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10 10 10 - The Tide is High

Guest Perry

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Title: The Tide is High

Rated: A 15+

Type Of Story: Long Fiction

Proof Read: No

Spoilers: YES

Any Warnings: Slight Sexual Content, Some Disaster Violence including Death and some Drug references.


They aren’t the type of people to give up just like that but two years into the future the residents of Summer Bay will face something that only two of them have ever experienced and this time giving up may be the only option.

Since two years ago, new residents have arrived, old ones have left and others have returned. Their lives aren’t the same as it was and after the 10th of October 2010 everything will be different. As another disaster strikes the Bay, Lives will be lost, relationships will be tested and enemies will have to work together in order to survive.

I) Anywhere I Lay My Head

Friday Night 08 10 10

“What’s the use in sharing this one and only life? Ending up just another lost and lonely wife.”

Everyone was laughing, tears in their eyes. Nobody was expecting it and nobody could blame them for laughing. It was one of those things where you feel bad about it but it was out of your control and the only thing Tony could do was to wait for Matilda to finish and congratulate her for having the courage to step up and do it for the sake of his party. After-all it is not everyday your stepfather gets engaged.

A short Zephyr breezed through the marquee and Jazz felt it, wearing only a stunning Champagne halter-neck dress that frayed at the bottom above the knees. Her hair out and waving about, she used her hand to tuck it behind her ears but a stronger breeze blew it around again. To warm up she grabbed a glass of Chardonnay from a table and downed it as quickly as possible. She looked at the guests sitting at their tables watching the crazed karaoke singer. Jazz started clapping. Anything to drown out the high-pitched notes (or lack their of) that Matilda was trying to produce.

“Everyone sing along, I know you know the words!” Jazz almost ordered them but never taking the smile away from her face.

“Young hearts... To yourself be true, don’t be no fool when love really don’t love you!”

Jazz placed her glass back on the table and walked towards the house. A young man noticed this and gladly took the opportunity to escape the dreadful singing. Twenty-two year old Adam Shaw was quite the looker. He was tall, dark and extremely handsome. Of Dutch and Aboriginal descent he shared the best features of both; smooth chocolate skin, ocean blue eyes and under his sky blue collared shirt which he rolled up at the sleeves he had washboard abs that were only seen on the male Baywatch Regulars. He walked into the Holden home from the back door and immediately noticed Jazz throwing a pill into her mouth.

“Headache?” He asked.

Jazz jumped in fright, she didn’t hear him follow her. She quickly took a mouthful of water and looked at the charming young man standing in her kitchen.

“Trying to fight off the hangover before it appears.” She giggled. “Where’s Paul?”

“Gone off somewhere with his mates.” He said it with a smile. “I’m too old to hang around.”

“You old?” She laughed. “Off with my son somewhere I suppose. Well I hope they return before the speeches.”

“Yeah!” Said Adam. He wasn’t holding his breath.

“Problems!” Jazz said finally recognizing his tone.

“Not really...” Said Adam. “I just don’t get him sometimes.”

“MAAAATE!” A drunken Jack shouted as he stattered into the kitchen wrapping his beer soaked sleeve around Adam’s shoulders. “Jazz!” He said with a surprise. “Should I be worried?” He joked.

Jazz laughed it off.

“Turning straight on us mate?” Jack asked getting closer to him. “Where’s he anyway?” Adam shrugged uncomfortably. “S’okay buddy I know how much you love Paul. I know you wouldn’t do anything to jepo... jepro... jebadize that!”

“You’re drunk!” Adam said starting to take him a little less seriously. “It’s not even eight o’clock yet and you’re drunk.”

Jack quickly looked at his watch for the time and about the time he realized he didn’t have a watch was about the time Jack realized that Adam was mistaken. “How can it be eight o’clock? The party started at eight o’clock... Oh you were trying to trick me. Well I was only in here to tell you that when Mattie’s song is finished we are going to start the speeches but you’ll have to miss out.”

“No we can’t do the speeches yet...” Said Jazz. “Drew and Lucas aren’t back yet.”

“Dad got sick of waiting!” He let go of Adam and headed for the door. “Last one out is a roggen ett!”

They started heading out when they heard laughter coming from one of the bedrooms. Jazz opened the door to the room.

“What are you doing?” She asked. She sniffed the room before coughing. “Are you two completely stupid?”

Drew and Lucas laughed hysterically.

“You know I can charge you for this?” Adam asked trying to be serious.

“Get out the back, we’re about to do the speeches.” Jazz said in a less dominating voice then she intended. “And don’t let Tony know you’re stoned!”

As they headed out the door, Adam stopped them. “Was Paulie with you?”

“He’s with Jai somewhere!” Drew said between giggles.

Adam let them walk past.

“Thank you Matilda for that lovely performance your voice is truly something else...” Tony talked into the microphone in front of all his guests. Adam and Jazz walked into the Marquee, Adam stood at the back and Jazz walked to Tony. “There you are...” He said as he embraced her. “I had to send a search party for you!” The guests laughed. “Who’d of thought that we will end up here?” Tony looked surprised when Jack placed his hand up, and then he felt embarrassed when he saw he was the only one with it up and placed it down. Tony chuckled. “Thanks Jack.” Tony picked up a glass and handed it to Jazz and then picked up another one. “It’s funny that you chose that song Mattie, because there is a line in that song, I think it goes, ‘Don’t be no fool when love really don’t love you!’ Well I once felt a certain way for someone and she didn’t feel the same way and I was very close to making a HUGE mistake...”

