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Cornelia Frances Interview. Contains SPOILERS!

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A 'Yours' magazine was in the house, and one of my family showed me this article (as they know I love H&A :D), so I thought I'd type it up for those who are interested :D. There are a couple of pictures along with the article - one of Cornelia and an old one of 'Morag' in court holding a picture of Gus Phillips, aka Kane's dad.


Cornelia Frances, Home and Away's tough lawyer Morag Bellingham, shares details of her new on-screen love...and he's a married man.

By Sally Morgan

Falling in love is the last emotion anyone would expect from Home And Away's hard-headed lawyer, Morag Bellingham. Yet when an old flame from her past comes back into her life, her softer, more vulnerable side emerges.

"This sizzling new storyline was my idea,'' says Cornelia Frances, who has been playing Morag for 19 years.

''It brings in another dimension because we see a different side to her. I asked the scriptwriters to introduce a barrister that Morag went to law school with. They've made him a detective instead, who arrives to help her crack a murder case''.

''He's married with children, and grandchildren, and when she sees him again after all those years, she remembers how he fell madly in love with her and wanted to marry her. But, Morag being Morag, turned him down to climb the legal ladder. She always thought she'd meet someone better...

''The poignant thing is, she suddenly realises that he was the love of her life - only now it's two late. I think this often happens to women who sacrifice love for their careers, '' continues Cornelia, who's 66. ''It's quite sad.''

''There's going to be plenty of passion simmering beneath the surface,'' she promises. ''I suggested David Downer for the part because I've worked with him before and he's ideal for this story. He's good-looking and sophisticated, with an earty, sexy side. The ladies will love him!''

Cornelia's own private life has had its ups and downs. Although she has been married to Michael Eastland since 1969, they split up 16 years ago. ''I'd been doing panto in England and stayed for my mother, who was dying, and my sister, who was pregnant with her first baby'', recalls Cornelia, who was born in Liverpool, but emigrated to Australia in the Seventies as a £10 pom.

''When I returned home, my marriage to Michael wasn't good. The following year, we decided to separate. There was no acrimony though. He was still using the house as an office and sleeping downstairs. We're still huge friends and I love him to bits. He lives with his lady friend in the moutains and they come and stay with me, and invite me to stay with them. It's all very civilised.''

Since then, Cornelia's career has included roles in leading Aussie soaps Sons and Daughters, The Young Doctors and Prisoner Cell Block H. Because of her formidable image as Morag in Home and Away, and natural, flame-coloured hair - like Anne Robinson's - she was also chosen in 2001 to host The Weakest Link game show in Australia.

Cornelia has a 36-year-old son, Lawrence, who has chosen not to follow in his mother's theatrical footsteps; he's a graphic designer and has a seven-year-old daughter, called Tipani Sequoia DiMucci.

''We call her Tippy for short, '' says her proud grandmother. ''Sadly her mother Dionne and Lawrence split up when Tippy was two. It's a tricky situation. When I wrote my autobiography, What Have You Been Doing Lately? in 2003, I included a photo of Tippy with her dad, but Tippy's mother was furious for not asking her permission. And when I was the subject of This Is Your Life a few ago, she refused to allow Tippy on the show. That was very sad for me.

''I'd love to see Tippy more often but she lives in Byron Bay, miles away from my home in Sydney. When we do get together, though, it's absoloutely wonderful. ''

Home and Away is broadcast every weekday at 6pm on Five.

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