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Nowhere Kids

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Story Title: Nowhere Kids

Type of story: Long fic

Main Characters: Belle/Aden, but also some of the others i haven't decided who exactly.

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama/Romance

Does story include spoilers: maybe for uk but its maily AU

Any warnings: SC, L, VD

Summary: The teens who attend the Summer Bay clinic have secrets that seperate them from their peers the only place they can feel normal is amongst others like them,

they have nowhere to call home because no one wants them, they are nowhere kids.

It was the quiet, the complete lack of sound that made him the most nervous. It just felt wrong to have such a large group of teenagers in a room together and for it to be silent. Maybe silent was the wrong word because people were talking, but it was scarce, their voices barely above a whisper as they murmured to those nearby as if telling a secret.

It wasn't always like this or at least that's what he had been told, he was also told to be patient that it would get easier, the staring would stop and someone would speak to him and then another and another and soon he'd feel right at home. Yeah right, because the bars on the windows gave the place a real homey feel. Growling in frustration he rose from his place on the couch, he never realised you could actually feel peoples eyes on you but he could and they burned his back as he left the room. He never minded attention before he came here.

Walking slowly because if he was honest with himself he had nowhere to go and absolutely nothing to do when he got there he just couldn't stay in that room a moment longer. He felt like he was on display, constantly being watched and not in the good check out his smokin body way but in a I wonder just how insane he is kind of way. Like they had any right to judge him, they were just as bad if not worse than him at least he had mastered normal social etiquette one of the basics being that staring is rude.

Looking around him he realised he had wandered un knowingly to the lobby, which he noticed was completely empty, perfect for sitting and not being stared at. He smiled wryly at his situation. He used to thrive on attention, running towards it rather than away, he was the star of the footy team and he was; if not the most popular guy then definitely the most well known in his school, girls threw themselves at him, guys wanted to be his mate and even some guys threw themselves at him which while awkward on occasion was also mildly flattering. And now here he is shying away from the questioning eyes. Roman would be so proud, he had been telling him to do just that since he first moved in with him; something about his ego and the size of his head and peoples sheer hatred of him.

The opening of the main door to his left brought him out of his thoughts and he looked up to be met with the sight of a pretty blond woman, she was young but not young enough to be in this place and he was pretty sure she didn't work here he would remember seeing her before. He watched as she approached the reception desk the scowl already present on her face darkening when she noted the absence of anybody behind the desk.

"Hello?" She called angrily towards the back room. "Could somebody please get out here and help me. You know like your job specifies."

Slowly the receptionist appeared a polite but forced smile on her face. "How may I help you Ms?"

"I'm here to check my daughter in; I believe we spoke on the phone earlier. My name's Amanda Vale." The blond replied a look of boredom covering her face.

"Yes just let me check our records Ms Vale." The receptionist responded tightly irritation evident in her voice.

A laugh unexpectedly escaped his mouth as he watched the two women glare at each other. It was sad that this was his only source of entertainment but he'd take what he could get.

Turning at the sudden noise the blond glared at him. "Excuse me this is a private conversation and I'd appreciate it if you would stop eavesdropping. "

Raising his hands in silent defence he smirked at her, under different circumstances he probably would have made a move on her.

"Ms Vale?" The receptionist called her attention back. I'll show your daughter to her room now. Eh where exactly is she?"

"Damn it she was right behind me." Amanda exclaimed Turning quickly and stalking towards the door. "This is getting ridiculous." She muttered pulling the door open.

"What are you doing?" She demanded though he noted that her voice softened. "Come on lets get you to your room."

"Actually Ms Vale Dr. Birado would like to speak to you before you go to the room."

"Fine." She replied curtly before turning back to her daughter. "Wait here I'll be back in a minute."

"Okay I'll just sit." The girl replied. "I can be left alone for a few minutes Amanda without the world ending."

"Sure you can." Amanda responded her voice sceptical before she turned to follow the receptionist.

Feeling the couch shift he turned to look at the girl. She was thin but healthy look with short brown hair and dark eyes, her lips were pulled up slightly at the corners as she watched him watch her.

"Hi." Her voice quiet but strong.

