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The Summer Bay Massacre

Guest Perry

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Story Title: The Summer Bay Massacre

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Roo, Logan, Cooper & Candy Shepherd, Colby Wilkins-Dean, Lily, Charlie McKinnon

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D SC L

Summary: The Shepherd Quadruplets' arrival in the Bay brings with it some unwanted drama and intrigue.



RING, RING. Inside the home the phone rang… Brady Ritchie, a 17-year-old boy - a very handsome 17-year-old boy - was outside…

Outside the home, the sunlight faded into darkness… Brady was wearing his school uniform from Seabury Hills High.

“Hold on, I’m coming!” he answered down his phone as he rushed to the door.

He went to put his key in the hole… But noticed the door slightly ajar… he pushed it open and looked inside…

“Mum, are you home?” he asked.

The phone still ringing, he walked over to the small desk beside the front door and picked up the phone.


…No one’s there, he put it down.

“Mum, are you home?”

The place was really dark, Brady switched the light switch but no light came on. He then walked into the loungeroom and switched that switch but no light came on that time either.

“For crying out loud!” Brady gasps as he headed outside.

He walked over to the fuse box and opened it. He noticed a few wires had been cut.

“Is that normal?” Brady asked himself “Now what do I do?”

He closed the box and turned around… He jumped in fright when he noticed someone standing behind him.

“Oh mum, you scared me,” he said with a chuckle.

“Sorry sweetie… I’m just heading to the shops to get some dinner… Do you want anything?” she asked.

“No thanks” he answered, “I didn’t think you were home… Where’s your car?”

“I was next door, the car is in the garage... Are you alright?”

Brady nodded; he looked back at the fuse box then turned to his mother.

“Do you know about the fuse?” he asked

“Oh, I’m no good at those things… Ask your brother when he gets home.”

“Ok, will do”. He told her.

“See yah soon sweetie” she told him before heading towards the garage.

“See yah mum”. He called out to her before heading back to the house.

He walked back inside the house… he was a bit wary but it should be safe, nothing should have happened when his mother was only next-door. He walked to the kitchen and opened a drawer. He pulled out a torch. He switched on the torch and pointed it around the house… He walked over to the hallway and noticed something. He shone the torch onto the floor… He bent down and picked up a picture of himself that has been smashed. He then turned the torch onto the wall where there was something written in red:


He dropped both the torch and the picture and turned around to run… But there was someone in his way… Someone who was wearing black and brandishing a small hunting blade.


Brady was lying on a hospital bed in a small room; anything that wasn’t covered in bandages was either bruised or cut… His mother stood above his bed holding his hand… There are tubes coming from everywhere… he was also on life support.

“Will he ever wake up doctor?” his mother asked tearfully.

Dr Olive, the young Doctor who was standing just at the doorway tries to give her some kind of comfort.

“It is very unlikely ma’am… Your son suffered a tremendous amount of pain, the stabs, the head injury, the suffocation attempt… it is lucky he lasted this long… Your son is a fighter but unfortunately as long as that machine is on your son will remain alive… You have a terrible decision to make. Would you like to come into my office and we can discuss it further?” he asked almost unsympathetically.

She nodded and they walked out of the hospital room.

A few seconds after they left someone else walked into the hospital room, someone wearing black… They put a note on top of Brady reading:


And then a hand held the top of the Life Support Machine and conveniently there was an OFF button… The mysterious figure dressed in Black pushed the Button and then walked out the door shutting it behind them… The Heart Rate monitor that was waving life turned into a FLAT LINE…

“And Cut” a voice shouted out…

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Glad you like it, here's chapter 1



Brady sat up in the bed.

“How was that?” He asked

“That was perfect,” a voice answered…

The voice belonged to Mitchell Welsh, a young director of a soap in which Brady is a character in. Brady’s portrayer was Logan Shepherd.

“That’s a wrap mate… Your last ever scene… How did it feel?” Mitchell asked.

“Like a weight has been lifted off my back” Logan snapped…

He walked off the set and sat down in a chair… he ripped off the bandages. The person wearing black walked over to him and gave him a small hug… She took off her mask to reveal Sarah a young actress who was also starring in the soap.

“So now you’re done!” she stated.

Logan pushed her off him.

“Yup I’m done… I’m done with Seabury Beach… I’m done with acting… I’m done with you”.

He walked towards the door for the stage, before Tammy, the Production Assistant, stopped him.

“Logan sweetie, the guys want you in the green room”

“Oh great… Thanks Tammy” he told her before walking out of the stage.

He walked up the stairs and opened the door to the Green Room and as he opened the door everyone jumped out at him…


He laughed as he looked around the room at his co-stars… he looked around the walls and his mates had put up pictures of his life on the show…

“You know mate… I’m going to miss you,” said a familiar voice.

“Thanks Cate”

Logan turned around and hugged his TV mother.

“I remember when you and your brothers were on the set when you guys were only babies… I always hoped I would get one of your brothers to do the scene with but I always ended up with you, even back then you were difficult to work with.” She told him with a smile.

“All these years and nothing’s changed”.

Logan looked at the picture of the 3 babies… One was him the other two were his identical brothers. The boys originally all played Brady but as they got older only Logan was needed. He was one in four babies that were born together… Quadruplets… and they became famous… Probably the most famous in Australia.

“It’s a shame your brothers couldn’t make it”. Said Cate as she looked up at the photo

“They’re at home, they’re all packing… Cooper’s got a Surfing Comp in Summer Bay and dad thought it would be a good idea if we all went up together for a week sort of like a family holiday” Logan replied.

“Sounds great, enjoy it”. Cate smiled at him.

Logan was then dragged away by some of his younger cast mates.

