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The Summer Bay Massacre

Guest Perry

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WARNING!!! Sexual situations including violence and gay themes and language. Maybe it should be R Rated.



On the beach Roo ran with the football towards Lucas, wanting to be touched by him again, Roo ran towards him but also wanting to impress his team-mate Charlie he decided to step around him instead, which he easily did. He continued running towards the try line but to score he had to get past his brother, knowing this was virtually impossible he passed the ball to Charlie who finished the play by scoring the try. Roo ran over to him giving him a high-five to congratulate him.

“Well done Charlie, you rock”. Roo proudly told him.

Charlie shook his head.

“All I did was put the ball down, you did the rest”.

“No mate it was a team effort. You and I make a good team”. Roo put his arm around his new buddy and looked over at Lucas. ‘Was he jealous?’ Roo thought to himself.

Lucas walked over to them.

“Congrats Charlie” he smiled.

“We probably should head home soon…” Cooper warned. “It’s getting close to dinner time”.

“Why what’s time?” Charlie asked a little concerned.

“A little after five” Roo told him looking at his watch.

“I’ve got to go, he’ll be mad” Charlie told them.

“Who?” asked Roo, curious.

“Don’t worry, it was good meeting you though”. He shook his hand.

“Did you want me to walk you back home?” Roo asked a little concerned.

Charlie smiled but shook his head.

“Well what are you doing tonight? They’ve got karaoke at the Surf Club, I’ll be there, did you want to meet up then?”

Charlie nodded with a smile.

“I’ll see you at seven then?”

Charlie nodded before walking away.

“See yah buddy” Cooper called out before looking at Roo. “What was that about?” he asked.

“Nothing mate, Rachel told me to take care of him that’s all it is”.


Charlie walked up to the veranda of his old home. He looked around but there was no sign of Greg. He looked under a flowerpot for the key to his front door but it was gone.

“Are you looking for this?” Greg stood behind him waving the keys in his face.

Charlie snatched them out of his hand and used them to open the door.

“How stupid are you? Anybody could just walk in.”

Charlie ignored him and walked inside.

“Charlie? Don’t ignore me. I’ve got to talk to you.” Greg grabbed him by the arm. “Why were you late?” he asked him.

“I was playing footy with friends on the beach and I didn’t realise the time”.

“You have friends now?” Greg asked rudely. “Where’s my kiss?”

Greg tried to kiss Charlie on the mouth but he turned his head, Greg kissed him on the cheek instead.

“You’re hurting me,” Charlie told him looking down at the grip Greg had on his arm.

“Have you been talking to Rachel Armstrong?”

Charlie shook his head so Greg tightened his grip.

“Don’t lie to me”.

“It sli… sli… slipped out”

Greg pushed him against the wall and started rubbing his hand up Charlie’s shirt.

“It sli sli sli slipped out did it?” Greg put his face closer to Charlie’s.

Charlie felt his breath against his cheek, Greg started rubbing his hand down Charlie’s stomach and started rubbing underneath his shorts tickling his belt line.

“Your words slipped from your mouth into that sluts ears and now I can lose my job.”

Greg put his hand down Charlie’s shorts, Charlie tried to pull his arm out but Greg used his other arm to hold him back.

“Please don’t” Charlie pleaded.

“Now we’re going to have to convince that whore that we actually love each other”.

“We do love each other”. Charlie reminded him.

“That’s right”. Greg smiled. “Turn around”

Charlie shook his head so Greg forced Charlie around and then he pressed his crotch right up against Charlie.

Greg started kissing Charlie behind the neck, he pulled his shorts down and started rubbing his backside.

“Please don’t Greg” Charlie pleaded almost in tears.

“But don’t you love me?” Greg asked.

“Yes I love you but I don’t want to this now” Charlie told him now actually crying.

“If you are going to be a baby I guess I have no choice” Greg told him letting him go.

Charlie breathed a sigh of relief; he pulled his shorts back up and turned to Greg, who wasn’t happy.

“What are you doing later?” Charlie asked wiping away his tears.

Greg shrugged.

“My friend Roo is going to karaoke at the Surf Club and I told him I’ll meet him there, did you want to come?”

Greg shook his head. “Now you want me to do something you want to do after refusing something I wanted to do?”

Greg punched him hard in the stomach. Charlie cried in pain, falling to the ground.

“Next time you open your mouth I’ll lock you back up in Reefton Lakes and throw away the key”.

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Sally pulled her car up outside the Summer Bay house, She popped open the boot before getting out to carry a few bags, inside.

As she walked inside she was shocked to discover Ric Playing Barbie’s with little Pippa and Matilda, she was also worried that her teenage son was acting out Barbie while her daughter was Ken.

“It’s not what it looks like” Ric told Sally who laughed before shaking her head at him.

“When you finished playing Dolls I would like you to help me with the groceries”. Sally politely told him before giving her daughter a kiss on the cheek.

“I’ll give you a hand Miss Fletcher”. Matilda politely suggested.

She headed out the door, Ric handed Pippa the Doll and tapped Sally on the shoulder as she stated putting the groceries in the fridge.

“Ah, Sally what you saw… You can never tell anyone about it” Ric warned.

Sally smiled. “Don’t worry Ric, I’ll keep it to myself”.

Ric headed towards the door.

“Oh and Ric” Sally called out, “Why were you Barbie?”

“I don’t know, she made me be Barbie, every time I put the doll down she cried”.

Sally nodded to say she believed him, Ric walked out the door, Sally walked over to where her daughter was sitting and picked up the Barbie Doll, she threw the doll into the toy box much to Pippa’s dismay. She scoffed at her mother stood up and picked the doll up from out of the toy box.


With her Barbie in one hand and Ken in the other, the little girl waited at the door for her playmate to return.

As Matilda carried a few bags of groceries inside her boyfriend managed to carry all of the remaining bags and closed the boot.

“Hey bag boy” Roo called out to him.

Ric turned to look at his best mate Lucas and the two identical new friends they had made.

“Hey ladder boy! Do you mind giving us a hand?” he asked them.

Roo shook his head.

“I would have if you gave me a hand with the antenna earlier today” Roo laughed.

Lucas and Cooper took a few bags from him and helped him carry them inside.

As Ric walked through the door, Pippa jumped in excitement trying to hand him the Barbie.

“Not now Pippa my hands are full,” Ric told her.

Pippa started crying. Sally walked over and picked her up to cheer her up.

“Oh you poor thing wouldn’t the mean Ric play with you?” She noticed the other boys carrying the bags, “What do you do? Pay the tenants to carry the bags for you Ric?”

Ric laughed before putting the groceries in the kitchen.

“Have you met Roo and Cooper?” Ric asked Sally.

“No I don’t think so I met the rest of the family though”, she smiled at the identical boys. “Now how do I tell you apart?”

