knocked the glass of Coke she had been drinking over. It landed directly on her lap. Melody suppressed a laugh as Ruby flushed a bright red,

“Nice move!” Melody grinned as Ruby stood up in embarrassment.

“Let’s get out of here!” Ruby groaned. She clasped Melody’s shoulders and pulled her up out of the chair. She glanced over at the boy again; he had a large smile plastered across his face,

“It’s just a Coke!” Ruby shouted. Matthew raised his eyebrows and she scoffed. Angrily, she stalked out of the building, Melody following close behind.

“She does that shy thing so well!” Melody said to the two boys who had been sitting opposite them. She hurried to the door and pushed it open. Ruby was standing with her back pressed firmly against the wall.

“I’m going to make you regret this for the rest of your life!” Ruby shouted. Melody laughed as she saw the large Coke stain spread across the reporters thighs. “Which may or may not be more than about two minutes,” She added in anger.

“You have to go back in there,’ Melody said, ignoring the threat. Ruby rolled her eyes,

“No I don’t!” She shouted, “Why do I?”

“Because you’re walking out on the most important thing in your life,” Melody grinned,

“Myself?” Ruby asked her. Melody shook her head, “A guy who’s interested?” Melody shook her head again, “Then what!” Ruby demanded,

“You’re walking out on your handbag!” Melody watched in amusement as Ruby pushed the door to the diner open again. Her face almost as red as a tomato.


A/N: There are a few more parts to Love and The Coastal Junior :wink:

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As promised, my update. Also, I may have exageratted the 'almost everybody gets a love interest', only a few do. Sorry if I mislead you :). I can't think of love interests for everybody at the moment, but I will eventually!

-Chapter Twenty-Eight-

Love and the Coastal Junior; Part Three

Ruby walked towards the booth she and Melody had been sitting at, her handbag was sitting on it, perched up against the wall. Matthew rose from his chair and made his way over to her.

“Excuse me,” He said, attracting her attention. Ruby turned to face him. Her face was still pink in some areas. “Are you alright?” He asked. Ruby nodded and grabbed her bag.

“Look, I've got to go,” She replied. Ruby turned to walk out of the diner, but was distracted by the fact that Matthew was still staring at her.

“Well, what’s wrong?” Ruby asked him angrily. Matthew looked at her, slightly taken aback.

“Nothing,” He told her. A small smile was visible on his face, and Ruby noticed. “I was just wondering why you took that ladies bag?” Ruby looked down at her hands. In it was a bag that was very different from her own. She turned around and saw that she had taken it from the wrong table.

“Sorry,” She replied to the bemused woman as she dropped the bag back down onto the small table she and her husband were sitting at. Ruby could feel her face was turning red again as she grasped her bag from the table behind the previous one. She placed it under her arms and turned her back on everyone. She hurried out of the small building and over to a waiting Melody. She had a notebook in her hand and was writing something down.

“Wait here,” She told her friend as she pushed the door to the diner open again. Melody made her way over to Matthew and his friend, both of whom were at the counter. “If you think you can handle it,” She began as she ripped the off the page in her notepad she had been writing on. “Here’s her address and phone number,” She told him, handing it over. He smiled in thanks and looked down at it. “If you can’t, I’m on the back,” She winked.

“Thanks,” Matthew smiled. Melody turned to walk out of the diner,

“By the way,” She said halfway from the door, “Who’s your friend?” She laughed.


“Hello?” The young brunette asked as she picked yup the telephone and placed it to her ear. “No, this isn’t your Aunt Antonia,” She said in frustration.

“I’m sorry! Is this Glasgow again?” Geoff asked her,

“No, it’s Glasgow still!” The woman snapped,

“I’m really sorry about this,” Geoff apologised again, “It’s the call. It must be misrouting,”

“Yeah, right,” The woman murmured in agreement, “Look, I don’t mean to sound rude, but, do you mind? I’m actually waiting for a phone call,”

“Yeah, right,” Geoff told her, “I’m sorry,” He apologised one final time. The woman placed the phone back down on the receiver.


Geoff placed the phone back down and stared at it for a moment. Belle placed her arms on the back of his chair and turned him around,

“Please?” She begged. Geoff shook his head.

“I’m busy,” He said before turning back around. Belle pushed his chair so he was facing her once again.

“It’s just a cocktail party!” Belle pleaded. Geoff shook his head again.

“I’m visiting my Aunt in Melbourne,” Geoff said. Belle scoffed and rolled her eyes.