“Come on Logan… You haven’t seen the cake”

Jason Andrews, his TV brother dragged Logan to look at the cake, a chocolate mud-cake with the words “Goodbye and Good Luck” written on it.

“Yeah that’s a great cake,” Logan stated almost half-serious

“Guess who made it?” Jason smiled up at him

“I don’t know” Logan shook his head

“I did”

“You?” Logan choked “Are you serious?”


“That is so cool Jas, I had no idea you could bake”

“Neither did I until I made it… Would you like some?”

“Not right now mate… Later I promise” Logan lied.

He continued to look through the photos on the wall, when someone else tapped him on the shoulder. It was the actress who was playing the killer earlier… Sarah White.

“Logan, we need to talk.” Sarah gestured to the door.

She dragged him downstairs and they walked down the hallway, she opened a door to a dressing room and checked to see if it was empty before going in… Logan looked around before following.

They started kissing passionately before Sarah pushed him away…

“No seriously, I just want to talk”, she told him

Logan chuckled and then started to kiss her again

“Stop it” she ordered him.

“Ok, I’m sorry, what is it you want to talk about?”

“Did you mean what you said earlier?” she asked

“What are you on about?”

He tried to kiss her but she turned her head away.

“You said you were done with me”

“Did I? I was wrong… Give me twenty minutes”.

She hit him… He laughed it off.

“Sarah look… We’re not in a relationship, we never have been and we never will be, but it doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun”.

Sarah shook her head before storming out of the room… Logan took a deep breath and walked out.

He went to walk back up the stairs to the Green Room when Mitchell stopped him…

“Hey Buddy, where were you?” Mitchell questioned.

“I’m not your buddy… and I was with Sarah in the Dressing Room”.

“Yeah you wish.”


He walked up the stairs.

“You know I’m really sorry to see the back of you” Mitchell sarcastically told him.

At this point Logan had had enough; he looked Mitchell in the eyes.

“I’ve been on this show since I was 6 months old… Since the beginning… I have put my whole heart into this show… Do you have any idea how much it hurts to be killed off like that?”

“Your contract was up mate, it happens”.

“It could have been renewed… But you had to have your little talk with daddy… Didn’t you?”

“You f*cked my wife!” Mitchell reminded him. “She left me”.

“And let me guess she will be killed off next?” Logan replied “Get over it mate… move on, it wasn’t meant to be”.

He turned his back on him and walked back down the stairs, and down the hallway.

“Hey Logan” Mitchell called to him; “You’re missing your party”.

Logan kept walking.


Logan was standing outside the studio gate, now dressed out of the hospital clothes and in a T-shirt and jeans; he carried a backpack over his shoulder. A small silver car pulled up, and Logan opened the passenger side door and jumped in, he threw the back pack on the back seat and buckled up…

“Hey Candy, it’s about time”

Candy is the female Quad, ‘the spare’.

“If you got your license you wouldn’t need me to pick you up,”

“Now why would I need my license when my identical brothers both have theirs?”

“Because if you have an accident and someone gets hurt… you’re going to have one hell of a lawsuit”.

She drove off.

“So how was it? Did you die Ok?” she asked

Logan nodded before changing the subject.

“How’s the packing?” he asked.

“Yeah good, Cooper’s got Lily coming so they’re going down with dad and now you and Roo get to go down with me.

“Me and Roo for a two hour car ride… Great”

“Roo’s ok… he’s got some stuff going on at the moment he doesn’t need you and dad making it worst.”

“As long as he’s not pretending to be me to get laid, I’m happy”

Candy laughed at that, everything to Logan was about Logan.

“He will have to pretend to be you to not get laid”

“What’s that suppose to mean?”

“Do you know what they’re saying about you in the mags?”

“Let me guess, ah… bullsh*t, bullsh*t, half truth, bullsh*t!”

“They said you got fired from the show because you were sleeping with the producer’s daughter”.

“See, that’s just bullsh*t, I didn’t sleep with the producer’s daughter”.

Candy looked at him, knowing it wasn’t true.

“I slept with the producer’s daughter in-law”.

She started to laugh before realising he was telling the truth.

“You’re serious, aren’t you?”

Logan shrugged; Candy shook her head, in disappointment.

“You really surprise me mate, you’re a great guy when you want to be but ninety per cent of the time you only care about yourself and you don’t care who get’s hurt, one day you’re going to really need someone’s help but there will be no one left to help you”.

“Just drive”. Logan replied not impressed at all with Candy’s attempt at playing mother.

Logan did however look down as if he was taking on board some of what Candy said or if not at least knowing she was right.

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It's time to meet the rest of the Shepherd family, here's chapter 2:



“Dad where’s my board?” Cooper walked into the room.

His father Andrew was in his bedroom folding clothes and putting them in the suitcase.

“It’s in the van”. Andrew answered.

Surfer boy Cooper, one of Logan’s identical brothers was less then impressed.

“Dad, how can I surf if the board’s packed up in the van?”

“Well it’s not exactly packed up, you could still get to it”. Andrew replied

“Righto, thanks,” said Cooper walking out.

“Hey”, his father called him back. “I said could… You’re suppose to be packing”.

“Dad, I gotta practice for the comp.” Said Cooper walking back into the room.

“Practice tomorrow at the actual beach, we’re leaving at six thirty AM, on the dot. That’s why I said to pack tonight… If you aren’t ready I’ll be leaving without you”.

“Dad, me and Lily were going to do stuff together tomorrow”

“Sure, you surf, she watches… That’s together. Now get packing”

“Oh but dad, Logan’s not back yet, he hasn’t packed and Roo’s not packing he’s got the band downstairs”.

“Oh but dad” Andrew mimicked his son. “But Logan did this… and Roo did that… Did I raise you to be a dobber?”

Cooper shrugged.