"Eh hey…?" He replied not sure what to say next.

"You have very pretty eyes." She told him, her tone matter of fact.

"I'm Belle." She informed him.

"Eh okay well I'm Aden." he replied still a little shocked at her compliment.

"We're gonna have fun." She smiled knowingly. "Just so you know."

"What?" He asked in confusion.

"Belle," her mother had suddenly reappeared. "come on lets go get your room set up."

"I'm coming." She said before turning back to Aden. "Bye Aden." And then suddenly and definitely unexpectedly she kissed his cheek and stood from the couch to follow her mother.

Aden didn't move shock taking over his body, the girl was obviously insane but that didn't mean he wasn't interested, belle intrigued him. The Summer Bay clinic just got a whole lot more appealing.

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An: I just want to let anyone reading this know that I'm thinking of changing the rating to A to be safe because I'm not sure if the topics I'm thinking of covering are really suitable for a T rating. Anyway to anyone reading enjoy the next chapter and please let me know what you think good or bad, this is my first fic so constructive criticism is welcome

Chapter 2

Aden sighed as he dragged his tired body into the dining room the next morning, all this counselling was making it hard to sleep at night. He hated this part of the morning where he was forced to sit with the others, he’d been here two weeks and they still looked at him like an alien. Meal times were the only time he couldn’t escape.

Taking his place at a table facing the window he poured himself some cereal focusing on his task so he wouldn’t meet the enquiring gazes of the others.

“Belle!” a female voice from behind him exclaimed, excitement evident in her voice. “What are you doing here?”

“Just taking a little holiday you know the usual.” She replied laughter coating her voice. “Why do you think I'm here Mattie?” she asked her tone serious.

Aden kept his eyes down as he ate his breakfast though he listened intently to the two girls who were obviously friends.

“I don’t know why you’re here.” Mattie replied you shouldn’t be here.

“Oh well its nice to know I was missed.” Belle responded sarcastically. Her voice was different from the day before Aden realised as he listened to the conversation, where yesterday it had been soft, airy even, today it was fiercer not necessarily a bad thing but he thought it was weird that it changed like that.

“Of course I missed you. But I don’t want you to be in here Belle.”

“Not the reunion I was hoping for but thanks anyway.” Belle laughed. “Come on lets go get food.”

Silence fell over the room after belle’s initial welcome and Aden continued to eat thinking about the brown haired teen sitting somewhere behind him.

“God would you guys stop staring.” Belle demanded suddenly her tone hushed though her voice carried over to his seat. “Remember how much you hated that when you got here, don’t try looking all innocent Ric, you were the worst; remember you punched that guy Jim in the face!”

“Yeah well he looks better with a crooked nose and he has a story to tell when he’s picking up chicks so technically I did the guy a favour.” The guy Aden assumed must be Ric claimed defensively.

“Oh.” Belle replied an edge to her voice. “Is that what they’re teaching you in counselling these days , here I thought it was about getting you’re anger under control but its actually really about teaching you lame excuses.”

“Haven’t hit a guy in three weeks.” The guy replied smugly and Aden could practically hear his smirk.

“And damn proud of it right?” She asked laughing at her friend.

“Hell yeah!” Was the only reply.

“Come on Taylor give the guy a break you’re only here all of ….” There was a moment of silence as the boy behind the new voice checked his watch. “Twenty five minutes and you’re already fighting for a cause.”

“I’d hardly call it a cause Drew.” She responded. “It’s more of a stop staring its rude kind of thing.”

“No more pets Belle.” He told her. “It never works out well.”

“He’s not a pet Drew so shut up.” She told him. “It’s just not nice to stare, that’s all I was saying.”

“Sure it is Taylor cause you’re the spokesperson for manners are you?” He asked her hoping to provoke a response. “Always with your pleases and thank yous?”

“You know Drew,” She replied her tone light and easy going which immediately had those around her on the defensive. Aden laughed internally as he saw the girl sitting beside belle shift her chair further away from her in the reflection of the window. The occupants of the table looked worried there eyes shifting rapidly between Belle and the boy known as Drew. “You look kind of stressed, is the world getting you down or is it just the fact you haven’t gotten laid in what’s it been now four months? “

Aden heard a muffled snigger from the table and saw Drew’s arm thrash out and hit a guy in the arm.

