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The Summer Bay Massacre

Guest Perry

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Colby walked into the amenities block wearing nothing but his boardies and a towel wrapped around his neck. Hearing a shower going this early in the morning was unusual; he walked over to the half opened stall and knocked.

“Buddy are you ok?” he asked.

Without hearing a reply he opened the door. The first thing he noticed were the clothes spread over the tiles soaking wet... He then noticed Cooper. Naked and crying, his head buried into his knees and curled up like a foetus.

“Cooper is that you?”

Cooper lifted his head up.

“I didn’t mean what I said,” Cooper cried. “I didn’t want him to die”.

Thinking quickly, Colby turned the shower off and wrapped the towel around the naked boy.

Noticing the cuts and bruises on his knuckles Colby dragged him to the sink. He ran the water on the tap and washed the blood out of Coopers hands.

“I’m hoping the bastards face looks worst then the knuckles” Colby joked.

Cooper looked up at him. He pulled his hands away from him.

“Come on matey” Colby told him. “You’ve got the comp today, you need to focus on that”

Cooper pushed him away and ran out of the amenities block.


Candy held a knife high into the air and sliced the Watermelon into pieces… well they were more like chunks. Andrew knocked on the door and walked into the caravan.

“Wow, what did the watermelon do?” he asked.

“Nothing… I just can’t stop thinking about what happened last night”

She threw the knife into the sink and took a bowl out of the cupboard above her head.

“Did you want some?” she asked grabbing another bowl.

“No thanks sweet… Have you seen any of your brothers since last night?”

Candy shook her head.

“I don’t think Cooper and Logan came back after they ran off last night” Andrew stated “Lily’s locked herself in the caravan and won’t talk to anyone and Roo won’t answer his mobile”.

Candy threw the watermelon into her bowl and sat down at the table. Taking a slice into her mouth, she looked down at her hands; the pink juice from the fruit soaked her fingers… Her hands let go of the watermelon and it landed on the floor. Candy stood up and leaned against the wall of the caravan.

“Is everything ok?”

Candy shook her head as she burst into tears.

Andrew walked to her to comfort her. He put his arms around her but Candy pushed him away, she went to walk out the caravan door but Jack and Peter were blocking the way.

There words spoke but my ears didn’t hear them or at least they didn’t want to hear them. I looked at Dad and he fell to his knees. I’ve never seen my Dad cry like that; well at least I can’t remember it. I wrapped my arms around him and he cried into my shoulder. Suddenly what they said sank in, my brother was dead.

Candy let go of her father and pushed through Jack and Peter, she ran towards the amenities block near by.

Colby just had his shower and was walking out, noticing Candy in a panic he stopped her.

“Candy what’s up?”

She pushed him to the ground not realising the strength she had in her and stopped at the wall of the building. She punched the wall screaming her frustration, her anger, and her sorrow.

Colby pulled her away and hugged her.

“Candy, what’s wrong?”

“He’s dead” Candy cried collapsing into his broad arms.


Lily was sleeping curled up on the lounge inside the caravan an empty bottle of Vodka lied beside her. There was a banging at the door. Lily opened her eyes.

“Lily let me in.” Cooper called but his calls became unanswered.

Outside the caravan, Cooper was still banging, still in the towel Colby, wrapped around him. Suddenly an arm wrapped around him.

“Cooper Logan died”.

Andrew hugged his son.


Charlie lifted his pan and flipped over the pancake that he was cooking. Roo came into the kitchen wearing only a towel.

“I told you I didn’t want breakfast” Roo smiled referring to the dozen pancakes Charlie had made while he was in the shower.

“No you said you didn’t want Weet-Bix, so I made pancakes”.

“What am I going to do with you Charlie?” Roo laughed, giving him a friendly pat.

Charlie put the last cake onto the plate.

“I haven’t got syrup but I have honey, they taste the same anyway”.

Charlie grabbed the jar of honey from the pantry.

“You didn’t have to do all this” Roo told him.

“I know I wanted to”.

Charlie grabbed a plate of Pancakes and went to hand it to Roo but dropped it.

“I’m so sorry” Charlie apologised bending down to pick the pieces up.

“It’s ok” Roo send bending down to give him a hand.

“I didn’t mean it” Charlie panicked.

Roo lifted his hand to comfort him but Charlie moved back thinking he was raising it to hit him.

“Charlie, its ok” Roo told him rubbing his shoulder.

Charlie looked up and smiled.

“I’ll clean this up, you go and get changed” Charlie told Roo.

“Ok matey”.

Roo stood up and walked out of the kitchen. He walked down the small hallway into one of the bedrooms, not realising his mobile was on the floor outside and it was vibrating.

Charlie emptied the dustpan into the bin. He stood up and got a plate from the cupboard. He put half of the pancakes onto that plate and carried both plates onto the dining table. He then moved over to the bench and turned on the radio. “Emergency- Eskimo Joe” was playing.

“Do you want a juice?” Charlie called out.

“No thanks” Roo said walking back into the kitchen.

Charlie looked at the clothes he had on.

“You didn’t have to get dressed into last nights clothes, I have clothes you can wear”.

“Its alright” Roo looked down at Charlie’s clothes. “You and I have completely different tastes when it comes to clothing”.

Charlie looked at the clothes he had on, the Grey singlet, ripped faded jeans and old boots.

“It’s ok Charlie, I’m kidding” Roo smiled. “Well kind of”.

Charlie laughed and Roo was relieved.

“We’ll walk to the Caravan Park after breakfast and I’ll ask Coop if we can borrow to the Convie to get to the station… That way we don’t have to catch the bus”.

“What’s a Convie?”

“It’s Cooper’s Kombi van, we call it a Convie Van because it moves like a Conveyer Belt”.

Charlie nodded pretending to get it.

Roo grabbed the Honey Jar from the Bench.

Suddenly the music stopped on the radio.

“Hey everyone that was Eskimo Joe… I’m sure you’ve all heard by now about the death of Soap Star and famous Quad Logan Shepherd…”

Roo dropped the jar and honey went everywhere.

“…Well we searched everywhere for his father’s old CD and we finally found it so in memory of Logan here is ‘Letting You Go’ sung by his father Andrew Shepherd”.

Roo and Charlie stood in silence. Roo shook his head ‘it’s not true’ he thought to himself. He listen to the words his father sung, the lyrics he wrote after the death of Roo’s mother.

“There is just No… Letting You Go… You’re the one thing I know… I can’t live without”

Charlie hugged Roo. He was there for him now, the way Roo was there for him when he needed it.

“There is just No… Way of letting you Know… You’re the one person I owe… My life about!”

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“Murdered in Summer Bay… Who would of thought?” Colleen commented as she cleared the plate off the table.

Sally looked up at her older friend.

“I can’t believe how close it was to the Caravan Park, A few of the tenants packed up and left earlier”.

“I suppose the Shepherd’s left as well, I can’t say I blame them”.

Sally shook her head but the woman ignored it.