Martha wiped a tear from her eye, looking upset, Adam noticed this and walked over to her. He placed his arm around her to comfort her.

“This woman tried to warn me about it and after months and months of not listening for whatever reason one day I did and I made a promise that this woman will remain in my life forever because that’s how much she means to me. And here I stand two years later and pretty soon... I’m going to marry her!” He raised his glass. “So I now order you all to raise your glasses.”

“Oi! Oi! Oi!” Lucas yelled. “That’s my job!”

“Jazz rolled her eyes back.”

Lucas grabbed a glass of Champagne off the table and walked up to his father. He grabbed the microphone off him.

“Maybe you should let Adam make the speech?” Jazz suggested quietly.

“Adam?” Lucas chuckled but this time it was a faked laugh.

Tony looked warily at his youngest son. “Is everything alright Lucas?”

Lucas nodded. He put the microphone to his mouth. “Two years ago... Not only was Dad about to make the biggest mistake of his life by marrying Rachel...”

Martha pushed Adam away from her and ran inside. Adam looked to Jack but he couldn’t follow her to make sure she was okay. He had responsibilities. Adam couldn’t go either.

“I’ll go!” Leah said before walking up to the house.

“...See, Dad, Jack and I were the three musketeers before we came to the bay. It was just the three of us and for a long time that’s how I thought it was always going to be. But Dad has his secrets doesn’t he?” He looked to Adam. “Doesn’t he?”

“To Jazz and Tony!” Jack yelled holding up his beer bottle high in the air.

“To Jazz and Tony!” The guests raised their glasses.

“I’ll take that!” Jazz said taking the microphone off Lucas.

Lucas looked at her then Tony before walking towards Drew who was laughing.

“I think I need some more!” Lucas said with a laugh.

“I think I have some more!” Drew giggled and handed him a small bag.

“I’m okay!” Martha assured Leah, wiping her eyes clear of tears with a tissue.

“Is there something else going on Martha? Not just Tony talking about Rachel?” Leah asked.

Martha cried again before nodding. “I’m pregnant!” She said. “I’m pregnant again.”

Leah hugged her. “It’s going to be okay this time. Jack will support you!” Leah patted her on the back.

“I don’t want this baby... I just want Alfie back!”

“I know you do!” Leah said.

A young lady walked into the house. There was a look of desperation in her face. She couldn’t think straight. She couldn’t walk straight. She looked around frantically looking in the bedrooms. Then she walked into the kitchen.

“Lila?” Martha asked wiping her face clear again.

“I’m sorry to interrupt!” Delilah Andretti said. “Have you seen Kaley?” She took a breath. “Please tell me she’s here!”

VJ grabbed the champagne bottle and placed it onto the carpet. He looked at Shayne Parish and smiled at her and she smiled back. They were in the lounge-room in the extension to the Holden home. Jarred Macintosh sat down eagerly and Olivia Fraser sat down next to him.

“Spread out a bit!” Shayne told them. “We have to make a circle.” She sat down opposite VJ to complete the circle. The fourteen year old had a confidence not usually seen with kids her age. Her british accent coupled with the stunning white dress she had on showed a regal beauty, a princess? No, the daughter of an Angel. She had sparkly, emerald green eyes and long wavy, strawberry blonde hair. “Just remember the rules...” she told them all. “If it lands on you... you have to kiss.”

“I’m not kissing VJ!” Jarred laughed. He looked at VJ through his chocolate brown eyes. “Sorry to disappoint you!”

“Very funny!” Said VJ.

“Can I go first?” Olivia asked nervously. She was her mother’s daughter. The spitting image of Chloe. She was shy, a little naive but sweet and gorgeous, she had picked up a slight New Zealand accent for living there for quite a few years before moving back to Australia to live with Irene.

“Go ahead!” Shayne said. “But I agree with Jarred if it lands on me, I’m not kissing you.”

She spun the bottle and sure enough it landed on Shayne.

“Go on spin again!” Shayne told her.

Olivia did and the bottle spun around pretty fast, Olivia held her breath as it slowed down as it got near Jarred but it managed to go past him to land on VJ. She leant over and gave him a short kiss. Shayne looked a little disappointed by it.

“My turn!” Jarred said with a smile and spun the bottle, which landed on Olivia and kissed her as eagerly as he spun the bottle. When he pulled away Olivia looked like she was going to be sick.

“It’s VJ’s turn now!” Shayne said she looked at him and smiled again.

VJ spun the bottle, hoping it would land on Shayne, he held back his excitement when it eventually did land on her. VJ was about to lean over to lay one on her but she beat him to it. It was more passionate then the one he got off Olivia and it went for longer too.

While they were kissing a blond man in his mid-thirties walked into the room. “What’s going on here?” He asked looking at the two kids locking lips.

VJ and Shayne broke away from each other, they looked at the man.

“Dad!” said VJ with disappointment.

“Get out!” Vinnie told all the kids. “Not you VJ!”

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LOL at all the kids playing spin the bottle!! :lol:

Vinnie's back?? :o

And while you're at it, would you mind publishing a list of the characters that are still there, those that are no longer there?

And am I right in suggesting that the huge disaster is a



To summarise, I love this fic. Please continue it. :)

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Ooooo! Great story so far! You never told me you were writting a new fic! :o

I'm confused by what Drew and Lucas were doing, were they doing drugs? :lol: And yay for Jazz and Tony! What happened to Rachel though?

