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Daniel walked slowly along the side of the road, when he heard a car come up behind him,

"Staples Lewis" he heard a vioce say and he stopped walking.

"Vincent" he replied

"Why so sad" Vincent asked

"Like you care" Daniel replied

"Believe it or not, i actually do"

Daniel turned around.

"I met this girl and she told me she loved me..."

"And you screwed it up".

"Yeah something like that"

"Hows your mum" Vincent asked

"She's ok for someone who doesn't remember the past 18 years of her life" Daniel told him

"Did you tell anyone i knocked her out"

"Jesus christ, is that all you're worried about?"

"Well did you"

"No, i didn't"

"Why?" Vincent asked

"Because as much as i love to say i hate you. Deep down i love you and i hate myself for that. And if i told they'd do something to you and i couldn't live with myself that happened" Daniel told him and stormed away


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Charlie walked into the hospital and saw Daniel sitting outsiode his mothers room.

"Because of you i just lost my sister" charlie ranted

"Excuse me?" Daniel said and looked up into her eyes.

"You told he slept together"

"I did not. She saw me in your bed. Beside it goes both ways, i lost the best thing that ever happened to me" Daniel told her

Charlie stared angrily.

"Beside you opened your legs, and kissed me first. I didn't exactly throw myself at you. I was there to see Ruby, i was upset i needed a shoulder to cry on. You took advantage of that. So you have no one to blame but yourself" Daniel said and walked into his mothers room.

"Hey mum" he said watching her sleep.

"I'm a terrible person" he told her

"I've totally screwed things up badly this time and not just for me you remember Ruby right, well she has this sister her names Charlie and i kinda had sex with her. Please don't be mad". he said and layed down on his mother's bed.

"Goodnight" he whispered and went to sleep.


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Daniel was packing some of his mothers clothes, when he heard a knock on the door.

"Lindsey, hey" he said confused as he looked at a girl when he opened the door.

"Hey D" she replied

"It's been what, 4 years, what are you doing here?"

"Can't an ex girlfriend visit an ex boyfriend" she replied

"That usually doesn't happen, and i was hardly your boyfriend" he told her

"Um i'd like you to meet Blair" she told him as she showed him the 4 year old girl standing next to her.

"Hey little bit" he said and smiled at her.

Lindsey paused.

"D, she's your daughter" she informed him

Daniel frowned.

"I'm sorry what?"


"No i heard what you said, i just can't believe what said" Daniel said

"What, it's true"

"Since when have i..." Daniel started to say.

"Since you knocked me up. Look i want you to look after her for a while..." she told him

"Wait, wait, wait. I have enough to do looking after my mum. I can't look after a child"

"Well you're gonna have to, i'm going to visit my parents and they really don't approve of their 16 year old daughter having a 4 year old child" Lindsey said

"So here she is. Now i'm going. she said and walked away.


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Nicole opened the door to find Daniel standing on the doorstep with Blair.

"What?" she asked

"Wanna make some quick cash?" he asked her

"By doing what?"


"What, no" she told him and went to shut the door

"Like i said i'll pay you. And it'll only be half an hour" he looked at her wih sad puppy eyes.

"No" she said

"Ok, ok, i'll let you do crazy wild things to me" he told her

Nicole raised an eyebrow

"What kind of crazy wild things?"

"Whatever you want"

"Ok i'll take her. What's her name?" she asked


"Is she your sister?"


Nicole frowned

"Long story" he informed her.

"Who's the mother"

"Her name's Lindsey Angel and don't let the last name fool you, there is nothing angelic about her.

"Why come to me?" she asked

"Because i heard you wanted to make friends. Look i gotta go. I'll be as quick as i can"

Daniel turned and walked out the door


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Daniel walked into the diner with Blair

"I got your message what do you want" Daniel asked sitting oppisite Nicole.

"Well i was thinking that maybe you might need extra help in looking after Blair, because you're also looking after your mum" Nicole told him

"And, point being" Daniel replied

"I could help if you want" Nicole said

"Do you just wanna keep doing crazy wild dirty things to me?"

Nicole smiled

"Well with a face and body like yours, trust me there aint no complaints from me" Nicole told him

"Ok fine, but don't let me down ok, if you wanna help that's cool but when she's in your care you look out for her. No one else, besides she hasn't stopped talking about all day" Daniel said and smiled.

"So call me" Nicole said as Daniel stood up

"What?" Daniel said frowning.

"When you want me to look after her"


Nicole smiled as she watched Daniel walk away


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