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AXED! Wheel of Fortune

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Axed: Wheel of Fortune

Nine's Million Dollar Wheel of Fortune has spun up a Bankrupt, axed after just five weeks.

This week's celebrity edition didn't come close to Deal or No Deal. It's strongest faring was on Monday (616,000) but it was thumped by Seven (979,000). On Wednesday only 567,000 saw the $200,000 prize won by Rachel Beck.

A Channel Nine spokesperson said, “We are disappointed that Million Dollar Wheel of Fortune has not done as well as we had hoped. It is best in these circumstances to make the tough decisions and move on – so we have."

Both Tim Campbell and Kelly Landry will remain with Nine. Campbell will soon be seen fronting Celebrity Singing Bee for Nine, a gig he is reportedly more than comfortable doing. Kelly Landry will join Getaway.

Nine is replacing it with one hour of Antiques Roadshow from 5pm. The UK show provided a much stronger lead in for National Nine News, which has taken a hit since Wheel debuted. When Antiques last aired it had 677,000 viewers.

But Nine is not alone in programming woes this week with Seven yesterday pulling Ugly Betty from future schedules.

The final episode of Wheel airs this evening.


Well, at least *I* saw Rachael Beck...

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Tim doesn't make a good host...he makes a better actor. It's a real waste of talent from one crap show to another. I hate channel nine for wasting him.

I don't think he's really good at either. He's good at acting, but I think he really shines when he's being an entertainer.

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