I like how you brough Olivia and Shayne back, but whose Jarred? One of your characters or someone's from the show? ... Martha missing Alfie, sounds like she had a baby then it died... Hmmm... And Vinnie's back! :D :D Wooooooooooooooot! Haha...

Not sure about this event though. A


does make sense like Maccaz suggested... That'll be pretty dramatic... And totally WOAH! haha.

Like the story so far! Keep updating!

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Thanks guys glad you like it. I made a list but beware it contains spoilers, so I got it in Spoiler Tags just in case:


Rachel Armstrong

Roman Harris

Nicole Franklin

Ric Dalby

Matilda Hunter


Vinnie Patterson

Ryan Baker

Angel Parish

Shayne Parish

Olivia Fraser

Paul Roberts

Just Visiting:

Drew Baker (Curtis)

Lucas Holden

Matilda Hunter

Original Characters:

Adam Shaw

Kaley Shaw

Lila Andretti

Jarred Macintosh

Here is another update:


I) Anywhere I Lay My Head (Continued)

When the other kids left, Vinnie shut the door and looked down at his son. VJ looked up at him, he could see the look of disappointment his father had.

“You’re suppose to be taking it easy!” Vinnie said.

“I am dad, we were only playing spin the bottle!” VJ said with a smile.

Vinnie saw the champagne bottle on the floor, he leant down and picked it up. “Ouch!” He said and held his side in pain. He looked at the bottle and then at VJ. “Spin the bottle?”

VJ nodded. “Don’t tell mum.”

“You are fourteen years old VJ!” Vinnie said. “I’m sure your mother will be thinking there was something wrong with you if you weren’t playing spin the bottle at fourteen.”

VJ laughed. “I just wanted a reason to kiss her.”

“Who? Shayne?” Vinnie asked. VJ nodded. “So you played spin the bottle?” VJ nodded again. “You just had a serious operation VJ...” Vinnie continued.

“I know!” VJ said looking to the ground.

“...So lift up your shirt and show her the scar!” Vinnie said. “Chicks love it, they go wild for sh... stuff like that!”

VJ laughed. “Well then maybe you should show mum yours.”

“I’m afraid that won’t work on her.” Vinnie told him. “I don’t think your mum will ever forgive me for leaving.”

“She knows you had no choice.”

“Yeah!” Said Vinnie unconvinced.

The door open and Leah walked in. “VJ?” She said surprized. “Have you seen Kaley?”

VJ shook his head.

“She’s gone missing. Want to help me look for her?” She asked.

VJ nodded and walked out with his mother.

“Leah?” Said Vinnie, but she ignored him.

Tony handed Lila a glass of water. “So what happened?” Tony asked.

Lila took the glass, shaking, she put it to her mouth and downed it all at once. “I said goodnight to her gave her a kiss and left and when I came back to check on her an hour later she was gone!”

Jazz and Angel Parish walked into the kitchen. “Adam and Irene have gone to the beach to see if she’s wandered there.” She gave Lila a comforting rub on the shoulder. “Angel and I will have a walk around the street!”

“Thanks!” said Lila.

“We’ll find her!” Angel said before the two women walked out of the house.

“Where can she have gone?” Lila asked Tony.

“Are you glad my mum’s back?” Seven year old Kaley Shaw asked the Seventeen year old boy she was with.

Paul Roberts held her by the hand as they walked along the beach. “Not really!” He said.

“Sarah Watkins has two mums!”

“Who’s Sarah Watkins?” Paulie asked.

“She’s in my class...” Kaley answered. “She said that she never had a daddy, she always had two mums and she said that having two mums is better then having a mum and a dad because boys are stupid.”

Paulie laughed. “Do you think boys are stupid?”

“No way!” Kaley said straight away. “Kevin Macintosh isn’t stupid. My daddy isn’t stupid and you’re not stupid!” Paulie smiled. “I wish you were my dad too and I didn’t have a mum.” Kaley admitted to him.

“You don’t mean that.”

“Yes I do, my mum is mean.”

“Well I won’t argue with that.” Paulie said with a laugh. “But no matter how mean she is you can’t say you wish you didn’t have one because you only get one.”

“What about Sarah Watkins?”

“Unless you are Sarah Watkins!” Paulie said.

“Daddy said you don’t like your mum!”

“Did he tell you that?”

Kaley shook her head. “He was telling Uncle Jack and I heard. He said she didn’t want you to live there.”

“My mum and I don’t get along too well, that’s why I live with Nan.”

“Do you love your Nan more than your mum?”

“Jeez kid, what’s with all the tough ones? I thought you were seven, why don’t you ask about the universe like most seven year olds?”

“I wish my mum never came back!”

“I wish your mum never came back too!” Paulie admitted to her. “But that’s our little secret, okay?”

Kaley nodded before locking her lips shut, she then threw the key into the water so the fish could eat it.

“KALEY!” Adam shouted before running to his daughter. He grabbed her and gave her a big hug.

“Daddy you’re hurting me!” Kaley told him, hitting his hands because they are gripping her too tightly.

“I’m sorry baby you just had us worried,” He planted a kiss on his daughter’s cheek. “Why did you run away?” He asked her.

Irene caught up to them.

“Mummy was mean!” Kaley said. “She hit me!”