“Such a shame, but of course he wasn’t as polite as his brother… That Roo he’s such a nice boy”.

Sally stood up.

“All right Colleen, I’ve got to meet Brad at the school”.

“Working on a Sunday?”

Sally nodded.

“Well I hope you’re driving… You shouldn’t be walking with that lunatic still out there”

“Yes Colleen thank you”

Sally walked to the door as someone was walking in, Sally’s jaw dropped as she recognised the old woman.

“Floss, what are you doing here?”

“I’m with the Carnival” Floss smiled.

Sally gave the woman a hug.

“I’m so happy to see you but you should have called”

“I know I’m an evil woman,” Floss laughed.

“Oh I’ve got to go to the school but we’ll catch up later”

“All right I’ll see yah later love”. Floss waved goodbye.

Floss walked over to the register.

“Hello Colleen can I have a small de-Caff no sugar”.

Colleen scoffed.

“I’ll make it in a second” she told the woman. “Take a seat it may be a while”.

Floss rolled her eyes as she sat down at the closest table.

Irene came running in.

“Sorry I’m late Colleen, I had some teenage dramas with Belle” Irene apologized.

“Well don’t apologize to me I just work here you know”

“Yes well that’s questionable” Irene scoffed.

Floss stood and smiled “Hello Irene”.

“Hello Floss, what brings you back to the bay?”

“Work” Floss smiled “Madam Zahra has some Fortunes to tell”

Irene laughed. “You crack me up woman”.

“Come on Irene don’t you believe in the supernatural?”

Irene nodded. “Well I’ve had a few experiences” Irene admitted.

A teenager was reaching up to a plate hanging onto the wall and he took it.

“What are you doing?” Irene yelled at him.

The teenager dropped the plate and ran out.

“Oh and there goes another one” Irene grunted. “What is it with this Logan Shepherd that everyone wants to steal his autograph?”

“Oh you haven’t heard yet have you?” Colleen asked.

“Heard what?”

Floss glared at Colleen as well.

“He was murdered” Colleen admitted.

“Murdered?” Irene looked at the shattered plate and shook her head.

Floss walked over and knelt down.

“Floss get away woman… you will cut yourself”

Floss ignored Irene and picked up one of the pieces.

A bright flash went through her mind and she heard the sound of a train. For some reason the white flash turned green and Logan’s face was seen.

“A train… I heard a train,” Floss admitted to the other two women.

“Well there was no train where he was murdered” Colleen rubbed Floss’ nose in it “he was murdered in the bush close to the Caravan Park”.

“Well I don’t know where he was murdered, I just saw green and I heard a train and I saw his face”.

“You can see his face at seven PM weeknights you don’t fool me for a second”. Colleen rudely told the woman.


Candy handed a shirtless Cooper a green jumper.

“Here it’s the only thing I could find that wasn’t rock bands or grunge stuff”

Cooper smiled and put it on. Candy laughed.

“I’m sorry but Logan’s jumper looks great with Dad’s Corduroys”.

“Logans? I thought it was Roo’s”

“Roo just borrowed it and never gave it back”.

“I may have to borrow some jeans off him too when he gets back”.

Candy wiped a tear from her eye.

“We haven’t even told him yet,” Candy admitted.

“He doesn’t know?” Cooper head butted the wall.

Candy patted him on the shoulder.

“Dad’s tried his mobile non stop… I just hope he hasn’t found out some other way,” Candy told her brother.

Cooper started crying. He pulled the jumper off of himself and placed it onto the seat.

“I can’t wear it, it’s Logans”.

“You can’t be shirtless its too cold”

“I will just wear one of the Emo shirts”.

Candy picked up the jumper and handed it to Cooper.

“Just wear it, Logan never wore it anyway”.

“Oh so it wasn’t good enough for Logan so it’s ok for me to have?”

“No that’s not what I’m saying”. Candy hugged him. “Wear it if you want to, Logan wouldn’t mind”.

Cooper returned the hug. “I’m sorry I snapped. I’m not sure how I’m suppose to act… I’m not sure if it’s ok for me to wear his shirt, I don’t know if it’s ok for me to cry so much or if I’m not crying enough they’re going to think I didn’t love him. Dad can’t look at me, Lily won’t let me into the caravan. What do I do?”

“Just be you”.

“I don’t want to be me anymore”.

“What makes you say that?”

“Because that’s who hated him last night”.

“You weren’t the only one” Candy pecked him onto the forehead. ”What he did was unacceptable, you can’t…”

“He didn’t deserve to die for it”. Cooper pulled his sister off of him. “I saw him last night”.

“Saw him when?”

“I went for a walk after the fight and I had this sharp pain in my stomach that wouldn’t go away”.

“You had a stomach ache?”

“It was more than that, it was like I don’t know…”

“Like you got stabbed?”

Cooper and Candy looked to the door, Roo stood at the doorway.

“Yeah exactly”.

“I felt it too…” Roo admitted. “It was there for ages… like an hour or so, I couldn’t move… I couldn’t breath it was horrible”.

“Roo there’s something you should know…” Candy interrupted.

“I heard” Roo hugged his sister.

Cooper feeling left out decided to join in too.

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Cooper unlocked the door to the caravan and walked in, Lily was asleep on the lounge, Cooper walked over to her, noticing the bottle of Vodka he decided to shake her.

“How did you get in here?” Lily jumped to her feet.

“I got the spare key off Ric” He picked up the bottle.

“It was only a quarter full, I didn’t drink it all”. Lily confessed.

“Why did you lock me out?”

“Because I didn’t want you in here”

Cooper took in a deep breath he looked Lily in the eye.

“Logan died last night”

“I know… I heard you and your dad this morning outside the caravan”.

“And you still wouldn’t let me in?” Cooper punched the wall of the caravan in anger. “I’m wearing my dead brother’s clothes Lily because you locked me out,” Cooper yelled at her.

He ripped off the green jumper and threw it at her. Lily stood back frightened, Cooper noticed so backed off a little.

“We’re going to the police station, you have to come as well… They want to interview us all”.

“What did you tell them?”

“I didn’t talk to them, Dad did he told them everything that happened last night and now they’re going to think it was me”

Cooper head butted the wall, Lily walked to him and wrapped her arm around him to comfort him but Cooper pushed her arm away.


“I want you to leave after the interview, I want you to go back to Sydney, I’m staying here, and I never want to see you again”.

“What you’re going to stay here, for good?”

Cooper shrugged.

“I don’t know, but I’m not going to be anywhere close to you”.

“It wasn’t my fault, Logan tricked me…”

“Roo just told me what happened that night… He told me you came onto him”.


“You knew it was Logan the whole time”

Lily shook her head.

“I’m sure Logan could have stopped himself and there is no excuse why he didn’t… But you told me he pretended to be me and because of that my brother died thinking I hated him. But now it’s you I hate”.

Lily collapsed in tears.