“Just keep guessing until you get it right” Roo joked.

“I actually saw your brother and sister at the shopping centre, we had to break up a fight they were having in the middle of a store”. Sally told the boys.

“What Logan and Candy? Are you sure?” Cooper asked.

Sally nodded. “Yeah, it was quite strange first she was having a go at the other girl that’s staying with you, Belle’s friend…?”

“Lily?” Cooper asked.

“…Yeah and then she started hitting your brother it was quite strange, but trust me I know what it’s like growing up in a big family”.

Pippa started fidgeting Sally placed her down, of course she had to run over to Ric, who picked her up.

“Hello again” Ric smiled. “Oh Sally Rachel rang… Oh and guess who we saw at the beach with Rachel earlier today?”

Sally shook her head.

“Creepy Charlie” Ric told her.

“What? Rachel and Kim Charlie?” Sally asked. “…And he was with Rachel?”

Ric nodded.

“Don’t call him that mate please,” Roo told his new friend.

“What? Creepy Charlie?” Ric asked.

Roo nodded.

“Why not? He’s Creepy he’s Charlie”. He laughed at his own joke.

“It’s not funny dude”.

“It’s ok Ric” Lucas added, “We were playing footy with him after you left, he’s ok”.

“You played footy with Creepy Charlie?” Ric asked his best mate.

“Ric!” Roo shook his head.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea that you guys hang out with him after the trouble he caused last year”. Sally warned.

“Don’t worry Sal, I won’t be” Ric replied.

“Dude, he’s alright, I don’t know exactly what happened last year, but I do know that Rachel wanted me to watch after him, and that’s what I’m going to do”.


Rachel sat at her dining table; her head slumped inside her arm. The cordless phone that sat next to her rang; she jumped in fright before answering it.


“Rachel its Sally”

“Hey Sally, I called earlier but you were out, did Ric tell you?”

“Yeah… He also told me he saw you at the beach with Charlie today”

“Yeah… It’s a long story, but I’ve got something more important to discuss, do you remember a guy who worked as a counsellor at the Drop-In Centre his name was Greg Swales?”

“Yeah he was there when I volunteered down there,” Sally told her friend.

“He now works at Reefton Lakes Hospital as a counsellor, Alf told me that there was a complaint made against him in 2002?”

“Yeah but don’t take much notice of that, it was just a lie made up by a troubled kid seeking attention”.

“Are you absolutely sure it was a lie?”

“Well it was taken pretty seriously at the time but about a week after he made the allegation the boy just admitted it was a lie… Apparently he just wanted some attention. But Greg did resign not long after that… What’s this about anyway?”

“Well he’s Charlie’s counsellor and they are seeing each other.”

“Are you sure? I mean if Charlie told you it…? I mean it wouldn’t be the first time he lied…?”

“Greg admitted it to me.”


“Yeah… I was amazed, I’d thought he’d deny it but he said he loved him and that I was guilty of the same thing because of my relationship with Kim… oh and then he threatened me”.

“Well, Greg’s sexuality wasn’t a secret when he worked in the Drop-In Centre, what’s the difference between Charlie and Greg being in a relationship? And you and Kim being in one? Apart from the fact Greg and Charlie are both guys?”

“Sally it isn’t the same” Rachel told her friend. “I think Greg’s taking advantage of Charlie and I think he may be hurting him”.

Kim walked through the front door.

“Look Sally I have to go, Kim just got home but I’ll talk to you about it later”

“Alright Rachel, take care ok? And be careful of Charlie”

“I will Sal, thanks a lot”

She hung up the phone and stood up and gave her husband a kiss on the lips.

“I love you, you know that?” She smiled.

“You’ve been drinking?” He asked tasting the scotch she drunk earlier on his lips.

“Only a glass or two… I saw Charlie again earlier”

“Rachel I told you to stay away from him”

“I know and I was going to, it was just… I ran into him at the Diner, he seemed so nervous and I found out a few things”

“What kind of things?”

“It doesn’t matter, let’s just say I have my reasons for being concerned for him”.

She put her arms around her husband and rested her head on his broad shoulders.

“Just know its not the same Charlie as the one from last year”.

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Roo walked inside his caravan, Candy was laying down on the bed listening to her MP3 player.


Candy pulled the earphones from out of her ears.

“What?” She asked throwing her MP3 Player onto her bed.

“Did you have a fight with Logan?”

“I don’t want to talk about it” She stood up and stormed out of the caravan.

Candy kept walking away from the caravan, Roo chased after her.

“Candy wait up” he caught up to her and stopped her.

“We don’t have to talk about it… We can talk about hot guys, hot guys in Summer Bay there’s heaps”

“Hot guys in Summer Bay? Need to tell us something Roo?” Logan was behind them.

“Logan fcuk off” Candy told him before running off.

“What’s that about?” Roo asked.

Logan shrugged.

“You had a fight with her in the shopping centre?”

Logan nodded. “It’s nothing, what’s this about hot guys? Are you gay? I knew it.”

“I was making an observation, I didn’t mean it like that” Roo tried to defend himself.

Logan nodded as if he didn’t believe him.

“I read an article about identical twins that if one was gay the other one was gay too, because they’re basically the same person… same genes… same DNA… same sexuality… So do you still think I’m gay?” Roo was really making that up off the top of his head, he really hoped Logan believed it.

“But we aren’t identical twins” Logan told him. “So does that mean Cooper is gay too?”

“God, you’re so stupid” Roo shook his head. “Would it even bother you if I were?”

“Why? Are you?”

“Do you think I am?”

“I don’t really care one way or another”

“Well that’s good” Roo walked off leaving Logan confused.


At Summer Bay Beach, the sun was setting and the sky was bright red and yellow. Cooper ran out of the surf with his board under his arm, sitting in the sand some distance away watching him was his sister. Colby emerged from the surf and the two boys started talking. Candy remembered Colby from the Shopping Centre incident. Was he going to tell Cooper? Candy stood up and started walking towards them, however Lily pulled her back. Standing with Belle, Lily looked a mess as if she had been crying all afternoon.

“Have you told him?” Lily asked.

Candy shook her head. “No not yet, but if you don’t tell him soon I will”.

Candy went to walk off.

“I will tell him, I just need to wait for the right time”.

“There is no right time,” Candy told her. “You’re going to hurt him no matter what time you decide to tell him”

“Candy I’m sorry”

“I don’t want to hear it… Go back to Caravan clean yourself up and tell him later tonight”.

“Here… we’ll go to my place” Belle dragged her away.

Candy walked over to the two boys.

“At Snapper Rocks last year, you killed me I couldn’t believe it” Cooper praised the other surfer.

“I didn’t kill you, you did excellent… I just got lucky”. Colby was being modest.

“What’s this about?” Candy interrupted.