“She hit you?” Adam asked. “Where?”

“In the house. She said I was naughty and told me to stay in my room and she hit my bum... I mean bottom.”

“It’s okay baby. You can’t run away. You should have seen me next door.”

“I went to, I found Paulie and he took me to the beach.”

“Did Paulie?”

Adam looked at Paul and Paul knew that Adam was annoyed at him for it. He looked at Irene who had the same look.

“Let’s go back home okay?” Adam asked Kaley who nodded.

He put her on his shoulders and they walked up the beach. Irene looked at Paul.

“I could ring your neck boy, do you have any idea what you have done? You had both of them in a panic, anything could have happened to her.”

“Nan, what was I suppose to do? I didn’t know she ran away, she came to the party looking for Adam and I knew there was people drinking so I took her to the beach, I didn’t think it was a big deal.”

“Oh love...” Irene said. “It’s not that your intentions weren’t good but you should have told him you had her.”

“He probably hates me now too!”

“Yeah well you’ll be getting off lightly. Let’s go back to the party.” Irene said.

“Go on.” Paul told her. “Jai, Ryan and Annie are around somewhere.”

“Right but I want you and Annie home by eleven okay?”

Paul nodded.

Annie Campbell and Ryan Baker were lying in the sand kissing passionately. Annie broke away.

“Sorry.” Annie apologized, she looked around to make sure nobody was there before they kissed again.

“I don’t... I didn’t bring...” Ryan tried to say it but didn’t want to finish the sentence.

“I don’t want to do it here anyway.” Annie admitted to him.

“But you still want to do it?” Ryan asked.

Annie nodded. “Of course I do. I love you.”

“I know you wanted to wait until you were married.” Ryan said. “If you still want to wait..?”

“What’s the difference?” Annie asked him. “I’m not going to rush into a marriage just because I want to have sex.”

“Is that why Geoff got married so young?” Ryan asked her.

“Probably!” Annie admitted. “But he does love Belle. And I love you. The difference is I don’t need a piece of paper to prove it.”

“BUSTED!” Jai said using his best Bartlett impersonation.

“Jai, dude!” Ryan said. “We’re busy!”

“I bet!” Jai laughed.

“Where’s Paul and Kaley?” Annie asked.

Jai shrugged. “What have you been doing anyway?”

“Talking!” Ryan answered. “And we have a lot of it to do so if you don’t mind...”

“What’s happening?” Paul asked as he walked up towards them.

“Nothing just chatting.” Ryan said. “Where’s the kid gone?”

“Adam came and took her away. And why is it that taking a little girl to the beach without telling her parents is a bad thing?”

“Was he mad at you?” Annie asked.

Paul nodded. “I didn’t know she ran away.”

“Well we were with you as well, we can tell him that if you want.” Annie said.

“It won’t do any good. I take the kid to the beach because there was too many adults drinking and that’s a bad thing but nobody says anything about the mother that hits her.”

“Oh thank God!” Lila ran up to her daughter who was being held by Adam to give her a hug.

“Paul thought it would be a good idea to take her to the beach without telling anybody!”

“What was he thinking?” Tony asked.

“He wasn’t.” Adam answered.

“So he took her from the house?” Lila asked.

“No she ran off because you hit her!” Said Adam almost questioningly.

“I didn’t hit her...” Said Lila. “I gave her a smack for not doing what she was told.”

“Well don’t, that’s not how I want my child to be punished.” Adam said. “I’m taking her home, I’ll see you later.”

“See you mate!” Tony said.

When he left Lila looked to Tony who was looking back at her. “Don’t look at me like that!” She said.

“I’m not going to tell you how to raise your daughter.” He said.

“Well good!”

“Thanks for letting me know Tony!” Jazz said before putting the mobile into her bag. “They found her!” She told Angel who was looking around the street with her.

“What a relief.” Angel said. “Spoiled your night though.”

“I think Mattie’s singing did that.” Jazz joked before crying.

“Oh Jazz.” Angel hugged her.

“How am I going to tell him?”

Belle was under the marquee, bouncing her eight month old baby up and down to stop her crying. Geoff walked over to her.

“Need a hand?” Geoff asked.

“Oh please take Tink, she’s driving me nuts.” She looked down at her daughter and began to talk baby-talk to her. “Yes you are! Yes you are!” She then handed her to Geoff. “Thanks babe!”

She left Geoff with her and wandered over to Matilda and Martha who were chatting at a table.

“Anything interesting?”

“Not really Mattie’s just been boring me with her Uni tales.” Martha said as a joke.

“Hey!” Said Matilda acting offended.

“Can I talk to Martha for a second?” Belle asked.

“Oh what? How much is left in you kid?” Geoff screamed as Tink continued to vomit all over him.

“I’ll give Geoff a hand!” Matilda said before walking away to help him.

“What can I do for you?” Martha asked.

Belle looked around to make sure no one was in listening distance before sitting down. “I’m pregnant!” Belle admitted to her.

“Wow!” Said Martha taken aback. “Is it a good thing?”

“I don’t know, it should be, shouldn’t it?”

Martha shrugged.

“I mean I’m turning twenty-one, I’m married, I have a steady job. I should be happy about this. So why aren’t I?”

“I really can’t answer that.”

“Just all this nonsense with Aden and how he reacted when I was pregnant with Tink...”

“But Geoff loves you and Tink and he is nothing like Aden. Talk to him about it. I’m sure he’ll be over the moon.”

“Hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle...” Adam said as he tucked his little girl into bed.

“The cow jumped over the moon...” Kaley said excitedly.

“The little dog laughed to see such fun and...” He tickled her before giving her a kiss on the forehead.

“THE FISH RAN AWAY WITH THE SPOON!” She giggled excitedly after shouting her favourite part.

“No wandering off this time.” Adam told her before walking towards the door.

“I love you daddy.” Kaley said before her father walked out.

“I love you too baby!” Adam blew her a kiss and walked out of the room.

Just as he did this there was a knock at the door. Paul was standing there.

“I just put Kaley to bed.”

“I just wanted to say sorry about taking her, I didn’t think you would mind.”

“We’ll talk about it tomorrow okay?”

Paul nodded. “I’m just really scared that you...”

“Paul, in the morning. It’s late, I’m tired and I don’t want to do this right now.”

“PAULIE! PAULIE! PAULLLLLIEEEEEEEEEEE!” Jack shouted as Martha helped him up the steps.

“Ssh! I just put Kaley to sleep!” Adam said.

“Oops sorry!” Jack said.

“I’ll see you tomorrow!” Paul said before walking away.

Jack stumbled into the house. Martha followed him closely.

“Jack!” She warned him. “Go straight to bed!”

“Yeah!” Jack said excitedly. “I’m getting some tonight!”

“In your dreams!” Martha said before pushing him to the bedroom.

She returned and gave Adam a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks for earlier.”

“Not a problem.” He slumped down into the lounge. “Good night” He said before Martha headed to her room. Adam placed his head on the arm rest and closed his eyes.

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Adam opened his eyes, it was some time in the middle of the night and he had been sleeping on the lounge. He stood up and stretched a bit.


It was loud and repetitive and it was coming from the backyard. Adam walked over to the kitchen window but couldn’t see anything. Then he heard the sound of a baby crying. He walked into Kaley’s room but she was fast asleep. He left his daughter to sleep but the crying was still going and the BANG was still banging.

He walked outside trying to follow the sound of the crying and ended up next door, in the kitchen. The tap was on and the sink was overflowing so he reached in and pulled the plug. As the water was sucked down the drain so too was Adam.

“HELP!” He cried out but it was no use.

He was now in the ocean, struggling to stay afloat. The banging had stopped. The crying had stopped. But he was in the middle of the ocean and it looked as though he was going to drown. Luckily for him a small boat was on it’s way to him, ‘The Blaxland.’

A hand reached down for him and Adam was able to get on board.

“Strike me flaming rone what are you doing here?” Alf Stewart asked the young man.

“I think I’m dreaming!” Adam answered before grabbing a towel and drying off.

“Impossible!” Alf said. “This is my dream!”

“And your dreaming about me?” Adam said with a smile.

“Stranger things have happened!”

“Who’s driving the boat?” Adam asked unsure of where he is going and how he is getting there.

Alf shrugged. “We’ll be there soon though!”

“Where?” Asked Adam starting to get freaked out.

“The hospital!”

“Why are we going there? I’m not sick.”

“Well where not going there for you.” Alf said.

The boat stopped at the Pier and Alf and Adam got off. At the bank, where the pier begins stood the hospital. Alf walked up towards it.

“Wait for me!” Adam said and the two walked into the hospital together.

They walked into a room. Somebody was lying in the bed, wrapped like a mummy in bandages.

“Well...” Said Alf. “This is where it ends!”

“What does?”

“My dream...” Alf said. “Don’t worry it’ll start again...” He continued. “It always does!”

He then layed onto the bed. Not onto the person wrapped in bandages- into the person wrapped in bandages. Adam looked at the names above the bed. Alfred Stewart- DR. YOUNG.

And then the sound began again. The Crying not the banging. He walked out of the room and into a long corridor. A bright fluorescent light invaded his space. He followed the corridor to the end. To a door. He opened it and the crying had stopped. But then there was music.

“Ouga Chaka ouga!”

“What the?” Adam asked as the music continued.

“I can't stop this feeling

Deep inside of me.

Girl, you just don't realize

What you do to me.”

A baby walks out of the room into the corridor and begins dancing.

“You have to be kidding me!” Adam said.

Another baby followed the first one.

“Hello little ones.” Adam said to them, but they ignored him and just danced.

A third baby stuck his head out. but never got further.

“I'm hooked on a feeling,

I'm high on believing,

That your in love with me.”

The baby stayed in the room.

“Come on little one, don’t be shy.” Adam said to him.

The baby disappeared back into the room. The other two babies continued to dance. Adam decided to go into the room to find the other one.

He couldn’t see. It was too bright. He just walked until he came across another door which he opened.


And the banging was back. He was in an empty white room, well empty apart from all the doors. One door got Adam’s attention, though. It was where the banging was coming from. He walked over to the door and opened it.

Belle was standing there holding a stool, she was trying to break through the door with it. She looked a mess. Covered with dust and dirt and blood, she was bleeding. She ran out of there as quickly as she could. Adam walked into the room. It looked like the Surf Club Diner but it had collapsed. There was dust, debris, broken plates and dozens of dead bodies.

He walked over to the kitchen. Colleen was standing there crying and Irene was comforting her.

“She was a beautiful, beautiful girl!” Colleen said.

Irene then spotted Adam. “What in the flipping hell is wrong with you?” Irene asked him. “Bringing me into your dream like this!”

