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Yes Ruby is Ruby Buckton


Rachel entered the hospital room.

"Hey ms Staples, how are you feeling?" Rachel asked seeing Jessica was awake looking at Daniel sleeping in the chair next to the bed.

"Who is that boy?" Jessica replied

"That's Daniel, you know him. Your son"

"I don't have a son" Jessica started to rant.

Daniel woke up due to Jessica's ranting.

"Get out of here" Rachel said throwing him out.

Who are you really?" she asked

"I'm telling you the truth. The reason she doesn't know me is because she suffered a head injury due to a car accident" Daniel lied about half of it.

"And she had memory loss and doesn't remember anything after it. She found out she was pregnant like a few weeks after the accident or atleast that's what my dad said" Daniel finished


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Daniel walked into the hospital with some of Jessica's clthes.

"Who are they?" he asked Rachel who was standing in the door way looking at two men in his mothers room

"They're gonna take your mother into the psyc ward. SDhe'll be better off there" Rachel told him.

"Oh no they are not" Daniel said pushing past her

"Excuse me you can leave" Daniel told the men

"You must be her son" one of them said

"Sir, we are just looking out for your mothers best intrests" the other man said

"She'd be better off at home, where she knows where she is"

"Look sir, we've dealt with cases like this before"

"In about 16 seconds time she wont even remember this conversation, now get out"

"Look sir..."

"If you call me sir one more time i swear to god i will sue you and with today's law's it's possible" Daniel screamed

They both stopped talking

"Now she's not going anywhere, except home with me"

"Sir..." one started to say something

"What did i just say about calling me sir"

Daniel took a deep breath trying to control his anger at both the two men and Rachel.

"I looked after her and cleaned up after my father for as long as i can remember. So i can do this witthout help anybody. And she is not going to any psyc ward".

The men started to walk out of the room and Rachel approached Daniel and went to say something but felt something sting her face before realizing it was the back Daniel hand

"Get out of my face before you meet more that my hand" he told Rachel.


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Daniel walked into the diner to see Ruby sitting herself at a table.

"Hey you're Ruby right. We met at the hospital the other day" Daniel said as he sat next to her

"Oh yeah, how's your mum?" Ruby asked

"Is it true what they say about her?" Ruby asked

"Depends, what do they say?"

"That's she's crazy"

"No" he snapped

"Are you crazy?"

"Do i look crazy?" he asked her

"You look like someone who's willing to do a lot for someone they care about" she told him

"So do you wanna hang out?"

"Ruby, trust me you don't wanna hang out with me. I thought i'd just say hello"

"I only wanna hang out as friends. Were completely oppisite people. I men i'm naughty..."

"Is naughty as in that suppost to be sexy?" he asked her smiling.

"Depends, was it?" she said and smiled back

He stood slowly and gave a sarcastic grin.

"Catch ya later Ruby" he said and walked away


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Ruby walked into the hospital with flowers and stood outside the Jessica's room watching Danel read his sleeping mother a story.

"Hey" she said quietly walked in

He gave a flirtish grin and kept reading.

Ruby put the flowers beside the table beside the bed and looked to see what Daniel was reading to his mother.

"Um Daniel, the book's upside down" Ruby told him

Daniel stared at her fiercly and turned the book the right way up

"Sorry" she whispered but he just kept reading until the end of the chapter.

"What are you doing here?" Daniel asked

"Just thought i'd come visit" Ruby answered

Daniel looked at Ruby's school dress

"Shouldn't you be in school?" he asked

"I skipped a couple of classes to come see you"

"That's sweet but..."

"Daniel" his mother interupted him.

"Mum" Daniel said frowning

"What' going on?" Ruby asked

"I don't know she's never said my name before" he said

"Were you just reading Mistress De Paris?" Jessica asked.

"Get a dioctor" he told Ruby as Jessica started to flatline.

"NOW" he screamed as Ruby just stood there.

Rachel came running in.

"Daniel get out of here" she said pushing him out

Ruby wrapped her arms around him.

"She'll be ok" she told him

Daniel started to cry.

"Just breathe" she told him


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Daniel woke to the sound of his phone buzzing next to the bed where he was sleeping

"Hello" he said sleepingly as he answered the phone.

"Hey it's Ruby, where are you?" she asked

Daniel look at his surroundings

"I have absolutely no idea" he told her.

"Ok whatever" she replied

"Where are you?" he asked her

"About to walk into Charls' house" she said opening the door guietly

"Ok, talk to you later" he told her.

She opened Charlie's bedroom door to find Daniel getting dressed

"You jerk" she screamed at him the ran out.


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Daniel walked into the school.

"Ruby we need to talk"

"I have nothing to say to you" Ruby said

"What is the big deal?" he asked her

"Yesterday i tell you i love you and you go and have sex with my sister" she yelled and a few people turned around.

"I'm sorry" he said softly and put his head down

"You know what, you're pathetic. I don't know why i wasted my time with you, you read your books upside down. And you protect your father when he uses you as a punching bag and take care of your mother who doesn't know you exist. Your a circus freak, i once felt sorry for you. Now i relize i wasted my time. So tell me did you think of me while you were screwing Charlie?" she yelled

"I didn''t desrve that" he told her and walked out


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