“Oh nothing, just talking to my competition” Cooper said referring to Colby. “Did you know I’ve surfed against him so many times and I’ve never beat him? Not even once.”

Candy shook her head, how would she know that? She looked at Colby who was only wearing boardies but because they were soaked they stuck to his skin and left nothing for the imagination. She looked up at his fit Surfer body. His abs, his arms no wonder Cooper couldn’t beat him.

“Well that’s going to change this week” Cooper told him.

“Yeah we’ll see” Colby laughed. “What are you guys doing now? There’s karaoke at the Surf Club?”

“I don’t do karaoke, I might just do something with my girlfriend”

“Righto” Laughed Colby “You have fun then” he then looked to Candy. “How about you?” he smiled.

Candy nodded. “Dad and Roo might go down so I’ll probably see you there then”.

Colby smiled. “Well see you later then”

“See yah” Candy smiled. She couldn’t help but check out his backside as he ran off.

“Did I see Lily before?” Cooper asked his sister as they headed back up.

“Yeah, she’s going to Belle’s”.

“For how long?”

Candy shrugged. Changing the subject quickly.

“Who was that guy?”


Candy nodded “Do you know him?”

“Yeah, I’ve surfed against him that many times, well I’ve lost too him that many times”

“So he’s good?”

Cooper nodded. “Why do you have the hots for him?”

Candy shook her head lying.

“I met him today and he seemed nice, that’s all”.

They continued walking.

“Candy…?” Cooper hesitated but he wanted to know so he decided he’d ask. “Did you have a fight with Lily and Logan today”.

Candy took a breath. “Ah, yeah but it wasn’t that big of a deal… Just Logan being Logan you know how it is?”

“So what was up with Lily?”

“Oh nothing she just took Logan’s side over mine”

“Lily?” Cooper thought out loud.

“Yeah, it was strange. Anyway we better hurry up”.


“Because I want to get to the Surf Club”

“But you can’t sing”

“Trust me I’m not going for the singing”.

“I knew it you have a crush on Colby” Cooper laughed.

“Shut up”.

“You want to marry Colby… Oh Colby you’re so handsome” He mimicked. “I love your muscles Colby”

Candy playfully hit him and ran off.

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Greg was at the dining table flicking through some paperwork. Charlie walked into the room.

“Have you finished having your little sulk?” Greg asked.

Charlie nodded. He sat down at the table.

“What are you doing?” Charlie asked.

“Just some stuff for work” Greg told him. “Speaking of which you may need to start thinking about finding a job, that money your grandparents left you won’t last that long”.

Charlie shrugged.

“Maybe you should think about selling this house?”

“I can’t do that,” Charlie told him. “Gran wouldn’t want me to”.

“Your Gran’s dead Charlie, I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t mind”

“I mind, I love this house”.

“It’s just a house Charlie”

“It’s my house”.

“Well what about a job?”

“I’ll find one”.

“How are you going to do that?”

“Ask around”

“Where at? The diner? The Surf Club? You’ve got no education to do anything else”.

“I’ll find something… Why are you so mean to me?”

“I’m not being mean Charlie, I’m being realistic”

Greg leaned over and gave him a rub on his shoulder.

“I just care about you a lot,” Greg told him.

Charlie smiled.

“Have you taken your medication?”

Charlie shook his head. “Not yet”.

“How about I go get some take away from the Diner and we’ll have a quiet night in, just the two of us?” Greg smiled. “Romantic dinner by the fireplace?”

“I told Roo I’d meet him at the Surf Club”

“Who is this Roo guy?”

“I met him today, he’s really nice”.

“I think it’s great that you made some friends, how about this? I’ll go get some Take Away from the diner, we’ll eat it here and then we’ll go to the Surf Club to meet your friend afterwards… Both of us”.

Charlie smiled he got up and hugged his boyfriend.

“Thank you” Charlie pecked him on the cheek.

This was the Greg, Charlie loved he only wished the other Greg wouldn’t exist.


Rachel was lying down in the tub; she had a facecloth on her forehead, and was hoping the steam in the tub would clear her headache. There was a knock at the bathroom door and Kim walked in. He kneeled down beside the tub and gave his wife a peck on the cheek.

“I thought I might go to the Diner and get some Take Away, how’s that sound?” Kim asked his wife.

“How about you get an axe and remove my head”

“I can’t do that… You’re head’s the best part”

Rachel threw the cloth off her head she looked at her husband and smiled.

“I’ve got other parts that are good”. She grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him close to herself, giving him a huge pash on the lips. “Coming in?”

“What about your headache?”

“It’s gone now”

Kim smiled and started taking off his clothes.

“This better not be the alcohol talking?” Kim laughed.

“So what if it is? We’re married”

Kim laughed; he undid his belt and unzipped his jeans kicking them off his legs. He then pulled his Cotton Boxers off and hopped into the tub with his wife.

Kim grabbed the facecloth and started rubbing Rachel’s face with it, this sent Rachel crazy for him she jumped on top of her husband and started kissing his shoulders. Kim always loved it when Rachel did this. She started to go lower, kissing him on the middle of his chest. She slowly started working her way up again kissing his Adams apple. She then manoeuvred her legs to wrap around him.

“What about dinner?” Kim asked.

“Fcuk dinner… It’s time for dessert” Rachel smiled.

Kim pulled her away.

“Ok what’s up? You’re swearing now?” Kim asked.

Rachel not impressed that he stopped it.

“Nothing’s up”.

“You’ve been funny all afternoon, is it about Charlie?”

Rachel nodded.

“OK tell me what it is”

“Now?” Rachel asked giving him another quick pash.

“It’s either now or never”. Kim told her pulling her away.

Rachel rubbed her palm across her forehead.

“And now my headache’s back”.

Kim rubbed Rachel’s face.

“I met Charlie’s Counsellor slash boyfriend today”

Kim laughed. “Well we’re not the only one’s that break the rules”.

“It’s not funny, he’s a creep”.

“Then he must be perfect for Charlie then”

Rachel hit him softly.

“Can you stop being immature about this, he’s taking advantage of him and I think he may be abusing him”.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m pretty certain”.

“Well you’ll have to tell someone”

“Oh that’s going to sound good coming from me”.

“Point taken… Would you like me to talk to Charlie about it?”

“No I don’t think you should talk to him, but I might know someone who could”.

“Who’s that?”

“Roo Shepherd”


Rachel nodded. “I asked him to look after him today”.

“And did he?”

“He said he would, he’s a good kid”

“Yeah he seemed friendly today… especially to me”


“How about some dinner?”

Rachel nodded. “I’ll go with you, we’ll eat it at the Diner”.

“What about the headache?”

“It’s gone, maybe all I needed to do was talk to you about it, I just didn’t know how you’d react about it, after what Charlie did last year”.

“Rachel if you say he’s not the same Charlie, I believe you”.