“Now go to your room, pack a suitcase and I’ll go surfing with you tonight”.

“Dad, I don’t wanna go surfing with you”.

“Why? Because I’m old? I’m better then your brothers”.

“Dad, Roo hasn’t surfed for years and Logan… Well Grandma can surf better then Logan”.

Andrew got down on his hands and knees, holding his hands together he pleaded with his son.

“Come on, can’t an old man go surfing with his favourite son just once?”

Cooper laughed at this, whenever his father wanted anything from one of his son’s he would always say that they were his favourite, Cooper always wondered if he secretly did have a favourite.

“Yeah I guess… I may be able to teach you a few things.” Cooper joked.


In the garage, Roo plugged an amplifier into an electrical outlet; he grabbed his guitar and played it, making sure it was the right sound…

Although Roo is the spitting image of both his brothers his look is completely different. Dressed somewhere in between an emo boy and a lost member of Green Day, he had armbands covering his wrists and although his haircut was the same as his brothers, based on an agreement the boys had with their manager. If it could be longer and died black it would be. But for now Roo has to settle with his natural dark brown hair colour.

“What are we playing?” drummer boy Luke asked

“How about the Britney cover?” answered sexy bass girl Tabby.

“How about not?” answered Roo, “Lets practice our original”.

Luke started drumming; Roo got behind the mic and started playing Lead and started singing.

“I was walking… She was stalking… I don’t really wanna listen to her talking…”

Although the song was punk there was something enticing about Roo’s singing, any fan of any genre would like it… Roo was that good.

“She’s real boring, so I’m ignoring… And maybe if I maybe if I shut my eyes she will go away- hey…or if she may say it nice I may get some foreplay”

Tabby on bass looked at him and smiled, impressed.

“I was driving… She was striving… I think she wants to get my full attention… She was whoring so I was exploring… Let’s not get caught screwing in detention... I’m her crush… I’m her…”

All of a sudden it goes quiet.

“What the hell?”

Roo turns to see his dad standing by the electrical outlet with the chord in his hand.

“Dad we’re practicing”.

“I can see that… you’re suppose to be packing”.

“Dad, the only thing of mine that isn’t packed is my guitar because it’s in my bloody hands”.

“Watch your mouth”

“Dad, I’m going away for a week, which means I won’t be able to practice with the band for a week, which is why we’re practicing now”.

“Well sorry mate, I didn’t think you were packed”.

“Yeah, well I have, alright so can we go back to practicing?”

“I guess so, you’re sister’s bringing dinner back with her, she’ll be home soon”.

“No worries, Mr Shepherd we’ll be quick… It sounded pretty hot though didn’t it?” Tabby asked.

“Sure did kid’s, maybe one day you’ll be able to do a cover of one of my songs” he replied.

Roo laughed.

“Maybe dad, but I don’t think your songs are ever suppose to see the light of day again”.

“That’s not nice”, said Andrew looking upset.

“I think your songs rocked Mr Shepherd”. Tabby said giving him support.

“Thank you Tabitha” Andrew smiled.

“Dad, can you let us practice now please?” Roo asked.

“Sure go back to rocking kids”.

He walked through the door leading into the house, shutting it behind him.

“See yah, Mr Shepherd” Tabby called out.

“What was that, Tabby?” Roo asked the sexy rocker.

“What? I was looking through some of my mum’s old records… You’re dad was a hottie back in the day… Mum was in love with him”. Tabby replied.

“That may explain why she loves Roo and can’t stand me” Luke wondered.

“Nah mum loves Roo because he’s polite and always offers to help out and sh*t”. Tabby told him.

“Yeah and his famous and his brother’s a soap star and his dad’s a former rock star” Luke replied. “Can I be you for a day? Or forever?” he joked.

“Sure, have my life… I don’t want it.” Roo replied not joking.

“What was with the change of lyrics?” Luke changed the subject.

“Don’t you like it?” Tabby asked. “I thought they were excellent”.

“I wrote the song… I can change the words if I want to.” Roo snapped.

“You could have asked us” Luke replied.

“Sorry… I didn’t think it was a big deal” Roo was trying to apologize.

“It’s better like that anyways…” Tabby defended him. “I may get some foreplay instead of I may get my own way… that’s way better.”

“And what was that stuff about sexing or whatever?” Luke asked

“Whoring and exploring?”

Luke nodded.

“That sounded way better then what it was before… it sounded like the theme song to his brother’s soap before… I like the change.” Tabby explained.

“Are we going to practice or what?” asked an impatient Roo.

He plugged the chord back in.

“Can we do the Britney song now?” Tabby asked.

Roo nodded. Luke started on the drums and then Roo sang.

“Oh baby, baby… How was I suppose to know? That something wasn’t right ye-ah..?”

At that moment the garage door opened and Candy’s car stopped inside the huge garage. Candy jumped out.

“Hey guys, are you practicing?” she asked

“We’re trying too but we keep getting interrupted” Roo answered.

Logan hopped out of the car holding a bag of Chinese food.

“Roo, give us a hand?” Logan asked.

“With what?” asked Roo as he walked towards them.

Logan handed him the bag of Chinese food he then grabbed his backpack and walked towards the door.

“You could have held both” Roo snapped.

Logan shrugged.

“I could have!” he said before opening the door and walking into the house.

Roo shook his head…

“Sorry guys… I guess this was a lost cause”. He apologized to his band mates.

“Don’t worry about it” Tabby told him. “Have a good holiday, we’ll see you next week”.

She gave him a friendly hug.

“See yah buddy,” Luke shook Roo’s hand.

Roo followed them out and shut the garage door after them.

“Hey can you hold this?” Roo asked his sister before handing her the Chinese food.

Candy took it without realising… Roo laughed at her…

“Now you have to carry it”. He told her.

