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The Alf Appreciation Thread

Guest jack+martha=trooluvv

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I'm sorry if there is already an Alf thread, I looked in the first four pages and couldn't find one. Mods if there is one please delete this.

Anyway I just love him! Not "Jack" love (euch) but Ray is such a great actor and Alf has so much history in the Bay. I've actually always liked him better than Sally - don't know why. He's seen tons of people come and go within the Bay, and he is sooo supportive. He always adjusts to things FAR better than his b!tchy sister Morag (though I have to agree Cornelia is a FANTASTIC actress) and he truly loves the place that he lives in and his family.

Also I love the way he grumbles and complains :P It's sooo funny, far better than Martha's complaints. (Don't get me wrong - I love Martha too.) And as for his colloquials - well!!!!!!!!!!

:D :D :D

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Totally agree there should definitely be an Alf appreciation threat! I'm surprised there isn't one already (or if there is, then it isn't even in the first four pages :blink: )

Ray Meagher is a great actor, he and Kate (or, Alf and Sally) are my favourite characters.. call me sentimental.

I love how he's always there for his family and friends, his trademark sayings which he is known for.. though I haven't been greatly impressed with his story lines recently (or lack thereof..) he needs more!

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