Rachel smiled and kissed him once more. Kim stood up out of the bath and grabbed the towel from the rack.

“If the headache’s gone how about we go to the Surf Club for Karaoke Night?” Kim asked while drying himself with the towel.

“Yeah sounds good”. Rachel got up and grabbed the other towel from the rack. “Are you going to sing?”

Kim shook his head. “Uh ah, but we’ll just laugh at the ones that do”.

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“So how was everyone’s day?” Andrew asked his family.

Sitting in the diner, the whole family did not want to be together. Lily was nowhere to be seen. Candy had her MP3 player in her ears, Logan just moved his fork around his plate of Spaghetti Bolognese, Cooper was eating, he of course had no idea what was up and Roo was off with the fairies- (No pun intended).

“Am I just talking to myself?” Andrew asked.

“We played footy at the beach and then I went surfing dad” Cooper answered.

“Did you and Lily have a fight?” he asked referring to her absence.

Cooper shook his head. “No, she’s having dinner at Belle’s”.

“Candace get those things out of your ears”. Andrew ordered.

Candy didn’t hear him.

“Candace” Andrew yelled.

Candy pulled the earphones out.

“We’re at the dinner table… In public” Andrew lectured.

“Can you pass the salt Candy?” Logan asked his sister who completely ignored him. “Candy, pass the salt” but she didn’t budge.

Andrew passed the salt to his son.

“What is up with you two?” Andrew asked.

The two siblings ignored their father’s question.

“What about you?” Andrew looked at Roo.

“Uh what?”

“What did you get up to?”

“Uh, not much” Roo answered.

“Did you meet any girls?” Andrew asked curiously.

Roo shook his head.

“What about that Martha girl you were talking about this afternoon?” Cooper asked.

“Oh ah, yeah well…”

“Martha? So you aren’t gay?” Logan asked.

“Oh God, what is it with you? Do you not have a brain? Can’t you think before saying anything?” Candy snapped at Logan.

“Of course he isn’t gay Logan” Andrew told his son, he then looked at Roo “Isn’t that right?”

“Ah… yeah” Roo responded..

“Bullsh*t” Logan coughed.

“Logan stop it… Can’t we just have a normal meal? Without any arguments or gay jokes or anything like that please?” Andrew pleaded with his children.

Kim and Rachel walked in hand in hand and sat down at the table closest to the door. Roo looked up and noticed them.

“Excuse me for a second Dad” he stood up.

Colleen walked over to the young couple.

“Hello Kimberly and Dr. Armstrong, what are you two going to be having?”

Roo waited for them to order.

“I’ll have the Chicken Schnitzel and chips with Gravy” Rachel smiled at the old woman.

“…And I’ll have the same” Kim agreed.

Colleen wrote it down on the notepad.

“Any drinks?” Colleen asked.

“I’ll have a flat-white” Rachel told her.

“…And I’ll have the same” Kim laughed.

Colleen got the order written down.

“It won’t be long,” she told them before walking back to the kitchen.

“A flat-white?” Roo asked Kim.

“What’s up?”

“No guy our age orders a flat-white unless he is gay”. Roo explained.

Rachel laughed.

“Oh I almost forgot here’s your flat-white Roo” Colleen smiled handing him the mug.

“Ah thanks Colleen” Roo said before Colleen walked back to the kitchen.

Kim laughed at Roo. “What was that you said?”

Roo smiled.

“Sorry for interrupting”. Roo apologised.

“Oh no not at all” Rachel told him. “What’s up?”

“I just wanted to tell you about Charlie, I saw a bruise on his arm and there was another one on his side” Roo explained pointing to his hip. “I think you’re right”.

“I knew it” Rachel said.

“You don’t know anything yet Rachel” Kim reminded her.

“I found out something about him today as well, he’s in a relationship with his counsellor” Rachel explained.

“His counsellor, is that allowed?”

Rachel and Kim looked at each other before shaking their heads.

Rachel caught something out of the corner of her eye, she looked over to the door, her jaw dropped.

“Speak of the devil”

Greg walked into the diner and waited at the cash register before Colleen served him.

“Is that him?” Roo whispered.

Rachel nodded.

“So you think he has anything to do with the bruises?” Roo asked quietly

“I’m bloody certain of it” Rachel said.

“I’ll talk to you about it later” Roo told them before taking his flat-white and sitting back down with his family.

“What was that about?” Logan asked.

“Nothing, just some friends I met earlier today” Roo responded.

Roo just couldn’t stop staring at Greg, he was so annoyed at the thought that he could possibly be harming Charlie.

“So who’s going to this karaoke thing?” Andrew asked.

“Candy is” Cooper admitted, Candy responded by poking out her tongue.

“What about you?” Andrew asked Cooper who shook his head. “Roo?”

Roo couldn’t believe anybody would be that cruel to someone, especially Charlie who was so shy and friendly and looked as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.

“Roo, are you going to karaoke?” Andrew asked again.

“Ah yeah Dad, wouldn’t miss it”.

He could only hope that he and Rachel were wrong. Maybe Charlie was just real clumsy. He wish he got a closer look at Charlie’s hip, but he was running so fast, the shirt only lifted up for a second so he couldn’t tell what type of bruise it was. Maybe if he could somehow get Charlie’s shirt off he would know for sure.

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Charlie was cuddled up with Greg on the floor in the lounge room.

“Sorry about the fire, it’s a bit too hot for that” Greg apologised.

“It’s ok, it was a perfect dinner anyway”. Charlie smiled.

He removed himself from Greg’s arms and started to pick up the empty plates from dinner. Greg grabbed him from behind and started kissing him behind the neck.

“Do you have to do that now?”

“I told Roo I’ll meet him at seven, we’re running late”.

“Well if we’re running late already what’s the hurry?”

“I don’t want him to hate me”.

“He’s not going to hate you if you run a little late”

The two boys kissed each other passionately before Charlie pulled him away.

“Come on let’s go” Charlie told him.

“Why do you want to see him so badly? Should I be worried?”

“I don’t have any other friends, so I don’t want to stuff things up.”

“You have me”. Greg told Charlie, which made him smile.

Charlie grabbed the empty plates and the newspaper the chips were wrapped in and headed to the kitchen. Placing the plates down into the sink, he turned the tap on and rinsed the plates. He put the plates beside the sink when he noticed Greg’s briefcase slightly ajar. Charlie opened it and started looking through the pieces of paper inside.

“You better hurry up” Greg called from the lounge room.

Charlie closed the briefcase and walked into the room.

“I’m ready” Charlie smiled.


Candy, Roo and Andrew walked into Noah’s, getting the usual stares. Roo noticed Rachel and Kim.

“Get a table dad, I’ll be with you in a second” Roo requested.

He walked over to his new friends.

“Hey any sign of Charlie?” He asked.

