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Christmas Wish

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Story title:

Type of story:

Main characters: Aden and Belle, also Roman, Nicole, Geoff and Annie , Irene

Genre: Romance and drama

BttB Rating: G/T

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Any spoilers included:No

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Summary: Aden has left Belle and Summer Bay when he returns for Christmas his life hangs in the balance.

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Belle had just returned from Christmas shopping. She looked at her list

Geoff (book vouchers)

Annie (make up)

Angelo (t-shirt)

Irene (necklace)

Roman ( a book called how to deal with teenage girls)

She sighed she had a last got everybody’s presents, she went to place them carefully in her wardrobe, then she noticed the box the present she had got for Aden before he dumped her. Opening up the box tears came down her eyes, it was a sliver picture frame engraved with A & B forever and a picture of the 2 of them together.

Placing it carefully back in the box and putting it back in her wardrobe, she looked at her watch and noticed she had 10 minutes to get to the diner.


Aden sat in his car, he looked at the sign WELCOME TO SUMMER BAY he wasn’t sure he was doing right coming back here, but Nicole and Roman had been on at him to come back at least for Christmas . He smiled to himself this would be his first real family Christmas and he was looking forward to it.


Belle arrived at the diner, Irene and Roman were stood talking and as soon as Belle walked in they stopped.

Before she could have time to ask them what they were talking about, Angelo appeared in front of her “morning sexy” he said

“morning” she repiled not really wanting to talk to him.

As the day went on the diner got busy, and Irene, Roman and Belle were so busy they didn’t have time to stop.

Charlie and Jack then came in to the diner, asking for Roman.

Jack “ It’s Aden he’s been in an accident”

Roman “ How bad is it”

Charlie “ Really bad, they don’t know if he’s gonna make it”

Belle and Nicole appeared from the kitchen

“Dad what is it”

“It’s Aden, he’s been in a car crash”

“Is he going to be ok” Belle asked

Roman looked at her “ It’s bad, they don’t know if he will make it”

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They arrived at the hospital an hour later.

Rachel was the first person they saw, she took Roman to a side room. Nicole and Belle sat down.

“What if he dies” Nicole asked Belle

“He won’t”

“You don’t know, I couldn’t bear to lose him Belle, he’s like my brother “

Belle smiled at Nicole, she tried hard to believe what she had just said but she wasn’t sure if he would survive this.

Roman, Nicole and Belle entered his room, he looked peaceful , you would think he was sleeping if it wasn’t for all the wires.

As soon as Belle saw him, she just wanted to hug him , but he wasn’t her’s anymore. He had made sure of that.

They had been at the hospital for a few hours, he was still fighting which was a good sign Rachel had told them.

Over in the corner lay his suitcase and some Christmas presents, Nicole walked over to the bag and looked inside. First she saw her present , she had asked him for a handbag and she knew he had gotten it for her. She smiled to herself, Aden was someone she had grown to love like a brother and she wasn’t going to lose him now.

Presents for Roman and Morag were in the bag as well, but something else caught Nicole’s eye a present for Belle and a letter. Taking the letter out of the bag, she passed it to Belle. Not sure if she wanted to read it in front of them, she took her time but it all got to much for Nicole who took it out of her hands and opened it, Belle then snatched it back and read it,


I’m so sorry for hurting you, it was never meant to be this hard. I thought if I could just let you go you could get on with your life without me.

I didn’t think it would be this hard to see you everyday, that’s why I left. Nicole kept in touch with me and told me how you were getting on and how you were dating Angelo.

I hope he can make you happy like I couldn’t.

I love your more that you know.



Belle thought to herself, Angelo wasn’t making her happy. He had made a move on her as soon as Aden had left town. Belle hadn’t give herself time to get over Aden, in fact she thought to herself she would never get over Aden.

Angelo appeared in the Aden‘s hospital room “What the hell do you think you are doing here” he shouted at Belle.

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Angelo walked over to Belle and grabbed her arm

“your coming with me “ he shouted at her

“no I’m not” she screamed

As Roman got up out of his chair, the life support machine started to bleep.

Rachel came running in the room and told everyone to wait outside.

Roman went face to face with Angelo “ if anything happens to him, I’ll make sure you pay”

“why are you so concerned with a loser like that”

Roman looked at Angelo with a look of anger.

Nicole walked over to him “he’s family”

“He’ s not your family, just some loser you picked off the street”

Roman grabbed Angelo by his collar “he might not be a Harris and he might not be blood, but he’s part of my family so do us all a favour and get lost”

He turned to Belle “come on I’m leaving”

Belle replied with out even looking at him “I’m staying”

Then she felt a hug, Nicole and her might not have been friends but they had one thing in common they both loved Aden.

Rachel appeared 5 minutes later, they had got him back.

Belle and Nicole were asleep on the couch, Roman sat in the chair next to Aden.

“come on son, wake up” he felt tears rolling down his eyes, he might not of been his son but he had become so much part of his and Nicole’s life he was family.

It was 10 am and everybody was still asleep, Rachel came in and told everyone to go home and get some sleep. They all said no,

“well go home and get a show then and come back later, Aden will wonder what’s going on if he wakes up to you lot”

“I will stay with him, you lot go. Anything happens I will give you a ring”

Roman had to push Belle and Nicole out of Aden’s room, he dropped Belle and Nicole off at the beach house.

Nicole looked at Belle “ I need to see Geoff, I just want him to tell me Aden’s going to be ok”

Belle gave Nicole a smile and opened the door to the beach house, sat at the table was Angelo and Irene.

“Belle I’m sorry”

“Just leave me alone Angelo, I don’t want you anywhere near me”

“But Belle, just listen”

“He could of died today, thank god he didn’t. Just leave me alone. I’m going to get a shower and then I'm going back to the hospital.

“I thought we were going out tonight”

“Just leave me alone, I don’t want you anywhere near me”

Belle slammed her bedroom door, opened up her wardrobe and looked at the picture of her and Aden.

“Don’t die, don’t leave me alone I need you, I love you.

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