“Cooper, I’m sorry”

Cooper laughed in her face before dragging her by her shirt and then physically threw her out of the caravan locking the door.

Lily used the strength she had to bang on the caravan door.

“Cooper let me in,” she screamed. “My clothes are in there”.

Cooper opened the small window next to the door he threw out Lily’s clothes one by one.

Candy, Roo and Charlie walked out of their caravan to see what was going on.

“Cooper don’t do this” Lily pleaded.

She leaned her face against the door and started hitting it with her hand, physically and emotionally exhausted she dropped to her knees.

“I still love you,” she cried.

“Lily just go,” Roo suggested.

“**** Off Roo, this is none of your business,” She screamed.

“Leave him alone” Charlie defended.

“It’s ok Charlie” Roo told him.

Lily leopard crawled to her clothes and started picking them up. Candy walked over she grabbed Lily by the collar of her shirt and lifted her to her feet. She then picked up all the clothes for her and shoved them into her arms. Cooper opened the caravan door and threw out a green suitcase.

Lily ran towards the door but Cooper closed and locked it before she got close. Candy grabbed the suitcase for Lily and helped her shove the clothes into it.

“I’ll take you to the police station and then I’ll give you a lift to the train station, you can get a train back to Sydney” Candy told her.

“Charlie has to make a statement as well, do you mind taking him with you?” Roo asked.

“Not at all, he can stop me from throwing her under the train”.

“Can I go with you later?” Charlie whispered into Roo’s ear.

Roo shook his head. “I have to stay here with Cooper”.

Roo hugged his sister. “Thanks for doing this, you are being so brave”.

Candy cried onto Roo’s shoulder.

“I’m about to fall apart”.

“Did you want me to take them?”

Candy shook her head. “I can’t stay with Cooper, I want to but I can’t… I’m scared of him at the moment”.

“You don’t have to be”

Candy nodded; she let go of her brother and wiped her eyes and then headed towards the Echo.

“Are you two coming?”

Lily stormed over to the car.

Charlie looked to Roo.

“I don’t want to leave you like this” Charlie admitted to him.

“I’ll see you soon Charlie” Roo hugged him and made the boy smile. “Get going” Roo told him. “Don’t leave Candy waiting”.

Charlie waved before sitting in the passenger seat; Lily had already hopped into the back.

Roo waved as they drove off. Roo knocked onto the caravan door.

“Cooper it’s Roo… let me in”.

Cooper opened the door and hugged his brother.

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Charlie took in a deep breath, he was nervous but mostly excited. He had never felt this way about anyboby before, well except for Kim but even this was different it was real love. Roo pushed Charlie onto his bed and then dropped down on top of him, kissing his lips passsionately and tasting them.

"I've never felt this way before about anyone" Roo confessed.

He took off the young man's singlet and kissed his stomach around his naval.

"You two are really close aren't you?" Roo asked.

Charlie looked down a little confused.


"Yeah?" Charlie smiled.

Roo started to unzip the boys jeans...

"You and Roo, what's the story?"

Suddenly Charlie had to come back to reality, though he really didn't want to. He had daydreams before but this was his first one about Roo and it was more exciting then any of the ones that involved Kim.

"I'm sorry?" Charlie asked Candy, knowing she asked him something.

"You and Roo what's going on?" she asked as she lifted her eyes from the road and turned to him.

"He's been real nice to me" Charlie smiled at her.

"He's a nice guy" Candy told him. "He seems to really like you"

Charlie shook his head, he wanted it to be true but was not going to get his hopes up.

"You just met yesterday, what's the secret?"

"I don't know"

"Just take it slowly with him... don't rush into anything" Candy warned him.

"I won't"

"I knew it" Lily smiled from the backseat.

Charlie turned around, "what?" he asked.

"Roo's a fag... I knew it".

"Shut your face" Candy told her.

"Sorry I didn't mean it like..."

"You don't mean anything do you? Yet you still managed to tear my family apart, and if I find out you had anything to do with..." Candy stopped herself she took a deep breath and continued to drive.


Cooper walked down a path from the Caravan Park to towards the beach, he wasn't wearing a top and changed out of his father's pants and was now wearing lime green boardies. Roo chased after him and caught up to him.

"Cooper what are you doing? I went to the toilet came back and you were gone".

Cooper continued to walk.


"Can you believe Dad took the Kombi?"

Roo nodded.

"Yeah he needed it to get to the police station"

"Well he knew the competition was today why couldn't he take the board out before he left".

"Cooper you can't surf today"

"Why not?"

"Because you aren't thinking clearly and you'll wipe out"

"Don't be stupid"

Cooper started running, Roo chased him he ran in front of his brother and stood in his way.

"Come on we'll go back to the caravan and wait for dad to return... We still have to go down to the police station ourselves".

"Do you have any money?" Cooper asked.

"Not on me... Why?"

"I may be able to hire a board from the Surf Club, but if you don't have any money..."

"Do you really want to surf today?"

"Well I can't stay in a caravan all day".

"I know where you can get a surf board from, Charlie had an awesome one at his house"

"What kind of board?"

"I think it was a Globe"

"Oh like Slater"

Roo nodded. "It's lime green".

"Lime Green? Awesome... How far is Charlie's house?"

"Like not even two minutes"

"Let's go... I've got a surfing comp to win"

The boys changed directions and walked through the bush.


Lucas and Belle walked through the carnival, at the Surf Club carpark, nothing exciting was open or ready but they were just curious as to what was there.

"Have you spoken to Lily?" Lucas asked.

"I tried calling earlier when I heard on the radio about Logan but she didn't answer, Irene told me to let her be anyway"

"Yeah it's probably a good idea, she needs to be there for Cooper"

"Yeah" Belle nodded, knowing very well that that wasn't the reason why.

"So why'd you blow me off last night?" Lucas asked.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean too" Belle kissed him on the cheek. "I promise I'll spend all day with you today".

Lucas smiled, but wasn't really looking forward to it. He then noticed a sign.

"Hey look at this... 'Fortune Telling, Madam Zohra knows your future' yeah right" Lucas laughed.

Belle smiled.

"Don't mock it to you try it" a lady's voice came from behind.

Lucas turned to the old woman, Floss.

"Sorry lady no offence but it's just not my thing".

"Come on give it a go, you might be surprised" Belle egged him on.

"Come on free of charge and if I surprise you, you tell your friends about it".

"I don't think so" Lucas shook his head.

"Go on, you might find something out about your mother" Belle whispered.

Lucas thought for a second before nodding.

"Why not?" Lucas agreed.

Floss smiled. She opened the door to a small dark caravan.

"Well come on love" she smiled.

Lucas followed her inside, he turned to Belle.

"Are you coming?"

Belle shook her head. "I'll just wait out here".

Floss sat down at a small table she gestured for Lucas to sit down opposite her.

Lucas did, he took a nervous breath.

"Don't be nervous it's perfectly safe" Floss joked but didn't get a laugh out of the boy.

She grabbed a deck of cards and started shuffleing them.