“Whatever Taylor!” Drew responded guardedly, but he was smiling

“Cause if that’s it I think my moms probably still near by I could give her a call for you, explain the situation, she’s old and she’s a teacher, just your type!” She offered him a smirk firmly planted on her face.

Aden’s jaw dropped slightly at this, didn’t one usually make fun of other peoples mothers not their own.

Drew’s smile grew into an all out grin. “Been there, done that.”

“Yeah there really is no accounting for bad taste.” She told him.

“I missed you Taylor.” Drew told her reaching over to give her a one armed hug. “No one else insults me like you do.”

“Hey hands where I can see them Drew, just because I haven’t seen you in awhile doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten you wandering hands.” And with that silence once more fell over the room.

Aden stood up to leave figuring he could head back to his room and read or something.

“Okay I gotta go,” Belle told her friends. “Birado awaits.”

Spinning quickly as she stood up she unwittingly bumped into Aden as he moved past her table, forcing him to grab her hips in the hope of steadying them.

“Eh sorry.” Aden told the pretty teen as he removed his hands.

Belle stared at him silently for a minute before her eyes turned dark. “Just watch where you’re going next time.” she told him before moving around him.

“Hey!” He called after her. “You bashed into me.” He exclaimed.

“Sure I did. You just wanted to cop a feel.” She smiled at him.

“You’re pretty confident aren’t you?” He demanded jokingly.

“Not really,” she told him before leaning towards him as if to tell him a secret. “I could see you staring, you’re not the only one that could see the reflection, next time just sit with us, rather than being a creep in the corner.” And with that she was gone.

Standing once again in confusion Aden took in her words coming to the conclusion that the girl was weird and far too interesting to not be pursued.

Feeling a hand pat him on the shoulder he turned to see the two guys and the girl Belle had been talking to earlier.

“You’re screwed mate.” Ric told him patting him pityingly on the shoulder.

“Whys that?” he asked confused as to why they were even talking to him, they never had before.

“Because,” Drew told him slowly as if talking to a child. “You’re Belles new pet.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Aden demanded aggressively.

“It means you’re screwed.” Ric responded.

“Oh thanks for the explanation for a minute there I was worried that I wouldn’t know what the hell you were talking about.” Aden replied sarcasm tingeing his tone.

“I like him!” Drew claimed suddenly. “He funny, can we keep him?” He asked looking hopefully at his friends.

“Now who sounds like belle?”

“I'm not a bloody pet.” Aden exclaimed angrily. “Why are you even talking to me, you never have before?”

The girl he now knew to be called Mattie turned to him confusion etched into her face. “Because belle did.” She told him as if it was obvious.

“Okay,” Aden answered frustration leaking from his voice. “I have to go….away from here.”

“Okay mate we’ll see you later.” Drew called out to his retreating form.

A bemused smile formed on his face as he thought of the events which had just unfolded. He was now even more interested in Belle than before.

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You’re screwed mate.” Ric told him patting him pityingly on the shoulder.

“Whys that?” he asked confused as to why they were even talking to him, they never had before.

“Because,” Drew told him slowly as if talking to a child. “You’re Belles new pet.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Aden demanded aggressively.

“It means you’re screwed.” Ric responded.

“Oh thanks for the explanation for a minute there I was worried that I wouldn’t know what the hell you were talking about.” Aden replied sarcasm tingeing his tone.

“I like him!” Drew claimed suddenly. “He funny, can we keep him?” He asked looking hopefully at his friends.

XD Haha

Update soon

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AN: Just to let people know the rating has been put up to A as a precaution. Anyway enjoy and thaks for the reviews.

Chapter 3

Pulling a hoodie over his head as he left his room later that night, Aden headed out to the garden surrounding the clinic. This was the kind of silence he could handle it was natural, not forced and full of unspoken words like the silence that fell every time he entered a room. And the worst thing was it didn’t just happen in the clinic, it happened at home too, whenever he would enter the dinner or gym and even at school; it was just too much.