“No, is he coming?” Rachel asked.

Roo nodded.

Martha stood at the small stage with a microphone in her hand.

“Hi everyone, thanks for coming to Noah’s Saturday Night Karaoke, I’d like it known that everyone has some stiff competition tonight as we have Rock Star Andrew Shepherd in with us tonight, everyone give him a round of applause”

Andrew gave a small wave a little surprised he was mentioned.

“So without further a due, let’s bring out our first singer last weeks winner as chosen by our judges, Alf Stewart and Irene Roberts…”

Irene and Alf were sitting at a table they both waved.

“…Colby Wilkins-Dean, everybody and he’s singing ‘Dancing With Myself’ by Billy Idol, let’s give him a hand”.

Colby stood up from the back of the room, as he walked past Candy he waved, she smiled and cheered him on.

Colby grabbed the microphone off of Martha.

“How’s everybody doing tonight?” He asked.

Everybody cheered.

“Yeah go Colbster” Kim applauded.

“Thank you Kim”.

Suddenly the music started playing.

“On the floor of Tokyo oh or down in London town to go, go… With the record selection

and the mirror’s reflection… I am dancing with myself”

Roo looked to Kim and smiled.

“He’s quite good”.

“Yeah” Kim agreed. “If you say so”.

“What don’t you reckon?”

“Oh Kim’s just upset because he beat him last week” Rachel laughed.

“You sing?” Roo looked at him impressed.

Kim shook his head. “I just did it because Rachel made me”.

“Oh I did not you liar” Rachel hit him softly.

“Oh dancing with myself… Oh dancing with myself… Well there's nothing to lose… And there's nothing to prove… I'll be dancing with myself… Oh…Oh…Oh!

Colby walked over to Candy with his microphone, Candy clapped and laughed.

“If I looked all over the world… And there's every type of girl… But your empty eyes seem to pass me by leave me dancing with myself… So let's sink another drink because it'll give me time to think… If I had the chance I'd ask the world to dance and I'll be dancing with myself”

“I think he’s got a thing for your sister” Rachel pointed out.

Roo laughed. “That’s my sister”.


Charlie and Greg walked over to the door of the Surf Club.

“Thanks for this” Charlie smiled at his boyfriend.

Greg ignored him unhappy and the two walked inside.

Charlie noticed Roo at the bar with Kim and Rachel. He pointed him out to Greg.

“That’s Roo, did you want to meet him?” Charlie asked.

Greg looked over at Rachel and Kim who were at the Bar with Roo and he shook his head.

“I’ll just find us a table to sit at” Greg told him.

Charlie nodded. Greg walked off to find a table and Charlie walked over to his buddy.

“Hey Roo” He smiled, he then acknowledged Rachel and Kim.

“Hey Charlie, you made it” Roo said giving him a friendly mate-hug.

Greg who was sitting down at a table toward the back looked over and saw the hug, he wasn’t impressed.

“So are you going to be singing, Charlie?” Kim asked being polite.

“Nah, I can’t” Charlie shook his head.

“That’s ok” Rachel told him. “Neither can I”

Charlie smiled.

“Greg’s here did you want to meet him?” Charlie asked the three of them.

Rachel and Kim shook their heads.

“Yeah, I’ll meet him” Roo said.

Charlie smiled. He walked over towards Greg and Roo started following.

Greg stood up as the two boys walked towards him.

“Greg this is Roo my friend I was telling you about”

Greg held his hand out for Roo to shake; Roo hesitated before gripping the young man’s hand seeing if he could hurt him. When Greg took his hand away, Roo looked down and notice him shake it in pain.

“That’s one hell of a handshake you got” Greg said.

“So how do you two know each other?” Roo asked, trying to hit a nerve with Greg.

“I’m his counsellor” Greg smiled.

“And you two are now friends?”

Greg put his arm around Charlie, trying to make Roo jealous.

“We’re a little more than that,” Greg told him.

“Oh, cool”. Roo lied; he was not cool with it. “Are you going to sing Greg?”

“I don’t know” Greg shrugged. “Are you?”

“I might” Roo told him.

“Oh dancing with myself… Oh dancing with myself… If I had the chance I'd ask the world to dance… If I had the chance I'd ask the world to dance… If I had the chance

I'd ask the world to daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaance… OH…OH …OH!”

The whole room clapped as Colby handed the microphone back to Martha.

“Well done Colby… Ok guys we have a special treat for you tonight, a celebrity duet… Andrew Shepherd and his son Andrew Shepherd Junior are going to be singing Father and Son by Cat Stevens”.

Andrew stood up from the table and walked over to the stage. Roo didn’t look too impressed. Andrew gestured for him to come on stage but Roo shook his head. Andrew took the microphone off Martha.

“Come on guys you have to cheer on my son he’s a little shy”. Andrew said over the Microphone. The crowd cheered.

“Come on Rooster” Kim called.

Roo waved them off.

“Go on” Charlie smiled.

How could Roo say no to Charlie? He got up on stage and took another microphone. The music played and Andrew started singing.

“It's not time to make a change, just relax, take it easy. You're still young, that's your fault, there's so much you have to know. Find a girl and settle down, if you want you can marry. Look at me; I am old, I am happy.”

Roo stood shaking his head at his father unimpressed. Andrew noticed his son’s frustration but continued to sing.

”I was once like you are now, and I know that it's not easy, to be calm when you've found something going on. But take your time, think a lot, think of everything you've got. For you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not.”

Roo glared at his father, how could he embarrass him like this? He put the microphone to his mouth and decided to sing his frustration.

“How can I try to explain, when I do he turns away again… It's always been the same, same old story.”

The audience erupted into an applause so impressed with his voice.

”From the moment I could talk I was ordered to listen… Now there's a way and I know that I have to go away… I know I have to go.”

Andrew smiled he was so proud of his son but I don’t think he realized how annoyed he was at him. Andrew continued singing.

“It's not time to make a change, just sit down, take it slowly. You're still young, that's your fault, there's so much you have to go through. Find a girl, settle down, if you want you can marry. Look at me, I am old, but I'm happy.”

Roo turned his back to his father.

“All the times that I cried, keeping all the things I knew inside, it's hard, but it's harder to ignore it. If they were right, I'd agree, but it's them you know not me. Now there's a way and I know that I have to go away. I know I have to go.”

The audience stood up and applauded the Father and Son. Roo threw the microphone down and walked away.

“Roo” Andrew called out.

But Roo stormed off outside.

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Cooper and Logan were lying down on Cooper and Lily’s bed in their caravan. They were watching a Scary Movie on the portable DVD player.

“No, not in there you stupid woman” Logan yelled at the Movie.

He covered his eyes with his hand. Cooper shook his head at his brother and decided to munch on the popcorn while he watched his brother being frightened- it was more entertaining then the movie itself.

