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My Life Without You

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Story Title: My Life Without You.

Type of story: undecided

Main Characters: Martha, Kate, Tasha, Kim, , Alf , Tony and Roman. and maybe a few others.

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama / Romance

Does story include spoilers: no

Any warnings:


Martha - Martha was going out with Jack, they have a beautiful little girl called Kate.

Tasha - Tasha is going out with Kim they have a daughter called Ella - Tasha also works with Martha in the surf club.

Kim - Kim still works at the Surf club gym. Has a child with Tasha.

Roman - Roman works in the police station - he was Jack's partner there and is his best friend.

Tony - Tony works with Kim, he is still like a father to Martha and is Kate's granddad (obv)

note - this was the first fic i ever rit and it has been on my computer for ages so im uploading it too see if its worth keeping, please comment and review. when i first started this fic the man who was Jack's police friend originally was Ash but i've changed him to Roman now that he is in it ok.

and i'll post the next chapter if anyone likes it.

Chapter 1.

Martha's P.O.V

As i starred out the window and into the blue sky, i looked at every single cloud and bird that passed, wondering....just wondering if i could ever be happy again, the same thought of the events that happened that day just raced through my memory, i could remember every sound...smell...and thought from that day. the day that changed my life. Forever. This is the story of how i died.


"Martha, i'm going to my dad's to pick up my some things then i'm going to work" Jack yelled to me as he lay a sweet, loving kiss softly on my lips before grabbing a slice off toast of the plate, "ok, what time will you back for our meal tonight" i asked as i picked up the empty plate and throwing it in the sink as i paused and faced him, "your not gunna stand me up tonight aswell are you"

"no ofcourse not, in fact i have a surprise for you tonight" He grinned looking at me seductively, as tempting as it was i didn't show him how much i wanted it too,"oh great, another night of sex , you know in futer i wouldn't mind the surprise being..... a nice little diamond ring that goes right here" Martha smiled pointing at her engagement finger.

"don't push your luck" he yelled making his way out the door

"Tasha's coming to get Kate at six o'clock tonight so don't be late" i screamed to him as i heard the door slam shut, at the same time the loud sound of thunder could be heard, and dark clouds covered the skies of Summer Bay.


It had been thunder and lightning since earlier on that day, and i sat on the couch looking at the clock and realising the time, Tasha should be here any second to get Kate.

"hey Mac" i heard as i jumped off the couch and facing my best friend, Tasha shut the door and walked over by me, "hey, all her stuff's on the table ok", "oh okay" Tasha said walking over and picking up Kate from her cot and grabbing the bag of the table, "well i would stay but me and Kim are gunna take Kate and Ella out to the diner okay, bye" Tasha practically raced out off the house, "see you later" i yelled although she probably didn't hear me.


I was all ready for mine and Jack's big night, sitting on the couch i looked at my watch, it was 9:00pm, he was late, 2 hours late and he said he wouldn't be, i am going to have some harsh words to say to him when he gets back. As i pulled out my mobile i dialled his number, but it led to his answering machine again. "Jack your late again, and you promised me, you might aswell go to Tasha and Kims or your dad's because i don't want to see you tonight okay" i screached down the phone in a sudden rage wiping away any quick falling tears.


The loud banging on the front door made me jump, i shot up like a flash, 'if this is him i'm going to kill him' i kept repeating to myself making my way to the door, fixing my hair at the same time i opened the door to reveal two police officers standing outside in the pouring rain.

"are you Martha MacKenzie" one of the officers yelled, "yes, come in" i tried too put on a smile as i shouted back at him as they ran inside leaving water dripping all over the floor, they removed their hats and coats and made themselves comfortable on the couch, "please take a seat miss" the second officer asked. I became more suspicious, why were police knocking on my door at this time, it could only be bad news, "why, what's going on" she forced a slight laugh, "erm..well it's about constable Holden...there's no easy way to say this but Constable Holden has...." the last few words faded into my mind, i blocked them from entering my head, i already knew what they were going to say, he was dead. My breathing became much stronger and heavier, i stood up only to collapse back to the ground, Tears just filled up every aspect of my eyes, my heart was beating really fast,my whole world had just come crashing down around me, i couldn't believe it, "no...no.....not Jack" i whispered as i still woudn't believe what they were telling me, "no....NOOO" i had too scream at the top of my voice, it was the only thing i could think to do, as one of the Police officers, Roman, grabbed me and put his arms around me to try and give me some sort of comfort, seeing as though Jack was his best friend.

Romans P.O.V

I didn't let one tear form in my eye, although i felt like curling up like a baby right now, i couldn't, my best friend was dead, nothing can hurt as much as that, well ofcourse it hurts the family more and his beloved girlfriend, Martha, it killed me to have too tell her, seeing her fall to the floor was a devastating shock, all i could do was try to stay strong, if i cracked up now i would only make things worse, which is something i don't want to do. "no...no.....not Jack" she whispered, if its this hard for me then i can't imagine what she must be going through, "no....NOOO" she screamed to the top of her voice which only made me feel even more upset, as i just grabbed her then, and put my arms around her.

