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Ironbridge, Shropshire

Guest .Amy.

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I just happen to click the link in Dan's signature to locations. And I saw that they used Ironbridge, Shropshire, UK:

This small town was used in 1998 when Irene & Marilyn visited Selina who was suffering with Malaria. The area is renowned as the birthplace of the industrial revolution.

I didn't watch Home and Away then, so i'm a bit clueless, how did Selena get Malaria in the UK? Or was it supposed to be somewhere else?

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I remember these episodes... I always thought it was an odd, yet nice, place for the producers to pick. One of the main things I remember about it was the particularly appaling actor who played Selina's love interest before Steven came back on the scene. I think he was in Footballers Wives and Casualty more recently. His acting had improved since then... slightly :P

Didn't Irene find herself a rich man too?

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