Whatever about the counselling he was receiving here it was really being left alone with his own thoughts that was helping, he had never had so much free time on his hands to analyse himself before and he really didn’t like what he was learning; he had been wrong, what he did was not justified by the actions of others and now he was being forced to deal with the consequences. But he didn’t want to think about that.

“Wow,” a voice suddenly broke through his thoughts and he lowered his eyes to be met with Belles dark ones. She was sitting on a bench in front of him staring into his eyes. “I’ve never actually seen someone’s facial expression change so quickly,” She told him. “That must be some internal argument you’re having there.”

“Excuse me?” He asked, he had no idea what she was talking about.

“A word of advice Aden,” she responded softly. “Sometimes it’s better to just not think than to relive whatever you’ve done.”

“Oh yeah?” He asked. “And how do you do that?”

“It was just a suggestion.” She told him a smile slowly spreading across her face. “I’ve never quite managed it. It gets easier though, being here that is, after awhile it feels like any other place you’ve stayed.”

“But not quite like home?” He asked thinking about what the counsellor had told him the first day he got here. ‘Soon you’ll feel right at home.’

He watched as Belle frowned at this statement.” I wouldn’t know,” she told him, “I can’t remember ever really having a home. I think this place is kind of my home, it makes me feel good to be here and makes me feel ok in my own skin, so I guess this is home.”

Realising he was touching on a bad subject and not wanting to scare her away Aden lowered himself onto the bench beside her before changing the topic. “How would you know it gets easier?” he asked gently. “Didn’t you just get here yesterday?”

“What can I say,” she responded dully. “I'm a repeat customer.”

And it all made sense, because he’d been wondering all day how she knew people the way she did and why she fitted right in when he was ostracised for no reason other than he was new. Realizing he hadn’t spoken in a few minutes he responded quickly desperately hopping to keep her from leaving out of boredom.

“Eh.. I’m sorry to hear that.” He didn’t realise how stupid it sounded till it was out of his mouth.

Laughing at his – by his own admission- stupid comment she turned to look at him. “Don’t be, I don’t feel sorry for you because you wouldn’t want me to, we’re all here for a reason Aden. None of us want pity. The last thing anyone here wants is to feel shame because of what they’ve done or what goes on in their head.” She told him, the volume of her voice rising ever so slightly as she continued. He’d obviously touched a nerve. “We have secrets; all of us, problem with this place is that it doesn’t let you keep em. The only way to not be judged because of them is to not judge anyone else’s. And you should keep that in mind Aden; if you remember anything remember that.”

Silence engulfed the two as Aden pondered her words, and he kept coming back to how strange this girl was, her mood constantly changing, soft and floaty, kissing him on the cheek when she didn’t even know him and promising fun times in the future, almost aggressive when she bumped into him and fiercely independent from the way she spoke to her friends and from what he had heard others whisper about her, and finally now passionate in her belief in this place. But what really struck him as odd was how relaxed he felt in her presence the silence wasn’t awkward as it was with the others and he wondered if she felt it too.

Looking to her quickly when she let out a laugh he smiled at the way her entire face lit up. “I here my friends have decided they like you now.”

“Yeah,” he replied his voice unsure. “I don’t completely understand what happened there.”

“Oh yeah Drew told me how you ran away.” Belle told him. “He’s decided he’s quite taken with you, I think he has a man crush!”

“Oh,” Aden replied awkwardly. “I eh don’t swing that way.”

“Don’t worry,” Belle laughed, “neither does Drew he loves his women; preferably older and in positions of power. I just meant that he finds you entertaining and you’ll probably have to deal with him sticking around a lot. Which in all honestly works for me cause it means he’ll leave me alone.”

“Sounds great?” He questioned.

Standing up she turned to leave she laughed slightly. “Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of this place soon enough.” She told him her voice comforting.

Aden sighed watching her turn to leave , he hated to admit how taken with her he was, she was a mystery but not a tease like other girls he knew, she let a little bit slip but not enough to sate his desire to know her.

“Well?” she called back to him suddenly. “Are you coming, its dinner time. And this time if you’re good you can sit with us.” she joked motioning for him to hurry up.

Smiling to himself Aden rose from the bench jogging slightly to catch up with her.

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