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The Summer Bay Massacre

Guest Perry

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Candy ran back down the beach and tackled her brother, Roo wasn't expecting it. They landed in the sand.

"Hey, what was that about?" Roo laughed.

"Sorry, couldn't help myself" Candy answered, getting up and hitting the sand off of her.

Roo got up and did the same.

"Where did you disappear too?" He asked her.


"You were gone for ages" Roo commented.

Candy shrugged.

"Did you see Charlie while you were gone?"

"No... Where's Coop?"

Roo pointed out to the water, Cooper was surfing on the green surfboard.

"Figures" Candy said. "And he's riding the green board".

"I tried to stop him... Do you think he's annoyed at me?"

"I don't think so, he just likes to surf".

"No not Cooper... Charlie"

"Oh God... Go look for him if you are that worried and tell him how much love him" she started to mimic him. "Oh Charlie I love your muscles, and your hot body... I think you're sexy"

"Shut up".

"Go and look for him" Candy ordered.

"Ok I will, don't tease me"

"Don't tease me oh my feelings are hurt... I'm not your friend anymore" Candy continued to mock him as he walked off.

Roo walked up towards the Surf Club.

"CHARLIE I LOVE YOU'RE MUSCLES... YOU'RE REAL SEXY" Candy yelled to Roo, but she didn't notice Colby walking down. "I WANT TO F*CK YOU!" and after she yelled that she noticed Colby. "NO NOT YOU COLBY... I WAS TALKING TO MY BROTHER!"

Roo cracked up laughing as he walked past Colby...

"I knew your family was close but I didn't think you were that close" Colby told Roo.

"She's just teasing me" Roo admitted before walking up to the Surf Club.

Colby ran over to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek, Candy blushed a little.

"Thanks so much for this morning" she smiled.

"No it was no trouble"

"I heard you wiped out this morning... Unlucky"

"I had too much to think about... I wasn't worried... I couldn't stick around though, did your brother go alright?"

Candy shook her head.

"That's a shame"

"Yeah... So enough about him... Did you want to see that movie? Roo and Charlie might be going and we'll get Cooper to come too if you want?" Candy asked.

"Sure... Wanna go for a walk first?"

Candy nodded and the two walked off. Cooper was still surfing on the green board.


Roo looked around the carnival for Charlie but couldn't see him anywhere. He wasn't looking where he was going and he bumped into an old man.

"What the flaming hell" The man said. "Look where you're flaming well walking".

"Sorry" Roo apologised. "I was looking for someone".

"Well be more flaming careful next time" the man said to him.

"I will" Roo told him before continuing his search.

The man walked towards the Fortune Teller's caravan, he knocked on the door. And waited... And knocked again... And waited...

"Flaming Floss" he called out before giving up and walking off.

Roo walked towards the Surf Club, If Charlie wasn't outside he must be inside. He walked to the door.

"ROO" he heard a voice call out.

He looked around and saw a punk girl running towards him.

"Roo, I've been looking for you everywhere... You aren't answering your phone".

"Tabby what are you doing here?" He hugged her and smiled... His best friend was here.

"I came as soon as I heard... I am so sorry".

"Its ok it isn't your fault" he shook his head in disbelief.

"What's up?" Tabby asked him.

"I'm just can't believe you are here... I've got someone I want you to meet... I just don't know where he is" Roo smiled. "Wow you're here".

"I am" Tabby smiled.

He hugged her again... Charlie was walking out of the Surf Club and saw this... Roo pulled his friend off her when he noticed Charlie.

"Charlie?" Roo called out to him. "Charlie, I want you to meet my friend".

Charlie walked over towards them.

"Charlie this is Tabby my best friend... Tabby this is Charlie"

Charlie looked at Roo; 'Not my friend Charlie just Charlie!'

"Nice to meet you Charlie" Tabby smiled.

Charlie barely acknowledged her.

"Where have you been I've been looking for you?" Roo asked.

"Greg was here and I got... I was... I'm sorry... Don't hate me".

Roo laughed. "Hate you?"

"You said I had to be honest with you..."

"What's up?"

"I did something really bad and I don't want you to hate me".

"What is it?"

Charlie looked at Tabby, he didn't want to tell him in front of her.

"Candy and Cooper are down the beach, we'll catch up in a minute" Roo told Tabby, pointing down the beach.

"Ok" Tabby said a little confused.

She walked off.

"What's up Charlie?"

"I... I... Greg was and I hit him" Charlie shook his head. "I hit him and I told him I'll kill him".

Roo shook his head and rubbed Charlie's arm. "That's ok... Sometimes when you are angry you say things you don't mean..."

"I meant it" Charlie interrupted. "I hit him and I said I wanted to kill him and I meant it... I'm turning bad again".

"It's ok" Roo held his hand. "You've got me this time and I won't let you do anything..."

Charlie kissed him, Roo was a little surprised but definetly enjoyed the kiss...


Cooper ran out of the water with his Surfboard in his arm, he dropped it in the sand, Tabby ran towards him.

"Tabby?" Cooper asked.

"Cooper, you sucked" She commented on his surfing.

"There's no waves"

"Sure... I'm looking and I can see them"

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

"I caught a train over as soon as I heard about Logan... I would of been here earlier but some girl offed herself by jumping out of a train and they were delayed for hours".

"Well that sucks" Cooper commented, not realising that she was talking about his ex.

Tabby eyed Cooper's half naked and wet body.

"What?" Cooper asked.

"Nothing... Who's this Charlie dude?"

"That Charlie dude?" Cooper asked pointing up the beach.

Tabby turned to see Roo and Charlie walking towards them, hand in hand.

"Yeah that one."

"He's Roo's special friend"

"Oh!" Tabby said... "Oh!" Tabby realised what he meant.

Charlie and Roo walked over to them.

"Holding hands now" Cooper couldn't help himself.

Charlie blushed a little.

"Oh I hope you don't mind Charlie we borrowed your board... I forgot to tell you" Roo told him.

Charlie looked down at the Green Surfboard.

"That's not mine" Charlie told them.

"Yeah it is we got it from your backyard"

"No... It's not mine... It's Greg's!"

"Oh!" Roo realised. "Sorry, I didn't know".

"Lucky he didn't see it with us". Cooper commented.

Charlie shrugged."F*ck him!"

"Charlie!" Roo shook his head. He then looked to Cooper, "where's Candy?"

"How the f*ck should I know?" Cooper answered.


"Where are we going?" Candy asked

Her and Colby were walking along the lake, close to where Lucas met Dean earlier.

"Some place special" Colby admitted to her.

They continued walking...

"COLBY" a voice called out...

Colby and Candy turned around, Drew Curtis ran towards them, Lucas was with him.

"Drew mate" Colby shook his hand.

"Where are you heading?" Drew asked.

"Going to the Point"

"Nice" Drew grinned before checking out Candy.

"Who's the chick?"

"Candy, this is Drew and Lucas"

"I've met Lucas before" Candy nodded in acknowledgement.

"How's Roo going?" Luc asked.

"Good, he's with Charlie... he's got someone to keep his mind off things".

"Charlie?" Drew asked.

"Yeah... Charlie... My brother's gay" Candy rolled her eyes. "You got a problem with that?"

Drew shook his head.

"Anyway we're heading off" Colby dragged Candy away.

"See yah dude" Drew called out.

When they got a bit of distance from them, Colby stopped her.

"What was that about?" He asked.

"Sorry, I just didn't like him... Something about him... How do you know him anyway?"