"Are we playing poker?" Lucas asked unsure about the cards.

"Do you have a question or is there anything you want to find out about?" Floss asked.

"My mother she died when I was little"

Floss shook her head "You can ask about that but you and I know that there is someone else you'd rather ask about"

"How did you know?"

Floss shrugged.

"Do I have to say the question out loud?"

Floss shook her head.

Lucas asked the question he needed to in his mind.

"Ok I'm ready"

Floss turned three cards over.


Lucas stormed out of the caravan.

"How was it?" Belle asked.

Lucas ignored her and stormed off.

Belle looked up at Floss who smiled, Belle then chased after Lucas.

Floss walked back inside she looked down at the three cards. The Lovers, The Devil and Death.

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"It's awesome" Cooper stared lovingly at the lime green surf board leaning against the old shed on Charlie's property.

"I told you" Roo smiled.

"It's not a Globe, it's a Mark Richards board"

"I don't know it's a surfboard"

"It's a 2005 Super Twin, with a name like that, I was destined to use it" Cooper grinned.

"Well it does go well with your shorts" Roo laughed.

"Would Charlie mind?"

Roo shook his head. "I'm sure he wouldn't... I don't think Charlie is much of a surfer anyway".

"What's he doing with a beaut like this then?"

Roo shrugged.

"Oh well... Come on, I have a title to win"

"A title? Brightest Board?"

"Shut up, lets go"

Cooper grabbed the board and ran excitedly into the bush, Roo chased after him.


Charlie was sitting at a desk in the Police Station, tapping a pen against a table.

Candy sat waiting outside the interview room, she looked to her feet, around the station. She checked out the tall handsome Constable chatting to the female Constable, she looked at her feet again... There wasn't much else she could do as she waited. The female Constable was Lara Fitzgerald, she walked away from Const. Jack Holden and walked to the room Charlie was in.

"Have you finished writing the statement?" she asked.

Charlie nodded before handing the piece of paper to her. Lara quickly glanced through it, she shook her head before signaling the door for Charlie.

"Thank you" Charlie told her before walking out.

When he walked out into the room, Candy looked up.

"Have you done what you needed to do?" Candy asked.

Charlie nodded.

"I'm not sure how long this will take but..."

"It's ok..." Charlie butted in. "I'll go to the shop, it's just down the road"

"I can give you a lift back if you want"

"Thanks but I'll just catch a bus"

"You sure?"

Charlie nodded.

"See yah later mate"

Charlie headed towards the door but before he headed out he stopped at Jack's desk. Jack lifted his head from the paperwork.


"I just wanted to say thanks for your help last night"

Jack shook his head, "Charlie, I know I said I'll try and keep Greg overnight but I couldn't... Sorry mate, my hands were tied... It was just your word against his"

"But Kim and Rachel..."

"They weren't there long enough to see the whole thing, Greg claimed that he hit you in self-defence".

"It's not true!"

"Sorry Charlie... There was nothing I could do".

Charlie looked to the floor in what Jack thought was dissapointment but he couldn't see the fear behind Charlie's eyes.

"But hey, we have your statement now and with Kim and Rachel's we'll have that creep locked up in no time".

Charlie forced a smile to hide his fear and anger, he walked out of the station as scared and nervous as he was before he met Roo.

Lily stormed out of the interviewing room. Peter followed her out.

"Can I go now?" She asked.

Peter nodded. "I have to give you a number of a Detective I know in the city if anything comes up, let her know".

He wrote down a phone number on a small post-it note as well as the name 'Det. Claire Brody' and handed it to Lily.

Lily threw the post-it into her pocket.

"Miss Shepherd, are you ready?" Peter asked.

Candy stood up.

"I need to get my suitcase out of your car" Lily told Candy.

"Oh are you leaving?" Candy faked disapointment.

"Yeah the train station is down the road"

"What a shame" Candy smiled. "Is it alright if I get her suitcase for her Officer Sir Person?" Candy asked Peter.

Peter nodded.


Charlie stood outside the huge shopping centre, he noticed someone walking past.

"Hey Lucas"

Lucas stopped.

"Oh hi Charlie"

"What you doing here?" Charlie asked.

"I just had to get out of the bay for a while... Before my head explodes"

"Is there anything you want to talk about?" Charlie asked.

Lucas shook his head. "No but thanks anyway"

Charlie smiled.

"Have you seen Roo today?" Lucas asked.

Charlie nodded.

"How is he going?"

"He's ok..." Charlie admitted. "Considering... He found out off the radio"

"You're kidding me"

Charlie shook his head.

"Oh poor guy" Lucas shook his head in disbelief. "I can't imagine what he's going through... he must be so upset"

"He's with his brother at the moment... I'm going to see him soon, you can come with me if you want"

Lucas shook his head. "Maybe we should just give him some space".

"You don't think I should see him?"

"Just let him be for the moment" Lucas told him.

"Yeah maybe I should" Charlie agreed.

Lucas was tapped on the shoulder, he turned around.

"Dean? What are you doing here?"

Dean, the ex-boyfriend of Matilda stood holding a backpack.

"I'm staying with a mate for a few days" Dean explained shaking his friends hand.

"Where's Gareth?" Lucas asked.

"We're no longer together" Dean admitted.


"It's ok" Dean smiled. "It just wasn't meant to be"

Dean looked at Charlie.

"Hey mate" Dean gave Charlie a friendly smile.


"Oh sorry..." Lucas said. "Dean this is Charlie"

Charlie smiled as he shook his hand.

"So what's happening now?" Lucas asked Dean.

"I'm meeting Mattie and Ric for lunch" Dean answered pointing towards the shopping centre. "What about you?"

"Just hanging out"

"Alright no worries, I better go but we'll catch up later" Dean shook Lucas' hand.

"See yah" Lucas smiled.

Dean walked inside the shopping centre.

Lucas looked to Charlie.

"I'll see you later Charlie"

"Bye" Charlie smiled.

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Charlie walked into the clothes store, he looked at a few Tees, picking up a black rockband one- One Roo would wear. Charlie had never heard of the band before but it did remind him of Roo.

"Is that for Roo?" a voice asked.

Charlie turned to see who it was.

"Are you buying him a present?" Lily placed her suitcase down and helped him look through the rack of tees.

"It's not for Roo" Charlie admitted to her. "I was looking for something... I want him to like the way I dress"

"I'm surpised he doesn't already" Lily laughed referring to his daggy singlet.

"I shouldn't be talking to you" Charlie whispered. "Roo wouldn't like that".

"I won't tell if you won't" Lily told him.

She pulled out a black shirt with a red broken heart symbol.

"There you go" she held it up against him. "Perfect".

Charlie looked at the shirt, he wasn't sure but he reminded himself that Lily has known Roo longer.

"What about pants?" Lily asked him.

"What about pants?" Charlie looked down at his old jeans. "What's wrong with these?"

"They're daggy but not in a cool way" she grabbed him by the hand and dragged him over to a rack of jeans.