“Hey that’s not fair.” Cried Candy.

He ran inside, Candy chased after him shutting the door behind her.

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“How was your last day at work mate?” Andrew asked Logan as he handed him a plate of Chinese food. Logan and Candy were seated at the table; Cooper and Roo weren’t in the room. Andrew stood at the table preparing the food.

“Yeah it was Okay, I guess” Logan replied before stuffing his face with the Mongolian Lamb.

Andrew started to fill his own plate up.

“Dad, what time are we leaving?” Candy asked knowing very well Logan was not happy talking about his last day of work.

“Six thirty” Andrew answered.

“What I’ve never woken up that early before in my life” she replied.

“I know… Get a job and you would have to wake up early”.

“I’m happy going to Uni, dad”.

“Well you can’t do that forever”. Andrew told her before sitting beside her.

“Why not? It’s not like we can’t afford it”.

“You mean to say it’s not like I can’t afford it”.

“Dad, I’m eighteen… I’ve got the rest of my life ahead of me… I’ve got plenty of time to decide what to do”.

“Well life goes fast, and besides all your brothers have jobs”.

“Not Logan, he’s out of a job now”, Candy pointed out hoping her dad would lay off her.

“Hey, I was actually talking to my agent… there’s a few pilots in the process and LA Ice were apparently asking about me for an advert”. Logan defended himself.

“That’s right… And Cooper’s got a casual job as well as juggling his surf commitments in with Tafe studies and not to mention all the modelling and photo shoots and publicity campaigns the boys get asked to do”.

“Dad lay off… It’s not the same for me as it is with the boys… I may have been born at the same time but I’m not like them… they get asked to do things because they are identical and I’m just the other one… the spare.” Candy stood up.

She started to walk off.

“Candy finish your dinner”. Andrew ordered.

“Sorry dad, I’m not hungry.” She told him before walking out of the room.

As she walked out Roo and Cooper were walking in.

“Where were you two? Your dinners have gone cold”. Andrew asked his sons.

“Sorry dad I was on the phone to Lily and didn’t realise dinner was ready”. Cooper replied.

“I called out three times” Andrew looked at Roo “And what about you?”

“I was packing my guitar into Candy’s car”.

“You’re not bringing the guitar,” Andrew told his son.

“Dad, I need to practice… “

Andrew interrupted, “It’s suppose to be a holiday, how am I suppose to relax while you play that thing?”

Roo looked annoyed.

“Ok you can bring it but if we get kicked out of the hotel, it’s your fault.”

Cooper sat next to Logan while Roo sat at the end of the table.

“Dad, how come you’re letting Lily come?” Roo asked.

Cooper who was stuffing his face with fried rice looked up.

“Because she’s Cooper’s girlfriend and if she wants to come she can come.” Andrew replied.

“What’s it to you?” Cooper asked his brother.

“Its just last year dad wouldn’t let Valery come with us to Dream World… I thought you might have been playing favourites”

“That was different, you were both under eighteen and Mrs Ventura and I decided it was best for her not to come, if you and Valery were still together I would have no problem with her coming, you’re both adults now and so are Cooper and Lily”.

“So why aren’t you and Valery still together? I heard she dumped you because you wouldn’t give her any.” Cooper asked him hoping to hit a nerve.

“I broke up with her because we weren’t right for each other Ok?”

Cooper nodded.

“Bullsh*t” Logan said disguising it as a cough.

“Well at least I didn’t get fired for f*cking the producers daughter” Roo snapped at Logan.

“Hey guys we’re at the dinner table” Andrew said hoping to stop his boys from arguing.

“No you just got fired because you sucked” Logan said with a chuckle.

“Actually when the producer told me that only one of you boys were needed to continue I suggested it be you Logan as the others were a lot better in school and I thought if you weren’t smart enough to do anything else you always had acting”. Andrew told his son

Roo and Cooper cracked up laughing. Logan looked a bit upset so Andrew pushed him as if to say he was joking even though he really wasn’t.

“Cooper and I are going surfing after dinner, do you guys wanna come?” Andrew said still hoping Logan wasn’t upset with what he said.

Roo shook his head.

“I might just stay here, watch some TV” he told his father.

“I might come, I haven’t surfed in a while” Logan answered.

Andrew smiled at Logan. He then looked at Roo.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come?” he asked hoping he changed his mind.

“No, Surfing’s not my thing”

“I don’t know why, there was a time you were even better then Cooper”, Andrew reminded him.

“It wasn’t about being good at it or not, I just didn’t have fun doing it”. Roo explained.

“How can you not have fun surfing?” Cooper asked.

Of course Roo didn’t expect Cooper to understand it because to Cooper surfing is everything.

“When I’m surfing right…” Cooper explains. “I can’t explain it... It’s this overwhelming feeling… It’s unreal it’s like…”

“Sex”, Roo interrupts.

“Yeah, how did you know?” Cooper asked.

“I’ve had sex before!” Roo answered.

“No how did you know surfing feels like sex?”

“Because that’s how I feel about making music”. Roo explained.

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Candy was lying on her bed listening to her MP3 Player, Roo walked in. Candy pulled the MP3 player off her head.

“Don’t you knock?” she asked.

“I did several times”. He replied

Candy realised she mustn’t have heard because she was listening to her MP3 Player.

“Sorry I didn’t hear- I was listening to music”.

“You missed Dinner, what’s up?”

“Just dad, he was going on about how I need a job and how you guys all got jobs and that you also work with the modelling stuff, he need to understand that those things come easy for you because you guys are identical… I don’t get asked to do that stuff.”

“That must suck… At least he laid off me tonight”.

“Yeah I told him too… I said you were having a hard time about Valery”.

Roo sat down, next to her.

“You didn’t tell him why we broke up?”