“Of course, your dear, old Aunt in Melbourne,” Belle snapped acidly, “What is it this time? Ill? Dead? Tell me Geoff, how do you justify being off work for her funeral on no less than eight separate occasions?” Belle asked him angrily. Geoff smiled.

“She is my Aunt!” Geoff shot in defence.

“Geoff, this woman has died a total of eight times!” Belle screamed in frustration. Geoff shrugged his shoulders.

“How do you think I feel?” He asked her with a small grin noticeable on his face. Belle rolled her eyes. “Now I've got to ring my Aunt,” Belle’s mouth dropped in disbelief, “In Glasgow... I mean Dublin,” He stuttered.

“Dead or alive?” Belle shouted. Geoff picked up the phone and placed it to his ear. He turned back towards his friend.

“I don’t wish to commit myself at this stage,” He grinned as Belle moaned in disappointment and stormed off.


“Belle?” Aden called out. He was sitting at Annie’s desk, his feet resting on her typewriter. “What do you think I should wear to this party?” Belle rolled her eyes again.

“You’re not going to the party!” She informed him crossly. Aden ignored her and rose to his feet. He began walking towards her.

“I want to get into some serious power dressing for this,” He said, circling the editor’s desk. Belle scoffed. “I wanna look sharp, cool, and slightly dangerous. How about I go naked?” Aden asked her as he sat on the edge of her desk.

“You’re not going at all!” Belle snapped, not looking up from her copy of ‘The Coastal Gazette’.

“Jo seems to think I am,” Aden smiled. Belle rolled her eyes again.

“Well, you’re not,” She said, standing up so that their eyes met, “Want a reason?” She asked him weakly. She kept her eyes locked on his deep blue ones. Her heart was beating hard against her chest.

“Yeah!” He told her. Belle smiled in satisfaction.

“Give me your hand,” She demanded. Aden laughed.

“This is so sudden,” He said in mock surprise. Belle rolled her eyes and grabbed Aden’s left arm. She yanked it closer to her. On it was a series of numbers printed in red ink. “Hey, is that what they call ‘handwriting’?” He joked. Belle ignored him.

“Girls name, girls phone number,” She said angrily. “The one you were talking to outside?” She asked him. Aden shrugged, a smirk appearing on his face.

“You think I wrote that?” He asked her.

“Spike, when you’re asking me out, make the effort,” Belle shouted at him as she stormed off towards the front door of the building, “Wash off the phone numbers!”

“I did!” Aden shot in defence, “I just forgot that one,” He grinned. Belle’s eyes widened and she turned to face him.

“You are disgusting!” She shouted. Aden rolled his eyes.

“That was a joke,” He added. Belle went to push the door of the office open, but stopped and turned back around to face the American.

“Let me tell you something, Spike,” Belle said heatedly, “You are the last person on earth I would ask to this party!”

“You don’t really mean that,” Aden told her with a grin; he placed his left arm around her shoulder, but Belle pushed it off almost immediately.

“You bet I mean it!” Belle shouted. Her face was turning bright red now. Aden smirked again. “Anyone else Spike! Anyone else in this room! In fact, the next person to walk through this door I would rather ask than you!” She screamed. Both Aden and Belle watched as the door swung open and Angelo walked in. “Get out!” Belle screamed at him. Aden laughed as Angelo nodded and turned his back on the pair and left the newsroom. Belle stormed away from the door and back to her desk, her face scarlet. Aden folded his arms across his chest in victory.

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Thankyou for the comments Laura and Jody :). This chapter (the one I'm posting now), is probably my least favourite to write, it's too rushed, there isn't enough humor, and I din't think I explained everything clearly, but anyway :P...

-Chapter Twenty-Nine-

Love and the Coastal Junior; Part Four

Ruby stood outside the door to a small shop in Yabbie Creek Shopping Centre. Melody was inside bargaining about her top that had just had Coke spilled on it.

“Oh, come one!” She moaned to the shop assistant, “Are you telling me it should stain as easily as this?” She shoved the shirt under the attendant’s eyes. She pushed it away and examined it.

“I don’t think we even sell this,” She said sharply. She looked down at the shirt once again. “When did you buy it?” Melody pursed her lips as she thought.

“What was the shop here before this one?” She asked the woman. Without another word, the assistant turned around and walked away. Melody stuck her tongue out in frustration before trying to attract the attention of another assistant. Outside, Ruby slumped back against a wall and rolled her eyes impatiently.