She grabbed a pair of black jeans with white pinstripes. "These are gorgeous, you have to try them on with that shirt".

"Are you sure?"

Lily nodded. Charlie nodded in agreement and took the clothes to the fitting rooms.

While Lily waited she browsed through the shop. She pulled out a nice green top when she was tapped on the shoulder.

"What's going on?"

"Lucas?" Lily took a breath. "You scared me".

"Belle was trying to contact you this morning she's real worried".

"I'm fine"

"How are the boys? Cooper... Roo?"

Lily shrugged.

"Why are you here?"

Lily looked up at the Lady Sales Assistant who was close by, she dragged Lucas closer to the changerooms where nobody was... except Charlie but Lily knew this and was going to use it to her advantage.

"I feel so awful, Lucas I don't know what to do"

"You can tell me".

Inside the change room, Charlie zipped up his jeans and was about to walk out...

"I love Cooper so much and I'll never get the chance to be with him" Lily cried.

Charlie stopped to listen.

"What did you do?" Lucas asked.

"I slept with Logan but I was so confused that night and I was drunk and he took advantage of me".

"Did you explain all this to Cooper?"

Lily nodded. "But it was no use, Roo told him I tried to kiss him earlier as well"

"You're not going to get any sympathy from me... you tried to kiss Roo and then slept with Logan"

"I know it sounds bad but I would do anything to take it back..."

"I bet you would"

"Haven't you made a mistake you've regretted later but the damage had already been done and there was nothing you could do about it?"

Lucas nodded.

"What are you going to do now?"

"I have a train to catch in 20 minutes, I just wish there was a way to tell them how sorry I was"

Charlie walked out of the fitting room, wearing the black clothes. Lily wiped her eyes.

"How much of that did you hear?" Lily asked.

"I heard it all... I can talk to Roo if you want me to" Charlie suggested.

Lily had to hide her smile. "Oh no its ok, I couldn't ask you to do that..." She then looked up at him. "But I guess it couldn't hurt".

Lucas shook his head realising what the little witch was up to. He then looked at Charlie... At what he was wearing...

"What's with the emo look?"

Charlie looked down at what he was wearing.

"Don't you like it?"

"I didn't say that... It's just not you"

"Roo didn't like the way I dressed"

"If Roo really liked you he wouldn't care how you dressed"

"What's that suppose to mean?" Lily butted in noticing a little tension at the mention of Roo.

"Nothing..." Lucas shook his head. "Just don't change the way you look just for Roo, if you like it though wear it".

"I do like it... It's the new Charlie" Charlie smiled.

"And the new Charlie looks damn sexy" Lily smiled.

"Hey did you want to get some lunch I'll shout?" Charlie suggested.

Lucas nodded. "You don't have to pay though"

"I want to" He then looked to Lily. "Are you coming?"

Lily nodded, "I just have a train to catch soon".

"You go pay for the clothes and we'll get a table for you"


Charlie walked over to the Sales Assistant, Lucas and Lily headed out of the store.

"You're amazing you know that?" Lucas told her as they headed towards the food court.

"Thank you" Lily smiled.

"It's not a compliment" Lucas stopped "You can't do that to Charlie"

"Do what?"

"Oh don't play all innocent" Lucas choked "You wanted him to hear what you said so he can go tell Roo."


"You're unbelievable I don't know why you and Belle are such good friends when you are nothing a like".

"Get a clue Lucas"

Ric took a bite out of his huge Bonza Chicken Burger.

"Oh that's disgusting" Matilda turned her nose.

"It's beautiful" Ric told her with his mouth full.

"I'm sorry my boyfriend's such a pig Dean" Mattie apologized.

Dean shook his head, "It's fine, Gary had his moments".

"Gary?" Ric asked.

"His ex-boyfriend" Matilda reminded him. She looked to Dean. "Sorry".

"It's ok... it didn't work out, don't apologize it had nothing to do with you".

"So are guys better kissers then girls?" Ric couldn't help himself.

"Ric!" Matilda shook her head.

"Sorry I was just wondering"

Matilda hit her boyfriend on the shoulder.

Dean shook his head not knowing what to say.

"Come on you've kissed both before who is better?"

"I don't know" Dean shook his head.

"Oh come on"

"Well in general I don't like girls so boys would have to be better because you enjoy it more".

"You didn't enjoy kissing me?" Matilda asked, a little hurt.

Dean looked at her, seeing the serious look on her face.

"Look Mattie, I liked you just not..."

Mattie and Ric couldn't hold it in any longer and just cracked up laughing. Dean shook his head.

"I should have known".

Ric noticed Lucas and Lily walking towards a Table..

"Oi Luc" he called out.

Lucas waved.

"Get your ass over here boy" Ric called out.

"Who's that girl?" Mattie asked.

"That's Cooper's girlfriend I think" Ric replied.

Lucas and Lily walked over.

"What are you doing here?" Ric asked.

"Getting some lunch"

"Where's Belle?"

Lucas shrugged.

"Do you want to join us?" Mattie asked.

"We're waiting for Charlie" Lucas answered.

"Creepy Charlie?" Ric asked.

"Don't call him that dude".

"The guys a Creep"

"He is not"

"The guy was ****ing obsessed with Kim, wouldn't leave the poor bastard alone and then he killed his Grandmother and then kidnapped Rachel and you are trying to tell me he's not a creep".

"Ok first thing, the guy was obsessed with Kim because his Grandparents wouldn't let him have any friends and he wasn't able to socialize like normal kids so when Kim became friendly with him he wasn't sure how he was suppose to act..."

"Plus it is Kim who could blame him for being obsessed with him" Mattie joked.

Dean nodded in agreement and gave Mattie a High-Five. Ric shook his head annoyed.

"Dude just be careful" Ric warned his best mate.

"I will Ric thanks for the concern"

Luc walked off annoyed, Lily followed him.


The young female Sales Assistant cut the price tags off the clothes Charlie was wearing.

"This look really does suit you" she smiled.

Which made Charlie smile.

"How much do I owe you?" he asked.

"Fifty-eight ninety"

Charlie pulled out his wallet and handed her his bank card. The lady swiped the card and Charlie put in his pin.

"Would you like me to put the old clothes into a plastic bag for you?" She asked.

Charlie nodded. "Yeah, I'll throw them in the Clothing Bin".

"There you go" the lady handed him the clothes "Have a nice day".


"What did he mean when he said Charlie killed his Grandmother?" Lily asked.

"Nothing, its complicated".

They were seated at a table a fair distance from where Ric, Mattie and Dean were sitting.

"Did he really kill her?"

Lucas shook his head, "My brother told me that he was only trying to make her sick so that he didn't have to take care of her... It wasn't fair, he's our age and his grandparents wouldn't let him have a life."

"Yeah but did the old lady have to die because of it?"

Lucas shook his head.

"So why are you being so nice to him?" Liky asked him.

"I don't know... Roo is".