"He's one of my best mates... I've known him since Kindergarten... We even went to the same Boarding School"

They continued walking along the lake.

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"Colby what are you doing?" Candy asked.

Colby had his hand over her eyes and was guiding her around the lake, dodging trees.

"Where are you taking me?"

Colby stopped.

"Ok you can open them" Colby took his hand from her face.

They had arrived at the Point, a place the teens go to dump all the cars, that were either stolen, broken down or were just sh!tboxes.

"Wow a bunch of old cars" Candy said unimpressed.

Colby took her by the hand and took her to the back of an old run down Kombi. He pulled the boot open.

"Get in!" He ordered her.

"What?" Candy looked at him confused.

"You heard" Colby smiled.

"You gotta be f*cking kidding me" Candy turned away from him.

"It's not what you think..." He turned her around. "Look at the lake... The sunset"

Candy smiled.

"Now get in the back of the van and we'll watch it together"


Lucas was sitting down by the lake looking out to the sun setting, he was thinking.

"Come on lets do something" Drew sulked. "I'm bored!"

When he didn't get an answer, he decided to stand up.

"See yah later Luc" he told him before walking off.

As Drew walked up towards the road he noticed Ric.

"Hey Dalby" he smiled.

"Drew" Ric acknowledged him even though he didn't want to. "Is Luc down there?"

"Yeah..." Drew nodded. "Have fun". Drew walked off.

Ric walked towards the lake, he spotted Lucas and walked over to him.

"I thought I'll find you here" Ric sat down next to him. "What were you doing with Drew?"

"Not much... I thought if I don't talk he'll go away and eventually he did"

Ric laughed.

"I am so screwed up" Lucas cried.

"Hey..." Ric wrapped his arm around him. "What's up?"

"I broke up with Belle because I liked somebody else and this person doesn't even like me".

"Whoa... You broke up with Belle" Ric smiled. "Finally..."

"Forget it" Lucas pushed his mate off him.

"Luc... Sorry... You know me I'm not good with these things" He slapped himself in the face. "Bad Ric... Very Bad!"

"I did the right thing with Belle I know I did... But... I liked this person so much".

"Oh Luc... What am I going to do with you?" Ric shook his head. "Who is this person?"

"Roo Shepherd"

Ric shook his head, annoyed. He stood up and started walking off.

"Ric wait!" Lucas chased after him. "I'm sorry".

Ric turned to him.

"I told you before how I felt about you... But you weren't ready for that" Ric shook his head. "Do you realise how much I loved you? How much you hurt me?"

Lucas shook his head.

"Roo Shepherd?"

"It took me a while but... Eventually I was ready but you were with Mattie... I couldn't... So I got with Belle instead"

"I would have left Mattie in a second just to be with you" Ric cried. "I loved you so much... I wish I didn't but I did"

Lucas kissed him passionately... Ric was surprised but eventually kissed him back. Ric dropped down to the ground, Lucas getting on top rubbing his hands over Ric's body... Ric rubbed his hand over Luc's back and rested it on his backside.

"Wait!" Ric pulled himself away.

"Please Ric I need to" Lucas pleaded with him.

"I can't."

Lucas stood up and walked off.

"Luc!" but he kept walking.

"Cause you're everywhere to me..." Ric sang as loud as he could. "And when I close my eyes it's you I see... You're everything I know that makes me believe... I'm not alone... I'm not alone!"

Lucas stopped. "YOU'RE WITH MATTIE NOW!" He yelled to him.

"DO YOU WANT TO F*CK ME OR WHAT?" Ric yelled back.

Lucas ran back to him and fell into the young hunks arms.

"I'll do whatever I can to get your mind off Roo Shepherd" Ric whispered.

"Roo who?" Lucas whispered back before nibbling his ears.


Colby was kissing Candy passionately in the back of the Kombi van. And Candy was enjoying it... He caressed her face with the tips of his fingers, before sliding them down on top of her breast, he slid his finger's down her top.

He rubbed her thigh with his other hand.

"Do you want me to stop?" Colby asked.

"Are you kidding me?" Candy laughed.

Colby's hand went further down her top, Candy layed down in the roomy van, Colby leaned over the top of her. He started kissing her collarbone and then went lower. And then...

'Earth... Fire... Wind... Water... Heart! Go Planet! You're Powers combined I am Captain Planet... Captain Planet he's a hero... Gonna take pollution down to zero...'

"Sorry" Candy apologised and reached into her pocket...

"Captain Planet?"

"Captain Planet's the best" She pulled out her mobile phone and answered it, "Hello?"


Cooper stood at the payphone in Noah's bar.

"Hey where are you?" Cooper asked.

"I'm ok... I'm at the movies with Colby" Candy lied.

"Cool, we'll meet you there"

"No don't... It's kind of... You know..."

"Ok no worries... Have fun"

"See yah".

Cooper hanged the phone up.

"She's getting layed" Cooper told the others.

"What are we going to do then?" Tabby asked.

"Stay here?" Roo suggested.

Cooper shrugged.

"What else is there to do?" Tabby asked.

Cooper smiled. "I've got an idea... How much money have we got?"

"Depends... What are we doing?" Roo asked.

"Getting wasted!" Cooper told them.

"I've definetly got enough for that" Roo smiled in agreement.

They walked over to the bar.

"I'm not serving anybody until I see some ID and you put a shirt on" Alf told the group pointing to Cooper.

"I don't have a shirt... Or ID" Cooper admitted.

Kim closed the Gym up, he zipped up his jacket and headed towards the bar.

"I don't care if you are flamin' identical I saw his ID and now I want to see yours" Alf told Cooper. "The lady who use to own this place had a cousin the spitting image of her... They weren't the same age".

"An identical cousin? Yeah right" Cooper laughed before shaking his head.

"It's ok Alf... I know them they're eighteen" Kim told Alf.

"I don't care if he's eighteen... I'm not serving him if he's naked".

Kim unzipped his jacket and threw it at Cooper... Cooper caught it and put it on.

"Problem solved" Kim smiled.

Alf glared at Kim and shook his head.

"Thanks dude" Cooper smiled at Kim. "Have a drink with us"

Kim looked at Charlie.

"I know what you're trying to do..." a drunken Charlie stood at the bar. "You want me to prove myself to you... You want me to prove I'm good enough to be your mate".

"Oh come on Charlie... I already know!" Kim told him.

Charlie looked at him and smiled.

"No I better not" Kim shook his head.

"Oh come on" Cooper pleaded with him.

Charlie layed on the floor, trying to breathe but not being able to do.

"Kim what did you do?" Rachel asked as she tried to help him.

"I hit him... But it wasn't that hard... Rachel I swear!"

"Ok but I can't stay long" Kim told them.

"Yeah!" Cooper held his arms up and patted his new best mate on the back.

"Oi Barman" Cooper whistled. "I'll have 25 shots of Cowboys right away" Cooper told him.

"What?" Alf asked.

"25 shots of Cowboys... there's five of us... five each".

Alf shook his head but started making the drinks.

"Ok have 5 shots in front of us..." Cooper explained to the guys the rules of the game. "...And we'll each say something Like 'I've never gone skinny dipping' and whoever has gone skinny dipping has to take a shot and the one who finishes all five shots first wins".

"Oh I like this game" Tabby smiled.

"Oh and whenever someone takes a shot you can't ask them any questions and they aren't allowed to explain themselves." Cooper added.

Alf started putting the glasses in front of each of them... Kim made sure he was away from Charlie, he stood on the right of Cooper and Charlie was furthest away... On the left of Roo.