“I thought this was Alf’s dream?” Adam questioned.

“Not anymore!” Irene said. “It was yours, it’s now ours.”

“I just want to wake up!” Adam admitted to her.

Geoff ran through the diner carrying a surfboard.

“Oi!” Irene shouted to him. “Where do you think your going?”

Geoff stopped, looked at Irene and smiled. “Big wave coming!” He ran out.

“Typical!” Irene scoffed. “Are you going to go with him?” Irene asked Colleen.

“I wish I could walk away

And dig what the preacher said...” Colleen told her. “But those words don't satisfy me no more.”

“Come twenty twenty-five?” Irene asked her.

Colleen shook her head. “Come TEN TEN TEN!”

Adam ran out of there. He opened the door walked out and he was hit with a lot of water.

ADAM screamed. His face was drenched, with sweat? No water.

Jack stood above him, holding an empty glass. “Bad dream?”

Adam nodded. “Did you throw water on me?”

Jack laughed. “I shook you but you didn’t wake up.”

“What time is it?” Adam asked.

“Eight in the morning.”

“Well you’re looking good for someone who drank as much as you did last night.”

“Thanks.” Jack smiled. “Unfortunately I have an Earthquake in my brain and I just wasted my aspirin water, waking you up.”

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Saturday Morning 09 10 10


Adam heard the screams of his daughter from the laundry out the back. He dropped the clothes he was taking out of the dryer and ran inside.

He ran into his daughters room, Jack and Martha had already beat him to it. She was standing on her bed. Jack and Martha looked at Adam who looked at them.

“What’s the matter?” Adam asked her.

“WE SLEPT IN!” She screamed.

“Baby it’s nine-thirty, the game doesn’t start until twelve.” He told her.

Jack rolled his eyes back not believing why she was screaming the way she was.

“Oh!” Kaley said. “I forgot!”

Martha laughed. “I’m going to make breakfast.” She said. “What would you like sweetie?” She asked Kaley.

“Fruit Rings!” The little girl replied with a smile.

“No way!” Adam told her. “Have Weet-Bix it’s better for you.” He grabbed his daughter and they all walked out into the kitchen.

Martha opened the pantry and pulled out the Weet-Bix box. Adam opened the fridge and pulled out the milk to give her a hand. Jack and Kaley sat at the table. Martha put the Weet-Bix box onto the table and grabbed a couple of bowls from the cupboard. Wasting no time Jack grabbed some biscuits from the Weet-Bix box and put them into the bowl. Martha softly hit him before making Kaley’s breakfast.

“Uncle Jack are you going to my game?” Kaley asked.

Jack took in a mouthful of Weet-Bix and nodded. “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” He said with his mouth full.

Kaley smiled before looking to Martha, she didn’t have to ask. Martha had a disappointed look on her face.

“Sorry sweetie.” She said. “I’m going to visit my Granddad in hospital.”

“Is he going to be better soon?” Kaley asked.

“I don’t think so.” Martha looked at her with a grateful sadness. “He is still in a coma sweetie.” She rubbed the top of her head, playing with the little girl’s black hair. “Do you know what a coma is?”

Kaley nodded. “It’s when you are asleep for ages and ages and you don’t wake up for a very long time.”

“Kaley, be quiet and eat your breakfast.” Adam interrupted noticing how uncomfortable the conversation was getting.

Kaley stabbed her spoon into one of the biscuits. “Can I have Ice-Cream instead?”

“NO!” Adam replied without hesitation.

“If we win can I have Ice-Cream?”

“I tell you what...” Martha said. “If it’s okay with your daddy, I will take you to the Diner this afternoon and you can have a scoop of Ice-Cream for every point your team gets.”

Kaley giggled with excitement. But Jack and Adam almost choked on their breakfast.

“Martha, it’s Rugby League...” Jack told her. “Little kid’s Rugby League, each try they score they get FIVE points.”

“Oh!” Martha said. “How about you get a scoop of Ice-Cream for each try YOU score?

“That sound’s fair.” Adam smiled.

“No it’s not!” Kaley complained. “I never score!”

The home phone began to ring. Adam jumped up to answer it.

“Hello...? Yeah we’re both here...” He began to look worried. “Today?” He raised his voice. “My daughter’s footy team’s playing in the Grand Final.”

He looked to Jack who stood up, knowing what was to come.

“Right!” Adam said to the phone. “We’ll be in as soon as we can.” He slammed the phone down on the hook.

“Must be pretty bad!” Jack commented.

“Big drug bust... we have to go into work.”

“Great!” Jack said sarcastically.

Adam looked to Kaley. “I’m sorry baby!”

Kaley ignored him, clearly unimpressed. She chose to eat her Weet-Bix.

Adam looked to Martha who looked just as disappointed as Kaley. “Martha can you...?”

“Of course!” Martha answered before he finished asking.

Matilda knocked on the bedroom door. “Lucas! Drew!” She had a suitcase at her side. “I have to leave in like...” She looked at the clock on her Mobile Phone. “...Twenty minutes ago!”

Drew opened the door, dressed and ready to go. He walked out of the bedroom carrying a backpack. “I’m ready!”

“What about Lucas?” She asked. She pushed the door open wider and looked in. Lucas was sitting up on the mattress on the floor. He was wearing nothing but red boxer shorts.

“He’s not coming!” Drew answered for him.