“Hi,” She heard a deep voice say. Ruby turned her head and saw Matthew standing close to her. His hands were deep in his pockets, and a smile was on his face. Ruby returned the smile.

“Oh, hi,” She said. Matthew leaned back against the wall and looked Ruby in the eyes.

“This is a coincidence!” He announced,

“Yeah,” Ruby replied before turning away, her face turning a bright shade of red,

“I was going to phone you,” Matthew said as he moved closer towards the brunette,

“What about?” Ruby shot as she looked out for Melody,

“Well, nothing, really,” He said, shrugging his shoulders, Ruby smiled, “Look, how about we...”

“Totally frozen faced old bitch!” Melody yelled angrily as she stormed out of the store, the shirt under her arm, “Oh,” She smiled as she saw Matthew; she turned to Ruby and grinned, “I better be off then!” She announced. A look of horror crossed the young reporters face.

“Where are you going?” Ruby asked desperately. Melody rolled her eyes.

“My Grandmothers,” She replied.

“Can I come too?” Ruby asked the blonde, “I've always wanted to meet her,”

“No, you stay and talk to Matthew,” She answered, raising her eyebrows at the tall boy. Ruby coughed and her face turned a brighter shade of red.

“But your Grandmother, I’d feel guilty!” She yelled,

“She’s not your grandmother!” Melody reminded her,

“Yes she is!” Ruby’s mouth dropped in amusement as Ruby’s face brightened even more. “Well, obviously she’s not actually my grandmother; it’s just that I’m so close to her that I feel as though she is!” She corrected her self. Matthew nodded in confusion and Melody suppressed a laugh.

“Which is why you’ve always wanted to meet her,” Melody shot at her. Ruby turned back towards her friend with a look of anger on her face,

“Yeah,” She said simply. Melody turned away and began walking towards the exit,

“Have fun, kids!” She called out. Matthew and Ruby turned to face each other.

“So, do you want to go somewhere?” The boy asked her. Ruby nodded.

“Somewhere sounds good,” She muttered.


“You’re ten minutes late! No, don’t say anything; I’m going to do the talking!” The brunette shouted into the phone. “And you’re going to listen! I've been waiting all day to say this and I’m going to say it now. As of now, you’re dumped! Okay? How do you like that?” She waited for a response. All she got was silence, “Michael?” She asked. A look of shock crossed her face, “This isn’t ‘Aunt Antonia’, is it?”


“Oh, hello, Glasgow,” Geoff said awkwardly as Belle walked past him, some paper in her hands. She sat down on the edge of Drew’s desk.

“Here’s the duty roster for next week,” She said, passing him the pink sheet of paper. Drew pushed it aside and continued typing,

“I've got one,” He told her, “Geoff gave it to me,” Belle placed it back in the pile,

“Just wanted to make sure,” She mumbled, “So, how are you?” Drew stared at the editor blankly,

“What?” He asked,

“How are you?” She repeated, adding a smile. Drew looked around the room before turning back to Belle, “What’s wrong?” She added after Drew ran his hand over his forehead,

“Just thought I might be bleeding,” He told her. Belle shook her head.

“No, I’m making conversation,” Belle told him as Aden sat down at his desk, right next to Drew’s.

“Conversation?” Drew repeated in disbelief. Belle nodded.

“You know, chatting!” Drew moved in closer towards her,

“Do you know something about my health?” He asked. Belle shook her head,

“No,” She told him, “It’s just been a while since we’ve had a little chat,” Belle announced. Drew looked at her in confusion,

“We’ve never had a little chat,” He corrected her. A look of anger crossed Belle’s face,

“Well, we’re having one now!” She shouted, “Okay?” She waited for Drew to answer,

“Okay,” He replied, slowly moving his chair away from Belle. Drew glanced across and saw Aden looking over at the pair, laughing,

“If this is about the party, then I can’t go,” He told her Belle. He stood up and rushed out of the room. Belle and Aden shared a look before they turned away from each other. Belle stood up and walked over to Lucas,

“Lucas, have you got your duty roster?” She asked.


“Ruby,” Matthew asked as they walked down a sidewalk. Ruby looked up at him nervously,

“Yeah,” She replied, looking around,

“Have you ever heard of ‘An Inspector Calls’?” Ruby looked around nervously before stopping outside of a house.

“I better go,” She said hurriedly and turned into the driveway, pulling her keys out of her pocket.

