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Simple recipe for 21st

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Simple recipe for 21st

24 October 2008

The Courier-Mail, Australia (couriermail.com.au)

LUCKILY for Lincoln Lewis' nearest and dearest it's not going to take much to keep him happy on his 21st.

The Home and Away star, who comes of age today, told Confidential he intends to have a bit of a sleep-in this morning, followed by a big brekky with his family in Brisbane, before heading off to the Gold Coast with a couple of mates for a swim.

"I said to mum, "I don't want to do anything -- take me to Maccas and buy me a Happy Meal and that will be sweet','' Lincoln said.

Tonight the blond hottie, along with his brother Mitchell Lewis, will join the likes of surfers Joel Parkinson and Mark "Occy'' Occhilupo, as well as swimming glamour girl Stephanie Rice at the Xbox 360 Indy Fever Party on the Gold Coast.

And while Lewis said he'd probably sneak in a "cheeky beverage'' to celebrate turning the big 2-1, he's not planning on overdoing it.

"I don't drink much because I'm trying to get fit,'' he said. "They like to do all those beach shots on Home and Away, so I've got to look the part.''

Lewis credits his dad, rugby league great Wally Lewis, with instilling in him the drink in moderation message.

"I reckon when he was my age he was a bit of a party dude, but now Dad sort of just hangs about and does his own thing -- I've never seen Dad really rock out. He's just a really well-behaved bloke,'' Lewis said. "It's actually something I've always looked up to as well.''


He doesn't ask for much... so down to earth. Happy 21st Linc again (already wished you in the B'day thread!) :D

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