“Alright!” Matilda didn’t have the time to argue. “Let’s go!”

Drew walked towards the front door.

“Drew?” Jazz called from the dining table. Her and Tony left their breakfast and walked to him. “Goodbye!” Jazz said giving him a hug. She then hugged Matilda.

Tony shook Drew’s hand and gave Matilda a kiss on the cheek. “What’s Lucas doing?”

“He has stuff to do apparently.” Drew told him.


Drew shrugged.

“See you soon.” Tony said to them both.

“Bye!” Matilda said before her and Drew walked out of the house.

“Lucas!” Tony called out to his son once they left.

Lucas, now dressed in old jeans and a dirty T-Shirt walked out of the room. “Dad, can I borrow the car?”

“What for?” Tony questioned.

“I will only be an hour or two.” Lucas assured him.

“Yeah, but don’t bring it back empty.”

Lucas grabbed the Keys from it’s holder and ran out of the house.

Adam buttoned his Blue Police shirt and walked out into the lounge-room, tucking his shirt into his pants. Jack was putting on his belt. Martha and Kaley were watching Saturday morning cartoons.

There was a knock at the door.

“PAULIE!” Kaley screamed and ran to give him a hug.

Paul was wearing a fluro yellow shirt with the word TRAINER printed on the front and back.

Adam walked over to him while putting on his belt.

“Hi!” Paul said with some awkwardness. He let go of Kaley and stepped inside. “You working today?”

Adam nodded. He stepped closer to the boy and gave him a hug and a short kiss on the lips. “Do us a favor?”

Paul nodded. “Are we going to talk about last night?”

Adam shook his head and gave him another kiss. “Don’t need too...” He placed his hands on Kaley’s shoulders. “Martha is visiting Alf in the hospital. Do you mind taking Kaley to the game? You’re going there anyway!”

Paul nodded.

“We have to go!” Adam told him.

“Be careful!” Paul told him. “You too Jack!”

“I will.” Jack said. He then gave Martha a kiss. “Love you!”

“Love you too!”

They left the house.

“Hurry up and get ready kid...” Paul told Kaley. “If we get their early enough we can see the Under 8’s play!”

Kaley jumped up and down in excitement and ran into her bedroom to get ready.

Lucas drove up outside an old style- yellow clad home. He took a deep breath.

“Thanks.” Lila said as she was handed a small cardboard box.

Hugh Kelley counted some 50 dollar notes he had in his hand. “You’re welcome.” He said before waving her away.

Hugh was a gym fit, thirty-three year old with rugged good looks. He was rather clean. Nice casual clothes, a salesman grin.

Lila walked past a bigger man an Islander, one you wouldn’t want to mess with. She left the bedroom they were in and headed for the front door. Another Islander, was standing just outside, this one was smaller in stature although he was still a big man.

As she walked out, down to where her car was parked, she past Lucas. Lucas recognized her straight away and wondered what she was doing there, though he stayed silent. Lila looked horrified that she was seen... but at least she has seen him too, if it were to come out later.

Lucas walked inside, the man smiled and nodded at him as if he knew him. Lucas walked into the bedroom. Hugh instantly stood up and greeted him with a handshake.

“Hey Buttercup!” Hugh smiled at him. “By yourself today?”

Lucas nodded.

“Have you got the cash?”

“Umm!” Lucas shook his head. “I’m kind of short at the moment but...”

“Your boyfriend already owes me two-K!”

“He’s not my boyfriend!” Lucas snapped. “Besides that has nothing to do with me.” Lucas wished he didn’t say that last statement the way he did. He held his breath and tried to think of something else to say. “I really need this... You don’t understand what my life is like at the moment!” He REALLY REALLY WISHED he never said that.

“It’s strong stuff- expensive too!” Hugh told him, before gesturing for his Islander friend to leave, which he did, shutting the door behind him.

Lucas swallowed nervously. Hugh walked over and rubbed the shoulder of Lucas.

“I guess the question is... What are you going to do for me if you can’t pay me?” Hugh smiled before unzipping the fly of his expensive jeans.

“Oh get them on side REF!” Paul yelled as loud as he could.

Kaley closed her eyes in embarrassment, standing next to him on the sideline and he was going off- and it wasn’t even her team playing.

“You gotta be kidding me.”

Yabbie Creek Oval was full of spectators eager for the exciting Grand Final matches of the Northern Districts Junior Rugby League Clubs.

“What’s the score?” Geoff asked approaching Paul on the sideline.

“It’s a flogging...” Paul told him. “Twenty-three - Nil... COME ON REF THAT WAS FORWARD!”

Belle arrived pushing Tink in her pram. “Shoosh!” She said half-serious.

“I didn’t expect to see you here.” Paul commented.

“Just supporting Geoff and the kids.” She then smiled at Kaley. “Are you going to win?”

Kaley shrugged before giving a half nod.

“You don’t care either way just as long as you have fun!” Geoff said with a friendly laugh.

“That’s loser talk coach.” Paul said. “We’re going to kick ass aren’t we Kaley?”

“Please...” Geoff said. “We’re trying not to have people swear in front of Tinkerbell.”

Paul looked at Geoff uncomfortably. “She’s going to hear it sooner or later.”

“We prefer later!” Geoff said being a little more serious.

“Haven’t changed a bit, have you Campbell!” Aden’s voice came from behind.