“No I wouldn’t do that.”


Roo got up from the bed and opened the door to the balcony. He walked out and looked down at the beach below the house, watching the boys surf. Candy walked out and stood with him.

“Why don’t you surf anymore?” she asked.

“You missed out on that conversation at dinner,” Roo told her.

“You should be down there with them.”

“No, I should be here with you” Roo explained. “You and I are different we’re the odd ones out”.

Candy laughed; she looked down at her father and waved.


Andrew was standing at the beach waving up at his daughter. Cooper ran up towards his father holding onto his surfboard tightly.

“Dad, that was unreal” Cooper says.

“Logan get out mate, its too dark” Andrew yelled to his son.

“I didn’t realise how dark it got… your brother’s surfing blind”

“Hey Logan come on” Cooper yelled out.

“You shouldn’t have any problem in this comp Cooper you did well”, his father proudly told him.

“Dad about dinner, what Candy said, it’s true you know… Logan, Roo and myself do get it easier… I turned down WAX the other day, they wanted me to pose for the cover” Cooper explained to his father.


“It’s a surfing magazine”

“I know, I’m just surprised you turned it down. With the exposure you can get offered sponsorships and everything”.

“Yeah I know I thought about that but it wouldn’t have been worth it”.

“Why not?”

“They wanted me to pose with Roo and Logan as well and I couldn’t do that… Roo doesn’t surf and Logan can’t surf to save himself, I told them they use me and only me or they can forget it”.

“Yeah but still…”

“Dad hundreds of surfers my age would kill for that kind of exposure, some are even better then me, they wouldn’t even get that chance and the only reason why I do is because my brother’s a soap star and he looks like me”.

Logan walked out of the water and over to his father and brother.

“That was awesome, why are you guys getting out?” he asked.

“Because it’s dark now and we can’t see what we’re doing… I don’t know about you but I’m not going risk getting smashed against the rocks and miss my chance to win this comp this week”. Cooper told his brother before running towards the house.

“I told you to get out and you just ignored me”, Andrew lectured his son.

“Sorry dad, I didn’t realise” Logan apologized.

“If you ever surf in the dark again I’d throw you against the rocks myself”.

The two headed towards the house.

Behind the toilet block someone was watching them through the lens of a camera, taking photos.

Cooper walked up to the giant steel black gate of his massive home, he pushed the numbers on the security lock and waited for his father and his brother to catch up.

“Hurry up” he yelled to them.

Logan and Andrew caught up to him and they walked through the gate closing and locking it.

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Not able to sleep, Roo got out of bed and walked out of his room. He walked down stairs and to the kitchen, he was surprised to see the kitchen light on, standing there was a topless Logan drinking a glass of cola.

“Can’t you sleep?” Roo asked his brother.

“Nah, I don’t why, just keep thinking about today.”

“Why what happened?”

Roo grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge.

“Nothing important… I just wish I left under better circumstances”.

“Like not walking out on your going away party?” asked Roo

Logan looked at him.

“I was talking to Jason over the internet”

Logan finished his cola and threw the glass in the sink and began to walk upstairs. Roo took a mouthful of water before putting that in the fridge. He followed his brother upstairs.

“You have to apologise… you can’t leave like that” Roo almost ordered his brother.

“I’m not apologizing”. Logan walked into his room.

Roo stood at the doorway.

“Grow up Logan, you can’t treat people like that”.

Logan shut the door in his face.


Outside the gate of the house someone wearing a huge black hooded jacket had walked up to the security lock, they tapped in the combination and the gate opened. They walked inside and closed and locked the gate behind them.


Cooper was lying down in his bed asleep, half naked but fully asleep… Dreaming about catching a wave on Sunset Beach Hawaii and winning all the competitions. Smashing Kelly Slater’s record and getting the girl, although Cooper needn’t worry about that one, he’s already got the girl and she’s a beaut one at that. Lily was the “Perfect 10” and Cooper sure was having fun dreaming about her.

But sure enough his dream was cut short when a gloved hand covers his mouth. Cooper opened his eyes to see a dark silhouette sitting on top of him.

“Don’t scream”

The person said, not that Cooper could with their hand covering his mouth.

The person decided to take the hand away.

“What the hell?” Cooper asked

The person then decided to take the black hooded jacket off, now making it pretty clear whom they were.

“Lily” Cooper said surprised

“You were expecting somebody else to sneak into your room in the middle of the night and hop into your bed?” she asked

“I wasn’t expecting anybody to sneak into my room in the middle of the night and hop into bed with me” Cooper answered. “What are you doing here? How did you get in?”

“I remembered the combination and I thought I’ll come early and surprise you”.

She took off her girly singlet, which she was wearing under the jacket and threw it onto the floor, revealing a sexy red bra. Cooper’s jaw dropped.

“Surprised?” She asked him.

Cooper nodded as he started kissing her passionately on the lips, he held her on her back with his left palm and lifted it towards her shoulders. Lily started kissing Coopers neck and slowly went down to his chest. Cooper smiled in delight as she went lower and kissed him above the naval. While she did this cooper unclipped her bra and Lily threw it onto the floor. Lily grabbed the top of Cooper’s Boxer briefs and had begun to slide them down.

“Are you sure you want to do this? It’s ok if you don’t. Just let me know”. Cooper politely told his girlfriend.

Lily smiled.

“There’s no way I’m going to stop now”.


The early morning sun shone through the window, Cooper and Lily were asleep in each others arms, the sun light reflecting on their naked skin. Cooper opened his eyes and feeling the sunlight worried that he slept in. He moved his head into a position where he could see the Alarm clock.

6.05 AM

He had slept in but not by much, although he did need a shower and his dad had told them they were leaving at 6.30 AM on the dot. He decided to wake up his girlfriend. He held her cheek and pet her face. Lily opened her eyes, having Cooper’s face there looking at her was a beautiful start to the day.

