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APRIL FOOL- 2008 season will be the last

Guest Eli

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- 2008 season will be the last

Sydney Morning Herald / news.com.au: Since its first episode in 1988, Channel 7's soap opera success, Home and Away has brought joy to viewers world wide. After more than 20 years on the air, the popular drama now says goodbye to its fans.

Tuesday morning, loyal viewers all across Australia received the shock message no one was expecting. Executive producer Cameron Welsh exclusively revealed on Sunrise that the 2008 season will be the last season of Home and Away.

"We feel like we have accomplished a lot in 20 years, but despite the fact that ratings are still good, time has come to end this chapter of Australian television history," Welsh said in the interview, "The show has without a doubt been bringing joy and entertainment to viewers, actors and everyone else involved throughout the years, but now we want to end it with dignity, while viewers still can look back on Home and Away with positive memories."

Since the first episode was shown in January 1988, more than 4600 episodes have been shown in Australia. The show also airs in several countries abroad, and millions of people watch it every week.

"We reached the decision after a lot of discussing with everyone involved," Welsh further explained in the interview, "Script executive Bevan Lee produces his last episode this year, and many of the most popular actors' contracts are expiring in 2008. Instead of risking to tear down everything we have built up over 20 years, we think the best thing now is to let Home and Away get an ending the show worthy."

The announcement was made just shortly after Home and Away celebrated its 20 years on the air, and only days after episode 4600 aired in Australia.

Sources have revealed to Sydney Morning Herald that the show will have a final total of 4720 episodes after the series finale in November 2008.

It is still not clear if Channel 7 is planning a new soap, but Welsh Tuesday morning denied that Home and Away had to give up because of competition from Channel Nine's soap, Neighbours.

"No, this is entirely a decision we have made with our actors and Channel 7," Welsh explained, "We see it as a victory and not at all a loss when we now are able to end the show after 20 years of success."

Sydney Morning Herald / news.com.au - April Fulham and Hillary Oust - 01/04/2008

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OH! April Fools, obivously it has to be...

I wonder if Eli wrote that herself or if she found it? You playing a joke on us Eli;).

Almost cried out Holy Crap, because what would I do on weekdays at 7?.

Better keep an eye out on everything, I fell for a April Joke twice, this one and one at another site, kept forgetting it's April 1st

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Oh my GOD i totally bought it! I was about to make a really long post down here! Lucky i saw the above post, otherwise I would have looked ridiculous!

I was reading that message going: WHAT....what...why...argh!!

I smelt a rat but it was the Hilary Oust bit that gave it away. My name is Hilary and people call me "Hilarious"as a nickname, so it struck a chord so to speak!

If Kate Ritchie gets a special announcement section on Live Tv for leaving the show I reckon Home and Away would have got something even bigger if they were to announce the show was ending.

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I am so gullible!!

Last year my dad told me, my brother and sister, and our friends that there were sun spots (which there were) and that we could see them if we climbed a tree, but we had to be careful so they told us to wear skiing goggles :cool: . Picture it, about 6 of us, dangling off a tree wearing ski goggles in april. :blink: Fools. And of cos i fell for the whole "gullible's been taken out the dictionary" thing. How embarrassing! :blush:

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