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Nicole Depreciation Thread

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Tessa James is a brilliant actress... you can just see by the responses she has provoked. Also her role here is a lot different to her character she played in Neighbours. I actually like her character here, she makes things more interesting I think.

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I don't like her.

She's so mean and manipulating and such a lier. And the way she blinks those innocent eyelashes of hers is just so...misleading and sickening!


She's a drama queen and stupid.

*breathes huge sigh of relief* Thank goodness I'm not the only one here who hasn't been taken in by her. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against the actress who plays her but I really don't like her character. For one thing the storylines surrounding her are soooo boring. I wasn't a huge fan of Sam but at least we got a good storyline out of her character when she turned out to be evil but with Nicole she is not even properly evil, just a bimbo. Maybe if H&A make her into an axe murderer I'll like her better! :lol::P:D:wink:

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Aaah, i love this thread! I was beginning to think i was the only one who hate Nicole. Good to see there are at least a few of us! :wink:

The girl playing her is doing pretty well though, at first her acting was terrible but its improving a lot now.

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Yeah I don't like Nicole much either......she just seems so "put on" all the time. But who knows, maybe as her character grows and develops, the barriers will break down around her and we'll see her for who she really is. It would be really interesting to see her mum and new husband come into the picture at some point, and their ensuing interaction with Nicole and Roman.

A lot of the characters who were initially new to Summer Bay, I hated in the beginning, but as their characters developed I did eventually come to like them.......Drew is a great example of this! In the beginning, I hated the whole "troubled teen" act but then he eventually grew into a likeable character. He had a few stinker storylines though.......the Amanda one was cringeful and also the whole drag racing thing was pretty dumb.

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