"Ok... I get to go first beacause I made the game" Cooper smiled rubbing his hands together in excitement. "Ok... I've never jerked off in public before"

They all laughed... Alf looked up and shook his head... Kim and Roo each took a shot... Charlie looked at Roo, a little surprised at him.

"Hang On..." Tabby said. "Does that include, jerking someone else off in public?"

"Yeah I guess so" Cooper nodded.

Tabby took a shot. "Nobody can ask any questions!" Tabby reminded them.

"That's not fair everyone's had a shot but me and Charlie" Cooper shook his head.

"Ok my turn" Tabby smiled. "I've never had sex in public".

Cooper took a shot... He looked around and realised he was the only one.

"Your turn Roo" Cooper told his brother.

"Ok, I've never had a threesome".

Kim, Cooper and Tabby all took a shot. Roo laughed he wasn't expecting that.

"Charlie... Your turn".

"Um.." Charlie smiled... "I've never..." he struggled to think of one good enough. "...Had this much fun before".

He looked around and was a little dissapointed nobody took a shot... Roo saw this so he quickly downed one. Charlie smiled at him...

Kim glared at Charlie.

"Do you want another drink?" Kim asked.

"I've had enough" Charlie looked towards Kim, he could barely see him.

"Come on Charlie... You wanted a boys night out... It means alot of headaches in the morning"

"I said I had enough" Charlie snapped.

"Your turn Kim" Cooper patted him on the shoulder.

Kim kept glaring at Charlie...

"I've never..." he couldn't help himself... "I've never obsessed over a guy... Killed my Grandmother and then blamed it on somebody else and then Kidnap their girlfriend while they wondered if she was even alive".

Everyone looked at Kim a little shocked.

"Well I haven't".

Kim continued glaring at Charlie who was now glaring back... He then took a shot glass and downed it... Smiling at Kim when he finished.

"My turn again..." Cooper smiled... "I've never kissed anybody of the same sex".

Roo and Charlie took a shot without any hesitation... Tabby stopped her hesitating and took a shot... When she did, Kim decided to be thruthful and took a shot as well.

"No questions" Kim reminded them, he wasn't going to explain what went on at the Nudist resort anyway.

"I've never seen a porno" Tabby said.

"Bullsh*t!" Cooper laughed...

"Fine I've never filmed myself having sex... better?"

Cooper nodded before taking a shot.

"I've never had sex in the kitchen" Roo said.

Kim, Cooper and Tabby all took a shot.

"Oh... You three have 4 each... It's up to you Charlie" Roo smiled.

"Come on Charlie... Give us a good one" Kim pleaded.

"I've never had a foursome"

Cooper and Tabby both took a shot.

"Bullsh*t!" Roo shook his head.

"Yeah I don't believe it" Kim agreed.

"Who? and When?" Roo asked.

"No you can't ask that" Cooper reminded him.

"Oh come on you have to prove this one". Roo told him.

"Fine... Last year Debbie Harris, Sarah White and Cassie VanHoussen"

"Oh I will believe that" Roo nodded.

Kim high fived Cooper. "You are God!"

"Ok what about you?" Cooper asked Tabby.

"No" Tabby shook her head.

"Come on... I told my foursome... your turn".

"Ok.. Luke, Cassie VanHoussen and..." She stopped.

"And who?" Cooper asked.

"...And Logan... ok?"

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Ever since arriving at Summer Bay, Candy felt at home. Growing up with three brothers, she never played with Barbie's although she loved playing Soldier's with Roo's Action Men dolls.

Now she had her very own Action Man in her arms, Colby was amazing and Candy felt it from the very first moment she saw him, she had never felt such emotion, she was walking on air, Colby was now there.

The Bay was magical, the Shepherd's arrived just yesterday and already two have fallen in love and had fallen hard. Sure there was a murderer walking free amonst them but for the first time in a long time Candy felt free. She wasn't sure if she was to thank Cooper for bringing her to the Bay, curse him for losing Logan but whatever she had to do, she was thankfull for Colby, he was her rock that morning and little did she know he was also there for Cooper.

They moved quite fast but Candy knew it was the right speed, if her brother could find love with someone who he met the day before so could she. When Candy was with Colby she felt such an ecstacy, she needed him, she couldn't get enough of him, she was addicted and although she just had him she needed another hit.

Candy lifted her face towards Colby's naked chest, she gently massaged his chest with her lips, not biting, not sucking just a touch. Her lips tickled Colby's skin, Colby smiled as Candy's lips got lower and lower.

"Candy we can't"

His words although spoken with his soft but still sexy voice, it did dampen the mood.

"Why not?"

"I... I only had one"


When Colby looked her in the eye suddenly Candy realised, what was her first time was to be her only time that night. She sat on top of him and gently carressed her fingers through his hair. His messy, unwashed, knotty, salted but sexy wet hair... 'Wet hair?' Candy lifted her fingers to her eyes and as her sight adjusted she noticed the strange red liquid on the tips of her fingers.

"What is it?" Colby asked.

"Are you bleeding?"

Colby shook his head, he lifted it and looked below where his head was, a small puddle of blood. Colby followed the trail of blood with his eyes until he couldn't see it past the back seat. He looked over the backseat before yelling.

"Oh my God"


When Colby didn't answer Candy decided to look for herself.


"Did you hear that?" Ric lifted his head from Luc's chest and looked over towards the Point.

Lucas sat up.

"Someone screamed" Ric commented before pulling his jeans up his legs in a hurry.

"You aren't going over there are you?"

"Someone's in trouble"

Ric zipped up his jeans and started walking towards the Point. Lucas shifted himself, he reached his arm out and grabbed at his backpack.


Colby kept trying the door for the boot but it wouldn't open from inside, the only way they were to get out was to climb over the backseat, over the dead body.

"Candy go first" Colby ordered as he gestured to the backseat.

"No!" Candy cried shaking her head.

"Come on it's the only way out"

Candy hesitated.

"Alright I'll go first"

Colby slowly and nervously climbed over the seat, careful not to disturb the body of the teenage girl. He stepped over her and opened the door jumping out in a hurry.

"Come on Candy quickly" he screamed.

Candy followed Colby's steps as she climbed the back seat stepping past the body, she hopped out of the Van but she screamed when her arm was grabbed by the girl.

"Grr..." The girl tried speaking, though it was hard with her throat half slashed.

Candy tried not looking at her neck but at her face.

"It's ok" Candy tried to calm her down.

"Holden" the girl managed to mumble before closing her eyes.

"No! Come on!" Candy shook her but it was no use, she was dead.

Colby gripped onto Candy's hand as tight as he could as he ran as fast as he could through the maze of cars. Suddenly Candy couldn't run anymore, she stopped to catch her breath.

"Come on Candy" Colby tried dragging her.

"I can't" Candy cried between breaths.

"That sick bastard could still be here"

Candy shook her head, "That girl was Belle... I knew her, she was Lily's friend"

"I knew her too" Colby admitted before dragging Candy by the arm.

Candy tried to run with him but she noticed something among the cars, a chocolate and white Kombi Van, Cooper's Convie.

"Come on let's go"

Candy ignored him and ran towards the van.

"Dad?" she cried as she opened the door on the driver's side.

She screamed as a body fell to the ground.

Colby caught up to her.

"Oh my God Dean!" Colby wrapped his arms around Candy and hid her face into his shoulder.


Ric wandered through the maze of cars, he only wish he brought his torch he approached the Kombi, the one his ex-girlfriend's body was in. As he approached the boot he was struck from behind.