“It’s just a play I’m in!” He called out; Ruby turned around and faced him,

“I know,” She muttered to herself, “Good. Great!” She shouted out before attempting to unlock the door.

“Anything wrong?” Matthew called out from the front of the building,

“No,” Ruby smiled before walking over to the fence and jumping over, Matthew watching in bemusement, “Wrong house,” She explained before walking into her house. “Mum!” She called out as she dropped her handbag down beside the door.

“Yes, dear?” Her mother answered from the kitchen,

“I've just meet the most wonderful guy, and now I want to kill myself,” She waited for her mother’s answer.

“Yes, dear,” She answered in the same, uninterested tone as before.

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Thanks guys! The last chapter in the 'Love and the Coastal Junior' story arch is ready! This chapter leads into my final story arch, from 'At Last a Dragon' (Next chapter) to 'The Big Finish?' (final chapter). Hope you enjoy!

-Chapter Thirty-

Love and the Coastal Junior; Part Five

Geoff smile at Sam as he emerged from the Graphics room, thus ending their conversation. He rubbed his hands together and smiled wickedly,

“Now guys, it’s just this,” He began. People started turning around until the entire news team was facing him, “Now, we’ve known each other for almost a year, right? Let’s face it, we’re a team! And I’d just like to share something with you,” He watched as Ruby and Drew rolled their eyes, “Final paste up, half an hour,” He laughed at the groans that escaped the mouths of a few of the news team, “I love it when I’m cruel!” He said to himself. The phone went off and Angelo pushed his way over to it and answered. Geoff smiled and made his way past Belle,

“You’re looking cheerful tonight,” Belle shot at him angrily, Geoff scoffed.

“Sorry boss, I’ll work on that,” He answered. He looked in amusement as Angelo perched himself on the edge of Belle’s desk with the phone against his ear,

“So that’s two Deep Pan pizzas with anchovies and the special...” He stopped mid-sentence when he noticed Geoff was looking at him, “Sorry, wrong number,” He shouted into the phone and slammed it back down. Geoff smiled as Angelo walked off into his office and passed Belle, whom was attempting to get a member of the news team, whose name she had most likely forgotten, to take her to the party. Geoff rolled his eyes as he turned her down. Belle groaned in anger and walked over to the break room. Ruby and Melody were sitting outside it.

“We have half an hour until it goes to print,” Melody was explaining. Ruby was sitting with the review she had written on her knees. A look of despair on her face. “Change it!”

“I can’t!” Ruby said, “I believed in what I wrote, and I don’t see why I should have to change it!” She finished, sounding slightly more confident. “If this relationship’s going to last, it has to be based on honesty!” She looked up and saw Melody’s eyes flutter closed. Ruby threw a ball of paper at her and her eyes opened.

“That’s not what lasting relationships are based on,” Melody reassured her, “I should know, I've had hundreds!”


“It’s the least I can do for my favourite aunt,” Geoff said into the phone, a grin on his face,

“You mean you still can’t get through?” The woman asked. Geoff shrugged.

“It was you I was looking for this time,” He replied,

“Touching,” He heard the woman tell him, “You don’t even know my phone number!” She exclaimed. Geoff picked up a pen,

“Yeah, I was...” He began. A young reporter walked up to him and punched him on the shoulder,

“Geoff, can we lose a few lines from the editorial?” She asked. Geoff looked from her to the phone he had in his hand.

“Look, I’ll call you back,” He said to the woman on the other end of the line and slammed the phone down. He stood up and followed the girl to the graphics room. Outside of the little room, Melody and Ruby were deep in conversation.

“Remember what I said when you wanted it cut?” Ruby snapped angrily at Melody, “Journalistic integrity, truth in the printed word?” Melody rolled her eyes,

“But...” She began. Ruby cut her off,

“It goes in as it is!” She informed the blonde. Melody looked at her, slightly disappointed.

“But...” She attempted to begin again, and Ruby stopped her,

“I’m going home now,” She said, picking up her backpack from beside her desk. She flung it over her shoulders carelessly, “I need to spend some time handing from a noose,” Melody shook her head as she watched the young brunette leave. Looking around, Melody picked up a bottle of Wite-Out and erased Ruby’s name. She grinned in satisfaction.


Belle pushed her way through a group of reporters to Geoff, who was standing at his desk, the red phone up against his ear.

“Geoff!” She called out. He placed the phone down again, “Have you read this?” She asked him, placing an article down in front of him, “And is it any good?”

