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    Well i lurrve Home and away and Shortland Street

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    well i love home and away hahaha<br />New-Zealand rules !! <br />our rugby team kicks butt and over all we rock <br /><br />goooo crussaddderrrsss!!! hard owt <br />i love to party and drink im 16 and go to Sacred Heart College Lower-Hutt it's okay im leaving school to become a photographer in the RNZAF which is awesome <br /><br />So BRING IT ON!! <br /><br />LOve-- Sunshyne :D
  1. Hey I also love todd and nicole

  2. Sorry about the comment from back in April... I didnt know people could send me comments.


    umm.. what was my avatar at that point?

    I dont remember..

    I probably had it written in my signature but maybe not...

    sorry again :)

    moniqueee. :D

  3. Soz for the late one... been busy... gahh! I know how you feel, it's started to snow on the mountains... freezing much?! lawl! Aw yeah awesum... hope youz hav fun on yor h0liz =D

    Luvv! xx

  4. Lol Same here He's deff sex on legs lmao...

  5. Oh deffo!

    I love him!


  6. Hi Emma,

    Yeah a big fan of hym think he is soooooo GAWJUSS lol... u a fan too??

  7. Hey.

    How Are You?

    Sorry, im just a randomer lol. I noticed that you liked Aden (:

  8. Hey!

    All guds! :)

    Q-towns going gud! Cold buh gud!

    Howz lyfe goin yhew??

  9. Nope just chilling... Coz i've had my trip away so i'm just gonna chill for the next 2 weeks =)


  10. love your avatar who made it if you don't mind me asking :D

  11. Thanks I don't come on here much anymore so when i do comments like that make me happy :)

  12. Hahahaha! lawl!

    Aww thankies, glad you like it! =)

  13. Hahaha yeaahh! Skiing is greeeat! but it's starting to get reeeeally cold in the morning now, i almost freeze walking to school =( Hehehe yeah i defs will, real excited... heh =)

    Aw awesome! i wanna be in year 13 already... yaer 10 sucks and NCEA is a load of crap! <_< lol

    Anyway, thanks for joining my site! =D

    ttyl! x

  14. Oh yeah and my and my friends are going to the pussycat dolls, ft Lady gaga concert in May =D

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