As me and Martha sat in the hospital, a police officer come out of the room Jack's body was in, and the officer came out with a bag filled with the possesions he had been carrying around all day, she must have noticed something in the bag as she just kept stirring at it.

Martha's P.O.V

as i looked at the bag in his hands, i noticed a box inside, a very small black box, with a gold bow around it, as i saw this my inside's felt as though they were going to burst, they were melting,.i leapt out of my seat and sprinted over to the policeman snatched the bag of him, eager to see what was inside the box, as soon as i got my hands on it i ripped off the tie and when i opened it,i felt my world come even more apart, a small diamond ring lay in the box, even more tears poured from my eyes as i realised he was going to propose to me, i spent months tring to get him to propose, and when he was about to, he died, how could he do this to me, he's left me all on my own, he's left his child, that night was suppose to be the happiest day of her life, but it was far from it.

End of Flashback

I was standing on the beach and still stirring at the ocean, i stood perfectly still, the strong winds seemed to have no effect on me, i felt like running as fast as i could non-stop and jumping off the cliff, but i couldn't, the only thing that forsed me not to do so, was a small person, a lovely little girl, Kate, mine an Jack's gorgous little princess, i could never leave her without any parents,

as i stood there with my thoughts, i heard someone approaching me from behind and lay a friendly hand on my shoulder, i knew all of a sudden it was Tasha, as i turned to see my best friend standing beside me, the tears all came back and i threw my arms around Tasha as i thought of the death of Jack Holden, my boyfriend. the man i could never forget.

Tony's P.O.V

I looked at the picture that lay on the table beside him, the picture of my son and his beautiful girlfriend, how happy they were. How could this happen, it wasn't only a week ago Jack and Martha was sitting on this couch laughing and joking, playing with Kate, and planning their futer together and now he was dead, i would never of imagined that on that day would be the last time i could ever speak to my son again, i would never see him again. and the last words Jack said to me haunted me and willl haunt me for the rest of my life.

Preview - what were the last words Jack said to Tony and why do they have such a big effect on him.

- Roman tries to help Martha with her grief.

- Tony turns to drinking. - and Kate is under his care for the day.

- Two special guests make a shocking appearence in the bay, but what have they come for.

please comment and review as i need to know wether i should update or delete this fic from my comp. thanks for reading :)

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I like your approach to this storyline through the eyes of the first person, being Martha MacKenzie, most effective.

I'm also enjoying your diary account of things in a log type forum. This is turning out to be a most entertaining storyline so far.

Look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

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I like your approach to this storyline through the eyes of the first person, as being played throught the account of Martha MacKenzie, Tony Holden, Robbie Hunter and Tasha Andrews -most effective and most touching.

I'm also enjoying your diary account of things in a log type forum. This is turning out to be a most entertaining storyline so far.

Look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

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I like your approach to this storyline through the eyes of the first person, being Martha MacKenzie, most effective.

I'm also enjoying your diary account of things in a log type forum. This is turning out to be a most entertaining storyline so far.

Look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

yer, the story is mailnly like a diary of Martha's life, except the beginning just before it says flashback.

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NOTE -the words in italics are the words Jack last said to Tony.

and it said two people were suppose to be in this chapter but its in the next.

Chapter 2

Tony's P.O.V

I was sitting on the couch with the t.v on, i wasn't watching it, i was just stirring at it for no apparent reason, then i heard someone turn a key in the door, then in walked Jack, he was in a bit of a rush.

"Dad" he shouted to me, "yer mate" i said in a bit of a low tone, "i need to know if you have any screws for this new cot for Kate" he asked, i knew i had some somewere "yer, erm, try in the drawers over their, i pointed over to the set of drawers in the corner of the room,

"you've got millions" he laughed, "yer i bought a load a while ago and never used them",

"well thanks, bye" he made his way too the door, before turning back around, "i know what there for, these are the screws for my coffin arent they" he joked, but hurt me at the thought of him saying that, "no, and don't joke aout things like that mate" i yelled but he was already gone.


that same day kept replaying itself inside my head, it was torture, the thought of my son saying that to me and then later that day he was dead, the tears overfilled my face but i couldn't help it, as i turned to get the t.v remote i noticed a bottle of Vodka.

Roman's P.O.V

I sat in a booth in the diner, i had nothing else to do, i would usually be having a drink with Jack right about now, or i would be in his minding baby Kate while he and Martha would be in the bedroom, i just laughed to myself, days like that where the best,

"well theres no need to laugh about it" Colleen screached down my right ear before exiting into the back room, 'oh yer' i thought to myself she was going on about the time she was wearing a tutu along with Madge Wilkins and they fell into Amanda Vale's swimming pool, although it was funny, it didn't make me laugh, all i could think about was how Martha and baby Kate were, ok i know Kate is a baby and doesn't understand what's going on, but she must realise her dad isn't here anymore shoudn't she. God i hope they're ok.