“Yes,” He said, “And kind of,” He finished, picking up the phone again; he pushed in his Aunt’s phone number.

“That’ll do, I suppose,’ She muttered. Belle sat on the corner of Geoff’s desk and smiled. “I can’t get anyone to go to this party with me,” She moaned. Geoff rolled his eyes,

“Then go on your own,” He suggested. A look of anger crossed the editor’s face.

“No!” She cried angrily, “That’d be like failure,” Geoff scoffed.

“Of course,” He said sarcastically, “Sorry I mentioned it,” Belle sighed and stood up from the desk, a look of disappointment consuming her face. Geoff waited patiently for the phone to be answered. “Hi,” He said seductively when it was finally answered.

“Hi,” The woman replied. Geoff grinned as Belle punched him in the shoulder aggressively,

“You have to help me Geoff!” She moaned. Angrily, the deputy editor turned away,

“Can I call you back?” He asked the woman on the other end of the line,

“Is that what you called to ask me?” She joked. Geoff smiled sadly before handing up. He turned to face Belle,

“Nobody will go with you because they know Spike wants to go with you,” he explained. Aden smiled as he walked over to the pair, “So here’s a really wild idea. Go with Spike!” He spat. Aden was grinning as he wrapped his arm around Belle’s shoulders,

“You hear the man,” He whispered into Belle’s ear.

“No way!” She shouted, “Absolutely no way! Have both of you got that?” She asked before storming away,

“Nice try,” Aden smiled before walking away. Geoff sighed in anger as he picked up the phone and dialled in the number, “Aunt Antonia?” He asked in disbelief as a more mature sounding woman answered. He slammed the telephone down and dialled the operator and began explaining his problem. “It’s not misrouting now,” He explained, “I’m glad you’ve fixed it, but I need to speak to the person I was misrouted too! Look, you’ve got to be able to do something. I’m grateful that you’ve fixed it, but I’d be even more grateful if you unfixed it for a moment!” A look of anger crossed Geoff’s face as he slammed the phone down on the hook. “Thank you very much!” He shot acidly at the phone. He clenched his fist tightly as he heard Aden and Belle crash trough the door.

“You’ve asked every guy in the newsroom!” Aden was saying gleefully, “That accounts for your entire social life. Face it Belle, we’re an item!” Belle rolled her eyes as she sat on the corner of her desk, her arms folded across her chest.

“No chance Jeffreys!” She shouted,

“Why don’t you give up and face the fact that you’re crazy about me?” Aden asked her. Geoff rolled his eyes and scoffed angrily as Belle opened her mouth and replied,

“I’m crazy about you?” She asked in disbelief, “Who’s been doing all the asking for the last six months?” Aden opened his mouth to reply, but closed it again. Every person in the newsroom was glaring at them now in interest,

“Who had Izzy Randall’s hair died fifteen different colours because I went out with her for one night?” Aden shot back.

“I heard you attacked a guy because he wrote something on a wall about me,” Belle yelled, “Even if that’s not true, it makes you even crazier!”

“Will you two just shut up?” Geoff shouted. The newsroom went silent. They had never heard Geoff sound this angry before. He rose from his chair and walked over to Belle and Aden, his face bright red in anger, “What is it with you two? You want to go out with each other; we all know you want to go out with each other, so here’s a little idea off the top of my head. Go out with each other, and give us all a bit of piece.” Belle opened her mouth to defend herself, but Geoff silenced her, “Before you say anything, just shut up!” He shouted. “There’s a theory in this newsroom that if you keep your mouth shut for more than thirty seconds, your head will explode! So prove us all wrong! Now, the only thing I want to hear your mouth do is ask Spike to this party,” He pointed viciously at Aden. Avoiding eye contact, Belle turned to the American.

“Spike, do you want to go to a party,” She asked timidly,

“Spike?” Geoff asked angrily, Aden backed away from the fuming boy in fright

“Yeah, uh, sure, thanks, I’d love to,” He rushed. Geoff smiled,

“Good,” He said before walking back to his desk and sitting down. “See Belle,” He shot at her as he sat down, “It wasn’t so difficult, was it?” He asked. Belle’s mouth dropped in shock and she turned to face Aden.

“Are you going to let him speak to me like that?” Belle asked her date.

“Uhh...” Aden said, looking at the infuriated deputy editor.


A/N: I should explain that Geoff fell in love with the wrong number, poor guy!

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