They turned around to see him being pushed in his wheel chair by an unattractive older nurse. He was wearing Dark Sunglasses despite being in shade and despite the sunny October weather he had a thick black jacket, gloves, and trousers on. The right side of his face was severely scarred and his left side was also scarred only not as bad. He was wearing a red cap to cover hair he had lost. He is blind, he is paralyzed from the waist down and he is covered in scars. A far cry from the sexy Aden of two years ago.

Belle turned white when she saw him. She stayed silent.

The Nurse stopped him just next to her.

“It’s okay!” He told his nurse. “Get a coffee, I’ll be right!”

“Aden buddy!” Paul gave him a handshake. “Good to see you mate.”

“Also a surprise!” Geoff added.

“Come on Campbell I couldn't miss my team’s big day now could I?” He listened to see if the nurse had walked away. “Is she hot? We’ve been flirting with one another for days but I can’t tell what she looks like.”

“A total babe! I’ll so turn for her!” Paul lied.

“Its good to see you Coach!” Kaley told Aden and gave him a kiss on his ‘good cheek.’

“How is my star player?” Aden asked the little girl.


“Is your dad here?”

Kaley shook her head which of course Aden couldn’t see.

“He had to work.” Paul told him. “We did well...” He said changing the subject. “...To get them here.”

Geoff gestured for Belle to leave, Belle nodded.

“Well Campbell I have to admit...” Aden told him. “You were a good replacement coach.”

“Well....” Geoff said. “...Paul has helped out a lot.”

“Yeah he’s a good kid.” Aden tried wheeling backwards in his chair but he ran into the pram, Tink started crying. “I’m sorry!” Aden said.

“It’s okay!” Paul said.

Belle looked at Geoff wide-eyed.

“WAIT!” Aden said. “Is that... Is that Tinkerbell?”

They all stayed silent for a moment, wondering what to do, what to say?

“Yeah!” Belle finally admitted. “But we have to go.”

“Please...” Aden said. “Can I hold her?”

“I don’t think so...” Geoff said. “I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

“Just let him!” Paul ordered.

“I won’t drop her.”

Belle picked Tink up. “Okay but be very careful.” She guided her into Aden’s gloved hands.

Aden found her arm pits and held her there, with Belle’s hands there for support. He envisioned seeing her, her beautiful rosy cheeks. He remembered when she was born, she had his eyes, he imagined she still did.

Tink looked up to Aden, that scary, ugly scarred face with the big black sunglasses. Was he the boogeyman? She didn’t like him no matter if he was or not he was just too scary. She began to cry again.

Belle took her away to comfort her, to stop her crying.

“I’m having some plastic surgery next week...” He told them all. “What use is it being able to frighten little kids when you can’t see the look on their faces when they see you?”

Paul laughed.

Tink stopped crying and Belle placed her back in the pram. “We better go.” Belle said before leaving.

“Thanks for that!” Aden said before wiping a tear that escaped down to his cheek.

“We better start training...” Geoff said. “Come on Kales.” He gave her a nudge on the shoulder.

“I’ll stay here with Aden until the nurse comes back.” Paul told him.

Geoff nodded and left with Kaley.

Paul rubbed Aden on his shoulder.

“They were just going to pretend they weren’t there!” Aden said shaking his head. “Thanks for telling them to let me hold her.”

“Not a problem!” Paul said. “I think it’s great you turned up even though you can’t see the game.”

“Yeah!” Aden said. “So...” He began changing the subject. “You and the copper still together.”

Paul nodded, forgetting that he can’t see him nod.


“Yeah, still going strong!”

“So you really over your crush on Geoff?”

Paul laughed. “Oh come on... It wasn’t Geoff I had the crush on. It was you.”

“Me?” Aden laughed. “Nah... I can’t even pretend to be surprised... I’m way too irresistible... Well, at least, I was!”

“You still are...” Paul assured him. “If I didn’t have that sexy nurse to compete with I’d leave Adam in a second to be with you.”

They both laughed.

Lucas gripped the desk tightly as Hugh screamed in delight.

“That was worth way more than the ice I’m about to lose.” Hugh commented as he pulled his jeans back up his legs.

Lucas smiled as awkward as that experience was it was a sweet thing to say, well it made him feel good about himself which was worth something.

Adam gripped his gun, he signaled for Jack to follow him as they snuck out the back of the house.

Lara held her gun to the Islander at the front door. “Freeze!” She yelled and he did just that. “Hands in the air, on the ground NOW!” She cuffed him as McGrath and a young male constable snuck inside.


Hugh and Lucas heard this. Hugh grabbed a pistol from a draw in the desk and grabbed Lucas, dragging him to the window. He looked out, NOTHING!

The young Constable laid dead on the floor. The second Islander continued to shoot at McGrath. McGrath rolled and shot back, hitting the man, killing him.

Hugh with his gun in one hand and Lucas in the other carefully walked around the backyard, heading for the back-gate.

“STOP!” Adam yelled once he spotted the two men from behind. “STOP or I WILL SHOOT!” He said.

Hugh grabbed Lucas in a head lock and turned around, pointing the gun right at the boy’s head.

“Put your gun down or I will shoot him!” Hugh told him.

Adam recognized Lucas straight away.

Jack not realizing he had Lucas had his gun pointing at them. He crept towards the two men from behind.

“NO JACK!” Adam yelled.

Hugh and Lucas turned around, Jack saw him, he saw Jack.

Neither Adam or Jack could do anything but let Hugh get away with their brother.

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