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Only short... But all that's needed for the Chapter...



"Tabby!" Cooper called out.

Cooper and Kim were searching the beach for their friend. After revealing that personal information about Logan, she had run off and now the four of them had split up into two teams to find her.

"This is rediculous, there's a killer out there somewhere" Cooper commented. "Why would she run off like that?"

"I'm guessing she's embarrassed or afraid you might hate her"

"Well I hope she's alright"

A flash of blue and red light surrounded the beach. The two boys looked up at the Surf Club carpark. They noticed the police car. Cooper ran up towards it.


Roo was walking by himself by the lake, he was searching with Charlie earlier but had the brilliant idea of splitting up to cover more ground, of course he was only thinking about finding his friend, the thought of a murderer roaming free had somehow escaped his mind but now as all the horrible thoughts came to his head, he was now regretting his decision.

He dodged around a few trees, and arrived at 'The Point'.

"Tabby?" he called out.

"Hello?" Someone answered.

It wasn't Tabby, the voice was male.

"Charlie is that you?" Roo asked.

"No it's Lucas! Roo - I need your help!"

Roo tried following the voice, dodging a few trees suddenly the reflection from the moon over the lake created enough light in the open area for Roo to see him. He raced over as he noticed someone on the floor beneath his friend.

"What happened?" Roo asked.

"I don't know... He heard a scream so he went to check it out and when I followed he was like this". Lucas answered in a slight panic.

Roo turned Ric around, feeling his neck for a pulse- luckily he found one.

"Ric?" Roo tried slapping him on the face to wake him up but it didn't work.

"Is he ok?" Lucas asked.

"He's breathing- Have you got a phone?"

Lucas nodded.

"Well what are you waiting for? Call an ambulance!"

Lucas pulled his mobile from his backpack and took the phone to his ear. Suddenly he heard a siren, he dropped the phone and ram up towards the road.

"Lucas!" Roo called out to him.

Lucas ignored him and continued running, now he could see the blue and red lights. He waved his arms in the air as the police car got closer.

When Jack Holden, spotted his younger brother he pulled the car up. He got out.

"What's up?"

"Quick Jack it's Ric"

Lucas raced back down towards his friends, Jack started following when he was grabbed from behind.

"Jack!" Colby breathed a sigh of relief. "You have to help me I can't find her!"


"Candy Shepherd, she was with me and then she dissapeared... There's bodies in the cars" Colby pointed.

Jack grabbed his Walkie-Talkie.

"Attention all units- I'm going to need some back up at the Point and also an ambulance urgently."


Peter watched as two paramedics pushed Floss' body into the back of the truck.

"Ok let me say this again- DEAD BODIES... RIC DALBY UNCONCIOUS... MISSING SHEPHERD GIRL... Get someone here NOW!"

"On my way Jack!" Peter ran to his car.

A small crowd had gathered around the carpark... Amongst the crowd was Cooper and Kim.

"Missing Shepherd Girl? That's what he said right?" Cooper asked.

"I dunno maybe it's not... Shepherd's a popular name".

"Have you got a phone...? I need to call her".

Kim handed him his phone.


Charlie was in his kitchen cooking up some 2 minute noodles. He ignored the mumbling from the dining table.

"Do you like 2 minute noodles?" he asked.

He didn't get a answer just some muffled screams.

"I love noodles" Charlie looked to the direction of the dining table and smiled.



Charlie ignored the mobile phone on the kitchen bench and continued to watch the noodles boil.

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Lucas sat nervously next to his bestfriend's hospital bed, Roo walked into the room and handed him a can of cola. Lucas took the can from the boy and opened it, taking a huge mouthfull of the sugary soft drink, he needed the energy even if it was only temporary it was enough to keep him awake for a few more hours.

"Has he woken up yet?" Roo asked.

"Not yet." Lucas answered. "What about you any news on Candy, Charlie, your dad?"

Roo shook his head.

"I'm sorry mate."

"Don't apologise, they'll find them and Ric will wake up soon and we'll find out who attacked him."

"I hope so." Lucas grabbed hold of Ric's hand and squeezed it tightly.


Candy and Colby ran through the bush.

"Keep running Candy, don't stop." Colby yelled.

He took her by the hand and dragged her with him, but he was too fast for her and Candy tripped over. Colby stopped and held his arm out for her to grab.

"Come on" Colby screamed at her. "We have to keep running."

"I can't." Candy struggled to breath.

She reached into her pocket.

"My phone!" Candy realised pulling out her mobile phone. She pressed 0-0...

"Charlie help me." Candy pleaded.

Charlie was in his kitchen washing up three empty bowls.

"CHARLIE" Candy yelled.

Charlie placed the third bowl onto the rack and walked over to Candy, who was sitting at the table tied to a chair. He grabbed a roll of tape from the table, ripping a bit off with his teeth and sticking it over Candy's lips sealing them shut. Candy tried screaming through the tape but all that was coming out was a slight mumble.

"Please be quiet, the Police might come back and I don't want them to hear you." Charlie explained. "I really don't want anything bad to happen to you."


Roo was still in Ric's hospital room, giving Lucas a rub on his shoulder, letting him know he was there for him. Lucas appreciated this, he turned to Roo.

"You don't have to be here, go to the station." Lucas almost ordered the boy.

"I'll just be waiting, like I am here, at least here I have the added bonus of having you here..."

Lucas almost smiled but turned back to Ric.

"Besides..." Roo continued. "I'd rather be here just in case... I can't even say it. If anything has happened to any of them..." Roo punched the wall in frustration and then yelled out, holding his hand in pain.

Lucas let go of Ric's hand which he still had a grip on until that moment and walked over to Roo, gently massaging his shoulders.

"I know exactly how you feel mate but you can't blame the wall." Lucas took Roo's hand and gently caressed his newly bruised knuckles with the tips of his fingers. He looked into Roo's eyes and for the first time since finding Ric unconscious he smiled and Roo exchanged his smile for a slight chuckle.

"Thank you" Roo told him before leaning his face towards Luc's...

"Roo, it's dad!" Cooper barged into the room, with Jack close behind him.


"I'm a little worried..." Charlie began paceing backwards and forwards in the kitchen. "He hasn't come here to look for me... You think it would be the first place he'll look."

Candy tried yelling at him through the tape but Charlie couldn't understand what she was saying.

"I can't hear you." Charlie yelled at her.

He pulled the tape off her mouth.

"I said it could have been him earlier if you just answered the door."

"No it wasn't him, I saw the lights from the police car."

"If you let me ring him and let him know we're okay..."

"It's not an option." Charlie shook his head. "I'm really sorry about this Candy."

He placed the tape back over her mouth.


Jack and Lucas were still in Ric's hospital room.

"How is he?" Jack asked Lucas, of course he knew the answer already it was the only thing he could think of saying.

"Rachel doesn't know when he'll wake up." Lucas looked down at his friend. "Have you told Sally?"

Jack shook his head. "She's not at the Caravan Park and she isn't answering her mobile."

"Where is everyone tonight?" Lucas asked.

Jack couldn't answer the question he just shook his head.

"I better go, I'm going back to Charlie's I can give you a lift home if you want?"

Lucas shook his head.

"Dad's on his way with Mattie, when you've had enough get dad to take you home, you need to sleep."

"Okay I will." Lucas nodded.

"See yah!" Jack walked out of the room, leaving Lucas alone with Ric.

