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Katie Ritchie's mega-glam shoot

Guest Varsha

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Katie Ritchie's mega-glam shoot

The Sunday Telegraph

July 13, 2008

She may be in the hot seat, squeezed between the duelling egos of Merrick and Rosso on Nova's breakfast show, but Kate Ritchie is blooming on the pages of the August edition of Madison.

Interestingly, the shoot was completed way before the rumours that the actress was finding it challenging fronting up to work with the good buddies Tim Ross and Merrick Watts, who have recently admitted they may not continue with the show once their contracts are up.

Looking mega-glam, Ritchie and the boys were treated to a sumptuous spread in the style and fashion magazine.

Meanwhile, Ritchie is resolutely upbeat about the change in her fortunes since she left her long-running role in the soapie Home And Away.

"This is going to be an amazing time in my life,'' she said hopefully. ``And I need to keep reminding myself of that.''


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