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Lost Without You

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Story Title: Lost Without You

Type of story: Mostly likely short fic at present

Main Characters: Centred around Aden & Belle and their subsequent families/friends

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No.

Any warnings: Sexual content

Summary: Belle's struggling to cope with her new life as a mother of a four-month-old girl. Her loneliness associated with bringing up a child alone and living in a small town away from anyone she really knows is leading her to depression. Meanwhile, Aden is leading a rebellious and self-destructive life as he parties every night and picks up random girls, hoping to forget the past.

Lost Without You

“Shhhh...” She rocked her baby gently, pressing a delicate kiss to her forehead before placing her into the cot. It was 9pm. Way past bedtime for little Gracie, but tonight Belle just needed her company. She was lonely and tonight Belle needed another human being to hold onto.


Aden slammed the door of the cab and bolted across the oval and down an alleyway before slowing down to check he was far enough away.

“Score!” His mate, Tim, held up a hand and Aden slapped it back, both young men grinning at their success. It wasn't that they didn't have the money to pay for the ride, it was just the thrill of bailing on a cab. The excitement surrounding the situation.

Pulling his flask from his hip, Aden held it out to Tim. “Let's sink this stuff before we get to the pub. We may as well take advantage of the cheap grog now.” Tim took a swig before handing it back to Aden who polished it off. The pubs were only a 5 minute walk from where they were and they wanted the effects of the alcohol to hit them before they got in the door.


“Where you from gorgeous?” Aden sidled up to the blonde, taking in her long legs and cleavage before whispering into her ear.

“Originally, Queensland.” She shouted back at him, the pumping music stealing most of her voice as she drunkenly swung to the beat. “But I'm at Newcastle uni nowadays. Just here in Sydney for the long weekend! You?”

“Just the other side of town. I'm at TAFE.” Aden reached to touch her hand, a handshake-like gesture as he introduced himself and confirmed his attraction to her. “Aden, by the way.”

“I'm Tiffany. Let's dance!” She smiled at him as she swayed closer, taking his hand and pulling him towards the dancefloor. The alcohol gave her all the confidence she needed to show her infatuation with him.

As they reached the dancefloor, Aden spun her towards him. Grinding his hips towards hers, she moved closer, allowing their lips to graze in the centre. Aden grinned at himself as they moved over the dancefloor with locked lips. Pleased with his score for the night, he wondered if Tim would get quite this lucky.


Sighing, Belle rolled over and sat up, sipping from her glass of water. The sounds of Gracie's gurgling through the monitor had woken her up earlier than she'd hoped. She stood slowly, wishing she had some sort of adult support with her daughter. Dealing with a four-month-old was just too hard alone. She loved Gracie so much but her happiness was barred by her craving for love and support from other adults. Closing her eyes and braving a smile, she wondered whether post natal depression could develop four whole months after birth before she stepped from her room to comfort her daughter.


Aden's head thumped as he awoke from his slumber. Muttering Belle's name under his breath he opened his eyes, coming back to the reality of a year without Belle and an unfamiliar blonde face staring back at him. “Morning.” The blonde cooed as he yawned, pulling the sheet with her as she sat up and slided to the end of the bed to retrieve her clothes.

“Hey-” Aden grabbed the end of the sheet before she completely exposed him.

“Nothing I haven't seen before.” She flirted with him and Aden rolled his eyes. He could think of nothing better than a greasy breakfast and a day in bed, alone. His head needed a break from this thumping.

“Right, well. I'd better head off.” He let his legs hang off the bed as he retrieved his jeans. “Thanks. I'll see ya round. I guess.” He stood as he buttoned his jeans, turning to the door and lifting his hand to say goodbye.

“You're quite the regular at this hey.” The blonde's words stopped him in his tracks. “Whispering some other random girl's name as you wake, leaving so casually...”

“Belle's not a random.” Aden's words came at her with force. “Just leave it OK.” He pulled the door open.

“I'm Tiffany... Just for the record...” She shouted as he slammed the door behind him, disappearing into oblivion.


Please let me know what you think! I'm new here so any feedback would be appreciated! I think this is just going to be a short fic with about 6 chapters this long but I'm not quite sure yet and open to suggestions.