"And when I touch your hand. It's then I understand..." Lucas held onto Ric's hand once more. "The beauty that's within, It's now that we begin, You always light my way. I hope there never comes a day. No matter where I go, I always feel you so!". He let go of Ric's hand and gently caressed his face. 'Cause you're everywhere to me and when I catch my breath it's you I breathe. You're everything I know that makes me believe, I'm not alone!" He leaned over and gave him a kiss on the forehead, when he did this he felt something move beneath his lips, he took his head away and looked at Ric who opened his eyes.


Charlie was still in his kitchen, he opened one of the draws and pulled out a sharp kitchen knife. He then walked over to Candy with the knife.

"I really hope I don't regret doing this later." Charlie told her.

Candy looked up at him in sheer terror.

Charlie started cutting the rope that's tied around Candy's hands before, the front door slid open.

"What are you doing?" A voice asked.

Charlie handed the knife to Candy and stood away from her.

"Nothing, just tightening the rope." Charlie answered shivering with fear.

"Any sign of Roo?"

"Not yet!" Charlie shook his head.

"And you say he cares about you more than I do?" The man walked over to him, close to where Candy was and wrapped his arm around him.

"No Greg!" Charlie shook his head and pulled Greg's arm off him, he then dragged him away from Candy.

"No?" Greg pushed Charlie onto the floor. "Were you ordering me?" he kicked Charlie hard in the guts.

Charlie screamed loudly in pain.

"I don't take orders off you, I order you!" He walked away from Charlie and towards Candy. "Don't worry sweet..." He whispered in her ear. "Do as I tell you and you won't get hurt."

He then walked over to Charlie and helped him up.

"I have to tell you Charlie, I'm quite impressed you didn't try to help her escape, proved your loyalty to me. Maybe you still have feeling for me after all."

"The only feelings I have for you is hatred." Charlie glared at him holding his gut in pain. "I only did this so you wouldn't hurt Roo."

Candy finished cutting the rope with the knife, she loosened the rope but decided to stay the way she was.

"How noble of you." Greg chuckled to himself.

"You won't hurt him still will you?" Charlie asked.

"Of course not!" Greg smiled.

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  • 2 weeks later...


"Dad can you hear me?"

A bright fluroescent light invaded Andrew's sight as he opened his eyes.


He could make out the shillouette of one of his sons.


"Dad? It's Roo."

"Where did Logan go?"

He looked around the small hospital room as his vision got clearer.

"Logan died dad remember?"

Andrew nodded. "I saw him though!" He tried sitting up in bed before holding his side in pain.

"Dad stay still!" Roo ordered his father.

"What happened?"

"You got stabbed, do you remember that?" Roo asked.

He shook his head.

"Did you see who did it?" Roo also asked. "They found you by the lake, how did you get there?"

"I don't know!" He snapped. "Where's Candy and Cooper?"

"Cooper's in the toilet and Candy, well... She's..." Roo began before taking a deep breath.

"She's at the caravan..." Roo lied. "I told her to go home and sleep."

"Thankyou, but I'd like to see her."

"Ok, I'll give her a call." Roo gestured to the door.

"No, I need to talk to you."

"Ok." Roo agreed with a little confusion.

"Dad, are you okay? Do you want me to call the Doctor?" Roo asked.

"No, I'm fine."

"You sure?"

"Yes" Andrew nodded. "Shut up, this isn't about me, well it is but..."

Roo laughed.

"I almost died today... Logan died last night and the last thing I said to him was to get the f*ck out of my sight..."


"No Andrew, I need to say this..."

"Andrew? You haven't called me that in years."

"Well this is serious, we don't get along the best in fact I dont think we get along at all... But I love you no matter what and if anything was to happen to me and you not known how I felt... Well I'd be dead so it wouldn't bother me much but I need you to know that I love you."

Roo gently hugged his father.


Sally stood at the lookout looking at the sea below, she remembered being that eight-year-old girl who saw Floss as that crazy old lady with the funny eye thing. She was also a close friend and a grandmother figure to her.

"Flaming hell Sal, we've been looking everywhere for you."

Sal dried her eye and turned to her older friend.

"Sorry Mr Stewart" Sally apologised.

"It's Ric love he's in the hospital."



Irene stood in the kitchen talking on the cordless phone.

"Nick, how many flipping well times do i have to tell you, I'm fine love..." Irene yelled into the phone. "No Nick! I'm fine, it's not like it's the first time we've had a fipping serial killer in the bay." She shook her head in annoyance. "Nick love, I have to call Belle and see where she is... I'm sure she's fine... Bye Nick!" She hung up the phone before dialing a number in the phone. She walked up towards the stairway when there was a knock at the front door. "Now what?" She walked up to the door and could see the blue through the blinds. She opened the door and when she saw Constable Fitzgerald with her hat in front, she knew it wasn't good news. Const. Joel Nash stood the same way when he gave her the news that her fiance was dead. The phone fell out of her grip and onto the floor. "No!" Irene shook her head. "Not Belle!"


Cooper stood outside the hospital building, leaning his forehead against the brick wall. Jack walked out of the hospital and spotted him. He walked over to him.

"I'm heading back to the McKinnon place if you want to come with?" Jack asked.


"I'm seeing if Charlie arrived home."

"Oh that's Roo not me."

"So you don't want to come?"

"Um, I think I might actually, I hate hospitals, I'll just let them know ok?"

"Sure, I'll wait here."

Cooper walked inside the hospital.


Tony and Mattie walked up to him.

"How's Ric?"

"He hasn't woken up yet."

"Oh my God" Mattie started crying.

Tony comforted her.

"Lucas is still with him."

"How is he?" Tony asked.

"I don't know, it's weird. It's like he's focussing all of his energy on Ric."

"Does he know about Belle?"

Jack nodded. "But, it's almost like he doesn't care."


"Well I'm not going to tell him how to grieve it's just a little strange and I guess it doesn't help that his best mate is in a coma."

"Poor Lucas". Mattie tried wiping the tears from her eyes but they kept coming out.

"Yeah!" Tony agreed giving her a kiss on the forehead.


Rachel shined a torch into Ric's eyes, Ric reacted to the light but remained silent. Lucas stood at the end of the bed looking down at his mate, nervously biting his nails as well.

"Ric do you remember what day it is?" Rachel asked.

No answer. He just stared up at Lucas.

"Ric do you know what happened?"

No answer.

"Rachel what's up?"

"I don't know." Rachel admitted. "Ric?"

"I'm sorry" Ric apologised. "Who are you people?"

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Matilda ran into Ric's hospital room, Tony closely followed.

"Ric? You're up!" She yelled in excitement giving her boyfriend a hug.

"Um Matilda..." Rachel began.

"How are you feeling?" Matilda interrupted not hearing the doctor.

"Matilda!" Lucas raised his voice.

Ric looked around nervously at the strange people.

Matilda sat beside him, she held his hand with hers and brang it up to her lips. Ric smiled when she did this.

"Who are you?" He asked her. "Are you my sister?"

"No she's not" Lucas told him. "She's your girlfriend!"

"What's going on?" Mattie asked Rachel.

"Ric's got amnesia". Rachel admitted.

"Are you sure she's my girlfriend?" Ric asked.

"Don't you remember me?"

"I'm sorry". Ric apologized. "I don't know you".

"I think we better leave him alone." Tony suggested.

"That's a good idea." Rachel agreed.

"Tony I don't want to go." Mattie told her mothers boyfriend.

"You can visit him tomorrow, let him rest." Tony told her.

He took her stepdaughter by the hand and guided her out, Lucas went to follow after them.

"No! Can you stay?" Ric asked Lucas.

