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Jai and Annie

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They won't last, the early teen hook-ups never do, look at Kirsty and Nick, Jade and Duncan, Ric and Cassie, Mattie and Lucas, Sam and Hayley, Shannon and Curtis, etc. Jai will be with Ruby or Melody in 2009.

Don't think they will last but i could see Jai and Ruby later on.

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Maybe, but I doubt it, for some reason. They're just too young and it's H&A we're talking about :rolleyes: But who knows? Maybe the writers will be unpredictable for once :unsure::P

Maybe the writers will surprise us and Jai and Annie will last all the way through high school. Has that ever happened to any other couple? The only one I can think of is Will and Gypsy, they were eachother's first loves and they ended up together, but that was after Dani, Jesse, Harry, Peta and a few others were thrown into the mix.

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