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Dani Sutherland - Tammin Sursok


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I loved Dani, she was my favourite Sutherland. I loved her relationship with Scott.

I never saw her when she was in it but since then I have seen loads of past episodes. I just wish I could find more episodes, where she was in prison and her relationship her teacher.

I think Tammin did a good job during the rape storyline with Kane.

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Hmmm…Dani Sutherland. What can I say?

I’ll start by saying (If you hadn’t guessed already) that I’m a massive Kirsty/Kane fan so it should be pretty obvious how I feel about Dani…wrong!

Danielle Sutherland was without doubt one of my favourite characters in Home and Away ever. Period.

When she first came into the show I really didn’t like her. She was stuck up, pompous, obnoxious and totally into herself. It seemed as though at the time the writers were trying to portray her as a spoilt brat. I wasn’t sure what to make of her and Will either. Most of the time Will seemed reasonably laid back. And then he starts going out with Dani, someone who in my opinion was high maintenance. But they gelled well together and he seemed to be able to handle her (probably because he was laidback). Also he was very supportive of her after the rape. Out of all of her relationships, I honestly believe Will was the only person that Dani was truly happy with until that was ruined by the pregnancy with Gypsy.

I could never understand why so many hardcore KK fans seemed to hate Dani. I just couldn’t get my head around it. Going through previous forums (not just Back To The Bay) reasons cited included Dani was ruining Kirsty and Kane’s happiness because she wouldn’t let them be together. I mean come on she was raped. I do feel part of the reason for this was because at the time a lot of KK fans included the younger audience members that hadn’t fully understood what actually happened.

Don’t get me wrong because for me it was KK to the end but I felt that the writers messed up. It wasn’t so much the ambiguity of the rape which bothered me but the way they dealt with it from 2003 onwards when Kane returned.

More prudent would have been for the writers to maybe have Flynn set up more mediations sessions, between Kane and Dani with even Kirsty sitting in the mediation and have them come to some sort of understanding. A lot of people say Kirsty was selfish but I don’t feel she herself fully understood the effects her relationship was having on her sister and family and the mediation might have helped her to.

Regardless of whether you liked Dani or not there’s no denying that she was involved in some of the best storylines – The attack itself, the first trial, the accident, the second trial, the mediation, her time in prison etc. And I felt the whole KK forbidden love thing just wouldn’t have been as good without her. KK aside think of the article she wrote which was the trigger for the Sarah Lewis storyline and in my opinion one of the most significant events in recent years. Mainly because this seemed almost like a catalyst for other events and how many characters resulted indirectly from that story. If you were to draw a timeline of events in Summer Bay a lot of the ones over the last few years would have appeared from that.

I can understand people disliking Dani because at times she was all about me, me, me and she was whiny but that in the end I felt was actually one of the things I liked about her and she wouldn’t have been the same without that. The ironic thing was that she was made out to be selfish but I thought she was anything but selfish. She sacrificed her own happiness and made herself miserable because she loved her sister so much and wanted her to be happy. That was one of the reasons why I actually grew to admire her.

I felt really sorry for Dani mainly because she always came across as an extremely sad person and Tammin played the part beautifully. I wasn’t happy with her final episode and her ending (as I felt that someone who contributed so much to the show over a four year period deserved better) but the reality is that characters don’t always get happy endings. And regardless of whether her ending was good or bad, I did feel as KK’s ending suited them similarly Dani’s ending suited her.

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I loved Danni when she arrived in the bay. She was, as Slade said, a stuck-up, spoilt brat, but I loved her. I vivedly remember her walking around the caravan park after she first arrived, attempting to get cell phone reception so she could ring her friends in the city lol. I loved her relationship with Will. As Slade said (again) he was always fairly laid back and she was high maintenance but I thinked it worked well together. They kind of balanced each other out and Will helped her relax a little haha.

After a while, I don't know exactly when it happened, Danni became too whiny for me to like much anymore. By the time she left I was glad to see the back of her but I think she will always be a past favourite of mine.

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Mixed feelings on this one.

Tammin was an amazing actress!

But with Dani herself, it was a case of.. loved her at first, wasn't too keen at the end of her time there.

The start of Dani Sutherland's days in the bay were her best ones I think. I loved the Dani/Will story... I thought they went amazingly well together & I loved how he was always trying to get her attention to begin with (anyone remember that scene when he walks through the caravan park with his surfboard and he's smiling at her, but she just shoots him a funny look so he turns his head in a humiliated way and carries on walking - CLASSIC!) and then eventually she gives in, they had some very funny arguements too which always amused me. And I think they gel a lot more then Dani did with anybody else.

And that Will naked in the cupboard scene was just unbeatable!!!!

I didn't like the rape storyline. They never went into any relevant detail about it and I think it could have gone a lot better. But that's just my opinion.

I loved the Will/Gypsy/Dani story the most, as it was hard for all three of them, I felt bad that Will chose Gyps though! I really wanted Will and Dani to work. But they wanted to leave the show so what can ya do? And I suppose Dani's character would have just been held back.

I did enjoy the prison storyline, and when Dani was the one tied up alone in the kitchen while the others were hostage was quite good too.

I didn't like Scott & Dani as a couple. I never did really, I didn't take too well to Josh either. But maybe, after Will Dani just couldnt find anyone better. I didn't think Scott meshed with Dani well enough. And I was quite pleased Scott stated she loved herself more then anyone else, because her character had turned out that way in the end.

Then it paved the way for Scott & Hayley :lol:

But in general, Despite whether Dani was cool or annoying, Tammin Sursok played her very well!

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I have recently watched all of the KK episodes(with Dani) from 2002/2003 and now that I have seen all of that I can see why some people say shes miserable and whiny but can you blame her, I mean she gets raped and then her sister ends up marrying her rapist. I think anyone in her situation would be exactly the same. Seeing the man who raped her everyday,with her sister, has got to be one of the worst feelings in the world. I think Tammin is an amazing actress and I would love (not that it will ever happen) for Dani to return or at least a mention of what shes up to now.

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^Well he didn’t marry Kirsty in 2002/2003 it was early 2004 where they actually got married (illegally). And she actually seemed to calm down after this. Well at least as far as KK were concerned. There was also the fact that Kane effectively got Dani sent to prison when he said she deliberately ran him over.

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