“Oh boob… There you can see her boob” Logan shouted in joy removing the hand from his eyes.

Cooper turned to the screen.

“Oh and now she’s dead” Cooper laughed.

Logan hid behind his hand again.

“Why do they do that? Combine the scariness with the nudity its not fair, I like one and I hate the other”. Logan complained.

“It’s ok the scary bit’s over” Cooper laughed.

Logan took his hand away again.

“Oh but so is the nudity” he complained.

“Oh well it was good while it lasted” Cooper smiled.

Logan nodded in agreement.

“Hey?” Logan asked.


“Do you think Roo is gay?” Logan asked his brother.

“I don’t know, I don’t think so, why?” Cooper responded.

“I overheard him and Candy talking about hot guys, and the way he acts sometimes”

“It doesn’t mean his gay and even if it does would it matter?” Cooper reminded him.

“No it doesn’t to me” Logan admitted, “It would to Dad, though” he continued. “I just wish he would tell me the truth instead of hiding it”.

“Well we all have our secrets” Cooper responded. “Like this fight you and Lily had with Candy, now Lily has avoided us the whole evening. What was that about?”

“Oh its nothing don’t worry, she’ll be back soon”.

“Well I hope so. She isn’t answering her mobile”.


Roo sat at the beach throwing rocks into the waves. Lucas was walking along and noticed him sitting by himself; he decided to keep him company.

“What’s up Roo?” Lucas asked.

“How did you know it was me?” Roo replied.

“The Arm bands” Lucas pointed out.

He sat down next to him.

“What’s the problem?” Lucas asked concerned.

“Oh just my dad being a total dick again”.

“I can relate to that,” Lucas laughed.

“He just thinks he knows me but he doesn’t know anything about me… He doesn’t want to know… He just wants me to be like Cooper or Logan”

“Ok I can’t really relate to that… I have only one brother and Dad usually takes my side over Jack’s anyway that’s the good thing about being the youngest”.

“He just totally embarrassed me in front of the whole Surf Club, he thinks because I am in a band and I like singing with them that I can just get up in front of the whole world and sing a song in front of everyone, not only that it was also mum’s favourite song”.

“Your mum?”

Roo nodded. “She died due to complications when we were born, I never knew much about her”.

“My mum died when I was little too”

Roo looked up at Lucas and saw he was upset too, and he was telling him all his problems that weren’t a big deal and he had no idea why Lucas was upset.

“Why are you walking down the beach by yourself?” Roo asked.

“Oh it’s Belle… she promised we’ll do something today and she just spent the day with Lily”

Roo shook his head.

“Typical women”

Lucas laughed.

“I can talk to Lily about if you want… I’ll tell her to give you two some space, I mean we aren’t that close but I’m sure she’ll listen”.

“No it’s not just today, Belle is always doing this to me, it’s like she doesn’t care about me”.

“I am sure that’s not true, how can she not care about you I mean look at you”.

Lucas looked up at him.

“I mean you are so caring and polite and friendly,” Roo tried to hide what he meant but started making it worst.

“Thanks” Lucas smiled.

The two looked at each other and smiled it was a moment they shared. They both leaned towards each other and their lips touched.

Roo opened his mouth and slid his tongue into Lucas’ mouth, Lucas massaged Roo’s tongue with his own. Lucas layed down into the sand and Roo hopped on top of him. Roo rubbed his hand down Lucas’s side and onto his leg. He felt Lucas’ heart thumping fast through his chest. They were both breathing heavily. The two continued to kiss as Lucas used his hand to rub Roo’s backside. It was then Roo decided to back off. He stood up.

“I’m sorry Lucas” Roo apologised “You have a girlfriend”.

Roo ran off up towards Noah’s.

Lucas stayed on the ground he slumped his head into his arm and hit himself with his other arm for being so stupid.


Logan and Cooper were still watching the movie in the caravan when Lily walked in.

“Where have you been?” Cooper asked as he jumped up and gave her a kiss.

“We’ve got to talk,” She told her boyfriend.

Logan looked up at her.

“Not now, we have to watch the rest of the movie” Logan protested but really he didn’t want Lily to tell his brother the truth.

“Pause it, I’ll watch the rest with you in a sec” Cooper told Logan.

He began to walk out the caravan with Lily.

“No don’t, there’s something I want to tell you first” Logan said thinking quickly.

“Can it wait?” Cooper asked.

“Don’t listen to him,” Lily told her boyfriend.

“It can’t wait… I have to tell you right now” Logan said.

“What is it?” Cooper asked.

“I’m gay” Logan said the first thing that popped into his head.

“No you’re not,” Cooper laughed.

“Yes I am, I like boys with muscles and sexiness, I am so gay” Logan smiled impressed with his lie.

“No you aren’t… I know you aren’t… Stop being a dickhead”. Cooper saw his lie.

“Ok I’m not gay… but I really need to tell you something”

“Ok what is it?” Lily asked knowing he was lying.

“I am not really Logan I am Roo we were separated at birth and I’m really him and Roo’s really Logan”

“God you’re an idiot” Cooper told him before walking out with Lily.

Lily and Cooper walked away from the caravan.

“I’m sorry about Logan, just ignore him, it works for me” Cooper apologised.

Lily stopped him at the barbeque area and they sat down at the table.

“I know what you are going to say and just do it quickly and make it painless”. Cooper told Lily.

“What? Who told you?” Lily asked.

“I could just tell by the way you’ve been acting since our fight the other week, that you’re heart isn’t in it anymore, I understand that you want to end it”.

“What?” Lily asked.

“I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately too, we’re not as close as we were before and I thought this week we’ll make it work and get better but I haven’t seen you much at all today”.

“You want to break up with me? Is that what you are saying?” Lily asked.

“Well yeah… Isn’t that what you want?” Cooper asked.

“Well no, but now that I know its what you want I think it may be for the best” an irate Lily stormed off.

“Lily” Cooper called but she didn’t listen.

Logan was pacing back and forth through the caravan when Cooper walked in.

“Fcuking hell” Cooper slammed the door.

“Look Cooper before you say anything I was drunk and she came…”

“We broke up” Cooper interrupted.

“It was her all her, it wasn’t me” Logan told him.

“What are you on about?” Cooper asked.

“She didn’t tell you?”

“Tell me what?”

“Oh uh, nothing just that she wanted to break up”.

“She didn’t want to break it off… I thought she did but she said she didn’t”

“Screw her man, she’s crazy and I think she’s a lezzo with that Belle chick anyway”

“You think?” Cooper asked.

Logan nodded pleased that he lives to fight another day.

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Colby and Candy were standing at the bar laughing.

“That’s so not fair, I could have knocked him out if you didn’t stop me”. Candy laughed.

“What with those tiny hands?” Colby joked.

“Hey I was mad when I’m mad nobody can mess with me, I’m dangerous”.