Lucas smiled at being asked. "Me?" he had to make sure.

Ric nodded.

"You sure?"

Ric nodded again. Matilda looked in at Lucas and then back at Ric. She shook her head in annoyance before storming off.

Lucas waited for Rachel to leave and he then shut the door behind her.

"Are you ok?" Lucas asked.

Ric shook his head.

"Who are you?" Ric asked him.

"I'm Lucas."

"You sang that song to me and you kissed me on the forhead."

"Yeah I did, it's our song."

"Our song?"

Lucas nodded.

"That girl, Matilda, she's my girlfriend?"

Lucas nodded.

"What are we?"

"Just Mates." Lucas told him before walking out.

"Don't go!" Ric called to him but Lucas had already gone.

Rachel walked back into the room.

"Is Lucas still there?" He asked.

"No he walked out." Rachel told him.

"Do you remember anything at all? Sometimes when people have..."

"No nothing!" Ric told her.

"Your Grandfather and your foster-mother Sally are waiting outside, they want to see you. Is that okay?"

Ric thought about it. "I don't know who they are."

"They're worried about you."

"Well then tell them I'm ok and I'll talk to them when my memory comes back!"


"What if it never comes back?" Matilda asked Tony as they drove home.

Lucas sat in the backseat silent.

"It will come back eventually Matilda" Tony tried explaining. "Just give it a little time."

"What did he say to you?" Mattie asked Lucas.

Lucas looked out the car window.

"Lucas!" Mattie raised her voice.

"Yeah?" Lucas looked up.

"What did Ric say to you?"

"Nothing, he wanted me to tell him who you were."

"Did you tell him?"

Lucas nodded. "He doesn't remember you, he can't have feelings for you when he doesn't remember he has them".

"Well why did he ask you to stay?"

"I don't know" Lucas told her. "Maybe because I was with him when he woke up".


Ric layed down in the bed, wiping the tears from his eyes.

"Come on Ric, stop it..." He hit himself in the head. "It didn't happen so get it out of your head."

Ric wandered through the maze of cars, he only wish he brought his torch he approached the Kombi. As he approached the boot he saw the reflection of someone behind him. Lucas. He was then struck by him with a baseball bat.

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  • 1 month later...


The police car slowly drove up the long drive-way, no flashing lights, no sirens, Jack was being "sneaky" this time. He looked up at the McKinnon house, he could see a light on.

"Someone's home!" he told Cooper.

"Charlie?" Cooper asked.

"I guess so, it's his..." Jack spotted something. "Green Holden!"


Jack pointed to the Green Holden parked beside the house.

"That's what the killer was seen driving"

Jack stopped the car.

"Stay here!" He ordered Cooper.

Cooper wasn't going to argue, in fact Cooper slid down and hid.

Jack slowly approached the holden when all of a sudden he heard a scream followed by a banging sound.

"Let me Out!" A female voice shouted.

Jack tried opening the boot of the car, but it was locked, he ran to the driver's door and opened it, he popped the boot open and ran to see who was inside.

"He's got Candy!" Tabby screamed.

"Calm down, who's got Candy?"

Cooper lifted his head out and peeked at the green car, when he noticed Tabby he ran out over towards them.


"Cooper he took Candy!"


"I don't know who, tall blond guy"

"Charlie?" Jack asked.

Tabby shook her head

"No he was taller, bigger muscles!"

"Greg!" He handed Cooper the keys to the police car. "Both of you. get in the car, lock it and get on the radio tell them that Greg has Candy at the McKinnon farm." He pulled out his gun. "Don't worry I'll save her!"

"No you won't!" Cooper said handing Jack back the keys. "He will see you're a cop and you won't go anywhere near her. I'll pretend I'm Roo and I'll get inside..."

"No it's too dangerous." Jack said shaking his head.

"It's our only chance!" Cooper yelled.

"Here..." Tabby took off her black Rockers Tee-shirt and gave it to Cooper. "So he'll believe you are Roo."

Cooper checked out Tabby's boobs while she was wearing nothing but a bra, he then thought best to take Kim's Jacket off himself and gave it to Tabby. Tabby quickly checked out the shirtless Shepherd while he put her shirt on. Tabby put the jacket on.

"I'll be just out here" Jack told Cooper.

Cooper headed towards the McKinnon house.


Colby walked down the hospital hallway, he was tapped on the shoulder. He stopped and turned around.

"Where have you been? I heard what happened, I've been worried." Rachel asked the hunky surfer.

"I went looking for Candy" Colby told her. "How's Ric?"

"He's up but he has amnesia."

"Oh! Can I see him?"

Rachel nodded.

Colby walked into the hospital room. Sally and Alf were also in there.

"How's he going?" Colby asked.

"I'm awake you can ask me" Ric stated.

"Sorry, how are you?"

"Ok, I'd be better if I knew who y'all were!"

"Yeah! That must suck, but we'all are people that love you."

"Yeah" Ric smiled. "I bet!"

"Ric!" Sally lectured.

"Look, I'm sure y'all are nice people but I'd rather be left alone, please!"

"Ok." Alf nodded. "We will come back to visit tomorrow."

"Looking forward to it" Ric said sarcastically as his visitors left him by himself.

Colby stopped at the doorway though, he stared at Ric who stared back up at him. Ric rolled his eyes back. Suddenly Colby came to a realisation.

"You know who I am!"

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Cooper held his breath as he knocked on the front door to the McKinnon home. He waited patiently for the door to open, he then saw through the gap in the curtain behind the glass door that someone was coming. The door opened.

"What are you doing here?" Charlie looked in the eyes of the wrong Shepherd.

"I wanted to see you, I was worried" Cooper tried kissing him on the cheek but Charlie turned his head away.

"What's wrong?"

"You have to leave now!" Charlie ordered.

"Roo?" A male voice called out.

Greg arrived at the front door, wrapping his arms around Charlie and romatically kissing his neck.

"He was just leaving!" Charlie tried getting out of Greg's clutches but he just held onto him tighter. It was obvious he wasn't happy with Greg's display of affection in front of NonRoo.

"Leaving? We haven't even told him the good news. We're back together" Greg chuckled.

"Really?" Cooper asked, trying to look dissapointed.

"You better leave." Charlie quietly told him.

"Um..." Cooper wanted to ask about Tabby and the Green Holden but thought it was too early he tried thinking of something else but he wasn't the actor in the family, Logan is... was. 'What would Logan do?' Cooper had to think quickly but the only words that came out of his mouth were; "I'll see you later" and before he knew it he was heading down the steps.

Greg shut the door. Charlie pushed him off him.

"Okay I did it." Charlie told him. "Now let Candy go!"

Greg chuckled. "You're still as gulliable as ever."

"You said you'll let her go if..."

Greg punched Charlie who fell to the ground.

"I say alot of things!" Greg then kicked him while he was down.

Charlie screamed in pain. Candy tied and gagged could do nothing but watch the physical abuse given to the young man. It didn't help that Charlie looked at her as if he failed her. He was only putting up with it for her. What she didn't realise is that he wasn't putting up with it for her. It was for him. This was his punnishment.

Charlie was held down on the ground by one of Greg's hands his clothes were clawed off by Greg's other hand. Charlie's tears drowned the tiles on the kitchen floor below his eyes, before his face was pushed into them. The tiles drowned with tears began to be drowned with blood.

Suddenly the sound of glass shattering was enough to stop Greg as he stood up, pulling his pants up as he done so. Jack pointed the gun towards him.

