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I Love You Already

Guest Maddie nd Ric 4eva!

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Name: I Love you Already

Type: long fic

Main Characters: Maddie and Ric

BTTB Rating: T

Any Warnings: Gun scene

Spoilers: No

Summary: Maddie and Ric start a new life with their babies

Chapter 1

How she had been able to do it was unimaginable…there was so many times she was nearly caught out.

1 week ago

‘ADEN! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!’ Maddie shouted covering herself up. Aden had just walked into Maddie's’ room when she was getting dressed. Maddie quickly fumbled around for the cover.

‘Sorry…’ Aden said, trying not to look. It was hard not to. She was gorgeous. He had always fancied her. "Breakfasts there if you want it". Maddie looked at the breakfast plate. She tried not to smile. The whole idea of Ric, Herself, Cassie and Aden getting a place did NOT appeal to her. But now she felt like she was enjoying the idea

"Oh right thanks" said Maddie clutching her stomach. Aden wondered what she was doing but said nothing

"Right so I'll be going then..." said Aden

"Yes" said Maddie. "Thanks"

He had already left. Maddie pulled up her size 8 jeans. Oh No! too small she thought angrily to herself clutching her stomach again for dear life. She had a secret. A secret which no-one knew. Not even Cassie. Cassie! Maddie thought to herself. She's got loads of baggy clothes . Sure she liked her own clothes better but there was nothing else she could

do. She quickly wrapped a towel around herself and headed for Cassie's room awkwardly passing by Aden on the way.

"I'm just going to see Cassie" she found herself awkwardly lying

"It's okay" said Aden. "I'm not gonna stop you Maddie|"


She quickly made for the door. Cassie was startled as Maddie walked into her room feeling sheepish

"I need to borrow some clothes!" Maddie said in a high pitched squeak

"What's the matter" said Cassie going to give Maddie a hug

"I feel terrible" Maddie groaned.

She whispered something in Cassie's ear. Cassie gasped

"MADDIE!" Cassie gasped again. "Oh my god!"

"Don't" Maddie groaned

"You gotta tell him" Cassie said

"No not yet...later I promise" said Maddie. "can I borrow some clothes

"Sure help yourself" siad Cassie

Maddie smiled thankfully picked up some of Cassie's stuff and went back to her room

What am I gonna do? she thought to herself

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