"If Roo jumped off a bridge...? I'm sorry that wasn't fair... Look I have a train to catch tell Belle I'll call her tonight".

"You aren't going to stay for lunch?"

Lily stood up, "No I will miss my train", she grabbed her suitcase and walked off.

Lily walked away from the food court she past Charlie who was walking into it.


But she ignored him. She walked past Greg who spotted Charlie.

"Charlie!" Greg called.

He ran over to him.

"You can't talk to me I have an AVO"

"Oh come on Charlie... I'm sorry, I love you"

"Please leave Greg"

"What's with the clothes?"

"I like them"

"What? You've known this guy a day and you spend all your time with him, you spend the night with him and now you're dressing like him..." Greg shook his head. "Who was that girl?"

"A friend"

"She ignored you"

"She mustn't of heard me".

"She heard you, she just ignored you... See these people aren't your friends Charlie, you only have me"

"You're wrong"

"I'm the only one that cares for you".

"Roo cares for me".

Charlie went to walk away.

"Charlie don't walk away from me"

Charlie ignored him.

"You need me Charlie!"

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Lily walked up to the stations platform and looked up at the board to make sure the train hasn't arrived she looked around and saw that nobody else was on the platform. She sat down on a green bench. She leant her face into her palms. It was only yesterday she arived into town with her boyfriend and now she was leaving alone, she was leaving a suspect and she was leaving in a mess. She opened up a side pouch in the green suitcase and pulled out a photograph. She looked at the photograph of her and Cooper, She was giving him a sloppy kiss on the cheek and he had an embarrassed grin.

Suddenly Lily jumped not expecting the sound of the train to arrive, she held onto the photograph and picked up her suitcase. She opened the old green door of the ageing Country train. She walked down stairs and sat down on the first seat on the right hand side. She looked around to see if anybody else was on the train it was empty. She looked out the window through to the station not realising someone walking onto the train from behind and sitting three seats back from her. The train started.


Roo walked over towards the Surf Club, Kim was sitting outside wearing his Gym uniform, Roo tapped him on his broad shoulder. Kim turned around, he had just bitten into a chicken salad sandwich.

"Sorry, I didn't realise you were eating" Roo apologised to the hunk.

"That's ok buddy..." Kim said with his mouthfull, he swallowed before continuing. "I'm so sorry about you're brother"

Roo shook his head it was about the thousand time he heard it today. "Thanks"

Kim wrapped what was left of his sandwich up with the glad wrap. "Did you want to talk about anything?"

Roo nodded but he didn't want to interrupt his lunch. "I'll talk to you later about it, finish your lunch first"

"It's ok what's up?" Kim wiped his hands onto his trackpants before rubbing his hands together.

"It's about Charlie"

"I thought so, did he make his statement with the police?"

Roo nodded. "It's not about that..." Roo stopped.

"What's up?"

"...It's ok don't worry enjoy your lunch" Roo ran off.

"Roo" Kim called out but Roo just kept running.

Roo ran towards the beach accidentally knocking over an old woman.

"Oh I'm sorry" Roo apologised helping the lady up.

Floss looked up at the young man who knocked her over.

"It's you... I thought you died"

Roo shook his head a little annoyed. "That was my brother"

"No it was you I saw"

"What are you on about?"

"Something terrible is going to happen to you... You must stay away from the colour green"

"What are you on lady?"

"I know it sounds crazy but you must promise me... You must stay away from the colour green I saw your face and green and..."

"Look lady I don't even like green... Oh my God... Cooper!"

Roo ran towards the surf, he could see Cooper carrying the green surfboard into the ocean.

"Cooper" he screamed out.

he ran into the ocean after him.


Cooper had paddled out and the waves were huge. As a wave came towards him, Cooper stood up on the board.

"Cooper" but it was too late.

As the wave crashed earlier then Cooper expected it tossed him off. Roo swam in after him.


Lily looked again at the photo of her and Cooper. She rubbed her finger along Cooper's face. She is grabbed from behind.

"What the ****?" She looked up at the person.

"Oh its you... you scared the **** out of me"


Cooper swam up to the surface when he was grabbed.

"What the **** Roo?"

"You've got to get out now"


Lily started running away from the person, she was breathing irratically and held her side in pain, she still had the photograph in her other hand. She ran up the stairs but the person was right behind her.


Cooper and Roo ran up to the sand, Cooper dropped the surfboard and pushed his brother.

"What are you doing you ruined my chance to qualify?"

"This lady said that something bad will happen and then you fell off the board"

"I was fine all I had to do was catch the next wave..." Cooper shook his head annoyed. "But now I can't qualify"

"I'm sorry"

"Colby wiped out this morning I could of finally beaten him... Don't you realise how much I needed to win today?"

Cooper burst into tears. Roo tried to hug him but Cooper pushed him off of him.

"I wanted to win for Logan".


Lily held onto her side, she was in a lot of pain.

"Get away from me" she cried.

The train got faster, Lily lost her balance and fell onto the wall, she held her hand out to catch her, and was shocked when she noticed the blood stain. She looked at her hand. It's covered in blood... She looked down at her side the blood was pouring out of the wound.

"What do you want?"

The person opened the door to the train, and pulled Lily towards it. Lily grabbed onto the silver pole in front of the now fully opened door. The person grabbed the back of her shirt and used their other hand to penetrate a knife into her stomach. They then threw her out the door. The breeze from the open door blew throughout the carriage. The Photograph Lily was holding onto flew onto the green floor...

The person closed the carriage door and walked down the stairs. They grabbed the suitcase and carried it back up stairs, the train stopped at Reefton Lakes Station. The person carried the suitcase out of the train.

The person walked out from the station and towards the carpark. An Old Green Holden was parked there, the door wide open and as luck would have it the keys were in the ignition, the person threw the suitcase into the back of the car and drove off. An old man tried chasing the car.

"That's my car asshole"

But there was no way he was going to catch up, the car was gone.

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Dean walked along the lake. He picked up a rock and threw it into the water just so he could see the splash.

"Thanks for meeting me here"

Lucas walked up from behind.

"No worries mate, you sounded worried on the phone". Dean said concerned.

"I need to talk to someone... I'm going crazy"

"Lucas what's up?"

"When you were going out with Mattie last year I said a few things to you..."

"Lucas don't be stupid... I had no right to lead Mattie on like that, you were right".

"Shut up and listen... This is so hard"

"Lucas... you're killing me here what's the matter?"

"How did you know you were gay?"

"I don't know... I just was, why?"

Lucas sat down on the grass, he headbutted his hands in frustration. Dean sat down next to him.

"Do you think you might be gay?" Dean asked.

"I don't know" he shook his head. "Belle's amazing right we get along so well but..."

Lucas took a breath.

"I'm not in love with her... I think I'm in love with someone else"

"A guy?"

Lucas nodded. "He is amazing and nice and he's gorgeous"

"Are there any other guys you are attracted to?"

Lucas nodded.