"Stand back, put your arms in the air!" Jack shouted.

Greg did just as he was ordered to do.

"It's not what it looks like!" He tried explaining.

"Explain it to the judge." He stepped closer to Greg, standing above Charlie. "Charlie, are you okay buddy?"

Charlie couldn't say yes, he just cried. He stood up and walked over towards Candy, untying her. Candy looked at her brothers boyfriend and wiped the tears from his cheek.

"Thankyou!" she smiled at him.

Jack slowly approached Greg, he put his gun back in its pouch and removed his handcuffs from his belt... He grabbed Greg's arm, but before he could put the cuffs on it, Greg used his free hand to grab the gun from the pouch.


Cooper and Tabby looked up towards the house, they both had heard the gunshot. Suddenly Greg came running out of the house towards the cars.

"Look out!" Cooper screamed.

Cooper and Tabby dropped to the ground just as a bullet hit the police car behind them.

Greg jumped into the Green holden. And began driving off.

Charlie ran out of the house and towards the police car.

"We have to follow him!" Charlie told them.

"Where's Jack?" Cooper asked.

"He got shot, Candy is with him." He jumped into the driver's seat. "We can't let him get away!"

"Make sure Jack's okay... Candy too!" Cooper told Tabby before jumping into the back seat of the police car.


But the car was off.

"I hope you know how to drive." Cooper thought out loud.

"One good thing about growing up on a farm Cooper, you learn how to drive at an early age!"

The police car was in hot pursuit of the Holden.

"I knew you knew I wasn't Roo!" Cooper smiled. "You must really love him."

Charlie smiled and nodded.

"DUCK!" Cooper yelled as a shot was fired at the car... but missed.

Suddenly Charlie stepped on the pedal a little harder and bumped into the side of the Holden. Another shot was fired, this one was more off then the last.

"This is crazy Charlie you have to stop!" Cooper cried.

"I can't let him get away!"

"You're going to kill us both!"

Suddenly Charlie decided the best thing to do was to stop the car, he slowed the car down and let Greg continue. But Greg wasn't going to let them get out of it that easily. He fired another shot, this time he got the front tyre. Charlie lost control of the car and crashed into a group of large trees on the side of the road.

"YEEHAH!" Greg cheered in celebration but maybe he should have payed more attention on his own car the Charlie's as the green Holden Veered off the side of the road and off the cliff.

Cooper opened his eyes to see the explosion of the Green holden. He looked in front of him at Charlie who was gasping for a breath. The steering wheel crushed into his body, causing both lungs to collapse.

"Charlie?" Cooper called to him.

He opened the door and checked underneath the car.


He looked up at the driver's side but opening that side was impossible as its stuck against the trees. He ran to the passenger side and opened that door. A branch had smashed though the windscreen and stapped through the passenger seat. Getting to Charlie that way was impossible as well. He did think to himself that it was lucky he sat in the backseat instead of the front. But now he had to get Charlie out of the car before it exploded.

"Charlie can you hear me?"


"No Charlie it's Cooper".

Cooper jumped into the backseat of the car, he squeezed through the two seats and surveyed the damage done to Charlie who was still gasping to breathe. Looking down at the steering wheel it became clear to Cooper he wasn't getting out of the car.

"Ttt... tell Rrroo... Tttell him I... I love him!"

"I will" Cooper told him.

He knew there wasn't anything else to do but make it more comfortable for him. With great strength he punched Charlie in the face, knocking the boy out completely. He then jumped out of the car, running away from it before it exploded.

Cooper collapsed to the ground crying. The sounds of sirens did little to comfort him.

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  • 8 months later...



“Jack Holden - twenty four years of age, shot once in upper left shoulder close range!” The paramedic said as he wheeled the unconscious Police Officer into the Emergency Department.

Tabby slowly walked behind looking out of sorts. She didn’t know the man so why did she travel with him in the ambulance? She was probably hoping to see Roo or Cooper but either way she got a free ride to the hospital.

“Candace Shepherd - eighteen, bruising to the neck and face and possible concussion...” A voice came from behind. “Allergic to Penicillin!”

“And Tomatoes!” For some reason Candy thought that information was important as well.

Tabby turned to see a paramedic walk her best-friend's sister into the ED.

“Tabby?” She called out.

Tabby walked towards her.

“Cooper?” Said Candy hoping for some information.

Tabby shrugged.

“This Way!” The Paramedic and a nurse lead Candy away.

Tabby paced back and forth, biting onto her deep purple polished nails.

“Is that my jacket?” Tabby turned to see who asked her the question. She looked up at Kim and smiled coyly. “Didn’t Cooper have it?”

Tabby nodded.

“Is he okay?”

Tabby shrugged.

“Are you okay?”

Tabby shrugged again. “Did you want it back?”

“Nah!” Kim replied. “How’s... uh... Roo?”

“Don’t know.”

“Well I’m going in to see him now, did you want to come with me?”

“S’okay!” said Tabby as she shrugged once more. “I want to be close to the door incase...”

Suddenly 2 paramedics burst through the door pushing a stretcher. “Cooper Shepherd - eighteen, severe burns to the hands and face possible fracture in left arm and some bruising in the right hand!” One of the paramedics said.

“Cooper?” Tabby looked onto the bed as it flew past. “Where’s Charlie?” She asked when she saw he was up.

Cooper looked at her but didn’t answer.


“Dad, if I were to say something to you would you promise you wouldn’t hate me?” Roo asked before biting his thumb nail at his father’s hospital bedside.

“I promise!” His dad answered. ‘What could he possibly say that would make me hate him?’ he though to himself.

“I met someone...”

“That’s wonderful!” Andrew interrupted with a smile.

“Dad let me finish...” Roo almost snapped. “...I’ve never felt this way about anyone, it’s weird... It’s like I only just met them but we’ve known each-other for years.”

“I felt the same way when I first met your mother.” Andrew said with pride. “So...” Andrew continued. “What’s his name?”

“Huh?” Roo said. ‘Did I hear right???’

“Did you think I was born yesterday?” Andrew chuckled.

“How? Wh... Did Candy tell you?”

“Nobody told me... I just knew!” Andrew sat up and grabbed his sons hand. “I wasn’t going to say anything until you were ready to tell me.”

“But what about the song at karaoke...” Roo asked. “Find a girl, settle down if you want to you can marry?”

“It’s just a song Roo - Your mother’s favorite - they’re just words, they don’t have to mean anything. You yourself sing songs about bedding girls all the time.”

“Could we have had this conversation a few years ago - could have saved a lot of...”


“Pretty much.”

“Being young is suppose to be...”

Rachel interrupted with a knock. “Sorry to interrupt but Mr Shepherd, Cooper has been brought in.”


“Am I going to stand here all day or...” Colby stood by Ric’s bed with his arms crossed as if he was trying to be some kind of authority figure. “...Are you going to explain to me why you are pretending to have amnesia?”

“Cause...” Ric thought about telling a lie but Colby could probably see past that one too. “Because I know who hit me!”

“Well that’s good - tell someone!”

“It’s not because - what if he’s the killer?”

“You tell the police and then he goes to gaol???”

“But what if you care about this person a lot?”

“You tell the police and hope that you are wrong. Why Ric? Who do you think is the killer?”



“That psycho Greg could have killed me, do you know if they’ve caught him yet?” Candy asked as the young handsome, Dr Young checked her out - for medical purposes of course!

“You know as much as me.” Said Dr Young as he took his stethoscope to his ears. “Apart from a few bruises you’re right as rain.” He smiled.

