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Purple Haze (Sequel to DC)

Guest Luc

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Story Title: Purple Haze

Type of story: Short/Medium fic

Main Characters: Geoff, Matilda, Cassie, Aden, Belle, Lucas, Lisa and original character Jake Farris

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama, hurt/comfort

Does story include spoilers: None

Any warnings: SC, L, V/D, Drug Referances

Summary: Jake Farris moves to Summer Bay all the way from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee with her mother and step-father, all seems well with them, but looks can be decieving - Jake is hiding a secret, a big one at that. Starting at Summer Bay High, Jake befriends Mattie, Geoff, Aden and Cassie, Mattie soon uncovers Jakes secret and tries her hardest to help. Also, to link it with the original story, Geoff is still undergoing rehabilitation after being shot and the man who raped Mattie's day comes in court



1. After The Goldrush

2. Boulder to Birmingham

3. My Blue Tears

4. Before The Next Teardrop Falls

5. Crippled Bird

6. Dagger Through The Heart

7. And The Tower Falls

8. It's Such A Heartache

9. Go To Hell

10. Gamble Either Way

11. Dump The Dude

12. Blowin’ In The Wind

13. Red Hot Screaming Love

14. Tennessee Homesick Blues

15. The Salt In My Tears

16. The River Unbroken

17. Travelin' Thru

Chapter One - After The Goldrush

A large removalist truck turned into a street in the small town of Summer Bay, a navy Holden Berlina trailing it closely. The truck pulled into the driveway of a modern-looking house. A man in his early forties climbed out as the car pulled up in front of the house, a young girl in her late teens climbed out of the driver’s door,

“How was that, mom?” she asked her mother in her deep Tennessee accent, who climbed out of the passenger door, she was a woman of around 40 with a full figure, dark brown hair and deep blue eyes.

“Not to bad Jake,” She said, nodding at her daughter, she then turned to the house and smiled, “It’s amazing,” she sighed as her husband put his arm around her shoulder,

“Yeah, I guess it is,” He smiled and glanced around at Jake, who was looking towards a beach,

“Is it okay if I go down and check out the beach, dad?” She asked – she hated calling him this, he was her mothers second husband, she had married him nearly 5 years after her husband had died, still, Jake resented him for trying to take her fathers place,

“After you have helped me get everything set up here,” He said, smiling at her, Willadeene walked over to her car,

“Where are you going?” Jake asked, glancing nervously towards her step-father, Willadeene sighed in exasperation,

“I told you on the way down here that I had to go into work,” She said, getting into the drivers seat, she pushed the keys into the ignition,

“But we just got here,” Jake whined, “I thought you didn’t have to start your new job until Monday,”

“As I explained in the car, I got a call from Sally Fletcher; she needs me there to show me around so I can start first thing Monday morning,” Willadeene told her daughter, slamming the door, Jake looked at her sadly,

“Jake, we’ve spent the last 17 years together, pretty much day-in and day-out, can you give me freedom to work,”

“I guess,” Jake said, looking up at the house – it was modern, a big change from the small shack they had lived in out in Tennessee, it was shabby and cramped, but it was the house she had grown up in with her mother and her real father, and then David came along and convinced her mother to move to Australia, so here they were. Jake turned around in time to see her mother drive off, she shuddered when she realised she was going to be left alone with David for the first time in a month,

“I might just go up to my room and relax for a while,” She said timidly, pulling her guitar out of the front of the removalist truck and rushing through the open door.

“Jake!” David yelled from the foot of the stairs, Jake looked down and saw her father fuming “Get down here now and help!” He began ascending the stairs, a terrified look crossed Jake’s face, she rushed into the nearest room and pushed the door shut, sitting down in front of it, she burst into tears.


At Summer Bay High, students were rushing in and out of classrooms – the bell for third period had just gone.

“Hunter!” Aden called out, spotting Matilda walking out of her English class, she turned around and a smile appeared on her face – she pushed her way through the crowd and over to him and Cassie, their hands clasped,

“I can’t believe Geoff’s back tomorrow!” Matilda squealed excitedly, Aden laughed and gave her a play punch; she flinched momentarily before returning the punch, Aden raised his hands mockingly in defence, Matilda giggled,

“It’s great to hear you laugh,” Cassie said, linking her arm with Mattie’s, “You seem so happy again,” she said as they walked into their maths class, Matilda smiled at her,

“I was never unhappy, just momentarily upset,” Matilda said to her friends, before taking her regular seat – next to Belle Taylor, Belle looked over at her and gave her a fake smile before turning back to the front of the room, her oversized, jewelled, pink pen reflecting the sunlight, Matilda giggled again – she had never seen anything funny in this before, but it finally hit her.

