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What Is Love?

Guest jessica_2005

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Story Title: What is love? - Story title may change, dont really think it suits this fic. LOL.

Type of story: Short/Medium fic.

Main Characters: Aden, Belle, Matilda, Ric, Martha, Alf, Morag, Larry and many more.

BTTB rating: A

Genre: General

Does story include spoilers: Yes it might do.

Hiii. This is my first ever FIC. And im sorry if it isn't great. Because i don't really like what i written, i changed the first chapter like 5 times. And just decided to post it. I hope you like it. Good and Bad comments appreciated.

Introduction to characters:

Aden Jeffries has been in Summerbay since he was a kid. His Mother died since she gave birth to him, and his father cant get over the fact that his wife has gone. And blames Aden. Adens Father, Larry Jeffries, blames Aden of his wifes death, looked after him but started to beat him up when he was 8. He punches him and stuff. Aden wants to leave home but cant. He has no one. He doesnt believe in love. And wants someone to take him away from this life. Will aden find love?

Belle Taylor is in New York, the big town and has to move to a small town called Summer Bay. She is a 16 year old who was up for adoption when she was small, her foster parents have died. She moves with her Bestfriend, Matilda Hunter and her bestfriends boyfriend, Ric Hunter. She has to leave all her friends and some of her family behind. She is a loud, bubbly girl. She has never been in love. She doesnt believe in Love. And has had some boyfriends but nothing serious. Will she find love in summerbay? Why would someone who was living in the big city move to a small town? What is she hiding? Why did her friends move with her?

Matilda Hunter, is an normal 16 year old, her parents have died, she lives with Belle. And they have been bestfriends since forever. She has been there for Belle, and they get on really well. Belle and Matilda are like sisters. Her Boyfriend is Ric Dalby. Matilda moves with Belle and Ric because Belle, Matilda and ric have lived together for about 5 years and know each other since they were 4. What is the real reason in why she moved here with Belle and ric? She knows the secret. She is Scared for Belle and is scared herself.

Ric Dalby, is an 17 year old, whose family is in Summer bay. His father died just 2 years ago. And his Grandfather, Alf Stewart, his Aunty, Morag, his cousin Martha, all live in Summerbay. And Ric, Matilda and Belle all decide to go to summerbay to have a fresh new start. What is the real reason in why he moved here with Belle and Matilda? How is he supposed to protect Matilda and Belle.


What is love?

I keep asking my self this question as i am stuck in my thoughts, as i am driving with my two best friends, Matilda Hunter and Ric Dalby. Which i like to call them as the super couple. They have been together for about 7 years, they have had there ups and downs, but they are still stronger then ever. My Name is Belle Taylor. I keep thinking. Is love the super couple, is it when a husband loves his wife, is it friendship or is it something more. I like to think there isn't no proper love in this world. Love is nothing.

As i keep thinking. I dont see, a plastic ball been thrown in my face. "Ow, that hurt. I said to my bestfriend Matilda, who throwed the ball at me. "Dont be such a wimp, that didn't even hurt you, anyways had to break your world, are you back to us yet belle?" Matilda said. Which i replied back saying, 'I wasn't in my world.' And stuck my tongue out to her. Thats when Ric spoke "Oi, you two stop fighting and look, there's the sign, Welcome to Summerbay."

'Finally, been stuck in this car, with you two love birds' i said laughing. Which we all laughed at. It wasn't funny but it was to lighten the mood.

As we all look out the window and see the clear blue sky, the beautiful crystal see and the sand whooshing in the air. Wow. I think to myself.

This was just i needed. A fresh new town, with new people and a new place.

We were in the car for another 15 minutes, when the car came to an halt, it stopped. And i couldn't stop smiling. I would be living here. I got out of the black volkswagen and looked at our house. It was big, white and we could see the beach. The house looked beautiful. I didn't see the house before because Ric and Matilda chose it. That is when i saw Ric taking out our luggage, and Matilda standing next to me looking at the place. Matilda said quietly "Its beautiful, isn't it. This is just what you needed Belle." I looked up to her and said 'I know, thanks for being there for me. And we hugged, standing there just hugging my bestfriend. I tear ran down my face, as i remembered the night, the hurt, the frightening memeory, and quickly removed the tear, i was trying to get over the memory. And i new i had too. Luckily Matilda didn't see the tear because she went to see Ric. I knew i was going to like it here because it was a new place.

I walked up to Ric and Matilda who had bags in there hands, i grabbed some bags, we all walked up to the white door. And Ric put the key in the whole and opened the door. We walked inside, the house was refurbished, i was amazed, i didn't even know that the house was going to have the Sofas, T.V and everything. That is when i looked at Matilda and Ric, and realised from there faces that they did this. To make me happy, and so it won't be too stressful for me. 'So this was your doing, right? i said looking at them to. Which they replied "Yeah, we did this, We are glad you like it". And we all hugged and got to unpacking our clothes and things.

So thats it for the first chapter. Sorry if it was short. And tell me what you think. Did you like it? Do you think i could improve something? Tell me. Good and Bad comments appreciated.

Love Jessica


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Just wanted to say thank you for all the comments. Glad people like my fic. I really appreciate the comments.

And will try to update later if i have time because i was just working on an update and just need to finish it off.

So if i dont update it today it will be tomorrow.

I bet everyone cant wait for fridays australian episode Adelle.

Anyways, glad you like my fic and keep reading when i update it.

Sorry if people thought it was an updatee.

Love Jessica


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