“Ok I will remember that for next time”.

“What are you doing tomorrow night?” Colby smiled hiding his nerves.

“Um, not sure why?”

“Well tomorrow would be pretty full on with the competition and all but I haven’t got anything planned for tomorrow night, so do you want to catch a movie at Yabbie Creek?”

“Um, I…”

“Candy” Roo interrupted.

“Roo… I’m talking”

“Sorry, it’s just I need to talk about something” Roo bounced in eagerness.

“Ok one second” she then looked to Colby. “I’ll be back in a second” she then dragged Roo by the arm. “This better be good”.

The two sat on a bench just outside the Surf Club.

“What is it?” Candy asked.

“I kissed Lucas” Roo told his sister.


“Lucas, the blond guy, water pistol”

“Oh well good on you” She stood up and went to walk off but Roo dragged her back to the seat.

“It’s not good he has a girlfriend”

“Oh, what did I say earlier about straight guys?”

“I know and I feel awful and oh my God what do I do?”

“I don’t know, I’m not good at these things, talk to Cooper about it”.

“I can’t do that”

“Look, I’m sorry, good luck, see yah”

She stood up and started to walk back inside.

“Candy, I really need someone’s advice”.

“Ask one of your new friends”

As she walked inside, Charlie was on his way out.

“There you are” Charlie smiled.

“Sorry Charlie, I kind of disappeared after that song”

“It’s ok, you did well by the way, I was impressed”.

“Where’s Greg?”

“He’s inside still, I wanted to find you”.

“Charlie, are you good at giving advice?”

Charlie shook his head. “I’m not even good at taking advice”.

Roo sighed.

“But I’m good at listening”.

“Oh thank god, if I don’t talk to someone about this soon my head will explode”.

The two boys sat down on the seat.

“After I sang that song I went to the beach and Lucas was there too, we started talking and we kissed”. Roo admitted.

“You kissed Lucas?” Charlie asked with disappointment.

“I was attracted to him today but after I found out he was with Belle and I… Well to be honest I still was attracted to him, but I don’t want to be that person”.

“You can’t help being attracted to someone” Charlie reminded Roo.

“But you can control your actions while you are attracted to them, I mean I’m attracted to you but I…” Roo realised and stopped what he was saying.

“You’re attracted to me?” Charlie asked with a smile.

“Oh I’m good tonight aren’t I?” he looked at Charlie. “I’m sorry Charlie, I may be attracted to you but I know you’re with Greg and you’re happy”. Roo then saw an opportunity to find out about Greg. “You are happy with Greg?”

“I love him, it’s just…” Charlie stopped.

“Charlie you can tell me”.

“Sometimes he is nice to me and he says all these great things and makes me feel special and other times…”

“He hits you?”

Charlie nodded before looking to the ground, wiping the tears from his eyes. Roo reached his hand over and lifted Charlie’s head up. He used his thumb to wipe away his tear.

“No one has the right to hit you… nobody”

Charlie shook his head.

“I deserve this, it’s my punishment for what I did to Gran and hurting Kim and Rachel”.

He slumped his face into his hands to cry. Roo grabbed him and pulled him towards him hugging him.

“You do not deserve this. You deserve to be happy”.

Charlie buried his head into Roo’s broad shoulder and Roo didn’t mind one bit that his shirt was soaked with Charlie’s tears. It didn’t last long though when Greg pulled Charlie off of Roo.

“What the f*ck are you doing?”

He dragged Charlie by his shirt along the gravel ground.

Roo stood up and pushed Greg.

“Get your f*cken hands off him” Roo warned.

Greg let go of Charlie who was still on the ground, grazed from the small rocks and concrete. Greg held his hands high in the air showing Roo his opened palms and that he was no threat. Roo backed off. Greg then kicked Charlie hard in the stomach winding him.

“You’re f*cking dead” Roo screamed.

Roo rammed into Greg and threw him into the side of the building. He used his left arm to hold him against the wall and used his right fist to damage his face.

Kim and Rachel were walking out of the Surf Club, when they heard the fight. They ran over to them. Rachel noticing Charlie in distressed bent down next to him.

“Charlie what’s wrong? Is it your lung?”

Charlie shook his head. “Help Roo”, he pleaded.

Kim was already onto it. The strong young man managed to hold Roo off Greg.

“What’s going on?” The hunk asked.

“These crazy kids just attacked me,” Greg told him.

Roo laughed.

“He’s been hitting Charlie”.

“I have not,” Greg argued. “Ask him”.

Rachel helped Charlie to stand.

“Charlie has Greg been hitting you?” Kim asked.

Charlie looked up at Greg, who was pulling the ‘I love you’ face.

“Charlie you don’t deserve this”. Roo reminded him.

Charlie nodded. “He’s been doing it for months, it started at Reefton Lakes”.

Kim grabbed the prick and twisted his arm behind his back. Greg screamed in pain.

“He’s lying” Greg cried.

“I don’t think so buddy” Kim shook his head. “Call the police, Rachel”.

Greg glared at Roo, with his evil eyes.

“You are dead you hear me Shepherd”

“Wow, death threats, violence towards patients, are you hearing this Rachel?”

Rachel nodded. “You’re going away for a long time”. Rachel smiled as she dialled ‘000’ on her mobile. By now a small crowd has heard the ruckus and have gathered around to see what has happened.

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Logan jogged to towards the amenities block in the Caravan Park, before he got there though he was grabbed from behind.

“What did you tell him?” Lily looked a mess.

“Tell who?”

“Cooper, what did you say to him?”

“Nothing” he went to open the door but Lily grabbed his shoulder.

“He dumped me”

Logan shrugged.

“What did you say?”

“I’ve got to **** badly”.

“I’m not letting you go until you tell me what you said to him”.

“He doesn’t know what happened between us he dumped you because he doesn’t like you…. Now I don’t mind if you come in with me, I just really need to ****”.

Lily let go of him and Logan ran inside.

Cooper was watching the Scary Movie in his caravan. Munching on Smith Chips he was really into the intense Climax.

On the screen the female Protagonist ran into a trailer to hide from ‘the killer’ when the black-gloved hand smashed the window of the trailer, Cooper jumped when someone knocked on the caravan door.

Cooper paused the movie and opened the door. Lily stood at the doorway.

“What did he tell you?” she asked.

“Lily? What?” Cooper looked stunned.

“What did he tell you to make you dump me?” Lily held back tears.

“Have you been drinking?” Cooper gestured for her to come inside which she does.

“What did he say?”

“Nobody said anything, you’ve just been really distant the last few weeks, and we were heading that way anyway. It was only a matter of time”.

“But I love you and I didn’t mean it”.

“Your drunk, where’s Belle?”

“He tricked me I thought he was you”

“What are you talking about?”

“I slept with him because I thought he was you”.