"Are there any girls you are attracted to?"

Lucas nodded.

"But this is different, this guy is just... I think he might be the one... Its just he's a guy"

"I'm just going to ask you a few questions and you have to answer them honestly ok?"

Lucas nodded.

"Who would you screw out of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?"


"Keira Knightly and Johnny Depp?"

"Oh um honestly?"

Dean nodded.

"Johnny Depp"

"Ok you aren't gay... But you are Bisexual"


"There is nothing wrong with it, if anything I'm jealous... You get the best of both worlds"

"So what should I do?"

"I think you should speak to Belle first, if you don't love her you can't stay in a relationship with her".

"Yeah, I can't lead her on, it's not fair"

"If you want... I can be with you when you tell your family".

"No... I can't tell them, they will hate me"

"Lucas you're family is amazing, they will be so understanding. They are nothing like mine".

"I can't tell them just yet, I need some time".

"Ok I understand... So does this guy feel the same way about you".

"I don't know, I think he may like someone else".

"Well we would just have to make sure he only has eyes for you".


Kim was going through some books in the gym when Greg walked in.

"I was wondering if I could use the gym for an hour so I can work on my upper arms..."

Kim looked up at him, shocked to see him.

"...You see last night I lost a fight and I want to make sure I can win the next one".

"How did you...?"

"Get out of jail? Gave the guard a good blowjob in exchange for freedom"

"Listen, I don't want any trouble but you aren't welcome in here"

"Look mate..." Greg placed his hand on Kim's shoulder. "I'm not sure what Charlie and his little friend told you but they started..."

Kim grabbed Greg by his shirt. "Look... I'm not your mate, and if you touch me one more time I'll put your hand so far up your ass you will be chewing with your fingers... Now get out".

Kim let go of Greg who fixed his T-Shirt before storming out of the gym.

Cooper and Roo walked into the Surf Club, Greg was heading out when he spotted them.

"Holy **** how many of you are there?" Greg laughed.

"What are you doing here? You got arrested" Roo was shocked to see him.

"Well they let me out"

"You stay away from Charlie or I'll..."

"Send the clones after me"

Greg walked off.

Roo stormed into the gym.

"Why isn't he in jail?" Roo asked Kim.

"I don't know, Jack said he'll keep him overnight but I guess with no evidence it was just our word against his".

"No evidence? Did you see the bruises? Charlie's covered in them."

"I know it sucks mate but we can't do much about it"

"This town is ****ed"

"You've got that right mate" Kim agreed.


Candy pulled up at the Caravan Park, she hopped out of the car, and walked up to her caravan. Charlie was sitting down outside.

"Charlie, what's up?"

"I'm waiting for Roo, he's not here"

"He's probably gone for a walk or something"

"He said he'll be here"

"It's ok Charlie, you can wait with me if you want"

"What if something has happened?"

"I'm sure he's fine" Of course Candy wasn't quite sure. "Maybe they went to the beach... Actually I'm sure of it, I can drive you down there if you want?"

Charlie nodded. "I'm sorry, I'm just really worried about him".

"You care alot for him don't you?"

"No one has cared for me as much as he has"


Roo was throwing his fists into the punching bag Kim was holding for him.

"I just don't understand how someone can treat anyone so badly"

"Roo... I get it, the guys a creep".

"And it's Charlie who is so sweet and yeah ok he may be a little naive but he's harmless"

Kim let go of the bag. "Roo hasn't anyone told you what he did last year? Why he was in Reefton Lakes?"

Roo shook his head. "Luc said he kidnapped Rachel but I doubt thats true"

"Actually it is..."


Belle was seated at the edge of the rock pool, her feet in the water. Lucas walked over to her. Belle stood up and went to kiss him but Lucas turned his head, she got his cheek instead. Belle knew that something was up.

Dean stood from a distance he only hoped Belle would be as understanding as Mattie was.

Lucas tried to hug belle but she pushed him away, she was shaking her head in disbelief. Lucas tried apologising but Belle slapped him.

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Candy and Charlie walked into the Surf Club, Candy noticed Cooper sitting at the bar.

"Hey" Candy hugged her brother.


"Where's Roo? And where's your shirt?"

"Roo's in the gym and my shirt is in the caravan"

"Are you allowed in here without a shirt?"

"They haven't kicked me out" Cooper shrugged. "How are you going Charlie?"

"Ok thanks, I'm going to go see Roo"

Charlie walked off. Candy sat down next to her brother.

"What's up with him?"

"He was worried about Roo"

"Ok" Cooper shook his head. "Are him and Roo... you know?"

"Not yet but I think they're heading that way... Have you seen Dad?"

Cooper shook his head.

"When you say heading that way..." Cooper began.

"Cooper forget I said anything Roo doesn't want you to know".

Kim was standing behind Roo who was lying down lifting weights.

"Ok that's enough" Kim warned Roo.

Roo lifted the bar up once more before placing it into its place.

Charlie walked over towards them, he smiled. "Hi Roo... hi Kim"

"Charlie" Kim acknowledged him.

"What's with the makeover?" Roo asked him seemingly unimpressed.

"I thought you would like it... Like yours"

"You're not me Charlie" Roo stood up from the bench and took a mouthfull of water from the bottle sitting next to it.

"I know that..."

"How was it at the Cop Shop?"

"Um ok... Greg's not in jail anymore"

"I know I saw him earlier"

"Me too, he was at the shop"

"Are you ok?"

Charlie nodded but smiled at the thought that Roo cared to ask.

"Did you want to see a movie or something?" Charlie asked.

Roo looked at Kim who shook his head.

"No Charlie not today" Roo told him.

"We can hire some DVD's and you can hang out at mine"

"Charlie not today"

"Well do you want to do something else?"

"No Charlie" Roo snapped at him. "I'll see you later Kim".

Roo walked out of the Gym. Charlie looked to Kim who shrugged. He chased after Roo.

Roo walked over to his siblings at the bar. "Lets go" he told them.

"Roo what's up?" Charlie caught up and asked.

"Nothing Charlie... I'm just not in the mood today".

"Is it about Logan? I understand... When Gran died I..."

"This isn't about you and your Gran... This is why I don't want to hang out with you because with you everything is about you... You've got that many problems and at the moment I can't deal with them".

"Roo its ok, he's only trying to help" Candy patted her brother on the shoulder.

"I just care about you Roo" Charlie admitted.

"If you cared about me... Why didn't you tell me the truth?"

"I didn't want you to stop being my friend" Charlie cried. "I didn't want you to go away like everyone else that cared about me".

"What happened Charlie... You had no control over it... I can't blame you for it... All you had to do was tell me the truth".

Luc and Dean walked in.

"I'm sorry" Charlie went to walk away...

Roo however stopped him and gave the boy a hug.

"You can't keep anything from me from now on" Roo warned.

"I won't" Charlie smiled.