“Settle down, settle down,” The math teacher, Mr. Blight said in an effort to quieten the class – as usual, nobody payed any attention, “I said settle down,” his tone was sharper and more aggressive, the group turned their attention to him, “Thankyou,” He replied in a soft voice, turning to the blackboard.

“Hunter,” Belle whispered to her, passing over a note, Matilda took it and unfolded it,

‘DO YOU KNOW WHEN GEOFF IS COMING BACK?’ it read, Matilda sighed, pulling out a pen, she scribbled down four simple words, ‘GIVE IT UP BELLE.’ She passed the note back to Belle, who looked down at sighed angrily – she’d have to ambush her in PE, she thought.

“Well class, today we are going to be starting our semester on advanced Pythagorean Triads,” Mr. Blight informed the class, and just as he had suspected, he was answered with loud moans and groans – there was a knock on the door in amongst all of this. Sally Fletcher walked in, Willadeene right behind her,

“Excuse me Mr. Blight, would you mind if I introduced the students to our new member of staff?” Sally asked the plump teacher, she shook his head, “Thankyou. Okay, year 11, pay attention – this here,” Sally said, motioning towards the woman next to her, “Is Mrs. Willadeene Shore, she is my new secretary, the reason I introduced you to her is that she is from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in America and I do not, I repeat, do not, want her subjected to ‘hillbilly and hick’ jokes, am I clear?” Sally snapped, the students focused there attention back on Sally,

“Yes Miss Fletcher,” Everyone replied, all at different times, Sally nodded her appreciation, as did Willadeene,

“And I hope that all of you will try your best to make her feel welcome,” Sally replied, nodding her thanks to Mr. Blight before leading her new secretary out of the classroom,

“Now, will everyone please turn to page 210 of your text book?” Mr. Blight said to his overly annoyed class.


Jake sat inside the same room of the house, tears running down her face, her hand strumming the guitar, her left cheek a dark purple, Jake opened her mouth and began to sing, the hoarse tone of her voice accentuating her strong mountain soprano tone,

Well I dreamed I saw the nights in armour coming, saying something about a queen, there were peasants singing and drummers drumming and the archer split the tree. There was a fanfare blowing to the sun, there was floating on the breeze – look at Mother Nature on the run, in the 20th century. Look at Mother Nature on the run in the 20th century,” Jake had sung this song countless times when she was upset – she had no idea why, but she assumed it was due to the eerie beauty of it, “I was lying in a burned out basement, with a full moon in my eyes. I was hoping for replacement, when the sun burst through the sky. There was a band playing in my head, and I felt like I could cry... I was thinking about what a friend had said, I was hoping it was a lie...” tears began falling rapidly down her face, her father had always listened to songs like this when she was younger, and it finally hit her – it made her feel better because it reminded her of her real father, gentle but stern, fun but hard working, “I dreamed I saw the silver spaceships flying in the yellow haze of the sun. There were children cryin’ and colours flyin’ all around the chosen ones, all in a dream, all in a dream, the loading had begun. Flying Mother Nature’s sliver seed to a new home in the sun, flying Mother Nature’s silver seed to a new home...” placing her guitar down she took a deep breath and opened the door and walked down the stairs...


What do you think? I have changed my writing style from DC a bit, just to make it seem a bit more friendly, but gritty in the same way :). Each chapter will be named after the song featured when Jake gets her guitar out, just as this one is, the song is After The Goldrush by Trio. This is just an introductory chapter and things pick up from here :)

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I love it! very intriguing....

I like this "new" style of writing! really pulls you in!

Yay mattie and geoff!

Thankyou ezaz (don't know your name, sorry :)). I'm glad you love it and find it intriguing :)

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I love it! very intriguing....

I like this "new" style of writing! really pulls you in!

Yay mattie and geoff!

Thankyou ezaz (don't know your name, sorry :)). I'm glad you love it and find it intriguing :)

it's Emily :D

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