“Morning sleepy head”. Cooper smiled.

“Good morning”, Lily said with a yawn.

“We slept in… I forgot to set the alarm”. Cooper told her.

“We were a little pre occupied last night”, Lily said with a chuckle.

“I’m going to have a shower, you can either join me, or you can stink all day” Cooper joked.

Lily playfully hit him.

“That’s not nice”.


In the Lounge room Andrew carried a suitcase and placed it next to the front door, just as he did this Candy opened the door and walked in holding the morning paper.

“You’re up?” Andrew said surprised

“I’ve been up since five, unlike some people… What ever happened to six thirty on the dot?” Candy smartly responded.

“Hey I didn’t sleep well last night” he looked down at the newspaper in his daughter’s hand. “Anything interesting?” he asked.

Candy shrugged.

“Well can I read it until your brother comes back?” Andrew asked.

“No I want to read the gossips” She jokingly hit him with it. “And besides Cooper’s home”.


“Is that not who you’re waiting on?” She asked

“Yeah Cooper, he’s suppose to be picking up Lily”

“Well the Convy’s in the driveway”

“Well you’ve been up since five did he pick her up already?”

Candy shook her head.


In the bathroom Cooper dried himself off with a towel. Lily turned the shower off and hopped out. Cooper grabbed a towel from the rack and threw it to her.

“Well that was one of the best showers I’ve had”. Lily smiled.

“Only because you had me to wash those hard to reach places” Cooper laughed.

Lily spun her towel and flicked him with it.

“Hey” Cooper yelled.

“I’m sorry” Lily pouted.

“You’re forgiven” Cooper told her before wrapping the towel around her and then kissed her passionately on the lips.

At that precise moment the door opened.

“Oh sorry… I…I… Sorry”, Andrew stuttered before walking out again.

Lily turned to Cooper who laughed and shrugged it off.

“That was embarrassing” Lily told him.

“That’s just because my dad just got to see your hard to reach places”.

Cooper joked, but Lily didn’t find it funny.

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Cooper threw a bag into the back of the Kombi and shut the boot. Lily walked over to him and gave him a peck on the cheek.

“What was that for?” Cooper asked.

“Because I love you”, Lily replied

“Why?” Cooper asked again

“I don’t know because I do”

“No why are you telling me?”

“Just so you know”.

“And?” Cooper questioned.

“And… Do you know how I said we’ll be spending the day together, doing something romantic?”

“I don’t like where this is going”.

“It’s just I got a text from my friend Belle, remember the one who moved to Summer Bay last year?”

Cooper nodded.

“I told her we’d go out with her and her boyfriend”.

“Cool, swingers… I can get in to that”. Cooper joked.

“Shut up… You don’t have a problem with that, do you?”

Cooper shook his head.

“Oh good because I haven’t seen her in ages” she hugged him.

“Alright, I’m just going to give dad a hand with the fishing gear”.



Andrew was going through a box of old fishing reels in the garage. Cooper walked over.

“Hey dad” Cooper called.

“Hey mate, you haven’t seen the silver reel that use to be on the orange rod have you?”

Cooper shook his head.

“Didn’t think so… I wonder where it got too”.

“Dad about this morning…” Cooper struggled to talk to his old man. “I’m sorry you walked in like that”.

His father lifted his head out of the box for a minute to talk to his son.

“I’m sorry too mate… But the door has a lock”.

“I know, I wasn’t thinking about locks”.

“I bet” Andrew chuckled.

“I was your age too once mate… I was a successful musician at your age son, there was plenty of shower sex and out of shower sex and golden showers”

“Ok enough information dad” Cooper interrupted.

“I was kidding about the last part”

Cooper nodded.

“We didn’t have sex in the shower we just showered together”.

“Ok thanks for clearing that up with me, you didn’t have to though”.

“Dad, I am glad we can have these talks… well sometimes I’m glad we can have them.”

“I am too mate… I just wish your brothers felt the same way”.

Cooper walked off, Andrew kept looking for the reel.

“Hey dad” Candy’s voice shouted from inside the house.

“In the garage” he called out to her.

She walked in and over to him.

“Logan, Roo and I are ready to go”. She told her father.

“Alright, I’ll be a while… I’m trying to look for an old reel, the silver one that was on the old orange rod you haven’t seen it have you?”

“What’s a reel?”

“Never mind”.

“Is it alright if we leave now and hang out at the beach for a while and we’ll meet at the hotel a little later?” Candy asked.

“If you want… Do you know where to go?”

“Yeah I got the street directory and I’ve got Roo navigating not Loges”.

“No worries”. He gave his daughter a kiss on the cheek.

“See you in Summer Bay dad”.

She walked back inside.


Logan walked out the front door to the house carrying his backpack over his shoulder. As he walked out Lily was walking into the house.

“Hey” Logan stopped her.

“Hi Logan” Lily said trying to get past him.

“What’s up?”

“Nothing I just want to go inside”.

Logan looked around to make sure nobody was around.

“You know I’ve been thinking Lily” Logan said to her, brushing the hair behind her ear with his fingers.

“It’s a miracle” Lily quipped pushing his hand away.

“We haven’t seen each other much not since a few weeks ago and I’ve been getting an extinct feeling that you are trying to brush me off”.

“You mean distinct”.


“It was a mistake… I was drunk, never again”

“You know the ‘I was drunk excuse’ only works if you were actually drinking”.

“Logan, f*ck off”

She tried again to get past him but Logan wouldn’t budge. He grabbed her by the arm.

“You know you ought to be very nice to me from now on, cause if you’re not…”

Roo walked to the door at that moment to get outside. Logan let go of Lily’s arm

“Hey Logan you ready?” Roo asked

“Yep, all good Andy” Logan said.