“Awesome!” Candy said. “Has someone called my father yet?”

“I think so - he’s only a few rooms away so I can...”

“What?” Candy replied. “He’s in here?”

“Sorry, I thought you knew.”

Candy stood up and walked out of the room. “Which way?” She asked with force in her voice.

“Room three!” Dr Young answered with fear in his.

Candy walked into the hospital room her heart beating erratically when she saw it was empty. Dr Young caught up to her and Candy grabbed him by the shirt. “Where is he?”

“I... I... I don’t know!”

Candy dropped the Doctor and ran to the desk. “Where’s my father?” She asked poor Nurse Julie Cooper.

“Uh... It’s Okay...” She said using a soft calm voice. “Just tell me who your father is...”


“Are you his daughter?”


“Well Miss... Um... He’s...”

“NO, don’t say it!” She said. “I don’t want to hear it!” She turned away from the nurse and... “Dad?”

“Candy!” Andrew said with a relieved smile as he sat in a wheelchair.

“Candy!” Roo said giving his sister a hug.

“I thought... That stupid nurse said you... It doesn’t matter, what matters is you’re okay.” She gave her father a hug. “Did you see Cooper?”

Andrew nodded. “He’s asleep!”

“And what about...” She lowered her voice for Roo’s benefit. “Charlie?”

“I don’t know!”

Suddenly they heard the loud sounds of someone throwing things around. The sound of glass being shattered, things crashing.

“COOP?” Roo said before racing to his room with Candy, Dr Young and a few nurses chasing after him.

Cooper was on the floor tearing through his bed linen.

“Cooper?” Roo stepped slowly towards him. “Cooper, what’s up?”

“It’s not fair!” He said.

“What isn’t?” Roo asked as he sat down next to him.

“He didn’t deserve it!”

“Roo?” Candy started approaching.

“It’s okay just leave us.” Roo told not just the hospital staff but Candy as well. When they just stood there, Roo got irate. “GET OUT!”

“We’ll have to call security!” Dr Young said.

“Don’t just leave them be!” Candy told them.

Dr Young nodded and they left the room to leave the brothers alone.

“Cooper, it’s just me and you now!” Roo told him.

“I’m evil!”

“You’re not evil!” Roo told him. “You’re my brother!”

“He was only trying to help. I should have done something- tried something else!” He cried uncontrollably. “I can feel it you know!”

“Feel what?”

“How much you are hurting after Logan’s Death - I can feel it... It’s the worst feeling in the world and I can’t tell you what I have too because you will hurt more.”

Roo started crying. “Charlie?”

Cooper nodded. Roo hugged his brother as he cried into his shoulder.

“Did he suffer?” Roo asked not knowing if he wanted to hear the answer.

“No!” Said Cooper. “I made it comfortable for him.”

“And Greg?”

“I hope he felt his skin melted into his bones.” Cooper wiped his eyes. “You know I saw him.”



It was then Roo knew who he was talking about. “Logan?”

Cooper nodded. “After- I saw the blood and I could feel the wounds...” Cooper lifted up his shirt and started pointing to his abdomen. “Six of them, here, here, here, here, here and in this one the knife was still in it...”

Roo didn’t know if he wanted to keep listening but he did for his brothers sake, both of them.

“I could feel the coldness of the metal tickling my insides and I pulled it out of him and not long after that it stopped and I knew he was gone for good.”

“You didn’t kill him, he would have died anyway.”

“I went back to the Caravan Park- I went to the toilet block and I realized I had the knife in my hand still and there was blood all over me. I hid the knife in one of the toilets and I took my clothes off and I scrubbed and I scrubbed but I couldn’t get cleaned.”

“Did you use soap?”

“That’s not funny!”

“It’s kind of funny!” Roo nodded.

Cooper looked at him and started laughing. Roo laughed with him.

“Hey...” Cooper began trying to be serious again. “Tabby...”


“Is she seeing anybody?”


Colby sat on the edge of Ric’s bed. Both were silent - deep in thought. They were both thinking of possible reasons for Lucas to knock Ric out.

Then a thought came to Colby’s head. “Why don’t you just ask him - point blank?”

Ric shrugged. “Well what if I do and he kills me?”

“What if you don’t and he kills you?”

Ric took a moment to think about what Colby asked before Kim knocked at the door.

“Are you right for a visitor?” He asked.

Ric looked up at Colby who looked at Kim and shook his head. Kim nodded before heading out.

As he headed out the room Rachel walked towards him, looking distraught, Kim hugged her without any hesitation.

“Lara Fitzgerald just called asking about Jack...” Rachel began.

“What did you tell her?” Kim asked already thinking he knew the answer.

“No it’s not that- he’s still in surgery... She told me Charlie died.”

Kim took on board what she just said. “Oh!” He said not knowing what else to say.


Detective Peter Baker sat at his desk going through piles of paperwork. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and Constable Harper barged in handing him a piece of paper.

“What’s this? Can’t you see I have enough paperwork to read through?” Peter asked aggressively.

“Trust me...” Harper told him. “It’s from the McKinnon house, you’ll want to read it.”

Peter Baker began to read what was a note written by Greg.

‘To Whom it may concern,

Since you are reading this it can only mean one thing, that I’ve failed and I haven’t been able to complete my plan for total revenge on Summer Bay, a town that was so quick to judge me years ago.

I once wanted nothing else but to help the troubled kids of the town. I was young and naive.

Barely out of University. I took a job at the Drop In Centre because I thought I could make a difference. It was there where I met him, blond, blue eyed... He loved me and I loved him. But THEY CONVINCED HIM OTHERWISE!

It wasn’t until last year I learnt of it happening again in the same town it happened to me. But this time it was different... They didn’t send her away. As soon as I heard about it I requested a transfer to Northern Districts Hospital but the best they could give me was a Counsellor Job at nearby Reefton Lakes, it turned out better then I could ever imagine.

At Reefton Lakes a troubled boy was committed for giving his Grandmother an overdose of Morphine and stalking a couple... A Doctor and a young man that was once her patient! It was like all my Christmases came at once. I gave that boy special attention, not because I loved him but because I loved what he could do for me. It wasn’t long before I could convince the hospital board to let him go where he could help me follow through with my plan.

But then he fell in love because of them. Because she told someone to take care of him. To take advantage of him in the same way she took advantage of her patient. But this town has already forgiven her for that.

I had to start my revenge not just on them but on the whole town.

This morning, in the shopping centre I saw a young woman being awfully mean to my troubled boy so I put a knife inside of her and threw her from a train. Back in town I heard an old lady go on about there being trouble on a train and not wanting her to spill out my secrets I slit her throat. Also this afternoon I saw a young lady slap a young man because he fell in love with someone else... Who was she to stop someone from falling in love? So I put a knife in her back and dumped her in an old Kombi that was parked by the lake. I was seen by a young scruffy man so I snapped his neck. I also today got into a fight with a young man so I stabbed him several times - that one was my favorite.

Well that’s all I’ve done so far - well that I can remember anyway the only thing I can do from now is to tell you the rest of my plan.

Kill the Shepherd kids leaving ROO for last.

Find a way to frame that slut from NDH - I haven’t thought this one through too cleverly but I’ll figure it out.

But I must leave my biggest Surprise for last, I won’t spoil it for you I’ll just leave you with this to think about...

‘Take your time, think a lot, think of EVERYthing you’ve got cause you’ll still be HERE tomorrow but your dreams may not!’

“Well I don’t know about you but I think we’ve solved this mystery!” Peter said.

Harper agreed.

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