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Yay! Robbie thread! Christmas present for Eli! :D

What can I say about Robbie? The question is rather "what CAN'T I say about Robbie?"

Robbie is original, he's funny and he's realistic. I'm so glad they had a character like this, a character who pretty much glows with self confidence and strenght, but who really also is insecure about himself and worried he's not good enough.

Just everything they did with/to Robbie was so damn amazing, cause even though they made him funny, crazy Robbie they never forgot who the real Robbie was when it mattered. It was really great how they used his relationship with his father in other storylines, and brought up how insecure that had made him about himself being good enough. Except Dani, Hayley and Kim on very scarce occasions, Robbie was also what made Scott suck less every now and then. They portrayed their relationship very well with Robbie being insecure and Scott being there for him. I also loved Robbie with Kit, that relationship was even more interesting because of Kit's close relationship with Jack (Hunter) asopposed to Robbie's not so close relationship with him.

And what can I say about Robbie and The Believers? -That it was one hell of a perfect match! Jason played so well and the storyline and all its twists and turns was just perfect for Robbie.

Another storyline worth mentioning is that time in late 2004/early 2005 when Robbie stepped on Ric's insulin needle and was worried he had HIV. They dragged it out with a cranky and unbearable Robbie for weeks, and towards the end you started getting really sick of him and his horrible mood, but then they managed to change it with Robbie finding out it was Ric's needle, and him getting angry (understatement of the year, but whatever) with Ric because he blamed him for having to be scared of having HIV for weeks. Again Jason played amazingly well.

I'm not even going to get into Robbie and Kim, I've done that in their thread, but I think Robbie was a character that went well both with others and on his own, because in many ways that seems like the same thing to me. Robbie was amazing with other characters, but at the same time he never really seemed to fit in, there was a part of him he didn't often share, and a part no one ever really could understand.

Like I said Robbie was great with many of the other characters, but there is especially one character I wish we could have seen him more with, and not just because that character is one of my other favourites. They had a few scenes together, and I particularly remember one with Robbie trying to talk some sense in to her when she did drugs, and being there for her even though they didn't know each other that well yet. I am of course thinking about Jade Sutherland; I really think she and Robbie could have brought out the best in each other if they had gotten the chance to have some more scenes together.

Robbie is one of the all-time best characters if you ask me. He seemed kind of like an attempt to create a new Vinnie, but Robbie turned out to be something very unique and different from everything and everyone else. He had one thing in common with Vinnie though; they were both great characters. From his great first appearance to his sad farewell with his family (especially Mattie, and that's good cause they deserved one last really great scene together, they didn't have too many of them. That scene also showed how much Robbie has matured since he first arrived) I think there's a quote by Robbie himself that fits him perfectly. He said it to Tasha when he suggested the surprise wedding, but it doesn't just sum up their relationship, it sums up Robbie himself;

"I say if we want it to happen, it can happen."

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You're welcome Jem, and thank you for reading, I was worried I'd bore everyone to death :P

We open or presents on Christmas Eve in Norway, and I'm hoping for Robbie under my tree tonight... I haven't seen any Robbie-shaped presents under the tree yet though, but on the other hand I guess that's good news for you Jem :wink::P

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