“Don’t call me that or I’ll kick your ass” Roo threatened.

“Sorry Andrew”.

“Don’t call me that either, lets go… Candy’s waiting”. Roo walked down the steps.

“See you soon Lily” Logan told his brother’s girlfriend before following Roo.

Lily walked inside and leaned her head against the wall she tried to hold back her tears but they started flowing out like a waterfall. How could she be stupid enough? And with her boyfriend’s brother?

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Andrew was still in the garage. He just finished with the box full of reels. He picked it up and placed it on the shelf. When he did this a smaller box had fallen off the shelf and landed on the floor. A few photographs fell out of the box. Andrew kneeled down onto the floor to pick them up. He went to pick up the photographs and went to place them back into the box but he had noticed something on one of the photos. He looked at the photo from 1989… It was of a heavily pregnant woman, who looked a lot like Candy, it was a photo of her mother.

“Dad, are you ready yet?” Cooper asked his father.

Andrew jumped in fright not expecting anyone to be behind him.

“Yeah mate, I am”. Andrew replied.

“Did you find the reel?”

“Nah, mate I’ve got the old fishing rod in the convie though, that would do”.

“What’s that?” Cooper pointed to the photograph.

“Nothing, just an old daggy photograph”, Andrew replied. “Where’s Lily is she ready?”

Cooper nodded, “She’s inside somewhere”.

“Well go get her, I’ll wait in the Kombi”, Andrew smiled.

Cooper walked towards the door, Andrew looked at the photograph one more time, he rubbed his thumb over his wife’s face before putting the photograph back into the box.


Lily washed her face in the bathroom sink. She had just stopped crying. She then opened a small make-up bag. She got out some mascara and started fixing herself up.

“Lily, are you ready?” Cooper called, knocking on the door.

“Come in Coop”. Lily called back.

Cooper walked in.

“I’m just fixing up my make-up”. She said

“Oh, Dad’s waiting in the Convie”, Cooper told her.

“Oh I’m sorry, were you waiting for me?” She apologised.

“Uh – Nah, Dad was looking for his *Lucky Reel, he never goes fishing without it”.

“We’re going fishing?” Lily asked, looking concerned.

“Me and dad will, we always do… But you don’t have to if you don’t want too” Cooper kissed her on the forward.

Lily wiped her head.

“You’re messing me up,” she laughed.

Lily quickly fixes her face and puts the remaining make up in her bag.

“Ok now I’m ready”.

She started to walk to the bathroom door but Cooper stopped her. He grabbed her from behind and brought her to him he kissed her on the neck below her ear.

“I’m not,” he whispered as he lifted his hand up her top.

Lily pulled his hand away.

“Stop, you’re dad’s waiting for us”, she told him.

Cooper giggled.

“He can wait” He replied before placing his hand on her breast.

Lily pushed him away again.

“Not now Cooper”. She stormed out of the bathroom.

Cooper followed her out of the bathroom and chased her down the hallway. He caught up to her and stooped her.

“I’m sorry,” he told her.

“You don’t have to apologise, I just didn’t want to leave your dad waiting,” she told him

“Are you sure there isn’t anything else?” he asked.

Lily shook her head.

“Oh, I left my make up bag in the bathroom go down to the van and I’ll only be a second”.

“Ok” Cooper replied before walking down the stairs.

Lily walked back into the bathroom; she opened up the counter and pulled out a small white box and placed it into the bag. She grabbed the bag and walked out of the bathroom, she walked down the hallway and downstairs. Cooper was waiting at the doorway.

“I thought you were going to wait in the car?” she asked surprised to see him.

“I need to put the alarm in”. Cooper replied. “Are you sure you’re ok?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?” she responded.

Cooper shook his head.

“I have no idea”, Cooper replied. “You just look like you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders”.

“Nope see…” Lily showed Cooper her shoulders. “They’re world-less”. She laughed

Cooper laughed too. Lily ran outside, Cooper punched in the code in the burglary alarm keypad and walked out, closing and locking the door behind him.

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“I spy with my little eye something beginning with A?” Said Logan who was sitting in the backseat of Candy’s small silver Echo.

“A? Uh Arrow?” Candy asked.

Logan shook his head.

“This sucks” Roo said sitting on the passenger seat. “Are we close?”

“Not too far” Candy replied, “I can’t see anything beginning with A, can you still see it?”

“Yup, it’s an easy one. Logan answered. “You’re not looking hard enough”.

“I’m driving”

“Is it an Aqua car?” Roo asked.

“No but close”, Logan replied.

“This is stupid how many A’s are there on an empty highway?” Candy asked.

“Do you give up?” Logan asked.

“Yes we give up”, Candy snapped.

A road” Logan said with a chuckle.

His siblings were less then impressed.

“Ok, that’s enough for that game”, Roo told them. “What are we going to do when we get there?”

“Hang out at the beach and wait”, Candy shrugged.

“Fun. This is going to be a great holiday,” Logan said sarcastically.

“We’ll find something to do” Roo tried to see a positive. “How many holidays do we get to go on together?”

“Come on Loges, imagine how many surfie chicks you’ll be able to get with”, Candy told her brother.

“That’s true” Logan agreed. “Come on Roo, you and I go out together and we’ll pick up heaps of hot chicks”.

“Ah yeah” Roo didn’t sound as enthusiastic,

“Don’t sound too enthusiastic” Logan patted his brother on the shoulder.

“Don’t worry mate, Valery doesn’t know what she’s missing out on”.

“Yeah” Roo nodded.

“Look at that face” Logan leaned over and tapped him on the cheek. “You can get any girl you want with that face… I should know it’s my face too”.

