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The Quiet

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title: the quiet

rating: A

stars: new family plus regulars

genre: drama

type of story: long fic

spoilers: no

warnings: adult themes

plot: a teenage boy befriends some locals and doesn't reveal any of his backround.

new character profiles


Vincent Lewis is a 35 year old ex rock star who is now an alchoholic and a junkie, who likes to take his anger out on his family. And is rerely seen in town.


Jessica is a 30 year old ex groupie to Vincent's band. But now suffers memory loss due to a fatal blow to the head when she was knocked out by Vincent


Daniel is a 17 year old who has never gone to school due to the fact that he's had to look after his mother and clean up after his father since he was 5. He's tried suicide on several occasions due to the fact he hates his father, hates his life and is very upset his mother can't remember who he is or that he even ecxisted. But things are about to change when he make a friend in Ruby


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Daniel sat in the coner using his straw to make pictures in the froth of his milkshake

"Hey love, you ok?" Colleen asked.

"Yeah fine" he answered looking down so Irene wouldn't know something was going on.

"Is your family ok. I havent seen them yet, don't even know if they really excist".

"I said everything was fine you stupid nosy bitch" he yelled getting up and walking out.

Roman followed him

"Hey Daniel wait up" he called

"What do you want?".

"Was there any need for what you did?" Roman said using a grumpy tone of vioce.

"Where do you get off, you don't know me Roman".

"You're right i don't. But maybe if you made an effort to be nice to people, they might actually want to get to know you".

"Don't tell me how to behave. You are not my father" Daniel shouted.

"Daniel" Roman watched him walk away.

"Excuse me. i believe that boy told you to leave him alone" a rude man yelled at him

"Who are you, and what's it your business"

"What's it yours he said you weren't his father".

"He's a friend of mine that i'm trying to get through to, so he actually can be a nice boy"

"Right, well i suggest you stay away from my son before my size 10 boot meets you ass"


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Vincent kicked the door open as he walked inside.

"D, where are you?" he shouted.

"We're leaving" Daniel said packing his mothers clothes in a suitcase.

"Oh no, you are not going anywhere. What's this i hear about some guy trying to get you to open up or some **** like that" Vincet screamed

"Relax, i never said anything"

"What are some some kind of fag?" Vincent said pushing him.

"Push me again" Daniel said

"Why what are you gonna do hit me. You have the balls" Vincent punching him in the mouth.

Daniel spat out a tooth

"Get out of my way" Daniel said

"I told you you're not going anywhere"

Daniel walked in the loungeroom and grabbed his mother.

"Don't touch me, who are you?" she said trying to sit back down

"Get out of my house" she continued

"Mum..." Daniel tried to say something but was cut off.

"You are not my son. I have no children" she screamed

Daniel stopped and looked at her like he was about to cry.

"See, she doesn't want to go with you" Vincent said

"And i swear if you take her. I will call the cops for kidnapping, and i promise you i will win because she doesn't even know who you are". Vincent told him

"And who's fault is that?" Daniel said

Vincent grabbed Jessica by the wrist and pulled her towards him. But she was and hit her head

Daniel bent down to help her up but saw blood coming out of her skull.


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Daniel carried his mother into the hospital.

"Hey i need help" Daniel called

Rachel and Julie ran toward them and grabbed her.

"What happened?" Rachel asked

"The step broke out the back when she walked out the back door to peg the washing out and she hit the concrete hard" Daniel lied.

"Ok, what's her name?" Rachel asked.

Daniel took a deep breath.

"Jessica" Daniel said

Daniel went to go into the room

"Wait out here" Rachel said

"I'm not leaving her side" Daniel told her trying to push his way in

"We need all the room we can get. We don't need extra people in there.

"You'll need to know that only i know" Daniel said

"I'm sure she'll tell us when she wakes up" Rachel said shutting the door.

"A tear ran down Daniel's cheek

"She wont know" he saod quietly to himself

"Are you ok?" he heard a female voice say

He turned his head so he could see the girl.

"Hi, i'm Ruby"

Daniel stayed silent

"Don't worry i'm sure whoever's in there in gonna be fine" she told him putting her hand on his shoulder

He started to cry.

"No she's not"

"Why do you say that?"

He took her hand off his shoulder.

"Because she's not ok as it is"

"What you mean?"

Daniel looked at her

"I'm sorry, that's none of my business"

Rachel walked out.

"So what's your name?" Rachel asked


"Ok Daniel we stopped the bleeding and now she just resting".

"Can i see her?" Daniel asked

"Sure go in"

Daniel walked in and sat beside her bed.

"I don't know if you can hear me hey mum it's D, but ofcourse you don't know me. Dad ran off after you fell. So it's just gonna be us for a while ok. And i promise i wont let them take you away from me. So i'm gonna tell yousome things ok, and i need you to remember them. Your name is Jessica Staples your 30, you have a son. which is me my names Daniel. Dad's gone on a business trip and wont be back for a while. your bloodtype is B negative. See if i'm not your son who would i know twhat your bloodtype is and... why am i saying this, you wont remember you never do".

He started to cry.

"Just remember one thing. I love you"

He kissed her on the forehead.


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