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Help with making a movie

Guest ish_the_angel

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hey guys,

just wondering if anyone can help me get started... i'm wanting to make some movies with my favourite home and away scenes but have no idea where to begin.

how do i download clips?

what is the best program for editing? i have windows movie maker.

any tips from people who have done this would be really helpful!

thanks :wink:

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hI i HOPE perhaps I can help you if you havent got eps downloaded go to episodes ans clips thread and dowload from there when you have a few clips on your computer you can export them in to wondows movie maker and from there I gather you want to put them on youtube get your self an account its free and you up load them to there if you want any more help pm me andf I,ll be only too glad to help you and to give you some Idea of what you can do take a look at mine.

its Leanne514 you will find it if you look for Home and away vids

Hope this helps. :)

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