They laughed. Suddenly a mobile rang to the tune of the ‘Simpson’s Theme’… Logan reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He looked at the Caller ID before answering.

“Yeah Dad?” He answered.


Andrew was leaning against the Chocolate and White coloured Kombi Van that was parked on the side of the road. He was on the phone to his son.

“Hey mate, we’re still about an hour away… Are you guys there yet?” he asked.

“Nah dad, but we’re close. What’s holding you guys up?” Logan asked.

“Ah you know your brother, he drives like a snail… Just let your sister know and we’ll meet you in an hour at the hotel”.

“Ok no worries see you soon”

“Righto see yah mate”, he hung up the phone.

He walked over to Cooper who was leaning against the back of the van.

“How’s it going?” Andrew asked his son.

Cooper shook his head.

“I told her not to drink that milkshake when we stopped at the service station”. Cooper told his father.

Over on the side of the road, in the bushes, Lily was chucking up.


“What did dad want?” Candy asked her brother, still driving.

“He’s about an hour away”. Logan answered.

“So we got an hour to kill, what are we going to do?” Roo asked.

“Get some late Brekkie, I guess,” she answered.

“I spy with my little eye something beginning with M” Logan played.

“We give up” Roo and Candy yelled at the same time.

Me” Logan laughed.

“You suck Logan” Candy told her brother as she drove.

The silver Echo drove past a sign: ‘WELCOME TO SUMMER BAY!’

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“I just still can’t believe they let him out”, Kim told Rachel as they walked into the diner.

“Well I spoke to his Doctor at Reefton Lakes and apart from needing the regular sessions and medication checks he seems to have gotten a lot better”.

They sit down at the table closest to the door, sitting opposite each other and they continued the conversation.

“The Doctor I spoke to knew what he was talking about, Charlie is better and there was no real reason for him to stay at the hospital any longer”. Rachel continued, “and I agreed with him”.

“As long as he doesn’t bother us anymore, I guess there’s nothing to worry about”. Kim agreed.

“Well don’t worry I’m sure he’ll keep right away”.

“Well, where’s he staying? Surely he can’t be living by himself in that house?” Kim asked.

Rachel shrugged.

“I don’t know, but he has no family, I guess he might have too”. Rachel told him before thinking to herself.

“Ah- uh no way, you are to keep right away from him, you owe him nothing Rachel”, Kim ordered.

Irene walked over with her apron and notepad.

“Hello you two, Late breakfast or early lunch?” she asked with a smile.

“Both at the same time” Rachel laughed, “We’ve both got RDO’s so after sleeping in we decided that we were too lazy to cook anything and that’s why we are here”.

“Excellent” Irene smiled “So what are we having?”

“I’ll have…”

She stopped talking; in fact the whole Diner was silent. Kim looked at his wife.


He turned to see what she was staring at… What the whole diner was staring at.

Logan, Candy and Roo just walked into the diner, of course they’re use to the stares but the diner patrons aren’t use to celebrities walking in. Candy, Roo and Logan sat down at the table closest to the register, close to where Kim and Rachel were sitting.

“I don’t get it why are we staring?” Kim asked his wife.

Rachel was still staring.

“Hello, Earth to Rachel, can you hear me?”

“What?” Rachel turned to him. “Sorry Kim?”

“Why are we staring?” he asked.

“Don’t you recognise them?” she whispered

Kim shook his head.

“The Shepherd Quads, One of them stars in Seabury Beach”.

“Oh yeah” Kim realised.

“Sorry I’ll be with you in a second” Irene said before walking to the Shepherd’s.

“Hey, Irene what about our order?” Kim asked.

“Hi welcome to the bay, I’m Irene, I’m a huge fan of Seabury Beach, which ones Logan?” she asked kind of rude but she was too excited.

“I am” Logan said. “This is Roo and Candy”.

“Hi, I’m also a huge fan of your fathers… So what brings you to the Bay?”

“Our brother’s entering a surf comp and we’re going to be staying here for a week”. Logan said.

“That’s brilliant, you’re going to love it here”. She told them. “Sorry if I’m annoying you but can you sign a plate”. Irene asked.

“A plate?” Logan asked

“Yeah we have had a few celebrities… Well not to your calibre but we always get the famous people to sign a plate when they come in and we put them on the wall”.

“Sure”, Logan smiled.

“I’ll just get a plate for you to sign”. Irene walked towards the kitchen.

“Thank god it was Irene and not Colleen” Kim joked, “She wouldn’t have left them alone”.

Rachel was still too busy staring at them. She turned to Kim.

“Have you got a pen?” she asked.

“What for?”

“So I can get his autograph”

Kim laughed.

“I’ve never seen this side to you before”. He told her before handing her a pen from his pocket.


She got up and went to walk over to them before turning around and sitting back down.

“What’s up?” Kim asked.

“What do I say to him?” she whispered.

Kim was in stitches.

“Can I have your autograph?” Kim told her in between laughs.

“It’s not funny, it’s Logan Shepherd from Seabury Beach”.

“Do you want me to ask for you?”

“No, he’ll think I’m too scared to ask for myself”. She replied.

“Well you are” Kim told her. “Well go and ask him yourself?”

“I can’t”

“Well give us the pen I’ll do it”.

“No it’s ok I’ll do it”. Rachel stood up and walked over.

Logan just finished signing the plate, he handed it to Irene.

“Thanks Darl, now what can I get you?” She handed the plate to Rachel. “Can you hold this for me Rach? Thanks”.

Irene pulled out the notepad and pen ready to get the order. Rachel looked down at the plate with Logan Shepherd’s autograph on it. She turned to Kim and smiled before running out the door with the plate in her hand. Irene and the Shepherd’s looked in shock… Kim who was crying from laughing so hard followed Rachel out the diner.

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