Tasha's P.O.V

I hadn't spoke to Mac since the other day on the cliff, i badly wanted to talk to her, but she wouldn't say a word, even though we all tried, Alf got a hug, Matilda got her too look at her, Tony got an Ok, and i got a hug too, i hope someone can just get her too talk, and fast. As i was lost in my thoughts i had no idea Kim was on the other side of the room, he was talking to Roman, now that i think about it, i couldn't bare it if anything happened to Kim and i'm pretty sure he couldn't if anything happened to me too, as for Roman, he's single but he has such a loving heart so losing his best friend was enough for him, he and Jack were practically like brothers, he was even like an uncle to Jack's child, so it must be really hard on him, anyway i better go and sit with them, i just stood up wiping away any little tears and made my way towards them, "hi" i whisperd before sitting by Kim and falling deeply into his arms, "hey, you okay" he asked in a low mannor, "yer, just still upset" i faked a smile.

"we were just saying that someone best go and check on Martha to see how she's doing" Roman looked at me, "no, i couldn't face her again, it kills me to see her like that, and besides i've already tried three times. I think you should do it" I stirred at Roman, "you were Jack's best friend Roman" I looked at him with sharp eyes, he looked right back t me then eventually nodded, he stood up and left the diner without saying another word.

Roman's P.O.V

As i approached Martha's house, it felt like my insides were about to burst, what could i do to make Martha talk, if her own grandfather or Tony coudn't get her to talk then how could i, well now was the time to find out as i stood by her front door, raising my left arm i knocked firmly on it not wanting to disturb her if she was sleeping, i saw her making her way to the door, she must be trying to cover up the fact that she's bin crying her eyes out, "hey" i said as she opened the door, but she just looked at me, "can i come in" i asked not wanting to sound pushy, but she moved out of the way to let me pass, i made my way into her house and we both sat on the couch, i looked at her and she just looked at the floor, "Martha, please talk to me, everyone is really worried about you" as i put me hand on her shoulder she looked at me and threw herself into my arms, at first i jumped but i guess she just needed a friendly hug, she burst into tears as she buried her face in my shirt, "i don't know what to do, he left me, he left Kate, he desserted us" she whimpered, "no, he didn't, he's probly right by your side this very second, and always will be" I assured her as two tears managed to sneak their way out my eyes and down my face and landed on her dark brown hair, "look, do you want me to take Kate or something, Tasha will mind her for you, just until your feeling better", "no, i couldn't do that to Tash, she's got enough on her plate at the minute" she wiped her tears and tried drying her eyes, "she said she would be delighted to" I faked a smile, "ok, but Tony rang before and said he would like to see Kate for a bit so could you take her their first please" she asked me still wiping her eyes, "sure" I said then leaning down and laying a soft and tender kiss on her cheek, "see you soon", "Roman" she shouted to me causing me to turn round quickly, "thankyou, for talking to me and staying with me for the past hour and a half" she smiled, "dont worry about it, see you soon, oh and im going to go and get your shopping for you when i drop Kate off ok, im not letting you starve" I yelled before lifting Kate out of her crib and leaving the house.

Tony's front door was open so i decided to walk in with baby Kate, "Tony" i yelled,

Tony's P.O.V

I was lying on the bed with one hell of a hangover that day, i hadn't slept all night, as i woke up i saw all kinds of alcahol lying around me, "Tony" I heard Roman yelling which made my head hrt even more, "your granddaughter is here to see you" he added, then i remembered, i called Martha to ask if i could mind Kate for an hour or two, i couldn't believe i forgot that, so i leapt up off the bed and threw all the bottles underneath my bed, i wasn't about to let alcahol stop me from seeing my grandchild. "Hi Kate" I smiled when i saw her, she looked so much like Jack, as i took her from Roman i just gave her a big hug, "well i'm going to do Martha's shopping for her ok, so i'll see you later" Roman said on his way out the door, "yer ok mate" I said delighted i got some time alone with my grandchild. even though i as desperate for a drink, and spotting a bottle just out of my reach was torture.

2 hours later

I awoke from the couch, wait, i fell asleep, i stirred at the empty bottle that was in the grip of my hand, 'oh god' i thought to myself, 'KATE' i searched high and low all over the house for her but she was know where to be found, then i froze on the spot, my life was surely going to be over, it felt like a million daggers were launched through my heart, the front door was wide open, and there was a note on the table saying 'don't worry, we took her'.

Preview - who has baby Kate, and what will Martha and Roman say when they find out about it.

- Two special guests make a shocking appearence in the bay, but what have they come for.

- Tasha makes Roman realise he has feelings for Martha.

- Roman feels guilty for having feelings for Martha. what will he do.

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