Charlie sat on the lounge, looking white as a ghost, he was shirtless while Rachel inspected his body for injuries and used her fingers to feel for internal injuries.

“Everything feels ok, is there any pain inside Charlie?” she asked.

“No, just here” he showed Rachel his stomach where he was kicked.

Rachel stood back.

“So is he ok?” Roo asked biting his nail.

“Well there doesn’t appear to be anything broken, just take it easy the next couple of days Charlie, no more beach footy”.

“Thanks Rachel” Charlie smiled while putting his shirt back on.

“And I spoke to Jack and you can make your statement to the police in the morning”.

Charlie nodded.

“Charlie, you have to promise us if anyone hurts you, you have to say something,” Rachel asked.

“I promise… why are you being so nice to me after what I did?” Charlie asked.

Roo sat down next to him and patted him gently on his back.

“Don’t worry about it Charlie” Kim told him.

“We’re going to head off now, so if there’s anything just call us,” Rachel told the boys.

“Thanks for all your help” Charlie told them.

Roo walked them to the front door.

“Thanks you guys” Roo told them.

“Thanks for looking after him” Rachel responded. “Not many guys would”.

“No its fine. I’ll see you later”.

Kim waved and Roo closed the door after them.

Roo sat down next to Charlie.

“You should go home too,” Charlie told him.

“Not a chance buddy, you’re stuck with me tonight” Roo playfully rubbed the top of his head. “I’ve just got to call my Dad to let him know… Just excuse me for a second”.


Cooper was punching into Logan, outside the amenities block.

“I’m sorry Coop” Logan tried pleading with his brother.

“How could you do this?” Cooper asked using his brother’s face as a punching bag.


Andrew knocked on the door of his son’s caravan. Lily answered.

“Hey Lily, have you seen Cooper and Logan?”

Lily shrugged before shutting the door. Andrew knocked again but Lily ignored him.

Andrew’s mobile rang.

“Hello… Roo where have you been?” he shook his head in disbelief. “Is he ok?” he took a deep breath. “Alright I’ll see you in the morning… Oh before you go have you seen your brother’s?”

“Dad!” Candy shouted in sheer terror.

“Roo I’ve got to go mate”

He dropped the phone and ran to his daughter’s screams.


Candy tried hard to hold her brother back but he was too strong. Logan’s face was covered in blood.

“Cooper stop it, you’re going to kill him,” she pleaded.

But Cooper pushed his sister off of him and continued punching into his brother. Andrew rushed over and held Cooper back.

“What the f*ck is going on?” Andrew shouted at his children.

“He slept with Lily dad,” Cooper cried.

Andrew looked into his sons’ eyes.

“Get Lost Logan,” he told him.

“Dad?” Logan pleaded. Wiping the blood off his face.

“GET THE F*CK OUT OF MY SIGHT” Andrew shouted.

Logan took off.

“I’m going to kill him dad” Cooper hypo ventilated.

Andrew hugged Cooper, “It’s ok son just breath, deep breaths”.


Lily locked herself in the caravan. Her mobile phone started ringing, she looked at the Caller ID. ‘BELLE CALLING’

She answered the phone.


“Lily what’s going on you’re scaring me”

“I’m going to kill him”.

“Don’t say that Lily”

“I don’t care I’m serious… I’m going to kill him”.

Lily’s hand shook as she hung up the phone.


Logan ran through the bush, he stopped to spit blood out of his mouth. He is grabbed from behind.

“What the f*ck do you want?” he asked

Suddenly he screamed…


Roo knocked on Charlie’s bathroom door.

“Charlie you’ve been in there for a while”.

He heard the shower still going,

“Charlie are you al… Owe”

He grabbed his stomach in pain.

“Holy sh*t that hurts”

Suddenly he dropped to the ground. Holding his stomach and crying from the sharp pain he was feeling.


Cooper walked through the bush holding his stomach in pain, all of a sudden he can’t bare it any longer and he collapsed.

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“Do you know what they’re saying about you in the mags?”

“Let me guess, ah… bullsh*t, bullsh*t, half truth, bullsh*t!”

“Roo, give us a hand?” Logan asked.

“With what?” asked Roo as he walked towards them.

Logan handed him the bag of Chinese food he then grabbed his backpack and walked towards the door.

“You could have held both” Roo snapped.

“You have to apologise… you can’t leave like that” Roo almost ordered his brother.

“I’m not apologizing”. Logan walked into his room.

Roo stood at the doorway.

“Grow up Logan, you can’t treat people like that”.

Logan shut the door in his face.

“We haven’t seen each other much not since a few weeks ago and I’ve been getting an extinct feeling that you are trying to brush me off”.

“You mean distinct”.


“It was a mistake… I was drunk, never again”

“You know the ‘I was drunk excuse’ only works if you were actually drinking”.

“Logan, f*ck off”

“I spy with my little eye something beginning with A?” … “A road”

“Didn’t you find one?” she asked.

“One what?” Logan replied a little confused but mostly annoyed.

“The Ladder… You were going to help me with my antenna?” That horrible smile glared at Logan.

“Fix your own damn antenna” Logan snapped before walking off.

“You know we belong together… we’re always there for one another…

We’ll always be together… at Seabury Beach you’ll find a home”

“You really surprise me mate, you’re a great guy when you want to be but ninety per cent of the time you only care about yourself and you don’t care who get’s hurt, one day you’re going to really need someone’s help but there will be no one left to help you”.

“You are dead you hear me Shepherd”


“I’m going to kill him dad”

“I’m going to kill him”.

“Don’t say that Lily”

“I don’t care I’m serious… I’m going to kill him”.

“…One day you’re going to really need someone’s help but there will be no one left to help you”.


Roo awoke on Charlie’s lounge and smiled to see Charlie waiting for him to wake up.

“Good morning” Roo smiled.

“Good morning… How’s your stomach ache”

“It’s gone now, but it was weird it lasted a while and it hurt like hell, I haven’t experienced anything like that before in my life”.

“Maybe you should see Rachel”

“Well it’s gone now”

“Want a coffee or something? Weet-Bix?”

Roo shook his head.

“We should head off to the Police Station to make that statement”.


At the Yabbie Creek Police Station, the officers were running around frantically.

“Nobody calls the media, keep it quiet- not until the family is notified… You guys hear me?” Peter ordered his officers.

Jack walked into the Station late for work. He noticed the panic. He looked to Lara who was on the phone.

“What the hell is going on?” he asked.

“There was a murder last night”. Lara stopped the conversation to tell him.

Peter walked out of his office.

“Jack your with me”

Peter walked out of the station. Jack started to follow.

“Hey Jack…” Lara stopped him.

Jack turned to Lara.

“Have you got your autograph book?”

Jack laughed. “What?”

“It was Logan Shepherd”.

Jack looked speechless.

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