By the way, call me Sus :)


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Great start - I love it! It's so different, and it's so well written. I love how you show both Belle's and Aden's thoughts on everything. I feel for sorry for Belle, esp that bit when she just wanted someone else to hold onto and when was thinking about post-natal depression.

I really cannot wait for more. So many questions!


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Thank you so much for all your comments. I really appreciate hearing a bit of feedback! I will do my best to get to reviewing some of your stuff soon, since I am now on holidays :wink:

I'm not as happy with the flow of this chapter, in particular the phone conversation. I think my dialogue needs some work!

Anyway, let me know what you think :)


Chapter 2

Aden sat at a table in the small cafe. His hands cupped his coffee mug as he slowly sipped, patiently waiting for the fried egg and bacon meal to appear in front of him.

“Had a feeling I'd find you here. Looked like you needed it.” Aden turned and realised she was talking to him, that blonde again. Why couldn't he have made it a little further from her apartment before getting his greasy fix? A one night stand was called as such for a reason. One night. No day. No fuss.

“So... what's with this Belle chick?” As she spoke she pulled out the chair opposite him on the table. Slowly, she sunk into it and pulled his coffee away from him for a sip. He stared at her, slowly blinking in frustration. “Look. Sorry. Wrong start. I need some breakfast and you look like you need someone to talk to. Let me order and then I'm all ears.” The girl smiled at him. He could see that beneath her try-hard exterior lay the heart of someone who could see his pain. She just wanted to help out, what harm could his story do anyway?


Belle sat on the couch, rocking Gracie back to sleep. Life was so dull these days that she'd resorted to watching daytime television all day, everyday. She needed change. Bellmore, the small town she lived in, had a population of about 50 people. She'd moved there with Gracie as soon as she was fit to drive after giving birth in one of the city hospitals. She had needed to get away.

Kissing her baby's forehead, Belle placed her back into her cot for her midday nap. Gracie was a good kid, generally sleeping through the night already. Shutting the door, Belle heard the phone begin to ring – a sound that was rare in her apartment. Lifting the receiver, she spoke “hello?”.

“Belle love, it's Irene.”

“Irene! How are you?” Belle loved to hear the sound of her foster mother's voice.

“I'm good darl, but I'm ringing to see how you are. I haven't heard from you in yonks love.” Belle smiled, realising at least one person missed her.

“We're fine. What's news in the Bay?” Belle spoke quickly, attempting to change the topic.

“Just fine Belle?” Irene pressed her. “You must be lonely.”


“Love. It's OK to come home now. Everyone would love you back. And the surprise of Gracie with you, well, I can't even imagine how excited people would be.” Irene was yet to meet the little one. The only person who had was Mattie, and no one else even knew she existed.

“I don't know if I'm ready yet Irene.” Belle felt as though she could tell Irene anything. The woman helped light her soul. “They'll all think I'm so weak, hiding from the truth.”

“No one will think bad of you Belle. They'll understand why you were scared. He isn't here anymore either love. He won't find out.”

“I don't know...” Belle stumbled, looking for excuses to stay here longer. Yes, she craved company, but she couldn't imagine going back now. It seemed cruel to hide her child from all those who loved her.

“That's it. I'm coming to get you. I'll be there at lunchtime tomorrow. I know it's going to be hard darl, but it'll be worth it. I promise.”


“Start at the beginning.” Tiffany smiled as she filled up their water glasses. Aden's food had arrived and he shovelled it into his mouth. Taking a break to talk, Aden told Tiffany the story of how he met Belle. How she despised him at first and grew to love him with his persistence. How he divulged his greatest secrets to her and he helped her through them. How he hit a rough patch and everything went to ****.

“I loved her so much, I still don't know what I was doing.” Aden's eyes welled up at the thought of it. “I lost it. We got into a silly little argument and I totally lost it.”

“I'm not going to judge you.” Tiffany looked across the table and grabbed his hand for support.

Tears fell from Aden's eyes as he admitted the truth to someone he'd basically call a stranger. “I hit her. Slapped her right across the face. I was out of control.”

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:o He hit her?!

Great chapter! Answered a few questions, but now I have more!

Can't wait until Belle returns to the Bay - that is if she lets Irene take her with her.

I really want to know about that argument they had, and what it is that Belle's hiding from.

Cannot wait for more!


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