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Kip Gamblin and Ella Scott to join All Saints

Guest **Julie**

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Changes are afoot for Channel 7's long-running medical drama All Saints. Seven will change the name of the series to All Saints MRU next year - though why the title is being fiddled with remains unclear. The network refused to shed any light on the change when asked during the week. The All Saints production was rocked last month by the death of popular cast member Mark Priestley. And this year cast member Virginia Gay was beaten in a random street assault in Sydney in June. Two new characters, to be played by Kip Gamblin and Ella Scott, have been written into the show.

Source - Sunday Herald Sun

I'm assuming Ella Scott is Ella Scott Lynch?

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I looked it up but the only that makes sense it Maximum Receive Unit.

Although, I looked up Maximum recieve unit and this is what I found...

Short for Maximum Receive Unit, MRU is data sent to inform remote systems of the local computer or network device's maximum packet size.

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I guess it's not that then.

From HAAC -

Friends a help in show's darkhour

21 September 2008

Sunday Telegraph

THEIR friendship from Home And Away days helped All Saints recruits Kip Gamblin and Ella Scott Lynch to settle in while the crew was in mourning.

The pair joined the Channel 7 drama the week before long-time cast member Mark Priestley took his life on August 27.

"It was a very heavy period for a few days there. It is still very much at the back of people's minds,'' said Gamblin, 33, who will play Dr Adam Rossi.

"It is one of those things -- you go about your day and it keeps resurfacing. It keeps hitting people again.''

Both Lynch and Gamblin knew Priestley when they worked on the Summer Bay soap, which is shot in the same studios.

"I think it helped that we weren't complete strangers coming into a family and witnessing something like this,'' said Lynch, 25, who will play nurse Claire Anderson.

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How weird. All Saints switched from Ward 17 to the ED without needing a name change. Why would they change it now? And does Medical Response Unit mean the people who dispatch Ambulances and stuff? Sort of like they're tying to make a medical version of Rush for some reason...? Or are they just adding random letters to make it sound "cool" like ER, SVU, CI, CSI, NCIS, GT, GX, ETC... MRU sounds stupid and complicated, and dangerously like it will be taking the focus off the hospital and therefore off the doctors and nurses and be all about the most random and "shocking" medical call outs with blood and guts and gore and nothing else... God, I hope not.

Those articles are also weird. They sounded like Kip and Ella were filling in for Mark and Virginia, which I doubt, since they were hired before Mark died and a long time after Virginia was attacked.

AND it will be weird seeing Kip and Ella arrive on All Saints "MRU" at the same time, since they left H&A at the same time.

They've got a full-on exchange program happening with these shows. I suppose it's a lucky thing that I watch them both.

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