Lucas stormed out, Dean looked at the two boys hugging... At Charlie espescially, remembering him from Yabbie Creek. 'It must be him' he thought to himself. Dean then ran out of the Surf Club, looking for Lucas but he was nowhere to be seen.


Floss put the closed sign on the door of her caravan before walking inside. She pulled off her wig and sat down on the seat, a little exhausted. She reached over for her glass of water that was on the small table... Her hand shook as she took the glass to her mouth and drank a mouthfull.

There was a knock on the door. She placed the glass on the table, got up and opened the door.

"I've been expecting you" she told the person. "I know who you are and I know why you are here".

The person walked into the caravan and shut the door. Floss looked at this person in the eyes.

"It won't save you" she warned them.

It was no use but she knew this... She saw it before... She dreamed about it alot and knew she couldn't change it... It wasn't until this day though, that she found out who the person would be, she only wished she knew sooner.

The person covered her mouth so nobody could hear the screams.


"Hey where's Charlie?" Roo heard a voice from behind.

He turned to see Cooper.

"He's in the bathroom... Um about the Surf Club it looked a bit weird didn't it?"

Cooper sat down on the sand next to his brother they both looked out at the ocean.

"A little"

"I'm gay" Roo admitted.

"I know"

"You do?"

Cooper nodded.

"Do you care?"

"Nope... I just want you to be happy"

"It'll take a while"

"Being happy?"


"What about Charlie? Doesn't he make you happy?"

"Yeah... He does but..."

"But what?"

"I just met him yesterday"

"I knew Lily for months before we went out and then we went out for months... The whole time I had no idea who she really was... You met Charlie yesterday and know that boy like the back of your hand... Doesn't that tell you something?"

"Stop it" Roo shook his head.

"Stop what?"

"Being like this... I'm worried"

Cooper laughed. "Just know that I love you... Logan died not knowing that I loved him"

Candy walked over at this moment.

"What are we talking about?" She asked.

She sat down in between her brothers.

"I love you" Cooper hugged her.

Roo wrapped his arms around her as well. "I love both of you".

"Ok whatever you two took I want some" Candy laughed.

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Charlie washed his face in the basin at the Surf Club's male toilets... He pulled a small cannister out of his pocket and opened it up. He held his hand out and dropped a tablet from the cannister into his hand and went to place the tablet into his mouth instead he threw it down the sink... He closed the cannister back up and put it back into his pocket. He washed his face again.

Dean opened the door and walked in.

"Hey" Dean smiled at Charlie.

"Hi" Charlie said back.

"Charlie? Is that right?"

Charlie nodded.

"I'm Dean, Luc's friend, remember?"

Charlie nodded. Dean walked up to the silver tray and began emptying his bladder.

"Sorry, I couldn't help but notice earlier you were with one of the Shepherd boys... wow jealous".

"We're just mates"

"Let me guess you want more... How can you not?"

Dean's bladder was emptied and he walked over to the sink.

"Just a warning, famous gay guys, don't stay with the one person for long"

"Roo's not like that"

"Take my advice, you're better off with someone else".

Dean finished washing his hands and walked out.

Charlie took out the cannister one more time... He opened it up and emptied all the tablets into the sink. He then walked out of the toilet.


The Shepherd siblings were still sitting on the beach, Roo turned around and looked.

"Charlie's been gone a while" he commented.

"What is it with you two?" Candy asked. "He's fine".

"Oh I told dad about the crazy lady with the green surfboard" Cooper told them.

"You spoke to dad?" Roo asked.

Cooper shook his head. "No I sent him a text... I haven't seen him since this morning".

"What crazy lady?" Candy asked.

"This crazy lady walked up to Roo and goes 'you will die if you go near the colour green' it was funny".

"Yeah but it was weird, she was so sure of it" Roo told them.

"Well you better stay away from green... Green cars, green hats, green..."

"Surf Boards" Cooper interrupted holding up the board he borrowed.

They laughed.


Dean stood outside the Surf Club, he pulled out his mobile phone and looked through the numbers... he stopped at Lucas Holden and dialled.

Greg looked around... Bumping into Dean as he walked past.

"Oi watch it" Dean told him.

"What did you say to me?" Greg asked.

"I told you to watch where you are going, asshole" he put his phone back into his pocket.

Greg walked over to him, into his face.

"What did you call me?" he asked challenging him.

"ASSSS-HOLLLE" Dean told him.

Greg grabbed him by the shirt, Dean held his fist up and it connected with his face... Greg laughed.

"Is that all you've got? You're a f*cken Panzee" Greg taunted him.

Dean pushed the bigger guy off him. Greg pushed him back. This time Greg had the connecting punch into Dean's face.

"And you call me a panzy" Dean laughed.

Dean held his fist up again but this time it was caught before it connected but it was caught by Charlie.

"Stop it" Charlie told them.

"Stay out of this Charlie" Greg warned his ex.

"You know this ass-hole Charlie?" Dean asked.

"Don't fight please" Charlie pleaded.

"Is this one of your new friends Charlie?" Greg asked.

"Please leave Greg" Charlie told him.

"Yeah just walk away Greg" Dean laughed.

"Why do you hang out with these losers Charlie?" Greg asked. "They don't care about you like I do".

Charlie turned to Greg and punched him. "You never cared about me" Charlie told him. "You hurt me and used me and beat me up so you could feel better about yourself" Charlie went to punch him again. But Greg caught it and held his arm tightly. "F*cking let go of me you f*cking pig" Charlie cried hitting him with his free hand. "You're f*cking scum... I'll f*cking kill you".

Dean pushed Greg off Charlie.

"Charlie you never swear... Have you been taking your medication?" Greg asked.

"F*ck off". Charlie told him.

"Yeah Greg f*ck off" Dean said.

"Don't take it... I don't f*cking care anymore... Next time you end up at Reefton Lakes they'll never let you out" Greg laughed and walked off.

"Who is that guy?" Dean asked.

"My ex" Charlie answered.

"Ugly break-up?"

"Ugly relationship" Charlie admitted.

Dean's mobile phone rang, he pulled it out of his pocket and answered it.


"I missed your call what's up?" Lucas asked.

"Where did you disappear to?" Dean asked.

"I'm at the lake where we were before"

"Ok I'm on my way over" Dean told him.

He put the phone back in his pocket.

"Was that Lucas?" Charlie asked.

Dean nodded. "I'm going to meet him now... Did you want to come with?"

Charlie shook his head. "I told Roo I wouldn't be long".

"Oh, Shepherd" Dean realised. "I'll see you later then" Dean smiled.

Dean started walking off... Walking down the road, he walked past a green Holden that was parked.


Dean walked down the side of the road, a car drove down and when it got past Dean it slowed down. Dean noticed the car... Driving next to him.

"What's your problem?" He asked.

He looked inside the car, the Green Holden.

"Oh its you". he realised.

The car stopped... The person hopped out of the car. When Dean noticed the knife in the person's hand he realised they didn't stop for a social chat.


*Apologises to Jem and gives her Dean-shaped cookies* I had too..! :(

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