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  1. I loved this story, it's rare you read something that keeps you laughing all the way through. Roman saying splendid and locking the door was hilarious, i wish he really had that handlebar moustache!! I cant wait to see what you come out with next!
  2. I've just read this story from start to the latest chapter and I love it, it's very original. Morag is hilarious , so different from her normal character and I love the way everyone has their own plot that works off everyone elses, Alf and Irene weirdest couple ever but great. Can't wait for more.
  3. I love the this fic its very original. I like the way Belle isn't taking anything at face value and is willing to get to know the other characters and not just judging them by what others are telling her about them. I also like the way their relationships are forming. Cant wait for more.
  4. Once again I cant keep up with all your updates but its nice not having to wait when I can read it straight through, I love you version of aden he's so perfect but still believable!! Cant wait for more I know it will be great.
  5. First chapter and im already hooked! An adelle wedding and baby, you're spoiling us! Can't wait to see where this goes.
  6. I'm so sad it's over but I have to say I love the way you keep ending your stories with the promise of a sequel. Again this story is amazing it's lovely the way you kept a final happy surprise for the end, it all seemed very well rounded , can't wait for the next one.
  7. I just read it through and this story is great. I love the insight into belles mind and the lack of dialogue makes her thoughts and emotions feel all that more personal. I really like your style of writing. Looking forward to the next update.
  8. That was simply beautiful, from her disbelief to her acceptances and the realisation that this was her final moment with her mother, your writing is beautiful. You made her grief tangible.
  9. Few, I finally caught up, I had 21 chapters to read before I could leave you a review and I gotta say wow. It gets better and better, you're writing is amazing. You have just enough fluff to offset the angst. Can't wait for another updates I'll try and keep up this time.
  10. The way you write Belle is so moving, her refusal to tell him about the pain he causes her and her desire to help him is heart warming. I loved the scene in the kitchen both before and after roman entered, the Adelle playfulness was great and I love the shared concern for Aden that Belle and Roman have.
  11. I finally managed to catch up with this whole story, I dont know how you update so often and still have it be great everytime. Im loving the plot, the auction was a great idea. And i like the Nic/Drew aspect, i can see chaos ensuing with them together. Update soon.
  12. Such a good ending, can't wait for the sequel.
  13. The flashbacks are great and i love Nicoles scheming. Great update
  14. I love how Aden is so protective of Belle even if he can't be with her. And the belle and nicole interaction in the previous chapter was hilarious. This is a great story. Update soon.
  15. Aww I love happy adelle. That was amazing, you write them so well!
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