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Home and Away - The Love of 2007 Video

Guest -Karen-

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Finally got my other video finished! :D Just 4 months later than planned! :P

Anyway it is a bit of a cheese fest about the relationships of 2007. :rolleyes: The song used is "Shining Star" by Abby Dobson.

You can watch it on you tube >>>>

You can download it from megaupload >>>> here ........ or you send it >>>>>> here

Hope you like it! :)

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Another great video, I'm always looking forward to these videos from you! Will there be a "The tears of 2007" as well? Seriously, this video reminded me of how good Jazz/Tony and Lisa/Lucas were together. And Dan/Leah!

But the girl Lucas is kissing around 01.30, is that Naomi? :unsure:

Anyway, great video! :D

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Thanks for your nice comments guys :)

Eli - You're right, it is Naomi kissing Lucas. I too thought Lisa and Lucas had great potential and am very disappointed their relationship ended so suddenly. :(

I'm afraid there won't be a Tears of 2007 video as I don't have time at the moment. But I will be more organised at the end of this year and will hopefully have all three 2008 videos ready by a day or two after the last episode airs. Fingers crossed! :P

It took me ages to decide on the song - I originally wanted to go with 'Kissing You' by Desree (click here if you don't know the song - Its from the Romeo and Juliet soudtrack) but it was a bit sad and I decided to go with a song that has been used on H&A this year. So the contenders were 'Shining Star' by Abby Dobson, 'Asleep on the Lawn' by The Hampdens, 'Lover do you wait' by Blanche DuBois and 'Love only hurts' by Blanche DuBois. I decided to go with Shining Star because it was the one used when Kim decided he wanted to be with Kit which was a pivotal moment in the show last year.

I still may use the Desree song in a video in the future. :wink:

God I can go on can't I!?

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